Burnt food

I ordered a medium pizza with pepperoni and bacon. When I got mt pizza the bacon was burnt.

I called and spoke to a manager and he said "the bacon always comes that way, I'd suggest not ordering bacon anymore." Really I guess I won't order dominoes again.I think it isn't ok to have burnt bacon. You should have it in your ads that the bacon comes burnt.

I guess all your company worries about sales and not customer service. I plan on telling my family and friends about the poor food quality and rude customer service I got.


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burnt bacon?!lol

Lyons, Illinois
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Other Company in Richmond, Virginia - A WEEK LATER THEY CALL AND TAKE BACK MY BID!

I bid on a house in November of 2010, I paid my 10% down at the time of the auction. I had cash for the purchase of the house.

Thinking that I had purchased the house stopped and bought furniture on my way home. Only to get a phone call a week later asking me if I had more money!!! Imagine to my surprise when I ask why. That is when I was told that they wanted more money and we could make a deal.

I contacted several people in the company and they didn't care or even want to hear what i had to say. I would never do business with them again. Funny I found it 3 months later on an online auction site and bought it for my original bid.

Good luck if anyone out there wants to try to deal with people like that! I have no use for them

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Other Company in Saint Louis, Missouri - Phone/Mail Order Info Scam

maybe this will help some of you that feel ripped off when doing a free trial--when you place a order for a free trial--say it's 7 days--when you place your order, your order starts at that very moment--so if they take 4-5 days to ship it to you--then your already behind--they start your free trial then--not when you received it in the mail--so that means you only have a day or two left--and those that think i'll cancel on the last day-its to late--and yes they make it hard to contact someone to delay you even more--their practices is just under the law--they know what they are doing-- they even make money on the shipping too-- i knew a company that was charging $9.95 to ship a CD and the cost to really ship one is around a $1.00--so really think twice about before ordering-- its a game to them and they have it stacked against you at the start.

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Other Company in Honolulu, Hawaii - Don't use love spells by Francis May

Whatever you do, do not try love spells by francis May. She is a *** artist and a liar.

She will take your money and run! She makes false promises and doesn't return phone calls. I don't want anyone else to fall victim to this b***h. She promised that she could bring someone back to me and she didn't.

She kept asking me for money to complete the spell. Like a dummy, I kept giving it to her. I feel like such an ***.

I am begging all of you, DO NOT trust this woman. She is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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Other Company in Austin, Arkansas - Lied & excessive wait time

Purchased 2 sets of frames/lenses in late October. Glasses recieved in 2 week time, but needed adjustment requiring new lenses for both frames one lens scratched( incorrectly measured and cut) new order placed November 4 th.

no phone call. December 8th we called them and only one pair of lens was in and lab was still out of service for 3 more days. Request for call back when second pair of lens comes in. We call in on December 27 one set lens in, others not ordered.

Went in to have those cut. Hour later, informed that lab tech spoke with our Dr. and all should be good. Lens need cleaning and discovered scratchs still present.

Our belief that they handed the same pair back without doing any work. Requested immediate refund.

Trouble with system delayed refund for 7 days without their contacting us with any explanation. We always had to contact them.

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Other Company in Brady, Texas - Automotive supervisors attitude toward helper

I asked for assistance to inflate my tires. Supervisor began complaining to assistant for taking time to assist my needs.

Happened in Wylie, Texas at approximately 11:30 am 01-07-2012. The tire supervisor on duty acted like a complete *** to an individual working under him.

I almost refused to continue my purchases in the store and would have if there were another store close by selling what i was looking for. ***, i don't need one hundred words to say this occurance will not happen again without my taking legal action against you and yours.

Brady, Texas
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EXTORTION OR NOT??? The following was posted on another website by one of Blaine T.

Connaughton's clients: "I was in his office and he put his hand down my pants and said if I did not do what he wanted he would throw my case! I dont know what to do. I found out Blaine Connaughton made a guy I know screw Blaine in the *** or he was going to throw his case too. This are for real matters and more and more people are coming out with the truth!!!" Extortion and blackmail are federal crimes and punishable by federal law.

The Attorney General of the State of Washington is available to investigate such claims. It probably can even be investigated by the FBI if reported.

Google "State of Washington FBI".


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The rantings of someone who is headed for the "Dooley Lap".

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They stalk you. They hound you. They lie to you.

One of their employees told a relative (who was a friend of our friend). You can't talk about peoples accounts with relatives or even friends, that is a Breach of Confidentaility.

One time they took out a double payment by mistake and would not return it. One time they took $3 or $4 as a extra payment and not sure what that accomplished. They stalk you, they hound you. They lie to you.

Say they will work with you and help you but they don't. They assign different account managers all the time. You hardly ever get the same person and so you explain things constantly over and over.

They are rude.


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Would be nice to know who you are talking about.

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Intelligator SCAMS you!

They say you can only cancel by emailing them on thier website, then later request the cancellation email from my personal email address!! No such way!

I provided my activation information!

If they are soooo good at keeping records, then they should have my payment info and personal info to give a refund as thier scamming site says they offer.

When u sign up, a bunch of things are not availalble for use!!! They offer a money back guarantee but of course make it impossible to get one.

Getting hassle for over 2 months now...plenty of ways to give me the refund.



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #877498

file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission 1-877-382-4357



We emailed you a couple of days ago regarding a strategic alliance with Red spyder marketing, and the fantastic video media product we are building. We thought we would send you one last email just in case the first was sent to your junk folder or you were too busy to reply.

Please reply with the words Yes or No so we can update our records.

Again thanks for taking the time to read our email and we really do hope you decide to work with us in the near future.

To our success


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Other Company in Warner Robins, Georgia - Disappointed in plants

I drove over an hour to acquire raspberry bushes that I was told over the phone were 3 years old. There is no possible way the root system is 3 years old.

They do not allow you to view the product you are wishing to purchase prior to purchasing it. You have to pay for the items...then they bring them to you.

They do offer a one year warrenty on the plants but it is not going to be worth me making a secondary trip when these do not produce fruit this year as promised. Don"t waste your time or money!

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