I keep getting repeated calls that I'm late on a payment after submitting the proof that I'm not late a week ago. The problem should have been resolved since the information was sent in.

How long does it take to resolve with the information right in your face.

Needless to say I have closed my account and won't be making anymore purchases with this company since they can't seem to communicate with each other or keep accurate records. I will also be returning the two items I purchased which was the same day I paid my bill.


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You forgot to mention the name of the company. But of course we're all mind readers. Nice job ***.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - He was rude and did not get my order right

the man kept rushing me to finish ordering and was rude and didnt even get my order right I was very mad that i was getting rushed that has happend to me before but i was nice enough to not say anything before but i was to mad this time not to say anthing if this keeps happening i wont be going to wendys anymore every time i go somthing is wrong the time before this the fries were every cold and didnt put that much ice in my cup for ice tea and my drink was warm im very unhappy


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oh, I see towards the end you are complaining about Wendy's. If you have problems everytime you go to that Wendy's, why pray tell would you keep going there.

A symptom of creeping lunacy is to perform the same exact task over and over again, with the expectation of achieving different results each time. I can recommend a psychiatrist.

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Soft charges

I found I was charged $1 from you and GLT SHOPPER, respectively. I want to know How To Get It Back.

I don't want to have membership with you now. Please cancel my membership from you. I also want to know if GLT SHOPPER has any relationship with you. If so, cancel the membership of it for me too.

If you know how to cancel all of these at one time, that will be great for me. Thank you.

My email is

Please contact me soon and TELL ME HOW TO DEAL WITH IT. Thanks a lot!

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No Good Manager

She smiles in your face and stabs you in your back. How do I know because I work with the fake teeth ***.

She hires all of the drudges, criminal and thieves. I think that she does this because she once use to be a crack head her self. The missing teeth. Speaks for itself.

As for her being a thief. She does white collar crimes. By changing the totals in the computer during the great hair cut sale. She is even a drug dealer because she and another stylist were exchanging drug and money on the job.

I regret not calling the police on them. So that their faces would be in the slammer paper in C.O.

Also the manager stole a customers I-phone and then went behind a stylist back saying she took it. That was so wrong of her.




So which are you OP, a drudge a criminal or a thief?

Deleon Springs, Florida, United States #398214

Wow - what in the world are you talking about? You don't have a company name listed or anything.....

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Other Company in Old Town, Maine - Making bogus calls, i don't owe money

but they have called me anyway. I called and complained, they assured me that it wouldn't happen again, this just before she hung up and wouldn't let me finish.

They have called 7 or more times in the last two weeks. I don't owe them money. I don't have credit anymore after having paid everything off several years ago.

Another rude business with rude people who need to get a life and leave people alone, especially ones they have no business with.

I will post their name and phone calls on every forum I can find.

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Major scammer,smooth talker

This person I met thru email and gave me this story of loing both of his parents 7 yrs ago nad that he had inherited their computer business. He then gave me this story of how he was having computers nad electronics coming in from Japan and China and needed $2000 to get them in from customs.

My radar went off when he made promises to love me like i deseved to be loved.What a fool was i !! He got me to wire 275 to someone named Juliet Arnold (his agent handling the goods from customs) in Baltimore Md. If anyone comes into contact with him should be on their guard.DO NOT BELIEVE OR RESPOND TO THIS PERSON !!!!! HE IS ***!!!

But if you believe in God, Karma, or whatever your higher being, know that he WILL GET WHAT IS COMING TO HIM!! PLEASE BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

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Other Company in Spokane, Washington - Complainers Get a life

Retail workers work harder than 95% of you. Most of you are greedy needy, and selfish extortionists.

Stuff happens and if you remain calm we can help you but mist of the time you are being so outrageous we are thinking of 99 ways to kill you right then and right there. get a *** life.

Just know that most of the time it is us who get the last laugh as this story gets spread around to those we know.

Sometimes, me and a coworker write down names of annoying customers and find there business or job and reek *** upon you. How about them apples?

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Insurance agent lied to me to get a sale

You sold us a policy which they said we could cancel in 30 days but they never sent us the material so we could review it. We were charged $11.99 from our bank @ 1st National bank of Cokato and did not recieve any information concerning this.

We also have an accident policy with you which you deduct monthly to which we would like to cancel. We find it impossible to get a hold of you and have tried numerous times to cancel this policy.

Please call 320-286-5192 and ask for Gary Jones. I expect quick response to this.




You forgot to tell us the name of the insurance company. We're not mind readers. Nice job ***.


Exactly which insurance company are you referring to???

Frontenac, Kansas
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Other Company in Waxahachie, Texas - Cashing a money order bought from this store

my mom was here 12/23 & 24 2011,bought me and my family a $200.00 money order for xmas.she's 70 years old,she tore the stub off as anyone would,put the money order in a xmas card and gave it to me.banks were closed on 12/26/11,i went to ace checkcashing where it was bought to cash it,and the lady wouldn't,says it could've been stolen since i didn't have the stub,she wouldn't even let me write it out to myself.gave me the third degree, this will go further.because this was wrong.

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Harassed to put it mildly...Overharassed is more like it! This company will NOT stop!

After totally disrespecting me with rudeness when advising we no longer were interested in or needed their septic product, this Company was told to remove us from their customer calling list. I have repeatedly demanded each and every different caller TO STOP CALLING!

This has been going on for years and today Dec. 26, 2011, a holiday weekend, THEY CALLED AGAIN!!!!

Steve from MILLER PLANTE was today's caller and has been advised in addition to the above that I am reporting them......END OF STORY! NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ANY PERSON FROM THIS COMPANY



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WHAT company?

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