Your New Advertising Campaign on Doritos

Your latest advertisement on tv regarding Doritos, one man sucking on another man's fingers because it is the best part of the bag and pulling off another man's pants because he wiped his hands on his pants. REALLY, Is this the best your advertising agency can come up with?

Everyone I disgussed this with all says the same thing, it is disgusting!

I use to love Doritos, but this commercial turns me right off. Whatever you paid for this advertisment, it is too much.

I hope you come up with something better because right now, I can't bring myself to eat them.


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Really? You're an *** to post over something as dumb as this. I am sure they will revamp their whole ad campaign because of you.

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HornyMatches - Fake

I've come to the conclusion the HornyMatches is a scam of the worst kind. It obviously not based in the USA because the activity promoted my HornyMatches is illegal in this county.

I've sent 2 emails via their help section and told I'd get a response within 24 hours. Thus far, not a word. Save your money and don't me suckered in like I was.

Another lesson learned. As happens, I had a friend sign up (the free portion) and within 1-2 minutes after posting, he got an identical wink, then email IDENTICAL to one I received from the same female.


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Yes they are fake, and liars. They come up when searching for free dating sites, then make you write a profile, after which you learn you can't contact anyone unless you pay the obviously jacked up price of $37 a month to pay for someone to screen every submission for contact info.

That alone might not seem unreasonable, but the matches are fake.

I only filled out a very tiny bit of my profile and got a message from a woman claiming we had a lot in common based on our profiles. Obvious lie is obvious.

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Other Company - Worst installation related service...

Pathetic (after full payment) installation service. Jugaadu installation team. Doesn't show up for weeks and doesn't take calls for many days. bunch of liars.

Guys, never buy anything from these people.

Crazy delays n excuses from the installation team. Despite repeated reminders, they havent installed locks on the main doors. They are least bothered about providing solutions and always blame some or other person in the company. I strongly RECOMMEND NEVER TO BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. I REGRET PAYING THEM INR 4 LACS From my pocket.

Beware of the false claims by the marketing team especially Amit (Gurgaon)...

More info - call me@ 09873112227

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Couldn't get instore help when I asked for it

I was shopping in the Martinsburg, W. Va.

store for countertops and accesories,and couldn't find what I was looking for, so I asked plumbing dept. worker for help and he said he would send for someone. I waited 15 min. and no one showed.

when I went back to the customer service desk, there were eight workers standing and talking. The store had about 15 customers and there were more workers and managers than customers. I called for a manager and still it took ten min. to get some attention.

I made my complaint clear to the store manager and left.

I shop that store almost every day for my customers and when this happens, it's a waste of my business time. I feel that I can get better customer service and make better time going 20 miles to a Home Depot store in Ranson W.

Va. I am still appalled by this.

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Other Company in Pasadena, California - Do NOT rent from them!!!!

It's hard to believe this company has been in business since 1955???? They are one of the worse stores we've ever dealt with!!

They don't stick to their contract at all and they treat their customer's like ***, to say the least. You would think when a customer tried to be honest and give their furniture back to them, they would appreciate the honesty. Unlike those customer's who rob from them and never pay them. It doesn't really seem to matter to these people either way, they are not helpful at all.

PLEASE don't rent from them. They are the most dishonest people around.

Also, they'll keep giving you a "pick-up" time and never show up. They stick you either way.

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Other Company in Centralia, Illinois - Patient beware

This place is full of unnecessary overhead (like branch manager's salary) which eventually passed to patients.

I am new to Des Moines IA and signed up last year. I supposed to have 2 times cleaning and checkup in a year. I ended up having just one cleaning done. They also add some services which was not covered by insurance and without patient's approval. Upon the exit, I was asked to pay charges other than co-pay $5. I expressed my surprise and they dropped the charges.

This year, I showed up as scheduled, expecting to have a cleaning done. They told me that I need to pay $85 for this visit for some dental services that I do not understand. I quit right away.

They keep on adding services and charges to patients. That will help them cover up unnecessary overhead.

I also found similar reviews on internet about this place.

Centralia, Illinois
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The lines are ridiculous

I am in line right now. 13 people are in line ahead of me.

There are only two registers open and y'all are too busy for this. I've previously left your store without buying anything just because the line was so long and slow. Perhaps you do not staff high enough or all your employees are not pitching in, I cannot say. I also counted more than 6 closed registers!


I don't mind lines, but it's consistently a long wait to pay at your store. I have to have 100 words so I am still writing, but I've said my piece.



Isn't that the one you stole from? :p

You don't identify the store, but it sounds like a WalMart.

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Billing dept is nightmare

I was charged twice for a service call to reinstall items after a home addition. I paid the bill presented to me that day in full.

Over a month later I got another bill. They were very difficult to deal with on the phone. After 60 days they finally admitted they had charged me twice. Along with a "mostly" corrected bill I got a letter stating I was delinquent.

The service was on Oct. 25th and they partially fixed their error on Jan.

25. I will pay the $6 incorrectly remaining on my account rather than deal with these people.


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Who are you talking about?

And, even tho it is but $6, why would you pay something you don't owe? Personally, I make it a point to do everything I can to keep on the case until it is resolved CORRECTLY.

We cannot let the morons of this country beat us down like so much wet pasta.

Stand up for what you know is right? When people don't do this, they get people like The Great Imposter.

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Other Company in Baltimore, Maryland - Rules Committee

My Condo is at Windsor at Perry Hall Farms and when the bylaws were made you took away the rights for risdents to flag the AMERICAN FLAG over thier balcony. As a veteran who served this country as many have and died for feel your Bylaws should have stated that just the AMERICAN FLAG could fly over the railings.

By doing this would show that this is why we are a FREE COUNTRY and you took away that right.

So maybe in the future you may think about putting this in your Bylaws.


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Z57 - real estate website host and provider

I have been with them for 10 years. They have horrible customer service.

They do not direct traffic to your site. I have been paying $350 a month for them to work on my SEM. Horrible results. They won't let me cancel the contract.

I am quitting as soon as my contract expires. DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE MONEY. They have been black listed from Comcast so none of my emails sent to clients with comcast reach them. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL!

save your money!

Their websites are antiquated. You would be better off hosting your own then going through them and wasting your money.

I wish I had realized this ten years ago. I would have saved thousands and thousands of dollars.




We to have been a client for many years and this is the 2nd time in one year z57 has been black listed.

This time it will take a month to fix and z57 suggested we move our account and so we did and will never go back.

If security is not important enough and the host get hacked and puts many businesses at risk, they are not for us. We are not a bottom line!


I am very sorry to hear that you are no longer satisfied with your Z57 experience. Over the past several months, we’ve introduced some great new products and services and our clients are seeing amazing results!

We’d really hate to see you go and would love the opportunity to prove to you that we can make you successful. Please email me at Provide your contact details and reference this post.

We'd like to win back your business. I look forward to hearing from you.

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