Other Company in Tyler, Texas - A very mad custmer.

in092011 i ordered a safe they adveritied in news paper . the safe was of very poor qiulity.it was supposed to have a coin sack in it which they did not do.they also tried to charge .a much highter rate for safe.i then called call and complained.they did send the coins and the right amount of money.todat 01192012 ireceived another sack of coins i did not order.i refuse to pay.do not send any more of anything they have to sell.

u have a order number s40-00290844 and i did not order anything. charlene turner

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - 'great fun' scam potential

rec'd call on cell phone-not sure how they got number. offered $40 gift card if i signed up, said conversation was recorded (good).

also asked how the weather was up in ga, i assume he was in florida?? he said it would only cost one dollar for thirty days, then 19.99 afterwards. coupons offered, savings blah blah...told him i wasn't interested and to lose my phone number. i am keeping an eye on my checking acct anyway.

Just from what I'm reading here about these guys...kinda scary. Be careful what you click on in your junk mail.

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Other Company in Stockton, California - EOCCI

My Aunt recieved a call from these people for my deceased husband, and we have not been associated with her phone number since 1981!!!! When I called them, the girl was sassy, smart-alecky and down right RUDE.

I asked her what the initials in their name stood for, she said nothing, that that was just the name of their company. She asked me to verify deceased husband's last known address or would I confirm mine.

I said absolutly NOT, then she got sassy and told me that untill I verified myself as the widow, she could not remove my auntie's phone number from their list. Then she had the NERVE to ask me who has the death certificate on my husband!!!!!


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Other Company in Bengaluru, Karnataka - Companies who are BIG Frauds

Tech support from India providing support for all multi brands and these are independent service providers, BEWARE !, they just take our dollars and ignore the problem and rather they make it even more worse Jeez!! they are truly terrible and unethical, and they even call u back at odd times if you hint of buying the service warranty.

I was surprised when i dialed HP and landed up this *** company who claimed that they are HP and took my $400 and then luckily when i got in touch with actual HP they were surprised to know about the money which was taken from my credit card.

I later luckily had an email from this *** company and went for money back. I also found some other complaints on other consumer complaints websites, people calling various companies but end up this fraud company and they ended up paying lots of money.

U.S government should take stringent action on such fraud companies.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Need new staff

This stores bakery has atleast four complaints. Is the Skibo Store Management looking in to the problem

or does it care about what the customs and other employee seem to have concerns about. There should

be checks and balances when there are this many complaints. Classes for that staff, placement of some

to other department. It will be interesting to watch the development of this complaint. One suggestion

is the place the bakery staff in other stores, Let them work with different team, no two to the same store.

This should show who is the trouble maker, and who knows there job title.

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Other Company in Jasper, Georgia - Of course

I paid $520.00 for a laptop for an employee. That included the 2 year warranty.

10 months later we had problems with the cord and another receptical on the laptop. Took it to one of the stores for repair and OF COURSE it was not covered under warranty. They called and said it would be around $570.00 to fix it. Well thats a no brainer.

I have not yet gone back to talk to the manager about this but I'm sure it won't be pretty!!!! I won't ever ever ever by anything from them again.

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I took my daughters Focalin to be refilled and it mysteriously disappeared.

On January 15, 2012 I took my daughters adhd medication to be refilled. When I went to pick it up the next day, I was not there.

The pharmacist said that I didn't drop it off when I know I did. The doctors office incenuated that I had stolen it. She is taking Focalin. It is a stimulant and the doctor told me to hold tight to the perscription because someone might steel it.

This isn't the first time that this has happened, but it is the first time that this has happened with a controlled substance.

They have messed up the doseage on my blood pressure medicine, and not filled antibiotics completly which has caused my child to relapse worse the second time around. Drastic measures should be taken about this before someone dies.




It is against federal law for Focalin to be refilled. Do you mean you dropped off her new prescription and they couldn't find it?

You need to talk to the pharmacy manager and have them look through the stack of scripts from that day.

Crying about it here won't do anything to help you. Why on earth someone would go back to a pharmacy they accuse of messing up a script I have no idea.


Sorry, But something doesn't seem right to me about your story. All pharmacies have security cameras whether inside or drive thru.

Contact your Police dept. will be able to review the tapes and get to the bottom of this.

They will confirm you did indeed drop it off or your blood pressure medicine is effecting your everyday activity.My apologises if pharmacist stole your RX. If so they need prosecuted.


Umm, tell us where you dropped it off!

Lots of places also just have morons working there, may have lost it...

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Keeps getting turned down for a trucking jobs

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 3 years and we're expecting a newborn baby on the way this summer and he is still looking for a local trucking job. He has called and been seeking numerous of company trucking jobs and seems like no one wants to hire him and gets turned down for places.

He really need to have a job as soon as possible. Does anyone know of a local trucking jobs in the state of Kentucky or in or around the Lexington area? Please let me know as soon as possible!

Thank you!


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Back when I was running a rather large company, we had a rule that we never hired anyone with suspect ethics---as apparently your "boyfriend" and you have. If we found out after we hired them that they were, as in your sordid case, living together without benefit of marriage, we fired them immediately.

Sometime, of course, we found another excuse, but we had moral standards. Your boyfriend first needs to correct his moral deficiencies, then obtain some skills and find a real job.

I have no sympathy for you at all. After all, I am forced to support people like you.

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Very nice website........... IF IT WASNT DOWN ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will never be pissed off at the company if you dont have to contact them or deal with them or untill you have some sort of problem or issue or situation you have to resolve....You have to call INDIA and talk to "Matt" if you want help. I am DEFINATELY going to a different company! this situation was horrible enough to make me sit down and actually take my time and complain....I cant believe emails take 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!!!

ubelievable wait time, horrible website problems, I tried with every device I had. Finally after 30 minutes of being on the phone, the representative kept placing me on hold, This is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!!



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I would take your advice, but have no idea who you are talking about.

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Other Company in Austin, Texas - VERY PISSSSSSSED!!!

I went to this crack-scam website and was only suppose to be charged 10.90 on my account when I saw the other charge of 19.95 I tried peacefully to contact Intellius. After sitting on hold for an hour and a half someone picked up the phone and then hung up in my face.

I am currently on hold and now they are cutting their phone service with an automated system saying they can not take calls. I have 3 different numbers to contact them and they are still not answering.

My next step to research and distroy. I am the research queen and they are going down.

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