Other Company in Southfield, Michigan - Ripoff joy band

i gave them a $2,000.00 deposit, the wedding venue changed 6 months notification, said cant refund, but could use at a later date for another event. now its time for another event, i call, finally got a return call saying i can only get a credit if i use a nine piece band.

forgettit, im done. be careful, people in business should try to accomodate present as well as future clients, as well as look for referrals. no chance with these guys.

i should have checked some refrences ahead of time. oh well live and learn, buyer beware

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Other Company in New York, New York - HORRIBLE!!!

They are ripping off customers!! Do not waste your money on them, you're better off paying someone after to fix any damages.

They will not honor their plans. And based on my research online It seems as though it is a trend with them. Try an alternative company. Even Bob's furniture dropped them, because they were getting so many complaints about their horrible service and failure to honor plans.

They will look for any *** reason not to honor plans.

Some of the worst customer service I've seen to date and complete rip off!! They are robbing people!

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - $1.00 is worth it to cancel my account

would not refund $1.00 for service cancelled before recieved. worth a $1.00 to be rid of them.

tried to talk to supv. but they said he would call me within 72 hrs. did not want service they bug me to get then they made me play phone tag when I tried to get bill removed. Glad I did not spend any xmas funds there.

worst experience ever and I am 56 years old.

All over a $1.00. They didn't care when I said I was canclling my acount but yet I had great credit with them.

Jim P
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Greatest Kept Secrets Letter

They are at it again! 2 years ago I received this letter telling me that if I didn't respond by the following

Friday I would never hear from them again. I should be so lucky!!! I didn't respond two years ago. Why am I

getting the same exact letter telling me that if I don't respond by this Friday, I will never hear from them

again? There are people out there who specialize in people with Dementia(the *** of the earth!!!) I

sure hope I don't have dementia 2 years from now when I receive another letter!!!


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I just got the letter today. Why am I so special to have received this letter. What a bunch of ***

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - This company needs to be more organized with there property managers,

I just have 2 months to moving in to one of there complex and they been complaining about the rent..when we specifically explained to the manager before moving in .. that were willing to pay rent in 2 payments as long as we don't pass over the months rent, but then we moved iin and they changed there minds about it...

which is *** UP> I wouldnt recommend this to no one. WHen we had moved in we moved in it was a mess with the pro rate, Now we have this month to move out and look for another property , the managers need more expierience

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Its Just Lunch...

YOu go in pay a but load of money and they do an interview. There is a database of other eligibles as well.

They match you with your requests and the company sets up a lunch date. Both parties know they are responsible for paying for their own lunch. Since they interview you live, seems they would capture personalities better. I specifically said, the ONLY thing I can not stand is a man with man-***.

When we showed up for our "lunch" (they select location) HE WAS LIKE ORKA...man *** and all.

BOOOOOOOO! Becoming a member is not cheap either.




We regret any dissatisfaction you may have experienced. We take all complaints very seriously and request that you contact us directly so that we can discuss your membership.


The name of the company IS "It's Just Lunch".


It helps if you tell us the name of the company. Good going ***.

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*** me around

*** them they ripped me off adding on x tra money when one of my cars was payed off, an they set up here an added hella interest on my truck plus they kelp my tittle to my car stating it wasnt paid off just to keep me in the rear. times r hard so dont go to these *** for a loan becouse they will *** u around.they give u a fake *** hand shake wit those snake *** eyes saying to themselves we got um.next thing u c an hear is calls off the chain .*** em


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Its hard to feel sorry for you with grammar worst than a first graders. You also didn't tell us the name of the company. Good going ***.

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Other Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Payments

my loan is paid a head no payment was due so i made a payment of 500.00 just to stay ahead they took it all for intrest no payment was due for 3 months where is citi finance they kindly told me thats their policy a payment must be paid every month of they take it all for intrest

they even make complaining hard i just started a new job after im there a year i am going to change company they say they will help but all they do is dig a deeper hole for you to climb out of

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - There is no phone number to contact customer service.

I am so fed up with this *** company. They have good gimmick to catch you.

I bought their unit and singed up for the five year subscription. The phone unit never worked for a year. Then I finally got them to send me a new one that I paid the shipping for. Now I had another problem, after several other.

But I am pissed because I can't seem to get anyone to address my complaint to. They are never available. And of course there is no phone number to talk to someone. Only number is for ordering.

Sad truth is I odered the newer model hoping to get better service. But I still can't get anyone to answer my questions, when suddenly after ordering the upgrade the one I have stopped working. And I had not even received the new one as yet.

Now I get it I see they charged me more than the advertised price for the subscription and no one to answer my question as to why. If only there was one honest tele company who wasn't so self promoting albeit overstated ability.

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Other Company in Rock Hill, South Carolina - Disgraced Dresser

You have an employee that is a disgrace to your Rock Hill, S.C. store.

Her pants are haning so low til i don't know how she is keeping them from her showing her pure butt, I do not know how she is keeping them on. They were at least 4 inches below her rear end crack. She also has earring all over her ears. I do believe you could hire someone that could dress a little more professional that what she is doing.

She is a disgrace to your store. I personally feel she should be let go.

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