Comercial on TV uses bad language in daytimewhile toddelers are home

I am appalled at your tv commercial about your new hot dogs.They are my favorite on your menu, we visit there several times a week.This commercial is offensive to me bacause there are toddlers at home during the daytime soaking up every thing they hear.Since I don't use that language around them I certianly do not want anyone else to.The words on the commercial are "hot *** it". No one wants their toddler running around repeating those words, well most responsible adults don't. Since most toddelers are in bed at night please consider this in your choice of day time commercials.

thank You


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What if instead of asking a corporation to cater towards your family, your family watches only channels you know won't air anything inappropriate for children, or better yet, TURN THE *** THING OFF??

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Other Company in New York, New York - No service no one knows merchandise

This is the last time I edawrd kuklinski 1875 third ave apt 6b will enter your store except to return items . the same for my coleges at City Unerversity.

thier was no one to help me . one person at computor dept.customer service tells me to go here then yhier bieng disabled.. I feel I asked to speak to manager . the cashier saidnone available.

my hands are disabled with serious nerve damaage..wo nt even give me a bag for the computor printer.I was treated like garbage one person sercurity. helped me he could see I was struuggling because I am handicped. Never was I treated so badly. I have spent good money .

now its time for change .N o more abuse. I will contact the proper organizations if n o response.

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - Do not call my number, I have been divorced from the person your looking for, over 10 years.

Do not call my number anymore. I have been divorced from the person your looking for 10 years.

I have the same last name and I guess that's why you continue to call me. I have given you his new number and other ways to contact him. Don't you people know how to google. You can get A LOT OF INFORMATION FROM GOGLE ABOUT THE PERSON YOUR LOOKING FOR.hE IS A bad person and is a gambler.

I'm sure that is where all the money your looking for has gone. You will not be able to recover anything unless you can get money from his job. He has a good job and makes a lot of money from the radio, he works for WINZ 940 AM Florida. He does own a home, but in Florida you can only put a lean on it.

Cannot take it till he's dead.

I heard recently his father passed away. I'm sure there is some money there.

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Other Company in Herndon, Virginia - Lazy Days Liars & Cheaters

Too many Chiefs & not enough skilled Indians.. Crooks..

Tim Taylor doesn't even know who owns Lazy Days. Can you imagine working for a place 7 years & not even knowing who owns it? Or is that just another lie, Tim?

You have to be the most crooked salesman we have ever met. This will come around in your own life & hit your mother the same way you've hit my kids parents.

You Chiefs may think you have it made now but your day will come.

What goes around comes around. You have offered no help whatsoever in resolving our coach problems but to trade for a different one. Do you really think we are that dumb to give you all that money again? This coach has been here 3 of the 5 months we've owned it.

And, yet you would take additonal? Yes, you are capable of that..

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Other Company in Grapeland, Texas - Customer service

first we took the special on two radios and took two hours, got disconnected two times during their call transfer system. now, for the second time, i called the # listed on sirius xm letter to talk to a repersentive and had to stay on hold because the rep could not find my account.

then he could not find the vechiles with their service , after asking a number of questions about my account.

after giving all information ask for, I was transfered to another agent who asked the same question. they need to qualify each call and send it to the right department the first time and not waste my time .

Grapeland, Texas
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English Bulldog Scam

This is the orginal email i recieved after having emailed them! Its A Complete Scam.... I am super *** pissed and wishing i could find the *** and beat them to death with my own hands!! Although i did not fall for the scam you should always check google and for pictures and to make sure you dont have a simular story!

They will even reply to email txts even phone calls to make it seem real nvr let them get over on you.

Thanks so much for the mail and interest regarding the puppies we

have ..We have one male and one female puppies now available and they

are 12 weeks old, they have very good temperament with kids and other

pets,very playful love to play around with toys and kids,they are

health guaranteed and A KC registered.....they are up to date on all

their shots and De-worming and they will be coming along side with

their health papers and vet records....... First i wish to let you

know that we are given these puppies out because my mum just died.

