NO customer service-attention to detail--accounting stinks

I had a vehicle financed for almost two years. Whenever I made payments through their site it took 2-3 days for it to get posted which always made my payments late.

When this happened I got repeated calls 6-to-8 per day which was very harassing! You can get approved for credit with them and then forget it, everything goes down hill. And when paid off it took them 30 days to release the lien on the title which almost cost me financing on another vehicle I was trying to purchase. Now one month later I received a refund check in the mail.



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Would be nice to know what company you are complaining about. Also, I don't suppose it ever occurred to you to pay a few days early if you know it takes 2-3 days for a payment to post? Just a thought.

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Overcharged from the Deli

I was rushing to purchase for a party, the girl at the Deli told me the cheese was on sale for $2. I didn't realize until I got home I was charged full price, I'm not in good health to return easily to hassle with customer service.

There is never enough checkers or help at this store my ticket # TC#8322339134426532462--Jarlsberg swiss. Store #0150. I purchased a little over 2# because of the sale.

One more strike for you, and why I try never to shop there. I was rushing and several behind me waiting to check




Nice going *** you forgot to give the name of the deli. Also if you have time to throw parties then obviously you have time to check your receipt before you leave and to go back to the store for an exchange. reghe


If you can go rushing around and throw parties apparently your health is not all that bad. However it did prevent you from naming the deli which, of course, makes your complaint totally useless.

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Ive taken my car since i first got it n every two weeks somthing always happens they tell me its fix

Provide as much information as possible, you will not be able to edit your review but you will be allowed to add on to it if you create an account during the submission not happy with payin so much due to ghe fact that my car is always breakin down on me it never fails they r times i want to leave the car there cuz dnice i purchased the vechile i dont like hearin its runnin now we test drove ig and its good to go do they know wat they r doin r they really machines i just dnt knw wat to think cuz its problem after problem




Just because someone doesn't have the education you think you have. There is no reason to put him down you most likely put others down because that's what happened to you.


Its hard to feel sorry for you when you have the grammar of a first grader. You also didn't tell us the name of the company. Way to go ***.

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Bringing back millsberry not the only one pissed about the closing of millsberry? But why did you close it?

So many kids and even adults loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that site. I heard it was about a money faliure. So, why don't you try again and make more that the at least 1,000,000 people that love the site.

Maybe, even if you dont bring back millsberry, how bout bringing the arcade games back because hop n drop is the best game ever. Ill say, every game on millsberry is better than anygame on adddictinggames, miniclip, or any of those *** websites. Give millsberry another try!!

Maybe, you can get more adds up or commercials. Everybody loves the game and you should highly consider bringing it back.



I really liked millsberry but one day i went on a short vaction for like a week and when i came back the next day i found out millsberry was closing!!! but we have to no there will always bee more sites to pla y on afterword :)

millsberry was the place to be after homework was done or when you had free time. this might sound wierd but i was attached to my character and i really want millsberry back


Obviously everybody does NOT love Millsberry. If they did it would probably still be operating.

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Other Company in Madison, Wisconsin - Storm door.

Im very unhappy with the employee service I received at your store. Acted like I was wasting their time.

I am a widowed 71yr. old woman, and I needed some help figuring out what storm door I should get When I chose one, I was told it was not in stock and would have to special order one. At know time did either employee show me what doors I could get, and one went on the computer, showed me some, never giving prices and going so fast through the pictures without explanations. I ordered one, but am very confused as to why I saw the price of the door online for sale at $163.00 but had to pay $228.48.

I will be in to pcik up my door, but that will be the last time I visit your store. Your employees need to get a life and smile, or are they in bad moods.

Every other time I've been there, I have been treated with respect and a smile. Not this this time.

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I want my order stopped

tv commercial for trial rooked me into an 80.00 purchase a month on my credit card i can not afford this i want my order canceled and that is all if you have a good phone number i will be glad to call it but dont charge anything to my credit card this was for fuller hair and i was number 88 if that helps this really came across as a scam but there was no way to end the call after it was started and i got rooked into an order i don't want this is really bad




we have processed your cancellation but the credit bureau has put an advanced fee of $129.95/month on your card for 6 months for early cancellation


Consider your order cancelled.

