Other Company in Richardson, Texas - Stopped showing gardening and plant programs

I just wanted to let you know that I no longer watch HGTV because you no longer have any programs on gardening or plants. These are the subjects I am most interested in. When you had landscaping programs, Paul James and such programs I never missed.

I am so sick and tired of how to remodel you house, how to take a sledge hammer and knock down a house, how to buy a house and that is all you show now.

When you decide to put back on some good gardening and plant shows let me know and I will be back as a watcher.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - No customer service

I ordered three leaner shelves at the beginning of August. I was told they would be available in Mid October.

I waited and they delivered. But they were delivered without hardware. I called customer service to have the hardware sent. They informed me it would take up to 10 days to find out when the hardware would be available.

No one called. I called on the 15th day and was told they needed to check with the vendor, but they would call me the next day. No one called.

I had to call a third time and they still do not know how to get me the hardware. I am shocked that their customer service is so terrible.

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Other Company in Oak Lawn, Illinois - Will not sell high arch inserts with out small/medieum

called cust, service the only insert that helped me were the high arch inserts. cust, service by the name of ansue sad they would not be able too sell me walk fit without low,medieum & high inserts because of how the sets come in.

I always have said cust, should get what his.her needs r if cust, wants only hgh arch inserts they should high arch inserts.

I was willing to pay xtra they still could not ablise me,i will no longer ever recommend this product to any friend, neighbor or reletives. Paying cust, should be able to get for what they pay for.never again!josem@shermandodge.com

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Hearing aids--hearing aid companies are not focusing on what most hearing impaired people really wan

I have worn over 8 pair of hearing aids over the past 20 years, representing 7 different companies. First, I have found that the hearing tests that audiologists do have not changed much in 20 years and are not that relevant to hearing in the real world. Second, the engineers working at hearing aid companies do not understand something very fundamental: 90% of the time (at least), hearing impaired people mostly want to hear people (and not air conditioning coming out of a vent or regular car noises or keys jingling or dishes and silverware clanking, etc.) I am totally fed up with the whole industry!



Palm Bay, Florida, United States #949039

I've just ordered my first set of hearing aids. This thread is the best one I've found...lots of great information.

We do have retrain our brain. Think about what terrifying noises a new born must hear!

If you're not happy within your 30 days don't take no for an answer. Since we've missed all that back ground noise for years........yep it's still there.


I've had a chance to read through some of these so called "complaints" about hearing aids. I am a current user and have used hearing aids for close to 10 years.

Folks, hearing aids provide artificial stimulus to your brain that your current hearing isn't able to provide. Plain and simple! Hearing aids are not a cure for hearing loss. In fact, they do hone in on the spoken word and manage background noise as to not to over amplify it like in the old days.

The fact that so many want to only hear the spoken word and not be aware of their soundings is insane.

I can't imagine how completely unnerving it would be to see leafs flying down the street without hearing any wind. Early detection and daily usage goes a long way for people like myself to be successful.


The fact that you believe a hearing aid can only allow speech into the ear canal kills me. Your brain trains itself to "hear" properly, not the ear.

If fitted properly...

wearing your aids daily.... the brain would adjust.

Houston, Texas, United States #687999

I was never suggesting that all "mechanical" or "background" noise should be eliminated, just that I believe technology could be developed to reduce the level of such noise significantly, so that it is not "equal to" or "greater than" the volume of human speech (even if it is, in fact, louder in real life). People who don't hear risk being "cut off," socially, and have a much higher risk for Alzheimers as a result.

It is the human connection that is important, which mostly comes through speech. Thus, I submit, again, that human voices are the most important thing, from a quality of life standpoint, that hearing-impaired people need and want to hear. Again, I don't think the hearing aid companies have really focused on that--they are trying to provide as close to "normal" hearing as possible, but, again, that is not necessarily what all hearing aid consumers want. I imagine that if the very finest audio engineers in the world went to work for the hearing aid companies, as opposed to working for companies like Pixar (for example), we would all benefit from substantial technical improvements in hearing aid quality much sooner.

