Rest Report Doesn't Matter

I bought this "rest report" for $1000.00, sold to me by Charlie Rose.....Who seemed so concerned and helpful at first, but this report did NOTHING....I am about to be forced out of my home by means of a long and painful foreclosure process that Haffar Law AND Rest Report Matters were suppose to help me with....Not only did the bank use NONE of the numbers used in this so called report, but the mortgage they ended up offering me was NOTHING close to the numbers the rest report stated...In fact, it was more than what I was paying when I bought the house back in 2004 at the height of the economy. This rest report was changed so many times before being submitted to the bank, even I was doubtful that it would have any affect, but of course, I was going for the longshot.....Anything to save my home......MY HOME WAS NOT SAVED.....DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY....REST REPORT DOESN'T MATTER.....Charlie Rose, You know who I am.......I live(d) in Murrieta and you still have my number.


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Sounds like you are an attorney or work directly for a bank and are trying to get some business or give out more information. Really don't you think there has been enough miss-information out there?

Do you really think adding to the problem is going to help anyone? Matter of fact I see people use the Rest Report all the time and they are having a lot of success getting modifications. People that have been denied 2-3-4 times or more for various reasons, people who have spent thousands on attorneys and just got no where. So I am wondwering why you are giving bad information?

Your information is not accurate and I can give actual names of people that have used it and been modified in a very short period of time. I know one guy that got his modification on a walk in basis 2 weeks ago using a Rest Report. Are you a banker giving more miss-information to the public or do you just hate seeing people actually get results? Anyone that has ordered and submitted a Rest Report can call back anytime.

You can check out forums where people have been using the Rest Report.

Actual people that have used it successfully. What do you have to share with everyone to verify your information?

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Donna G, Continuous calling

I was told in November that my payments for November, December and January would be transferred to the back of my auto loan. When I did not make the payment someone called and I paid both the monthly payment and late fees.

It was not until weeks later that I was informed that my months of notes would not be placed on the back end of the loan and need to continue making payments.

In between the waiting period the auto caller would call my home several times a day. I and dissatified with the interest rates and customer service I have received from this company

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I have been trying to unlock my domain names I registered with REG.CA . They will not respond to any emails, phone calls and ultimately have monopolized the domains I paid for!

I contacted CIRA for Support and they were a horrible experience to work for. Every time I called them for follow up, the previous person had left the company and the new person would look into it and get back to me....nothing ever got done.

This is absolutely poor customer service and relations.

Anyone thinking of doing business with them should do their homework. Because of my experience, I would not recommend them.




Anyone had any luck?


Hi Tim, here is the information I have. I retrieved it from the website "WhoIs" and it was confirmed by CIRA.


WHOIS information for :



Domain name:

Domain status: registered

Creation date: 2000/10/23

Expiry date: 2020/10/18

Updated date: 2011/07/22


Name: Reg.Ca (RegCA Enterprises Inc.)

Number: 224


Name: RegCA Enterprises Inc.

Administrative contact:

Name: Helen Laverty

Postal address: 467-202 ST

Langley BC V2Z1V7 Canada

Phone: +1.6045344191

Fax: +1.6045330591


Technical contact:

Name: Graham Laverty

Postal address: 467202 ST

Langley BC V2Z1V7 Canada

Phone: +1.6045344191

Fax: +1.6045330591


I had been in contact with CIRA for the past 8 months and found them no help at all. I finally posted my frustration on Twitter and received a tweet back from them. I have filed a complaint with ICANN and the Competition Bureau as i feel they have monopolized my domain names and the way i am able to conduct my business.

I hope that helps.


I'm having the same problem trying to contact I was wondering which phone number you're using?

I could only find e-mail contact information on their site. My next step is to submit a complain to and find out what my options are.

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Violation of privacy/inappropriate behavior

Very unprofessional staff & incompetant mgmt. During my orientation, "Marco" the employee that assisted me, flirted and starred me up and down the entire time I was there.

Immediately after I joined "Marco" obtained my cell number from the application and began sending me inappropriate messages over the course of a week, so dissapointed! They did nothing and called me a liar!! The staff is very immature uninformed knows very little about fitness and the manager, "Chris N" has no business managing anything short of a newspaper stand.

I am extremely disappointed with this business and franchise. I contacted the corporate office and they did not respond.


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i dont see anything stating the accused company...

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OMG!!! All of these complaints plus a class action suit.

They just financed a new car for me. I had an interview over the phone verifying my info...i needed to call back with an additional reference.

When i called back after repeating and spelling my name several times and giving her the last 4 of my social...the rep. tells me she can not find y name with that 4 digit social.

I just (literally less than 5 minutes previously) spoke to one of their reps and now she can find my info??? What am i mixed up with and plus that this company has a class action suit against them.


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Sounds serious. Just think how much more serious it would be if we knew which company you were talking about.