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Other Company in Corpus Christi, Texas - Past Due Noticeine

I received a PAST DUE NOTICE yesterday, 12-16-11

I do not remember asking to be signed up, and I have not received any magazines as of this date.

I was a member a few years back and was not really pleased, the free things that I received then were of cheap quality. I was not happy with the magazine at that time because of so many ads. I love to cook, but am not interested in more magazines.

Please remove me from your mailing and email list, and please, no more notices.

Thank you for your time.


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Other Company in Las Pinas City, Manila - "Dugyot na Serbisyo"

"isa po ako sa kumuha ng padala sa lbc branch san pablo city near fire station in cathedral,,

nakakalungkot po ang aking naranasan sa kanila.

upang makatipid aq ng pamasahe sa manila ipinadala ko po ang aking order through LBC subalit ng kukunin q ito Dec 17,2011 sinabi nila na nasa wearhouse sa brgy.san roque at duon dapat kuhanin., napaka lakas po ng ulan noon. at malayo iyon sa lugar na kung saan ang address na nka lagay na dapat kong pick apin.

pero pinuntahan ko nadin po ito dahil kailangan ko nadin maideliver ang mga items.subalit ng naduon na ako sa wearhouse wala daw pong call sa kanila para duon mapick up... so bumalik po aq duon sa proper. para muling iclaim pero ng kausapin ko sila ang isinagot sa akin ay wala daw sa master list ang aking pangalan. pero nasa kanila ang package na padala na may kompletong nakasulat ang aking pangalan at address , pati ang eksaktong lugar na pupuntahan ko para ito ay mapick up.

ibinigay din naman nila sa akin ang item.subalit, nabasa at namasahe po ako, balikan pamula sa lugar na itinuro nila sa akin.


Las Pinas City, Manila
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Other Company in Jersey City, New Jersey - Carton switching

More than 20 cartons were delivery by a major delivery service. I signed for the cartons and noted the correct number received.

Later , I determined 2 cartons with valuable product were unaccounted for. But carrier's tracking site indicates I signed these cartons. Clearly two cartons were scanned , but driver kept them. And two others I did receive were not scanned.

Appears delivery employee may never get caught.

Sure I watched the carton I received, being scanned, but the carton's in question were scanned in advance.

I am an employee and my employer's loss prevention department asked that each incident in past month be reported , but there is nothing they can do. Missing cartons worth at least $1500 each retail.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - used Facebook for scam

If this scam wasn't extremely obvious to users immediately after completing registration, you have my sympathy!!! :D Just like the countless post before, I fell victim to this site by wasting around 15 mins of my time signing up for the site.

I want reinbursment for these precious minutes that this site stole from me and that I will never get back!!! I will happily settle out of court to the tune of a hundred million dollars and not a penny less! :). Honestly though, I am more angry because of the fact that is this site poached me on Facebook.

I was of the understanding that obtain a Facebook page, the user must be a actual person. This bot/ actor/ fat guy at a cubicle betrayed my trust and used facebook to pursue me with malicious buisness criminal intent. If anyone can explain how these accounts can activate with impunity under the nose of the ever vigillent Facebook mods or whatever they are. I assume that these accounts the fat guy at the cubicle uses are most likely shut down after a few complaint, then Mr.

Fat Guy finds another pic of an innocent young women, then uses said picture to create another's "POACHER" account and begins the process anew. For any guys that actually got duped far enough along in the process where actual monetary transactions took place, I honestly feel sorry for you my brothers, but if you simply looked around the site, you should have had enough insite to know that no real live women would ever join or be part of a site/ institution like that without having been compensated with much much more money than I am sure Mr.

Fat in his cubicle was or will be payed. Sincerely, Gentleman, you all need to use that organ between your ears a tad more than the one doing the thinking between your legs, and good luck in all your future endevors in the sadistic system we refer to as the Internet.

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