Hearing aids have improved over the 20+ years that I have been wearing them, but not as much as other technology that I use. We need people in the hearing aid companies who are able to "think outside the box" in coming up with ways to address these issues better. And, yes, people with "normal" hearing hear all of these other noises, too, but their brains are able to ignore the irrelevant other noises while hearing aids are designed to provide hearing-impaired people with ALL of the noises out there (most of which don't matter).

I have no doubt that there will be substantial improvement in the future, especially as the Baby Boomers start demanding better quality hearing aids. The company that can develop and implement technology that really helps reduce the mechanical and background noises (not all of which are so important that they need to be equal to or greater than the volume of human speech) is going to become mega-rich.

Sacramento, California, United States #741687

I really agree with this blog, both the comment above and the original post. I suffered pretty severe ear damage racing motocross and have had to deal with progressive loss from the age of 20, to my current age of 40.

I desperately want to get another hearing aid (my Siemens aid worked pretty well). The main reason I want a hearing aid is to hear other PEOPLE. I hate being in groups of conversations and missing 80% of it.

Some background noises are cool, I couldn't hear the blinker clicking on my motorcycle until I got a hearing aid...but other noises are just annoying (my ex-wife banging dishes and doors when she was mad - which was all the time). The hearing aid company that best developes a hearing aid to focus on human speech, and not the general loud banging and outside noises will indeed capture the largest percentage of the hard of hearing market....

San Francisco, California, United States #768395

@anonymous in Houston: I agree with what you say and am incredulous that the hearing aid technology is so expensive compared with, say my new iPad Air or my iPhone. Why must I pay almost $300 just for a blue tooth device so I can hear my music while exercising because I can't use my ear buds?

I just purchased a set of aids for $6000 and can't get a real answer from my health insurance co. about how much they are going to help with! I am not "elderly" in the sense of the word because now we are very tech hip and can/want to do comparison shopping.

I have been searching the net for information and much of what I find is company sponsored. My main thing is that the consumer is hard put to compare prices and this is what will drive prices down now that the boomers are needing products.

Palm Bay, Florida, United States #687920

The sound of a refrigerator is called white noise. White noise is also the sound of a vehicle going down the road. If you can't hear these things it is dangerous. Not coincidentally the sound of white noise is included in speech. Try to say the fricative th or sh without making a white noise.

Jingling keys are a part of life, again, hearing aids don't know if that sound is keys, or your valves in your engine making noise.

Speech priority, and environmental noises are reduced in quality hearing aids, however it is impossible to amplify "only" the sounds one would like to hear.

Bringing all of the sounds of life, including paper crinkling, water running, and vent noise from AC/heating vents should be audible.

If those noises are too loud they must be adjusted by manipulating the frequency response or venting the hearing aid, depending on your loss.

Years ago the hearing industry was called out for claiming to eliminate background noise. If three people are talking and you want to listen to one, the other two are background noise. How can the hearing aid know which one you want to hear.

If you discuss this with your provider, he should try to adjust the aids, and you must learn to adapt to hearing again.

No matter how advanced hearing aids get it takes a motivated user and an empathetic pro to get the best results.

Durango, Colorado, United States #699399
@Palmbay hearing center guy

I have been wearing aids for over 40 years. Audiologists are glorified hearing aid sales people that are focused on their next sale and the manufacturers that supply them are selling a commodity and have all sorts of excuses as to why they can't be involved with the consumers that buy their products.

Hearing aids all work about the same and anyone who has worn one for any length of time will tell you that background noise is clearly amplified and speech is a struggle.

It is almost humorous to take one of the voice recognition tests. They are all the same and the audiologist will say to you; "say the word *******in a slow deliberate voice. Not hard to understand why I can score in the high eighty percent range of guessing the right word.

We all know that when we watch and listen to a movie in a theater we come home wishing we had read a book first as most movies are impossible when it comes to voice recognition.

If these aids are as great as dealers make them out to be why do people with normal hearing understand the movie dialogue and us poor saps with aids are leaving the theater asking, "What happened?" Same story for most group discussions. Aids are not helping people hear much better than they were 40 years ago and in some cases worse.

@Palmbay hearing center guy

As a wearer of hearing aids for over fifteen years, and as a trained industrial audiometrician, I stand ready to validate your learned commentary. In my experience, you are absolutely correct.

