This is all lies and total slander--Volunteers got caught stealing and have gone on a horrible rampage to destroy the rescue that has saved hundreds and hundreds of Death Row dogs and puppies--They couple of people are very sick and do not care how mnay dogs and puppies they have helped to be killed at our local pounds here in Florida-Do not believe these sick people--go to my page and just look at the photos on my wall of the hundreds of helpless dogs and puppies I have saved over the past 4 years of my rescue---Death Row Dog

Rescue --or call me-Diana 954-626-0708




Diana Peters operates under the names :

Death Row Dog Rescue, Inc

Save a Death Row Dog , Diana's rescue ranch,

Davie Rescue Ranch, Redlands Rescue Ranch...

Diana's Death Row Dogs

she goes by many many names..and presently most likely in the process of changing again... She is NOT an asset to the rescue community but the *** at the bottom . BEWARE she also goes by Diane , pretends to be her daughter Sonia, and on and on and on


Diana Peters has a HISTORY of blaming others when her 'scams' and illegally running rescues come to light. everyone is EVIL and EVERYONE is killing dogs she could have saved.

She is full of herself and full of lies. the mentally disturbed psychotic Diana Peters is full of B.S.

poor Diana.... she has evictions, code violations, judgements against her for a number of years.

she LIVES off of donations and not by claiming them as payroll, but she just takes them as she feels she is entitled to them as she has no other job. The TRUTH why she has no job is she has SO many court ordered judgements against her... her paychecks and tax refunds would be attached. she HAS a long history of scamming and not paying her way in society.

Beware of this fruitcake.

just check out her florida courts history... DADE, Broward , West Palm Beach , then check out central florida.


Which shelter in Florida?

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Other Company in Karachi, Sindh - LEA’S totally failed to curb “professional target killers”

I do not understand why LEA'S Law Enforce Agencies act like innocent and they do not knew about who is target killers and where is their hideout places. If LEA's duty preference changed instead of common citizen life's they should protect but now a day's criminal if not caught or punished which means it is totally negligence of LEA'S department.

I must say our City Police not lose a single opportunity to miss the innocent and never courage to chase or catch the real culprits and later send him behind the bar to face real punishment.

Become sick to hear news millions times that our LEA'S caught the "target killers" but for what reasons they are not punished when a solid evidence and witness laying inpite of these if any one shelter the criminal he is not performing duty but do something else.

I was more shocked and hurting when through reliable source when mercy appeal was rejected by the concern court than for what reasons they are awaiting or delay to give example punishment to these criminal the minimum punishment which is Hanged when they killed many innocent what is reasons behind in all killings.

But sorry to say not single terrorists yet punished even his crime not hidden but such thing destroying the peace of our country that reasons due to lack of LAW & ORDER situation our businessmen community SUFFERS a lot. Those who lost life's on account of target killing who will look after his immediate families and compensation amount should be given to his family which I suggest not less than 1.0 Million ( Ten Laces ). This compensation is not enough and thinks about their kids who are going to school, college and try to fit any Govt job which they deserve without giving any single obligations to any authority.

If suppose any criminals do not get his punishment the reasons behind some high level Govt official or policitan whose support extended for the target killers, I simply ask question did all of you criminals and all those black sheep ( who supporting and protecting target killers ) when you eyes closed ( when dead ) that time which authority will extend support and help to skip from God punishment.

Perhaps none have power or strength ( who can claim ) that he can skip from God punishment if any one claims that he is more powerful simply do one thing skip from death angle or convey message that you are not a common and I will stay in this world forever

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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I purchased 2 watches for over a $1000 bucks, before I did this Jamie said he had them in stock but once I paid he said he would have to refund me because he couldn't send. This was mid November still no money or watches and my bank dispute failed.

In other words he gets to keep my $1000 bucks, I should of read all this feedback earlier.

This is fraud and normal penalty is imprisonment where I come from, but still he is open to operate as a fraudulent business to constantly rip people off. You are a crook Jamie Walker – if that's your real name.


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You forgot to tell us the name of the company. But that's OK because we're all mind readers. Good going ***.

R Walters
Launceston, Tasmania
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Other Company in Wethersfield, Connecticut - Magee Replies

I will concede, there are two sides to every story, so in the interest of fairness, let me share the unedited email response sent to me in regard to my "cowardly rantings" by their Vice President/COO:

"I recently came across your cowardly rantings about Magee (I HAVE COPIED AND PASTED IT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS EMAIL FOR YOU TO RE-REFERENCE); ironically the same day we spoke on the phone and your final statement was emailed out to you.