She is located in North Dakota and all of us are there now ....She

was the owner of this cute little babies.. Since she is now late , We


keep the puppies here in such condition because each time we see them

, we keep thinking of her .So we want to given them out to a lovely

and caring home ,where they can be treated as such and keep us up

dated on monthly progress..These puppies will be coming from North Dakota

But if you would be able to come over here for the pick up ,we shall

be very great full, but if you can't come , we can make

arrangements for home delivery service and they will get the puppy

delivered at your doorstep.Below are just some few question we asked..

Where are you located?

Do you have any kids ?

Have you ever own a pet before ?

Why this breed of puppy before?

Why are you interested on this breed?

How soon do you need the puppies over?

Can you confirm the breed of the puppies you want?

Which sex are you interested on?

Sorry for all the question , but we just want to be sure that the

puppies are going to the right home and they will be having all the

love and attention they need .We are given each out for $270 just for

the delivery and that's all If still interested , yes contact us back for

more details of the puppies and pictures.




How could anyone be *** enough to fall for or nearly fall for this broken English speaking Nigerian prik.


I'm one of the those idiots that fell for it except this lady says she's in Texas and I'm out $600. Sounds exactly like what I just went through.


totaly nearlly fell for this, i got the same email just different city, florida? and the price was $300.after seeing this exact email I total decided not to fall for ad


i just almost got scammed like this but my siberian huskey was 200 and 100 for shipping everything else the same from colorodo as soon as they wanted payment western union the red flags came up. they are actually in cameroon africa


how did you get your money back?


Ohhhh my gosh. I got scammed by someone similar to this...

i actually did fall for it though. i was able to have some of the money credited back to me though!

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Other Company in Harrison, New York - Contractor, carpet cleaner, tile installer, electrician

I love this service! I used it for at least 5 jobs that I needed to be done indoors (carpet cleaning; installed tile; etc.) and I ended up with the absolutely best contractor who did numerous jobs (installed doors, installed cabinets, created a foyer, helped me legalize an apartment, etc.) and he did every job well.

He was professional, timely, trustworthy, worked cleanly, and his price was very competitive. I am truly surprised to see all of the complaints here.

My experience has been wonderful and I will continue to use the site for referrals. I am sorry you folks had such a bad time.

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Other Company in Bakersfield, California - Bras Smashed My *** Flat

This bra is useless. It is like a cheap sports bra and the shipping

charge is outrageous.

How this company is allowed to rip people off is sickening. Their claims are bogus. When you see the advertisement on television, it looks very promising.

I am going to put in a complaint with the Better Business Bureau; hopefully, the BBB can resolve women getting scammed and cheated.

I suggest that each person who was scammed also put in a complaint. There is strength in numbers. I am sorry I didn't check this site before spending nearly $100. What a gyp!

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Other Company in Hazleton, Pennsylvania - Customer Service

After 6 separate and distinct conversations that all resulted in the same understanding, that my account would be transferred to a different address and that they would stop charging my account, I find yet another charge to my account. In yet another infurating phone call to direct tv, they now tell me that none of the 6 prior conversations ever happened.

All they have are notes that say that they spoke to me, but no information about what they said they would do. Their disorganized, unprofessional, chaotic way of handeling their customers has caused me to lose even more money than I orginally would have if I had just cancelled my account in the first place.

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Other Company in Doylestown, Pennsylvania - Took away channel the Dr. G. Channel.

When we up graded to a DVR and HD you took away channel 162.

I liked watching Dr. G. It cost me $105.00 for this and I lost

A channel. I was told I have an old package

And they couldn't help me.

I've been with you for many years. I don't have a name.

It was on the phone.

It was on the day we up graded. That should

Be in your records.

I'm thinking of changing if I can get a better deal

with someone else. I don't think it's right.

Jane Godfrey

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