Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Flight attendant moved my seat across from restroom.....ewwww (what a smell!!)

Husband and I come off a cruise on our way home on 10/31/2011 on flight 2680 from New Orleans, LA to Charlotte, NC at 4:17pm. A couple with infant and stroller boarded first.

As we boarded, they were sitting in our seats which was right before the restroom. The flight attendant advised us to sit right beside the restroom because they had a baby and stuff. I said okay but it was not okay. If I wanted to sit by the restroom, I would have indicated for our seat arrangements to be right beside the restroom online.

Baby or no baby, they should have sat in their assigned seats.

The flight attendant was out of line by tell us to sit elsewhere. I would have been wronged or put off if I had voiced my concern.

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Other Company in Buffalo, New York - Run Away

They Have not shipped an order I put in and payed for a month ago! Better yet the called me 2 weeks ago to tell me they did not have parts of my order!

So I reply Just ship what u have available and back order the rest. They Say no problem. This week the call me to tell me they need a new order filled out,because they cannot ship the back order because it is to small! remember I have already paid!

So I fill out a new order, They say they will ship it two day delivery. Today I get a phone call to say the delivery will arrive The 9th A week and a half later. Do not listen to any thing they have to say .

Worst service ever! and I have over payed for what I am receiving by 300.00.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Harassment,and profiling,from management.told can not be outside.treated like a prisoner,and a child

Would say i'm a paying guest,But realy feel like a paying prisoner.management are profiling guest that have been here a while.i go out to smoke.management says go inside.if i open door,told to close it.talk to other guest,go inside.just becouse i,ve been here awhile.i,m still a paying aguest.I respect others around me.only problems i,ve had,out of 13 mounths,is management the past two.i,ve heard of sexal harassment,from others.a few of the guest here awhile have become friends.and constanly harassed.

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Other Company in Tooele, Utah - Store#37 rude manager service on missing iteam.

Drive through I order, 1 chd-coke, 1 cb/fry/ap hpy ml toy, 1 lrg french fries on Nov 02, 2011 (Wed) 15:16 I was missing my lrg fries. I spoke with manager with my iteam to show that, I did not receive a lrg fries, manager wrongfully acussed that I was hidding a lrg fries in my car and I can't do that.

Manager name was Becky. I strongly feel that if a customer bring back iteam with just purchased to show a miss order. Store #37 . My email is felicianavarro21@gmail.com.

Thank you. I took a pix of originald reciet

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Other Company in Simi Valley, California - This is a Fraud Company

I ordered and paid $2300 for a dining table on September 5th. and was promised Septemeber 19th. delivery. Since then, I have been given 4 diffrent dates and now it is November 2nd. and no answer. I have called the store, their corporate office and also customer service and nobody picks up the phone. I am filing a compliant for fraud.

I suggest nobody do business with them. Already called the credit card company and reported fraud.

No calls or any other message from them. I ahve emailed and no response. I have tried calling again and again and no response from any of their other stores too.

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Other Company in Binghamton, New York - Store #5132

I was at the in union store # 5132 @ about 12:53pm on tue the 11/02//11 the store there was very rude to start I stood for also 3mins before he asked what I wanted then here comes another employee who is a lady she asked what I wanted I told her only to yell and role her eyes for just asking a question I don't this the best way to treat customers. Will I recommend to other?

NO. Will I return to the store again?

will I complain to others about how I was treated? YES very much so

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Other Company in Rochester, New York - NYC MAYOR BLOOMBERG PARKING TICKETS !

I am totally done with NYC and its parking regulations (SCAM). Parking should be a minimum of 2 hours throughout NYC.

If you sit to have a meeting or lunch 1 hour doesn't cover it and if your parked a few blocks away your done! Instant ticket. ITS A BIG SETUP! Wake up people.

The city not only gets tax revenue on everything from property tax to clothing .... they have to make us crazy with these &%*$in ! meters too! The roads suck!

The Traffic sucks! Bloomberg SUCKS! We need to be on the steps of city hall!

