Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Deceptive

I totally hope everyone steers clear of this company. The sales pitch was very deceptive.

I thought I was purchasing A product for a certain price. I had to listen to so much information that I was not clear that they would continue to send me 10 cd's every month at $57.00 per cd. The representative I spoke with was named Elly and she was rude and not helpful. She basically said it was my fault because I didn't open the package and read all the information and cancel future shipments.

I am a business owner and college educated person, and i am appalled how unprofessional this company is. Please heed my advice and do not purchase any of their products.

Talk to a guidance counselor or teacher as to what the best SAT prep courses are. Don't be *** like me.

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Slow Credit Posting

I had a doctors office make a mistake entering my 35 dollar co-pay. They mistakenly entered 3,500.00.

I caught it before I signed the receipt and the young lady entered a Credit for the 3,500 dollars immediately. The problem is the debit hit that night and over drew my checking account and I am being told it might take two or three days for the credit to hit.

That means I go for 3 days with somebody else holding my 3,500. My question is if the debit can hit immediately why do I have to Wait 3 days for my credit.


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you would have to enter your pin number unless they ran it as credit for it to take the money out

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Other Company in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Debit Collection

Hello my name is Robert Lewis, I live in Detroit, Michigan. Today I received a call from one the staff members at APR.

I do not have a job and I cannot pay my past due balance at this time. Please do not call me at (313) 865-7684 or (313) 460-3599 anymore. I am asking that you all stop calling me. I know that I owe Chase Bank the money.

I have been unemployed for 2 years now.

I had put a complaint with NCO Collection Agency three months ago. I cannot stand these harrassing phone calls 24 hours sevens days a week.

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Other Company in Sarasota, Florida - Your white pizza sucks

your white pizza with spinach sucked, very little sauce less cheese even less spinach,come on you can do better. no flavor at all.

if this is your best you blow!!!! your pizza taste like a wet sock , no toppings skimp on everything.

one word cheap , cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap oh buy anything but this, it sucked it sucked it sucked it sucked, cheap cheap oh please can i have just some cheese on my pizza dominos answer no we are way to good to provide a good pizza. we are the best have some bread and shout up!!

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No place to ship prepaid package in town

had to sead a bad reciever back to dish network. they sent me a prepaid lable to put on return box to repackage.

I did what they told me to do. Packed up the reciever and boxed everything up and headed to find a drop off for my package. Finally found a drop off place at american trust plaza in the west end of town. tried to put package in drop off box would not fit.

Closest drop off site with real people was wabash, in. not going to drive all the way to wabash 30 miles to send package.

went to usps and send at my own expense to ship back. good bye fedex, you are heading down the tube.


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You could call them, and they would come pick it up from you.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Pharmacy

i spend 300 o600 a month at 1 off ur stores located at garfield and canal in michigan i will never come too any off your stores again they r so rude they didnt give me my drugs that i needed which my doctor confirmed they said with a attitude i have 2 wait 8 days which was bs i went to another one off your store and had no promblem they gave em too me no promblem ur store on garfield and canal r rude and they r very lucky i got the meds that i needed from another walgreens im gonna make sure mefamilyfriends will never come too your stores i spend allot off $ at ur stores i swithed to cvs shane on them if they doint like there job find another 1 imme and my family r done with u

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Other Company in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania - Wikipedia Commons deletes legitimate pictures!

The Wikipedia Commons is primarily used for uploading pictures to be used in Wikipedia Articles. I uploaded quite a bit with a vaild license and they deleted all my pictures and blocked my account because they felt I was abusing the system despite the fact I was just a first time user.

They can all upload their own pictures and I recommend that you don't bother with those bias idiots.

The same thing applies to Wikipedia too, they very often delete vaild photographs and information if they feel that it isn't up to standards. It is absolutley ridiculous!

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Other Company in Niagara Falls, Ontario - Poor interview tactics

My complaint pertains to your interview policy. My son applied for jobs with your company and he was told he would be given an interview,,not once, not twice but three times.

He was told he would be called for a telephone interview twice, A time was set and no call came. Are you not aware that there are people needing a job?. When an Interview is forth coming, why don't you follow through?

This is not only mean and cruel, it is very irrisponsible on your part. Perhaps an outfit of such calbre is probably better to stay away from anyway.

Zita Bishop

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Other Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan - Monthly Harrasement

Every month they call stating the auto loan is behind , ( 15 Days ), this time they said it was two months and a possible repo was in the progress.

very rude , after investigation , pyt was not late, up to date . they called

me while I was in church Sunday the 23rd, Oct. This loan was taken out for my daughter ( Co Sign) . I would NEVER use this bank again, or recommend it to anyone. Mgr. I was talking with wanted personal information on my self, info they should or would have on the agreement. Very unprofessional in there

conduct . I understand they have to keep up on the accounts , but do a little research first.

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Important New Statute Regarding Contract Renewals

There is a new statute (134.49 Renewals and Extensions of Business Contracts) that went into effect beginning May of 2011. This statute provides changes to the requirements for contract renewals. It is no longer legal for a seller to have contracts that automatically renew for longer than one (1) year without giving notice to the customer that the contract is coming up for renewal. The statute clearly defines what actions the seller must take and what actions the buyer must take in order for a contract to renew.

I signed up for 1 1/2 years, but during that time had three surgeries and my "membership" was put on hold, so I was told. Now they are saying just my TRAINING was put on hold. Hm. Waiting to hear an answer. Will post when I find out.

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