Many people expect hearing aids to correct their defective hearing and, moreover, do not understand that they not only have to learn how to use hearing aids, but also must more or less relearn how to hear.

The quiet world of the hard of hearing suddenly becomes abrasively jangly upon becoming suddenly amplified by the new hearing aids.

Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada #680971

I am a Hearing Instrument Specialist in Canada and in response to your comments you are correct that the fundamental proceedure for testing hearing hasn't changed much. The reason you are tested in an environment that is not like the real world is a controlled environment is required for any test to be reliable and reproducable.

Hearing aids can only restore audibility and as others have commented cannot filter out unwanted sound as the hearing aid has no idea which sound or voice you are wanting to hear at any given time. Most decent digital hearing aids should "reduce" steady state noise (such as AC) but can never illiminate it altogether.

"Noise" is simply sound we don't want to hear and needs to be filtered by the brain as in the case with a normal hearing person.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #694597

I think engineers are missing the point. It is not that we don't want to hear background, it is that we don't want it amplified to painful levels.

One that make me pull my hearing aids out or run for another room is a potato chip bag being opened, used, or folded back up. It blows out the television and anyone talking

Tampa, Florida, United States #672311

For someone who has been wearing hearing aids for over 20 years, you should try and learn a little about hearing. First of all, without your hearing aids you can't hear the air conditioning coming out of the vent because of your loss.

People with normal hearing can. The brain in normal hearing knows to put it into the background, yours sees it as something unfamiliar and makes that harder to do.

Furthermore, there is no hearing aid or computer in the world that can remove unwanted sounds and just allow you to hear voices as they are all made up of the same frequencies, and, if they could, how in the world would it be able to tell what voice in a crowd do YOU want to hear?? Educate yourself and get better counseling and you may actually appreciate the benefits that hearing aids provide.


They give you a test before you get hearing aids but never give you a test with the hearing aids they have fitted you with. Also, why not give us a program that allows us to minipulate the channels of the hearing aid to our particular circumstances.

When hearings aids are paid for by WSIB do they also get charged for every visit while they set the hearing aids.

A comp any like apple should manufacture hearing aids. Robert.

San Francisco, California, United States #768400

@robert - I agree completely! Technology is available.

If consumers could know at the outset what the cost is they would be able to discern price/quality and drive down the cost of the hearing aids. Not exactly what apple does since their products are expensive, but they are top quality and people are willing to pay more for that, and the industry could develop other brands for a lower cost for people who were will ing to forego the brand for good technology.


Hearing aids are devices that assist you with your hearing. They are not magical devices that can eliminate sounds that you don't like.

Hearing sounds like the air conditioner and other ambient noise is a GOOD thing! Speech encompasses a range of thousands of different frequencies so by eliminating sounds that are annoying, you would be eliminating clarity of speech as well. My suggestion is to practice retraining the brain. Your provider should be working with you to help with your adjustment to new sounds.

Just because you don't like a sound does not mean you should not hear that sound. your brain depends on those sounds to feed it and stimulate otherwise it's capacity to comprehend sounds will diminish. The success of hearing aids is divided in thirds: 1/3 - is the product in your ears ( the hearing aid does not do all the work) 1/3 is the person helping you (your hearing instrument specialist or audiologist) 1/3 is your own motivation to hear better. Please don't think that the hearing aid will fix all your problems on it's own.

It's a team effort. Make sure you are doing your part.


I've never had a hearing aide before, I'm looking at the IIC from Starkey or phnoak but don't know the difference or if the ICC is good or not.

i'm so confused, I tried to get reviews on line but can't seem to find anything but from the manufacturer. can somebody send me an email and give me their thoughts.

i'm not sure how to get back on here to check so if you could email me to Torebro@aol.com that would be great. and thanks


Hi Karen,

I am so sorry that you are having trouble with your hearing. As others have said, hearing aids will ALWAYS pickup sounds such as your air conditionner, keys jingling etc.. These are sounds that people with no hearing loss hear each and every day.

