Other Company in Lucerne, California - New guide format.

I like the new format because it is much easier to read. I very much dislike when I go to my menu, my recordings, choose a recording,select it and read the bio that I have to scroll down to the bottom to done in order to get back to my recordings again--instead of just hitting info to go back to my recordings.

It makes it a long drawn out process to go through your recordings. If I hit exit I have to start the process all over again.

Maybe just put done near the top is the answer! Help and thanks for the new format!

Lucerne, California
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Other Company in Akron, Ohio - Acct # 79665093; Overcharging me.

December 22, 2011 I traded my Toyota in for a Jeep. There was not supposed to be any payment due until February 2012.

On January 3, 2012 $391.01 was deducted from my checking account (the Toyota payment amount.) The new payment, which was supposed to start coming out in February, should only be $365.00 plus change.

Why did you deduct money out for a car I no longer had or have; that was paid off when I traded it in (in December 2011?)

Is this when your left hand does not know what your right hand is doing?

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Startng the process

We saved our money to buy a good mattress..We had the other one for 20years.

It started sagging on the sides,and really noisy to roll over,it feels like you are rolling off the bed.

The company we bought it from is going out of business..So we are just getting to the warranty.

I have a feeling I spent 1500.00 on a piece of ***... What do you do now that the bed is not worth sleeping in ?? My back pain is starting over again,we like other people have no money to start over ??

I cannot believe we are stuck with this.


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Who made this rather expensive mattress, you do not identify the company.

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Treated very poorly

Had an appointment at 9:45 - got there at 9:20 to fill out paperwork. Exrays were taken by 9:35.

Girl led me to the consultation room. Sat there until 10:50 - no nothing like will be 5 mins or 10 minutes more - so I got pissed and left. Moral to my story....... dont ever go there.

People dont know what they are doing.

Got to be other places where people treat you like you people - after all customers pay there paycheck - looks like somebody is going with out a pay check. Wonder how mant spent the day there lol


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Kinda hard to avoid these people as you don't identify them.

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Other Company in Athens, Georgia - House Phone not working :(

Shane cook and Beckey price

hi we are concerned about our house phone because we cannot call out and we would like it fixed when you call the house phone it rings but it has no dial tone to it and we would love for our phone to work we are not able to get around that good and we need our house phone fixed in case of an emergency because our family lives to far away and they wont be able to reach us in time if we dont have a phone to contact them and let them know what is happening

Thank You Shane cook and Beckey price:(

beckey price
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Other Company in Virginia Beach, Virginia - Bad customer service

Bought Sofa and was given delivery date by 11/24/11 - after several phone calls to the store, we were told it was in warehouse but had not shipped due to waiting for fabric for pillows. We asked them to ship sofa immediately.

We called again and were told it was shipped 12/7/11, but they couldn't tell us where it was shipped to. We called again 12/13/11 and were told it is in the Newport News Warehouse, but it would be a minimum of 10 business days before they could deliver it! I have called 3 times Jan. 1, 2, 3 and General Mgr.

has not yet returned my phone calls! We paid over $3,000 for this "custom sofa"!

Not even one phone call has been made to us to notify us of any problems. THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE WE HAVE EVER HAD!

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Flipant attitude after they get your money

Update by user Jan 04, 2012

the company was i-universe

Original review posted by user Jan 04, 2012

Purchased a package, that was bogus from the start... dealt with a bunch of idiots.

Worst book-cover ever..editing was bad, misspelled words ( shame on me for not re-doing). I PAID for things, I eventually did myself.. front/back cover..they still changed it,I almost gave up but would have been out $$ I already paid.

I would seek help,only to get response asking for more $..Never notified me of sites to purchase my book ( discovered it myself) and have never rec'd a response from them since.Can't find out status of sales. Would NOT recommend..

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Other Company in Duvall, Washington - Free my ***

Sure, get a FREE sample of Instaflex but when you use your credit card to pay for the shipping you will automatically get signed up for a $60 per month supply without your consent. Pretty interesting game but beware!

I am not even sure the product works but they probably do not care. They just want your money.

I called and they were very busy and I would bet there were more than a couple people just like me calling to complain about this scam. Next time I will go to the local vitamin store so I don't get ripped off.

Duvall, Washington
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Other Company in Orlando, Florida - Beware of the scam

this guy goes by the name of Wendell, he is on seniors.com connecting with older folks and when he befriends them he asks for money.

he will change his email address,, when we googled him there was no information on him, so beware and


wendellr50@yahoo.com he is also on yahoo messenger

his scam is to use counterfeit checks and send them to the elderly to cash for him then western union the money to him, i called the bank when a check arrived and they had me forward it to the US postal inspector in my area.

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Other Company in Longmont, Colorado - Horrible customer service,very judgemental

B of Aholes has green tree in charge of my loan, what a mistake it has turned out to be! Calling them rude would be an understatement!

And these people call themselves professionals. I talked with Dana s so called assistant,only to have her talk over me. All i was trying to do was get a better interest rate and info on how to do it. You would think it is in their best interest to help.

I m the one making the payment. With out me those *** s wouldn't have jobs.I just want to say,thanks for nothing.

pisssed off
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