It amazes me to hear your one sided sob story of how you didn't get enough for free because you saw a tiny section of your roof with some red toned shingles mixed in. Your rant references "and they didn't do much to make it up to me" ..... I don't know why you didn't explain that you were given $137.80 worth of Leaf Relief in your gutters to help ease your pain and suffering from looking at the red toned color in the roof ???...........however, I guess as I think about it, I do know why you excluded that detail; as it makes you look like even more like a victim and your rant that much nastier. You experienced no actual hardship or damages because of the color mistake. People are not perfect, and a mistake was admittedly made....and to be accurate and fair, the mistake started at the distribution company with their order loaders filling your material order incorrectly. If fact, every single one of your previous complaints had to do with minor adjustments, of which each and every single one was completed to your satisfaction. Regardless, as I stated many times; I offer and encourage a straightforward approach from each and every member of Magee's staff...... and that is exactly how (1) your complaint was addressed and (2) the resolution to your complaint was handled......completely straightforward. Where or when you ever got a "song and dance" (as you put it) from myself or any member of our staff is nothing more than complete propaganda. I truly thought everything was addressed in a more than fair manner, but it is quite apparent you don't feel that way.

So here's where we are now:1. Magee has terminated all of our dealer warranties effective immediately per our right to do so. We will refuse to provide ANY future services (both warranty or paid) to you or your property indefinitely.

2. Statements of "hearsay" like your comment; "I've heard from adjusters that there are far better companies to use. Better quality, better value, much better satisfaction." define what the term slandering is; and it we treat that topic here with a zero tolerance.

3. To satisfy the posting by the user "MAGEE SUCKS" on December 27, 2011, we will live up to their accusation of "Big Management Egos" as I have already personally forwarded all this information, and original posting link to our "big corporate lawyers" to review and proceed with this case as they see appropriate.

Should they decide that they wish to pursue you legally, they have already been given my unconditional authorization of an unlimited budget to evaluate any and all of your remarks and harmful intentions to negatively jeopardize Magee's 40 year superior reputation; and furthermore requested they act firmly, swiftly and with severe legal consequences.

Best wishes for a wonderful 2012. One of your new years resolutions should be to have much less hate in your heart and for the world."

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Other Company in New York, New York - Harassment calls

This company continuously calls my number to reach another unknow person at all times of the day and night, despite the fact that I told them about it. This is harassment; I am aware that they are attempting to collect a debt, however it is unfair to the general public to be harassed like this, I suggest they update their records and keep on top of it. I am sure many of you are also experiencing this type of harassment in these current economic times, but I absolutely have no sympathy for these companies that extend credit without making through background checks.

Pissed Off

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Other Company in Buffalo, New York - Accent chair, ill fitting seat cushion.

I ordered an accent chair which came in and when I checked it out at the store, the cushion did not fit properly. The manager of the store (Nick) told me they would order a new chair for me.

I took the first one home. The re-ordered chair came in and there was a tear in the cushion..I informed the store that the entire chair was not the size listed on their website and mine was too small. They ordered me a new cushion but never addressed the idea of the wrong size chair...I ordered the "Anna" chair that is supposed to be 39 x 36 x 39.5 (price $651.41 w/ tax) and the chair I have is 35 high x 39 wide x 34 long. This is not the size of the chair listed on the website...When I sit in the chair I feel like I'm sliding off the cushion.

I cannot get them to address the fact that the chair is too small. I feel the chair, as is, is not worth the price...

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If you are an agent in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and have been paying your bills to Real Executives (Rich Rector) and decide to leave the company, they are not paying their deposits owed to agents. Some of them are upwards of $600!!!

This is not right after years of loyalty with the company.

This is a warning to any new agents who decide to join, just know that you won't get our deposit back and is a representation of the ethics of this company! Just ask the broker Dominic's not our fault the company filed bankruptcy!

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Other Company in Salt Lake City, Utah - Low Book Sales

I wanted to trade in my Pt Crusier they told me it was only worth not even 7000 we bought a car from them and now it,s listed almost 11000 our car was a convert with only 39000 plus in miles I felt they took us to cleaners on trade on trade value, but found us a nice truck 4by4 will next time be alot more careful before buying! the trade in persoally is worth a whole lot more then they gave us I should of shopped around and never went back a hard lesson to learn now oh well. I will be ready next time.

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I did not understand pay rulesi cannotpayloan

i didnot understand what i have to pay i will not be able to pay back the amount of first payment so i would like to cancel loan of 350.00i didi not under what i was getting to i made this loan with fast cash on jan. 5, 2012 please let me cancel this because i am not able to payment amounts they wan5t me to pay back.1please let me canel,pleaselket me cancel please let cancel donnot make me keep this loan please help me too do this please help me to dothis canncellation please help me to do eftse.


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Wow. I almost feel sorry for you because you clearly have "issues".

But if you can't understand the terms of the loan, you probably shouldn't be getting the loan! What exactly do you expect people here on a consumer complaint site to do for you?

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Other Company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Paid for a watch

I paid for a very nice looking Xavier gold watch, completely. I did have other things on lay-away but was sent a tool set i had only paid 10$'s ok But it's not the watch i wanted so bad!

They told me , before the tools arrived, that it was a high demand item and was just going to be a little longer. After i got the tools i called and was told they can't get the watch to me because the company they get them from stopped making them???!! What?? Now i just want a dif.

watch and the rest of the appx 400.00 iv i don't get it! what can be done??

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