Has anyone ever explained the parts of the hearing test to you? Has anyone ever spoken to you about acclimitization? As I said, the sounds you complain about are sounds that we hear every day. Most patients get accustomed to those sounds once they start wearing hearing aids. You didn't lose your hearing overnight, you lost it but by bit over the years. You are not going to get used to all those sounds overnight, it is going to take time to get used to those sounds again. I usually tell my patients about my own problem: the furnace. When I first turn the furnace on in the fall I just can't sleep at night. It's all I hear. After a few days, my brain gets use to it and starts to ignore it. The same thing happens to you when you use hearing aids.

I know that I may not be of any help right now. I woud suggest that you speak to an audiologist and have them guide you. I suggest one in provate practice. Chances are someone in private practice has worked with MANY people who are having the same problems that you are.

No hearing aid will ever get rid of background noise. All that they can do is make it more comfortable for the the end user. The higher you go in technology, the more noise management will be available to you. Sinse you've had hearing aids before, look at the manufacturer websites and find the features that you think would work best for you. Then find an audiologist who can help you. No audiologist or dispenser is going to know everything about every manufacturer, try to find someone who works with more than one manufacturer. If you go to a chain they will most likely only work with one manufacturer. Find a hospial or someone who private practice who isn't owned by a hearing aid company. Here is a link to a site which will show you what chains are owned by hearing aid companies. Google: fnatiqus and who-owns to find out who owns what.

Good Luck.



I totally agree with Jack the AUdiologist. I have seen hearing aids dispensed by someone who has been in the business for 50 years.

When that customer came to me I was shocked to see the precription in her aids. The H.I.S.

doing the programming was 80 years old, had no clue where to set the TK point and had them compressed at 3.97. HIS/AUD who are not comfortable programming aids, shouldn't.



Unless you work in the industry you should do more reseach. The price a dealer or hearing aid seller gets at cost is of course marked up in order to pay for the follow up care and services.

Most places offer this for free, if you can tell me when you go to the doctor for one thing everyother appointment realated to that first problem is free, then you have a valid point. DME, durable medical equipment is usally sold with no follow up care where as hearing aid are.

If you are an uneducated consumer then the best idea would be to find the HHP or AUD that works best with your situtation. In response to the fact that AUD are just out to sell hearing aids, again if you researched more you would realize that its the opposite audiologists do not have a reputation for being the best sellers of hearing aids because they are more foucused on the test and underlying problems, no offense AUD's, but they are doctors of audiology no hearing aid dispensers, thought they may be allowed to sell hearing aids.

Richard and others. It is hard to understand what those with hearing losses go through when you yourself does not have a loss.

What is easy to understand about hearing loss is that it is not simple. Richard hit the nail onthe head that the sounds you hear when you wear hearing aids are what people with no loss hear all day, its just that their brains have become acclimated with those sounds and have learned to tune them out. You cannot make a hearing aid differentiate between those sounds it take time, patience, persistence, and lost of follow up care. Switching hearing aids every year or few years cannot help the matter because you just start yourself from ground zero all over again.

The best advice I can say is to hang in there and find a provider who works best with you just like you would an MD.

I wish you the best of luck but expecting miracles jsut like getting a heart transplant and thinking you can run a mile the next day, is setting yourself up for failure. :sigh

Ron, the most informative article I've ever read about hearing aids/hearing loss. The 9 yr old hearing the toilet flush brought tears.

I've worn aids for 40 yrs. It's time for another pair. After research & trying several aids, I completely sympathize with the other comments also. From my perspective as long time wearer, Jack the Audiologist "hit the nail on the head".

His comment actually brought tears also because trying to find new aids that my ears/brain can handle makes me feel totally helpless in my search.

My hearing is compounded by loud tinnitus. There are many manufacturers of HA, but all want to make aids so hi tech & invisable that I'm of the opinion they are forgetting about the consumer hearing well & being able to afford them.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #617962
@Grandma Aids 40 years

Dear Grandma, thank you!

I know this is a dated listing ~ but I hope you can tell me what Jack the Audiologist said on this web page please... With much appreciation...

I am *Completely new to hearing aids = on my first set testing! Very Costly too!!

Brenda - Marie :-(


First of all, let me dismiss the myth that Audiologist are interested in anything but selling hearing aids. If they have a license to dispense hearing aids, or if they offer hearing aids for purchase, then they are primarily interested in selling hearing aids.

Beware of those who pretend otherwise.

The real money in anything connected with audiology is selling hearing aids.

