Other Company in Roanoke, Virginia - Web site for dove insider would not except my password so i could not get samples.

The dove insider web site does not work properly,they kepted sending e mails for their default site stilldid not work.i am pissed cannot recieve thier samples because thier site don't ork!!!!!!!!!What can you do to get unsubscribed from them?I don't plan on buying anymore of thier products ever i don't care if they are dirt cheap.They wasted one hour of my time trying to get them to except my password.I even tried to get the site to open using my facebook account that they said to use nothing does work.Help.

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Other Company in Kankakee, Illinois - No Show, No Call, No More Business from us

We ordered $40 of food from your Methuen, MA on Sat night @ 830pm. When no one showed 2 hours later, we ordered Chinese.

My credit card better not be charged for your non-delivery. Thanks alot for nothing. Or how about the fact that your complaint website is designed to *** people off into giving up before complaining. I started trying to complain 30 miniutes ago (after waiting 2 hours for your delivery driver to not show up) and at every turn your website throws up another road block preventing me from complaining.

"you took too long so your weird phrase is no longer valid", "you only typed 38 words and we need 100 words", "you took too long typing in another 62 words so your weird phrase is no longer valid." Its taken me another 32 minutes (after waiting 2 hours for NO delivery) to log this complaint. At this point, I wont ever eat at pizza hut again.

Oh and by the way, my Chinese food is here. They will get my business from now on.

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Other Company in Denver, Colorado - Their ads don't match the reak life customer service

Staff not regulated;they violate all regulations;they're liars. Will give you one quote one day,then insist they didn't say that;if you complain, they retaliate.

I was hacked on my personal account; was late on bill,promised they wouldn't do a 'hard-disconnect so I could restore service. They said no problem.

They did it anyway, Cr Mgr stated NOW I would have to pay 3X what my bill sh/be, then decided she was 'charging-off' my acct so I couldn't get service through them anymore! OUT OF CONTROL is putting it mild.

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Debbie in pharmacy rude

I have used publix in sebring fla north. while I was talking to Barb about my eye drops this person .

said if you want another box of eye drops you will pay another 8 dollars. I wasnt talking to her and she was rude in her voice while other customers were behind me.. there was a mix up in a new perscription which Barb knew was wrong. dated 10-21-11.

my old perscription dated 8-16-11 was right.in eye drops you may miss a drop or by the end of the bottle is fommy.Debbie was also rude to my daughter and the superivor of my aarp drug co.I talked to the asst. mgr and he said he would talk to debbie. he also asked me to give public another chance and I said if you take care of the problem.. I am a 70yr old granny and in all my years this hasnt happened.

I fell the people should have more respect for their customers... I dont know if I will ever go back into this store..

thank you for listening to me and please take care of this problem...Rosie Earp.. 863-699-2248......


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I am sorry about this. You need to go higher than Debbies Manager.

Go to the General and DIstrict Managers, and if You STILL have not received an apology, write an email to Pulic HQ, (leave an e-trail) AND a Formal Letter (leave a PAPER trail) I would love to type it for you! With so many people out of work and the way these people treat us is horrible! The pen is mightier than the sword, and its great to come here to fume.

What Store number? Location?

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Other Company in Stafford, Texas - Not happy

well i wished you an the corporate greed could have worked this out,so again the consumer has to suffer the effects,well the consumer pays your bills so there for how is this justified.

So i think i speak for most of your customers that i'm going to have to say goodbye to directv an move on.

I think your financial decision was off considering the amount of customers you will lose.

I have been happy with the service till now even though you promote no outages with rain or bad weather,when it rains i lose service for awhile (expected satellite)but still if you drop fox i will drop you

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Other Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Screwed me

Back in 1987, I walked into the Gerbil brothers store there in Okla. City...

The sales wolves back then are no different than they are today... like car salesman in a high pressure store barking at your tires when you drive into the lot... The sofa and love seat that I purchased, once they arrived at my home, I found cigarette burn holes in the sides of the material... The wall unit, a tar substance was on the bottom edges...

apparently, the cheap wood product was that compressed wood stuff, and had already met their demise with moisture... within 2 months the corners and edges were crumbling apart... $1700 for this wall unit and now it was worthless as a pile of dunn... Satisfaction, what the *** is that...

when you walk in to file a complaint, it's like everyone disappears...

As for the Gerbil brothers remark... did ya all know, per Nurse Boozman, back in the late 80's at the Baptist ER in OKC, they pulled a Gerbil out of Larry's rear hole...

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Upset Customer

Bad company who reneges on what they told their customers they would do. If you drop CBS and FX I will leave as many others will too.

Now we have to add words to our complaint to make it 100 words. Mad and upset are not enough you want more . I think you are a very bad company that will leave their customer in the lurch without what they paid for and continue to pay for.

There are other Companies doing what you are doing and do not stop service the some of what the customer pays for why can't you do the same. Badddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Tire Rip Off!!!!!

Bought 4 Handkook tire 2 years ago (50,000 tires). Had 20000 on them after several rotations, and had 3/32 tread left.

Pep Boys advised me that they would not prorate until 2/32. Asked employee if he would drive his children with these tires, and was told no, they are unsafe. Would not HONOR contract or back their tires. However did give me a price of over 1000 dollars for new set of tires.

WILL NEVER EVER spend another penny there. Ripped me off BIG time.

Do not do busness there, they will always find a reason to rip you off!!!!! Buy from local owned company, not this national rip off chain.

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Other Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania - Hung up phone been waiting 2 weeks more

call thomas bell 51 south 7st shamokin pa 17872 570 648 3650 need to talk to supperviser of store in selingsgrove pa not any body there corp supperviser payed off 42 inch tv in 18 months never missed a payment sold two more tvs to freinds and am buying used stove called about any more deals was told about two used carpets said i would take them please drop off at house called 6 times for drop off date have broken ankle need carpets to keep feet from being and not to slip on wood floors talked to repair guy started giving me a hard time told him to let me explain not him talking over me then he hung up on me called back talked to burney the manager still waiting

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World series

there are 2 teams in this world series. why show only St.

Louis stats for 9 innings --- Texas is playing you know. you show only the St.Louis red logo no matter who is at bat. When Texas is at bat, the Texas Ranger logo and status should be shown -- it should not show the st. louis logo no matter who is at bat.

It is very misleading and unfair to only show the St. Louis status no matter what has happened in the game.

BE FAIR and EQUAL in your coverage.

Get a grip on equality and fairness. Including your constraints on lodging a complaint!!!


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What did you actually consume? This site is pissed consumer.com not boohoo baseball
:cry If your under 14 years old my appoligies
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