Other Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania - Hung up phone been waiting 2 weeks more

call thomas bell 51 south 7st shamokin pa 17872 570 648 3650 need to talk to supperviser of store in selingsgrove pa not any body there corp supperviser payed off 42 inch tv in 18 months never missed a payment sold two more tvs to freinds and am buying used stove called about any more deals was told about two used carpets said i would take them please drop off at house called 6 times for drop off date have broken ankle need carpets to keep feet from being and not to slip on wood floors talked to repair guy started giving me a hard time told him to let me explain not him talking over me then he hung up on me called back talked to burney the manager still waiting

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World series

there are 2 teams in this world series. why show only St.

Louis stats for 9 innings --- Texas is playing you know. you show only the St.Louis red logo no matter who is at bat. When Texas is at bat, the Texas Ranger logo and status should be shown -- it should not show the st. louis logo no matter who is at bat.

It is very misleading and unfair to only show the St. Louis status no matter what has happened in the game.

BE FAIR and EQUAL in your coverage.

Get a grip on equality and fairness. Including your constraints on lodging a complaint!!!


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What did you actually consume? This site is pissed consumer.com not boohoo baseball
:cry If your under 14 years old my appoligies
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Other Company in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Truck Drivers

On a stretch of I-10 going across Mobile Bay, one of your truck drivers ignored the signs that read "Truck Drivers keep right" which are posted everywhere and on a lighted sign. I flashed my lights at them but was ignored.

If your truck drivers can't read then they shouldn't be driving. I drive this route every day and encounter all types but today was a blatent refusal and when I went around them, they seem to be preoccupied with something they were looking at in the cab of the truck.

Thank you for your attention to this, and I know it may sound petty but some of us need to get to work. The stores in this area would be in Mobile and Baldwin Counties in Alabama.

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - SOOOOO MUCH ADVERTISMENT!

this place was NOT HELPFUL went on no help AT ALL and wtf is with the advertisment I LIED to them saying i didnt own a credit card but really i have 3 and each have 400$ and when i needed help (SORRY I CAN NOT HELP YOU)


a ***, a perv , assasin , *** Bear? who knows DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE CHILDREN!!!!!!


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Other Company in Cincinnati, Ohio - Hostile Faculty

This place is run by hostile man-hating, power happy bulldykes. The males are either yelled at or ignored.

They are completely unwilling to help us in any way. The females however are helped in any way possible and given all the time and consideration in the world. If you are a female, this is the place for you! You never know, you might even hook up with one of the staff members.

If you are a male, stay away from this sub-standard joke and dont waste your time and money. Go somewhere that is sane and free from bulldyke man hate.

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Service repair way too expensive

I called service majic to send someone to the house to check the fireplace. A person came to the house looked at the fire place and told my son exactly what we already knew, but did nothing but a huge bill and an estimate for repairs worth $650.00.

Then I called and talked to the person who indicated that he could do the job for $174.00 which was to hook the flame trower which was disconnected. What a major difference next day another contractor came and he connected connected the pipes and charged me $200.00.

Now what was supposed to be $174.00 repair job has cost me $315.00 what a nightmare. First call and last call for me.

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Scentsy: Do not stand behind their products!

One of my full sized burners exploded. I changed the bulb and the thing smoked and made a huge horrible popping sound.

I contacted scentsy. They said I had to go thru my rep, who lives in another state now. She never contacted me. After about a month of emails to scentsy "customer service" they finally told me they would send a replacement.

Hmm. That's been 6 weeks ago. They say they have a lifetime warranty, but that's bull%#$.

It's a shame. They sell good products, but not standing by your products is pretty shady to me.


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They treat their independent sales consultants and distributors just as bad. Remember...

the sales consultant show sold you that product was basically delegated the responsibility of servicing the sale...... even if she never got reimbursed herself for the defective items.

Even then, she should have contacted you.

Go to Wal-mart. They have burners and wax for about 1/2 the price.

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Don't ditch the FoX package

Just found out about losing FX and other channels. I paid for a service that will now be less for the same price.

Mr. Chang says that he is trying to help the customer by not allowing FOX to demand higher prices in these harsh economic times. Well is Mr. Chang going to lower my bill since I will be getting less channels????

Negotiate and keep the FOX package or I will shop for a different carrier for my tv needs.

There has to be a compromise! THAT is all the customer needs in these 'harsh economic times'!!!!

Thanks for listening!


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You are correct. My two favorite shows on television are on fx.

I am pretty furious about this. I am pissed at Fox for being greedy *** as usual, but I am more pissed at direct tv for cutting these channels, because like you said sir. I won't be paying less for these channels.

I am losing twice. This is ***.

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Lack of requiring verification on credit cards.

Tried to talk to a representative but after being told they would transfer me and 25 min. later I gave up.

Great service!

I had a Visa and a Master Debit card stolen from my purse. The lady went straight to Target across the street proceeded to charge $800 twice on the two cards at the same check out man. She bought gift cards in increments of $100 and was never required to show any identification. This is appalling for that large amount.

If anyone had checked even the signature or the photo is would have been obvious we were not of the same ethnic background. I do not understand this new change of no ID required and will simply choose to shop elsewhere.

I will report this also on my face book for others to be aware of your policy. Disgusted.

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Other Company in Johnstown, Pennsylvania - Tv shows

u guys better not get rid of fx or any other shows i will switch to a nother provider in a minute with out question keep the shows on cause i will switch. i do't care if u guys are talking it over or not to keep fx on i watch sons of anarchy every week i don't miss a epsoide.

u think u can get rid of football on fox are u guys crazy u must be 3 million or more people watch sons of anarchy and football. the american ghost show is cool but don't get rid of fox and fx and any other show period.

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