The typical cost of a hearing aid, when provided in a bundeled manner, meaning that there is a flat fee for all services included in the sale of a hearing aid, or two hearing aids, is usually 20%.

In other words, if the price asked for a hearing aid is $5,000 then usually the hearing aid cost $1,000, $900,$800,$700,$600,$500,$400,$300, or some other percentage.

The usual mark-up is 4 or 5 times.

That is why even medical doctors are selling hearing aids.

There is more profit in hearing aid sales than in surgery.

Buyer Beware

For more information call David A.Thorpe

(800) 432-7114

Tampa, Florida, United States #672314

You are so ignorant it is amazing. You are so off target I can't help but laugh.

Also, it is bundled as ALL of your tests, visits, adjustments and counseling are included for as long as you own them (typically 3 to 5 years). Add up how many office visits you would make to an MD in 5 years and tell me what that number would be. Not cheap is it.

Everyone wants to get paid for their time and expertise. Get educated before you open your mouth and show your ignorance.

Tallahassee, Florida, United States #811257

I'm in the process of trying to find out which hearing aid is the best out there. And second best.

That is, in clearity of sound and lowering the background noise. Also, which hearing aid has the least repairs overall? My hearing in both ears ranges in the 60-70 db. Seems to be congenital type of loss.

That is, the loss is both high pitch and low pitch but I'm worse with low pitch sounds.

Thanks, dmw



I get the feeling you may not understand the primary purpose of a hearing test. Please allow me to explain:

1. The hearing test is a “medical” evaluation: I feel bad that you think the test is primarily for the determination of a hearing aid (the hearing aid is the last thing that is considered when you are evaluated by an audiologist). . The fist thing the audiologist wants to make sure is that you do not have an acoustic neuroma (a tumor in the brainstem). Then he/she wants to make sure you do not have middle ear pathology, etc. The audiologist needs to insure the health of your auditory system. The audiologist is not testing you in a real world environment. Who ever told you that a hearing test, in a sound treated room is in anyway a simulation of the real world?

It is very upsetting to me when a powerful public venue (the internet) is used in this way to express incorrect information. Unfortunately, untreated hearing impaired people hear and read such negative comments. This is a major reason why they never seek any help. Untreated hearing loss can lead to isolation, depression, lack of potential job income, problems with family and friends and recently a long term study out of Johns Hopkins Hospital determined that hearing loss is associated and a factor in developing dementia.

2. The audiological test results, if performed by a certified/licensed audiologist will be the same results regardless if you are evaluated by an audiologist in Florida, Canada, Russia, China or Gary, Indiana. Audiologists are highly trained and skilled individuals who must use calibrated instrumentation to test your hearing. A four-year doctoral degree is required, before one can obtain the privilege of being an audiologist. This should make you feel confident that each audiologist test exactly in the same fashion whenever you are tested. In other words, audiologists are trained "calibrated" professionals so that the test results will be reliable and valid. In many cases, the results of the hearing test could be one of the major determining factors that an otolaryngologist uses in the determination to perform ear surgery. Please note, many brainstem tumors (acoustic neuroma) have been indentified in its initial stages by the testing performed by the audiologist. Hearing tests do not change over time! This is how progressive hearing losses are monitored. We have more sophisticated testing procedures complimenting the hearing tests, but the basics have remained the same.

3. The manufactures spend hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development to help rehabilitate the most complex human function - hearing the words of people and making meaning out of those words. Most animals hear sound and noise. Humans produce words that must be picked by another persons ears and the brain has to make meaning out of those words. Words are simply a conglomeration of small bits of frequencies. Making meaning out of words is called processing. The ear is an amazing system.

4. Do you know why you hear? Hearing primary function is NOT for communication! Hearing is for the survival of our species. The sense of hearing’s primary function is biological. Hearing protects you from predators and enemies. Hearing allows you to find food if you had to hunt 60 million years ago. If we could not hear, we would be dinosaur food – it is that simple. Hearing loss in prehistoric days meant death – we would be very limited in our hunting and defense skills.