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Other Company - Tv bundled service advertisement $89.00

I was told we were available for discounts but not given them or explained what the discounts were. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they were the only 2 at the front desk.

Who is the consumer here? 2nd problem:

I have a rental and they are vacating the premises on the 15th of January 2012. I want to have someone come into my rental and set up wall plates.

When I get a different tenent, you will have it noted as cable ready. No excess holes will be drilled in the floors, no mice to catch.


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Other Company in Venice, California - Incredible rude Pharmacy tech on phone.

Called to simply give new Drs phone number, tech answered as she was still talking to someone near her for a few moments, then said HELLO! loud & rude like (I was waiting for her to stop her conversation) I began to talk and she said NAME!, I gave my name and began to explain I was just leaving her a new Drs number when she cut me off again and said NOTHING HERE FOR YOU, I said "I was trying to explain".....and she cut me off and said "EXPLAIN WHAT?" ...then put me on hold and dumped the call to someone else. RUDE RUDE RUDE!!!!!

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Other Company in Little Rock, Arkansas - They take your money and give you nothing in return

In July of 2011 I ordered a subscription to a magazine through this fraudulant site. They took my money right away but I've never received the magazine. I've called and emailed several times with no response. BE SMART. IF YOU WANT ANY MAGAZINE, ORDER THROUGH THE COMPANY YOU WANT IT FROM. THIS IS A SCAM. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE THIEFS.



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This is all lies and total slander--Volunteers got caught stealing and have gone on a horrible rampage to destroy the rescue that has saved hundreds and hundreds of Death Row dogs and puppies--They couple of people are very sick and do not care how mnay dogs and puppies they have helped to be killed at our local pounds here in Florida-Do not believe these sick people--go to my page and just look at the photos on my wall of the hundreds of helpless dogs and puppies I have saved over the past 4 years of my rescue---Death Row Dog

Rescue --or call me-Diana 954-626-0708




Diana Peters operates under the names :

Death Row Dog Rescue, Inc

Save a Death Row Dog , Diana's rescue ranch,

Davie Rescue Ranch, Redlands Rescue Ranch...

Diana's Death Row Dogs

she goes by many many names..and presently most likely in the process of changing again... She is NOT an asset to the rescue community but the *** at the bottom . BEWARE she also goes by Diane , pretends to be her daughter Sonia, and on and on and on


Diana Peters has a HISTORY of blaming others when her 'scams' and illegally running rescues come to light. everyone is EVIL and EVERYONE is killing dogs she could have saved.

She is full of herself and full of lies. the mentally disturbed psychotic Diana Peters is full of B.S.

poor Diana.... she has evictions, code violations, judgements against her for a number of years.

she LIVES off of donations and not by claiming them as payroll, but she just takes them as she feels she is entitled to them as she has no other job. The TRUTH why she has no job is she has SO many court ordered judgements against her... her paychecks and tax refunds would be attached. she HAS a long history of scamming and not paying her way in society.

Beware of this fruitcake.

just check out her florida courts history... DADE, Broward , West Palm Beach , then check out central florida.


Which shelter in Florida?

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Other Company in Karachi, Sindh - LEA’S totally failed to curb “professional target killers”

I do not understand why LEA'S Law Enforce Agencies act like innocent and they do not knew about who is target killers and where is their hideout places. If LEA's duty preference changed instead of common citizen life's they should protect but now a day's criminal if not caught or punished which means it is totally negligence of LEA'S department.

I must say our City Police not lose a single opportunity to miss the innocent and never courage to chase or catch the real culprits and later send him behind the bar to face real punishment.

Become sick to hear news millions times that our LEA'S caught the "target killers" but for what reasons they are not punished when a solid evidence and witness laying inpite of these if any one shelter the criminal he is not performing duty but do something else.

I was more shocked and hurting when through reliable source when mercy appeal was rejected by the concern court than for what reasons they are awaiting or delay to give example punishment to these criminal the minimum punishment which is Hanged when they killed many innocent what is reasons behind in all killings.

But sorry to say not single terrorists yet punished even his crime not hidden but such thing destroying the peace of our country that reasons due to lack of LAW & ORDER situation our businessmen community SUFFERS a lot. Those who lost life's on account of target killing who will look after his immediate families and compensation amount should be given to his family which I suggest not less than 1.0 Million ( Ten Laces ). This compensation is not enough and thinks about their kids who are going to school, college and try to fit any Govt job which they deserve without giving any single obligations to any authority.

If suppose any criminals do not get his punishment the reasons behind some high level Govt official or policitan whose support extended for the target killers, I simply ask question did all of you criminals and all those black sheep ( who supporting and protecting target killers ) when you eyes closed ( when dead ) that time which authority will extend support and help to skip from God punishment.

Perhaps none have power or strength ( who can claim ) that he can skip from God punishment if any one claims that he is more powerful simply do one thing skip from death angle or convey message that you are not a common and I will stay in this world forever

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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