Someone should lose their job over newest commercial &how dare audio be that loud..

For the first few days it aired it seemed everywhere, so loud I had to mute it and became so angry I never want to go into the store again. How could the client have approved of this from the ad agency and why so many commercials in each pgm.

Over the weekend I noticed the audio was somewhat muted but by that time the damage is done. This company owes all of us an apology, if I wasn't so angry I would suggest a coupon, but my sense of humor is gone. Never have I been so angry about a commercial before. I missed who the advertiser was for the first few days and finally wanted to see who the idiots were that thought this was a good way to market their product.

Kept trying to turn to another channel. Thank goodness I havent seen it on the networks, only the cable channels in the past 2 days.


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You could've at least mentioned it was JCP commercial. Would've been a nice touch what with all the other complaints on here.

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Other Company in Amsterdam, Ohio - No call no show

they schedule a 1pm to 5pm apt never show up never call very unprofessional company. waiting week for parts for washing machine and they dont show up to repair it.

of course theyshow up late for the first initial appt because its any easy one hundred and thirty eight dollar fee expensive. leave clients stuck and supervisors do not help after over 30 minutes of wait time to speak to a supervisor they do nothing about the situation. biggest waste of time customer service based out of texas dont even speak english its like calling a foreign country and they wont let you speak to a manageretc. what a mess very disappointing will never use them again.

bad service! i should have known when i see now 261 complaints thats disastorus.

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Other Company in Hinesville, Georgia - Maggots in frosting!

In the last month i have went to save a lot twice and bought frosting so i can make my kids a cake. I have gotten two that have had maggots in it.

I am not happy and I want to be compensated for my time, discust and a refund. This is just plain out nasty and i am not a happy camper! why would your food be around anything like that? who would want to have to deal with this when they are preparing food for their children?

i called save a lot and filed a report! nasty stuff dont shop there!


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I bought Mac and cheese the save a lot brand, and it had maggots in it I was floored! I will never go back.

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What a win!!

i received a call telling me that i won a car and $850,000.00! at first it sounded so GOOD..i was all happy and excited about claiming my winnings, later on when he is asking some info.still he was calm talking, he asked me if i have the receipt and i said no i don't have it..he said i have to pay for it, it will cost me $450 for handling and shipping fee..then when i said can i pay u cash when u get here and that starts there, he told me not to listen to my boss and he curse and say bad words to me!!

what was that all about? another pissed off scamer????




It's impossible to feel sympathy for anyone who would actually believe some random caller telling them they've won money - for me. I can't fathom it.

But it has to work on some people right? Or they would stop doing these scams.


What was that? Of course it was a scam you freaking ***! It's hard to feel sympathy for anyone who would actually believe some random caller telling them they've won money.

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Other Company in Bedford, England - Ripping us off ?

I got a ring for my partner which was meant to be silver and turned out not to be ie: false advertising B/E is a rip off do not bye anything off them please ... I will never use B/E ever again we've had nothing but trouble trying to sort this out an not once have they had the heart to get intouch with me over this matter, all B/E are interested in is getting your money... we are still waiting for the ring to be replaced an still B/E are wanting payments off me.....Mr Lawson

Bedford, England
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My family and I went to the dump (ATLANTA) on a Saturday after seeing several hundred commercials about the dump and 3 years no interest. We arrived and were instantly hounded by 7 or 8 different people fighting over who would put the screws to us 1st.

After the debate of who would help us the lady that did is the most incompetent I have witnessed. EVERYTHING she said we found to be wrong, (BY HER CO WORKERS) and we turned a 2 hour trip into 6 hours. We arrived @ 10:30am and left @ 4:30 with a lunch in between to help her do SIMPLE ADDITION. She took our info and for some reason started on 2 accounts.....

1 for living room furniture and 1 for bedroom furniture. (We found out that is a commission/credit thing that they apparently all argue for.) Back to the math, she had brain freeze on how to apply credit to 1 account, a down payment on both and the rest on another account... she created! WOW!

At the end of the Saturday she could not get the information, (with the help of 4 others) into the system. She said she would handle it and call us before dark & she did not! But wait.... now the mattress we want is going to have to be built and will be 15 days before delivery!

WOW #2! So.....we left and she finally called us on Sunday morning. When she did call us back she said we now have to drive another 1 1/2 hours back to the dump to sign paper work she knew the previous day we would have to sign. We changed our plans for the day and my wife jumped in the car and drove back to the dump to sign paper work that should have been handled on the "I can't seem to add" Saturday only to find that the price and rate changed.

They want to add a % to the order and changed the price total and still somehow owed us money back???

WOW #3! I told her NO WAY & it is not the money now but it is the principle of it.We will buy our furniture from ANYONE but the dump!



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Surprised you did not leave after about the first hour that Saturday. You two are much to lenient with stupidity.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Horrible Customer Service!

The went through the charade of checking me in, then having me sit in the room to wait for my massage therapist..... only to finally come and let me know that not only was my massage person not available, the backup person they offered to me wasn't either.

The whole manner in which this situation was handled was ***-poor! Complete disorganization, multiple people talking to me with differing stories - far as I'm concerned they should remove the people involved and start from scratch. Every business will have days when things don't go as planned - it's the people representing the company that make or break the situation. Best part is, neither the manager on duty or the location manager could be bothered to address the situation.

This was at the Tacoma, WA mall location.

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Return policy sucks

I purchased a piece for a clock that I was building, salesperson said, take it home and try it, if it doesn't fit, bring it back for a refund.. Tried it, did'nt fit, returned it 4 days later in same package, bag and receipt..

they refused to take it back because it was an opened box., and if they did, they would need my drivers license to get all pertintent info off of it, Including drivers license #..

B/S to that... they're return policy sucks and they're salespeople are dishonest in their claims to their customers.

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Other Company in Ripley, West Virginia - Rebate

I bought tires just before Thanksgiving and sent in the rebate information to get my $116.00 rebate. It is now Janruary 29th and haven't received it yet.

What is taking so long? I thought a big company that advertises these savings would handle their promotions better than this. I expected my rebate check alittle faster than this. After I checked, I even had 2 people look it over, that I achieved reaching all the dumb rules to get the rebate.

I still haven't received it. My real question is why is there even a gimmick like this to get a rebate. They shouldn't advertise a rebate if you have to follow *** stipulations to fill out a form just to get it.

Why not send in your receipt with your address and receive this rebate. That is what most major companies do.

George Wessel

Ripley, West Virginia
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Other Company in Toledo, Ohio - Seal replacement

Apparently, you do not like to hear complaints. Had to jump through a few hoops to be able to post this: I LOVE your coffee-LOVE IT!!! NO complaints here. I have one of your brewing units with a carafe. I must be too aggressive with my cleaning because I somehow lost the seal/gasket that holds the spring and housing in place. My best friend owns a chocolate shop here in town, and people line up for her coffee every mornig. Hmmm....She swears by BUNN-or used to. She tasted my coffee from your coffee maker/carafe 7 hrs after it was brewed and thought I purchased a BUNN. NOT!!!

Anyway, how do I purchase a new gasket?

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