If you are walking in a dark alley at night, and someone sneaks up behind you; hearing those footsteps will be the difference between life and death. We jump when we hear that unexpected noise. The sense of hearing is for the survival of our species. I will say it again – ‘hearing is biological’. In my opinion, hearing to understand speech is a “luxury” of being human and please understand, I say this half-heartledly. The primary job of the audiologist is to improve communication and speech understanding, which must be performed through counseling, skill and experience.

I am sorry to say that I do not know anything about you or your hearing loss, but hearing aids can only works with the hearing that you have left – we call that the residual hearing. I am sorry to say this, but the good hearing is gone.

Educate yourself - please don't put down the fact that when you put on a hearing aid you can hear - What blessing you have that technology allows you to hear an air conditioner. We all hear air conditioners - our auditory system (the cochlea, brainstem, audiotory cortex allows us the ability to FOCUS on speech and that is how we ignore everyday sounds or constant noises. Please do not get me wrong, I fully understand hearing loss and its effects on one's existence in today's world.

Let me wrap this up with an experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life: You probably can tell I am an audiologist. Many years ago, I evaluated a 9 year old deaf girl. She had a severe hearing loss and the parents decided they would like their child to be fitted with a hearing loss for the first time in her life. She was raised and educated in the deaf community – sign language was her only form of communication. Hearing aids or cochlear implantation could have been a better option when she was born; however, the past cannot be changed. The little girl returns 1 week later and is fitted with the hearing aid and for the first time she hears “sounds” and she starts making vocal sounds and we could see this was a good thing. In the meantime, a “pissed consumer” was sitting in my waiting room, because she cannot wait to complain how much she is hearing the air conditioner and refrigerator noises whenever she wears her new hearing aids. As the deaf girl and her parents start to exit my office, the little girl goes to the bathroom prior leaving and she opens the bathroom door and runs to her mother with such joy and excitement signing that she can hear the flushing of the toilet! There was not a dry eye in the waiting room upon witnessing this event.

The moral of the story is this: the “pissed consumer” apologized for complaining about hearing the air conditioner and refrigerator noises while wearing her hearing aids. Upon witnessing this event, my patient, the “pissed consumer” said while, holding back her tears, “I now realize how blessed I am that I can hear the refrigerator and air conditioner”. Today, 10 years later that little girl is 19 years old and goes to college and the my patient, the no longer “pissed consumer” wears her hearing aids every minute of her waking hours and enjoys all the noises and sound that she hears.

I hope this can shed some light on how audiologists can help treat people live with hearing loss.

Seattle, Washington, United States #665786

Ron, thank you for all the good information you are right on. I have a great audiologist at Costco.

Had my hearing aids for more than 3 years now. Actually needed them 10 years ago, just kept putting off getting them. Did not know where to go for tests or whom to trust. Finally went on a hearing aid forum and noticed the good remarks they made about Costco, and to make sure that your testing is done by a licensed Audiologist.

So I did, and I had tests done. Audiologist was super, she recommended hearing aids that she thought was best for me, and they were in the medium price range, for Costco. Went back to have them adjusted quiet a few times because my brain needed to get accustomed to hearing many sounds again. Now I need to go back and get some new ones misplaced my right ear hearing aid turned the whole house upside down and can not find it.

No my dogs did not eat it, cause a few pieces would have been left over. The only thing I can think of is that I took it out of my ear and put it in this small pocket of my night jacket and it fell out in the toilet. Never have lost anything in all my 67 years.

However on the bright side maybe the hearing aids that I I will be getting will be better, my hearing loss has gotten profoundly worse in the last 3 years! Thank you again Ron for all the good info.


Well Karen, people with normal hearing hear those sounds as well, it wouldn't be natural to remove those sounds completely.Hearing aids can only compress, or lower background sounds to a more comfortable level, provided you have noise reduction capabilities on your hearing aids. It's a noisey world we live in, I suggest going to a hearing health care professional who understands the technology, and can make these particular adjustments for you.....


It really isn't the hearing aid company's fault..the problem is that technology changes and few programmers know how to make it right , especially in long time wearers

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Other Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado - "Professional?" Not even beginning Amateur Work

I have pictures of their finish product. A beginner in remodeling would have done a much better jog.

Big rip off Company. Nine months later they will call you for a "Final Inspection?" meaning you have to stay all day in your house until the City Pluming Inspector shows up. He tells you. They are not license plumbers; they subcontract their work, get cough by not having a work permit.