COPS PARK IN BUS STOPS wherever they want! GIVE ME A BREAk!

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'Judge' William Adams should be in jail forever

This man is disgusting and should NOT be allowed to judge people ever. Having children doesn't give you the right to beat the *** out of them....ever!!!

This ***, narrow minded country *ss*ole should be sent to jail where he can get his own beatings by people his size! it is uncomprehendable to me, as a parent, you can do this to your own child. they should be embarassed, both of them, the wife is just as bad, don't forget about her. Sick, ***, backwoods s**theads.

pathetic parents, take their kids away!!

what kind of mother can partake in this. you know what, if you can't handle having kids the proper way, THEN DON'T HAVE THEM A**HOLE*!


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This guy should rot in prison. There he will be able to fight with people of its own size, and gladly he will be rip by some Negros

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Other Company in Bluffton, South Carolina - Judge William Adams

I recommend serving justice to this cruel judge who I've just seen on a youtube video beat his child with a disability. Regardless of the disability, this is clearly abuse that William Adams took too far and I demand this man and woman get what crime they've committed and that this girl gets justice.

That's horrible parenting and i don't care what excuse he gives. At the most, one spank was enough.

he went overboard in my opinion, and i demand his resignation as a judge and i demand justice for this poor girl. Thank you.

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Judge William Adams of Aransas County, Texas


*warning! this video may be disturbing to some viewers*

Judge William Adams of Aransas County, Texas.

Spare the poor girl any more trouble!

Forget calling his office, call the people who can bring charges against him...PLEASE

Aransas County, TX District Attorney Richard Bianchi: Phone: 361-790-0114.

If they get more and more calls and complains, they will be more pressured to follow through with this!

He deserves to be punished and brought to justice! and his license as a judge MUST MUST MUST be revoked!

Please call them:

Aransas County, TX District Attorney Richard Bianchi: Phone: 361-790-0114.

and give them this link (of the video):


they will know what to do!

It is just a simple 30 second call!

God bless all! and let justice be served!





if he will be left on the bench, it is shame for America, shame for freedom


I am so proud of the daughter to release this video..It must have taken a lot of courage for her to feel safe enough to come forward with this. I can only imagine her pain she is suffering and the fear she must of had living in the household with him..God Bless her and I wish her a full recovery..I dont think she will ever fully recover from this.


Hope this "judge" burns in ***, but before hope he suffer all the damage and pain he causes to his daughter. hope their hands turns dry and painful, his eyes turn blind and his legs turn like a pair of belts, wherever he stays we´ll always hate persons like him.


Este juez es un hijo de la grandisima P U T A.


Este juez es un hijo de la grandisima ***. Como se puede hacer eso a tu hija y encima deficiente.


Called and left a message. This is disgusting

Yanaul, Bashkortostan, Russian Federation #367997
And this beast is a family court judge. Those poor families forced to have this devil pass judgement on them.

Remove this monster from power! :(
This child is disabled. CerebralPalsy.org says "Low muscle tone and poor coordination of movements is described as ataxic cerebral palsy.

Children with ataxic cerebral palsy look very unsteady and shaky. This rare form of cerebral palsy affects the sense of balance and depth perception. Affected persons often have poor coordination and walk unsteadily with a wide based gait, placing their feet unusually far apart. They have a lot of shakiness, like a tremor you might have seen in a very old person, especially when they are trying to handle or hold a small object such as a pen.

Because of the shaky movements and problems coordinating their muscles, children with ataxic cerebral palsy may take longer than other children to complete certain tasks such as writing a sentence. This form affects about 5-10 percent of the children diagnosed with cerebral palsy." For this reason alone, this "Judge" should have been charged criminally and investigated by Child Protective Services. This happened several years ago, and we can only pray that the girl is no longer in his home and subjected to his torture. The one scary thing is that there is another younger child still in the home.

Let's hope she is safe. :cry :cry

Just called, no specific info. but said it was being looked into.

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