Other Company in Alpine, Texas - Can't send women messages.you say my sexual preference is incorrect

I tried to email just now a woman,and you won't allow it because you say my sexual preference is incorrect.I am not a *** man.All you have on my site is women.Please stop this error or I won't be able to use this service.Where in the **** did you come up with this?MojoboyJeff from Terlingua,Texas.I like your service. Ilike to read the selections.I have no idea where this error started.what am I supposed to do?Please remove this ridiculus aasertion that came from something I don't a clue.Thank You.

Alpine, Texas
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Other Company in Concord, New Hampshire - No help from Customer Serv. after their screw up.

After sending a voucher request for automatic debit and confirming this with customer service that it would take 60 days. I scheduled my payment and then received a letter, a week later, saying that it would be deducted Feb 1, 2012.

I called customer service and explained, and I was told my only options were to let it go through and be refunded or not make a payment for two months. I asked for a supervisor, I told her that a rep gave me bad info, and still no help. Told me to reschedule it myself.

No regard for my complaint.

Pretty much told me to bad. Take care of it yourself.

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - RAPID REFUND SCAM

I was given options for filing for a rapid refund I chose two week rapid. I got a call 2 days later that I should pick up my $1500 anticipation check.

I didn't chose this option. when i mentioned it she acted like i lied, thankfully I had a witness, i was guaranteed my funds by 1/26, was told the irs was delaying checks I looked can't find any info on website. Tell her this, she says she showed me a print out, not so, once again I have a witness. Now she won't answer my calls.

I am reporting this to the newspaper, local government and tv stations, i will NEVER recommend ACE - MICHELE 413 Veteran's Highway to anyone. This girl is full of lies and very rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Other Company in Springfield, Massachusetts - Refused service but paid Jan 03, 2012 online

I was refused service stating nonpayment of my bill which was actually paid online from my bank on Jan 03, 2012. Please check your records and reenstate my account immediately.

Of course, this will not help me at the present time as I must wait until someone reads this message. Your accounting records need to be corrected.

This obviously has been a most critical error on your part and nothing I can do ab out it. I would think you would make some adjustment for a fix in the future by providing a phone number or the like.

Carol Lincoln e-mail lincolncrl45@hotmail.com

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Other Company in Woodbridge, Ontario - Scam

just like alot of people are saying scam lots of winks after u pay no response i have message so many women to same profile as mine and to local ones to and no message back its a scam im taking myself off and cancelling my visa totall scam this second time im on it i should of learn the first time and the first time they kept charge my visa dont trust them u keep message after message and no return and some of the the girls i message to would be lucky to hook up with me total scam

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Other Company in Temple, Texas - Anonymous?

A man by the name of Joseph Garner called from 1-888-672-3673called claiming to be from a legal department and threatened me with jail time....I am single with no family he had ne scared and I couldn't think straight told me to fax a letter stating I would take care of a matter I knew nothing about because i was so scared I dud it without thinking but after that I cancelled my debit card and begins to think it was a scam because if I owed u u would have bank info on payday loans

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Holding furniture hostage for more money!

This is by far the worst moving company ever...they showed up a day earlier than stated and then claimed they had to store my items because some one should have been there. Then at delivery they would not unload untill I paid them $600 dollars MORE!

I was told if I did not pay them they would take my items and either sell them or throw them out. I also recieved boxes of things that were not mine and when I called to tell them, i was told to throw them OUT!


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Your New Advertising Campaign on Doritos

Your latest advertisement on tv regarding Doritos, one man sucking on another man's fingers because it is the best part of the bag and pulling off another man's pants because he wiped his hands on his pants. REALLY, Is this the best your advertising agency can come up with?

Everyone I disgussed this with all says the same thing, it is disgusting!

I use to love Doritos, but this commercial turns me right off. Whatever you paid for this advertisment, it is too much.

I hope you come up with something better because right now, I can't bring myself to eat them.


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Really? You're an *** to post over something as dumb as this. I am sure they will revamp their whole ad campaign because of you.

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HornyMatches - Fake

I've come to the conclusion the HornyMatches is a scam of the worst kind. It obviously not based in the USA because the activity promoted my HornyMatches is illegal in this county.

I've sent 2 emails via their help section and told I'd get a response within 24 hours. Thus far, not a word. Save your money and don't me suckered in like I was.

Another lesson learned. As happens, I had a friend sign up (the free portion) and within 1-2 minutes after posting, he got an identical wink, then email IDENTICAL to one I received from the same female.


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Yes they are fake, and liars. They come up when searching for free dating sites, then make you write a profile, after which you learn you can't contact anyone unless you pay the obviously jacked up price of $37 a month to pay for someone to screen every submission for contact info.

That alone might not seem unreasonable, but the matches are fake.

I only filled out a very tiny bit of my profile and got a message from a woman claiming we had a lot in common based on our profiles. Obvious lie is obvious.

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Other Company - Worst installation related service...

Pathetic (after full payment) installation service. Jugaadu installation team. Doesn't show up for weeks and doesn't take calls for many days. bunch of liars.

Guys, never buy anything from these people.

Crazy delays n excuses from the installation team. Despite repeated reminders, they havent installed locks on the main doors. They are least bothered about providing solutions and always blame some or other person in the company. I strongly RECOMMEND NEVER TO BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. I REGRET PAYING THEM INR 4 LACS From my pocket.

Beware of the false claims by the marketing team especially Amit (Gurgaon)...

More info - call me@ 09873112227

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