Inspector tells you company has many complaints. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS.I would recommend you do your research.

They are a rip off company. Advertise "Professional Work" My 11 year old could have done a better job.

Review #236597 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer236597.

Email and phone is not working

i am a residential phone. i have had the phone service for 3 months and i still do not have a working email address.

also my phone is not working. i am not going to pay for services with my credit card 6144754569. i have tried calling but have had to success getting any help they keep wanting o charge me for help plus to get a working email address. i thought that was part of the service.

it had to call and ask to get a bill.

i also want to check on my service plan. i do not want to pay extra if they have to come into my house.


1 comment



Review #236595 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer236595.

Other Company in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Fraud

This company has been over charging my debit card for purchases. I tried to contact them and I'm put on hold for 30 min.and they refuse to help me.

I am fixing to go to my local authority to have charges brought on them for this. I am very pissed off at this company. I would not recommend anyone to order from them.The two pair of shoes that I did order were not up to my satisfaction. Tried to send them back and they want to just give me a credit.

I don't want any more of their products. Just give me my money back!!!!!!

Review #236586 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer236586.

Other Company in Makati, Manila - Lousy and unreliable whwn it comes to delivery

my control no. 161046124145 arrived @ our port early in the morning today.

waiting the wholeday for my package to arrive. called the office 3447741 for three times asking the status of my package. office says its already in the delivery truck. now its almost 10 pm.

still no lbc showed up in my doorstep

in the next transactions. i will tell my supplier to better look for another courier company in handling my package.

or maybe lbc's delivery team are old and slow.

paerhaps they should change their employees psecially the delivery team to much younger and active. tsk tsk tsk

Review #236568 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer236568.

Other Company in Merritt Island, Florida - They are redicules on their shipping methods

I ordered a set oh sheets and a computer desk on the 7th of Nov. They charged my card got their money and told me it would take 7 to 10 days to process it and ship it and then it would take another 7 to 10 days to get it.

That is rediculas but if you owe them money they want its right off. I found out that if they have your money your items should be mailed within 24 hrs.

Not that it should take a month to get it after they have your money. We should charge them interest for a month for having our money and getting nothing until a month later.

Review #236559 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer236559.


I have enrolled in the past 3 to 4 times on the website called

HornyMatches.com, when you sign up they take all of your information from you and at the end they email you your login and your password. Once you go into the website and post all your information status, the next day when you try to login, they BLOCK YOU and send you a notice as followed:

You have been blocked for abuse...... now this has happen to me 3 times .Im just a regular person, looking to meet women. I dont post dirty language on my profile and I do not put up nude photos of myself so Im pretty clean on my ad. But what I dont understand why do they block you for abuse without a detail message on why. I will tell you now I will no longer go to that *** website again. I may even file a law suit against this company for what they did to me




to cohena2 and the likes looking for sex is now perverted? Welcome to the 21st century buddy oh sorry were you stuck in the past now.

Seriously if you want to promote these "eharmony" *** you shouldn't be so nasty to people. eharmony isn't any better and why would you join a site to do what you can do when you go out and meet people.

The purpose of these so called perverted sites was to meet someone with all the BS cutout but you won't know that since you decided to look for the complaints section of these perverted sites so you belittle people and promote eharmony where you could also get ripped off just to date a woman or man for drinks dinner and kiss goodbye if you are lucky.

Relationship goals are different for different people if you like eharmony so you can wine and dine someone that's perfectly fine but please save your bs for yourself


I met a girl on Facebook I still have her loged as friend and I have her E-mail address. She said she wanted to start a relationship, and she wanted to send me pics.

But she could not send them on her E-mail. She suggested that I go on a web site, its free she said (horneymatches) I subscribed 3 months ago for free and I never heard from her again, plus I couldn't communicate with anyone. So for the *** of it, last week I tried upgrading it for 75$. The next day I got the same E-mail from the same girl.

I replied to her (Do you get a comission from horneymatches).

And the next day the site is closed down, after they took 75$ from me. I wish I could get my $ back.


Why not just use a normal dating website like eHarmony or Match.com? I guess those websites aren't perverted enough for you.

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