Other Company in Lubbock, Texas - Poor Customer Service With Delivery

The Item was ordered and we where told they had it in back and it would be delivered 4 November 2011. Was not delivered AFTER we called they informed us that they did not have it and would be delivered the next day.

NOT DELIVERED UNTIL AFTER 6PM on 5 November 2011. Charged for delivery and this is the service you get? Not even a phone call to let us know what was going on, WE had to call.

You have lost a customer, I will pay more for better service that I have received at other furniture stores. NO THANK YOU!

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Other Company in Houston, Texas - False and unethicle advertisement

i own a 1999 sl 500 mercedez benz. I took it to break check in humble, texas and they told me that they could perform the alignment, and i purchased the life time warrant.

i brought the vechicle back for a re-alignment, only to be told that they did not perform alignments on this particular vechicle, however, I showed them my receipt where they did do the alignment with the life time warrant. The manager told me at that time that they did not have a particular tool which was. needed to perform an alignment on this type of vechicle. I was told that each individual mechanic assigned to do alignments on this model vechicle are responsible for having this particular tool, not break check.

so if this particular mechanic quits then break check blames that person. break check advertise alignments with a lifetime warranty if the customer choose to purchase it. i was informed by the district manager that this paricular cost over four hundred dollars and break check would not supply one. he stated that he would refund my money and could not do a re-alignment.

I don't believe this particular tool was ever used on my vechicle, they gave me a regular alignment and lied to get my business. i was informed by the district manager that they would refund my money and it would take 7-10 business days to get to me.

This type of advertisement is unethicle, deceitful, and totally unprofessional. i will never do business with this company again.

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Other Company in Greensboro, North Carolina - Bought TV stand

shopping was easy,easy,easy and delivery was quick as a whistle and assembly was as simple as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. i would definitely come here again.

i am a person of few words so i don't know why i have to use 100 words to say what i can say in 20 words so here are a few extra filler words to finish out. i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i am done now.

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Other Company in Menlo Park, California - Poor response to claims, calls, and unfriendly.

I have having a lot of trouble with this company. Their client rear ended ME.

I have called numerous times, and in one month the claim has gone through 3 people who are slow to call back.

The tow company realizing that i did all I was suppose to do, got involved so that they would not have to send me to collections for their lack of response, and it is now where my car is up for sale, I've no time to take my things, and I'm pissed at this process. I didn't rear-end anyone.

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Other Company in Everett, Washington - LIED LIED about interest rate,,,springleaf finacial

this outfit in everett, washington, has the Biggest lier. He lied about the interest rates charged by them.....they are not 24% but 30%...he's a real lier, like the rest of them in the office.I called them on the phone to find out and they said 24%, but when i get in there it turns out to be 30% that they charge.................SPRINGLEAF FINANCIAL are liers, cheats, and low life in our books...stay away from them, they will bend you over at the last minute..they are not to be trusted, ck them out on the webs..lots of people say the same thing

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Everything from sales,connect,equipment,service,installation

I scheduled appt. 4 weeks in advance They arrived late 3 times in 1 day.

scheduled 10-12, not there, called will be there at 12;45, not there, called back they will be there. tech called at 1;25 be there in 20 min, again not there. did not finish with them until after 4;00. would not hook up computer, not aloud to touch customer equipment.

First time I turned on TV/DVR next day not working. Called, could not fix, bad dvr. to show up next day fix did not show,no record of appt. service people unprofessional.

still waiting for my call back. 3 days in and no service...


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Not bad. Only thing missing is who you're complaining about. Christ, you're no better than their "unprofessional" service people.

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the worst, run away, don't make this mistake.

1. received a bad used phone.

2. hassle to get someone on the phone

3. hassle to get the Return Merchandise Authorization

4. too much information on the forms to fill out

5. received partial refund after 4 weeks

6. followed up via email 8 times to deenaw@replaceyourcell.com without receiving one reply in 9 weeks (beside the auto: Email Receipt)

The phone received had navigation center key defected, ReplaceYourCell makes money on S&H, why should I pay S&H for defected inoperable phones?

This company is not good stay away


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The phone i got from them doesn't even get a signal, i called At&t and they couldn't do ***.

I emailed them and never got ANYTHING back.

I called them, and they had to disconnect me because i was on hold too long. This place sucks, so why would they be "so busy helping other customers" ? THEY'RE NOT

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Fast delivery!

I got my furniture quickly. It arrived within a week of ordering it.

It was just what I had seen online, no surprises! The wood was excellent quality, it looks amazing in my kitchen! It was very easy to set up, it took me a little over an hour to set up all by myself and I am not that great with tools/equipment.

overall I am very very pleased with my product.

It is exactly what I wanted and what i thought that I was getting.

I got it quickly and set it up quickly! I could not ask for anything more.


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I'm guessing that when companies pay people to post positive reviews on various consumer websites, they would prefer it if you actually mentioned their name! Great job ***.

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Other Company in Wichita, Kansas - Gouged me with bank fee

I used to love this bank. The people at the brank I use are great.

But, lately they seem to creep up fee charges and now under another frequent guise of "updating" online banking yet another change has cost me $35. They won't let you transfer money you HAVE in the bank in another account after 9 pm but they sure *** money out of your account so as to charge an overdraft fee. Of course, after on the the wonderful "updates" for "our protection" the change is announced in 5pt type. And you don't KNOW until you log in after that time and then it's too late.

I hate them.

They've gotten the last fee from me. I'm moving to Meritrust.

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Other Company in New England, North Dakota - Love my kitchen island

I am very pleased with the kitchen island I ordered from Cymax. The construction is very solid and there is ample space inside for dishes and other kitchen items.

It was easy to install but you definitely need two people to assemble. My order came very quickly. I also ordered chairs to go with the island and they really compliment the island. They were also easy to put together.

The only complaint I have is that there were a few nicks on the table top. Other than that it is a nice piece of furniture and it compliments my kitchen.

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