Fraud?? or mistake?? Please contact me ASAP so I can get this straightened out.

I do not have an acct. wit h you and have never had an acct.

with this bank. Would like to talk to your cust. svc. dept.

to make sure I received your form letter by mistake, as I have had identity stolen in the past and want to make sure no one has opened an account in my name. Please have someone call me at 602-867-2334 ASAP. Why is there no contact # on your website?

Snail mail takes to long when you are concerned about your credit. The letter I received had a phone # that was totally automated.


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And exactly HOW do you think they will know to call you? You don't mention a bank by name...could it be that the heat in AZ has fried your brain?

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Other Company in Sterling Heights, Michigan - Really bad service

never use them - it was a nightmare and hard to even explain how bad our experience was - warning do not use them!

They completely messed up our holiday and booked us in the wrong hotel

they said they would refund our points and did not

the hotel they said was amazing it was disgustingly dirty

they kept sending the email to a wrong address - and kept getting our confirmed email wwong

please be warned this is a really negaitve company and I would not want anyone else to go through what we have had to go through

thanks for listening

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Other Company in Livermore, California - Site sucks

I was harrassed over the computer.Well in 2007 screen name pumpkin 18 seemed friendly then gave me some phone numbe when I called it the girl says you have wrong number.When I emailed pumpkin 18 they told me yeah that was my roomate sarah.She said her name was dawn the pumpkin 18 when I refused to meet this person claiming to look for frineds they began harrassing me like crazy.I asked singles net to remove them off site and they were real slow about it.They started to change screen nam es to harrass me and I kept blocking them.I don't know y they chose me to bully but wen I CALLED POLICE ON THEM THEY LAUGHED AND BEGAN TALKING ABOUT DRUGS.THEIR SCREEN NAME WAS PUMPKIN 18.THEY SAID THEY WERE FROM BOISE IDAHO THEN CHICAGO.I WILL NEVER USE THIS SITE AGAIN.HEY DON'T USE SITE!!

pissed off ppl
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Will not refund payment

the item i ordered arrived dead on arrival. after many times trying to contact after sales, i returned it to the only address offered on their site.

that address was not valid, many communications later it was returned to me and after contacting them I send it back to them with the address they gave me. Now i have the receipt showing delivery to their address, and still they will now reimburse me, will not even answer my e-mails requesting status of item.

I am out $80.

for return postage plus the cost of the tablet which was about $150.00. Is there anything else i can do?


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Stop reposting! We got the hint the first time you posted this.

Belle Fourche, South Dakota
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Other Company in Raleigh, North Carolina - Run for your dear life . direct tv a wrong place to be

i just discoved that my account was charged 646.69 without my permission. without even letting me know. please please never sign up auto payment with direct tv. take my advice or leave it hopefully u wont find yourself in myself. direct tv yall re a thief , i will spread the news to everyone that has ears..

I promise you guys that u wont last in this business. any business that try to take advantage of the poor people will die.... 10 of my friends will be cancelling the service with yall in next 24 hours. let see how well yall will do by 2012...

Review #240697 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Other Company in Maplewood, New Jersey - Awful customer service, some of the worst I've encountered

I ordered some fabric from Joanne, and then 6 days after my order was placed I received an email stating that the fabric would be shipping late. I understand that this happens, but the problem is that we can't wait for the fabric.

We need it this week. So I called Joann to cancel my order. It hasn't fully processed and it definitely hasn't shipped yet - she confirmed this with me. So, I asked the service rep to cancel the order.

They won't cancel it! They outright refused to cancel my order that THEY are late with. I have to receive the fabric, and then ship it back, and they are charging me $13.95 for shipping and then I guess it will cost about another $10 to ship it back. So, they are willing to waste $24.00 of YOUR money because they don't want to cancel the order.

Then I asked to speak to a manager and one wasn't available. Uh huh. AWFUL.


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Trying to get a number to call

I just want to talk to someone to see if they have credited me with two years of service as they charged me twice. My e-mail is jimmieeagle

I ordered a new year of service and was charged on credit card and o my atm card. This is fine if they have credited me for two years of service.

The service is not what I thouight it would be but it is fine for what I want to use it for. I do have to have my computer on at all times or it will shut off, Thank you


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What is the name of the company? We're not mind readers.

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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - All In 1 Cleaning/owner James (Jim) Bagley

I worked for this company as his appointment setter, dispatch from home. I really learned a lot about this person while working for him. It is completly true what the compainer posted! But it gets worse. Let me advise how he works his people.

First when they get hired, tells them it will be almost a month before they get paid. Then payday comes....Sometimes they get lucky and get their first pay, others don't. He will use the excuse that somebody stole his bank card and went on a shopping spree.

He gets his rent paid by Barter, locally and lives at Town and Country Manor II. So he pays a small transaction fee for his $200 a week rent fees.

His bank is Bank of America. He went so far as to write a check to a guy that was NSF when they tried to cash it. He has already been going to court for bad checks. I know as I saw it on the calendar.

He owes me now $1120 for my services. This guy even went so far as to threaten me "Im from the hood an I know how to take care of situations like this" unnerved me for sure.

Now after hearing how many other people he is doing this to, I finally told him I will take him to the labor board, small claims court, blast him on craigslist, ebay classifieds, the rant and channel 13. This man has to be stopped and needs to pay dearly for his actions. I feel this is outright theft. People are having a hard enough time getting employed and then this guy is so taking advantage of people.

I, along with several others are taking action. Enough is enough

Review #240637 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer240637.

No refund

I sent back an order weeks ago and no credit on my account. I quit.

Do not charge my card again and stop all shipments. Ah! But you need 100 words in order to post this, so I will tell you that I believe your product is good, but not better than, other products I have tried. Same, but not better and yours cost too much.

I know that sounds petty, but if I can get a bottle of certified omega 3 for $9, I will not pay the extra that you require.

Also, please refund my money for the box that I sent back 2-3 weeks ago. Thank you.


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Tell us the name of the company. We're not mind readers.

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Rude/disconcerning and a terrible attitude

Employee Amy Williams at the 2019 North Main Store in High Point, North Carolina is a rude and impolite employee. She not only was rude to her fellow employee in front of a long line of customers, she was rude as to the customers waiting. She was called, by intercom, to the front to help serve customers at an available register. She was rude to the young lady who called her, pointed at one customer and demanded that the customer come over to her register, waited on her, ignored the other 10 or 12 customers in the initial line, and walked back to where she came from. When I finally got to the only register open, I purchased a product that required a person to be 21 or over to complete the sale, this Amy person was call again. This time she never appeared. It was at least 5 minutes, and still no Amy. Finally the young lady at the register requested, politely, if I would please go to the photo area to pay for my product. When I did I say Amy standing at the front of the photo isle. I explain what needed to be done as to why she was called up front. She rudely denied reply, apology, or any other explanation and left in the opposite direction. This is not acceptable. Not in this economy when you should not only appreciate having a job, but to represent the company you work for who was thoughtful enough to give you that job should be of paramount importance. Needless to say, I have shopped at Walgreens for over 40 years. I am not pleased with this service. It is to be noted...this is the first time that I have ever had a problem in any of your stores. I realize this will probably not be of major concern to you, but I am looking forward to your attention in this matter. Yes, I am upset.


Mr. D.E. Hipps

High Point, NC



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Nosey snitch! Get a hobby and a life.

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