Other Company in Alhambra, California - Horribale customer service.

You need to wait for 30 min for a life person. After you start to tell your problem about 1 min the call was dropped...

I tried to call again and waited another 20 minutes, it dropped again. The problem never solved... I have tried more then 3 attempts. I addressed how frustrated it is, suprisingly they are aware of it and is not going to do anything about it.

I got $40 per month with unlimited 3G. I don't have internet service on my phone for months.

I had enough for the unnecessary stress. I am switching to Metro PCS.

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Voice mail access number

I have been busy the last five years taking care of my Aunt and I can't remember when you change my voice mail access number it was 847-587-3630. My life isn't getting easier and I see I have more new messages but I can't retrieve them because going through all your automated junk I still have not got my new access number.

I'm so sick of wasting an hour of my life to still not have the info I need. I s it so hard to give me a real person to assist me .

Mrs. Harry Smith

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Other Company in Grafton, West Virginia - Raised annual subscription and debited acct.without proper verbal consent!!!!

While viewing mthly. Bank Statement, realized that sirius had not only raised the annual subscription,but also used "prior year authorization" to access our acct....People don't always check their E-Mails to find out what Bills are Due, Especially the ones that are paid Annually.An Invoice would have been Proper Procedure.

This was "TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE" !!!!!.Someone needs to be held accountable for such an illadvised stunt!!!!!!!.........To top it off,....Everyones sirius accts.are handled overseas!!!!!..!Who would have thought they would be talking to someone from some foreign country about AMERICAN MUSIC RADIO???


Grafton, West Virginia
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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - Screaming commercial

This commercial stinks. Whoever dreamed this commercial up should be fired.

It is terrible and should be taken off the air. I have never seen or heard anyone perform as these people have done. Enough is enough is a good heading for this commercial. It is really enough.

It is *** and will not sell any merchandise. I turn the sound off when I see the commercial come on. Sometimes I even change stations when it comes on. The people that are doing the commercial are really ugly also.

I guess it goes along with whole thing. It is bad.

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Other Company in Columbia, South Carolina - Cell on order and nobody knows when it will come

I ordered an iphone and was told it would take two days. When I went to pick up my phone, I was told it had not come, it would be two more days.

When I went to pick up my phone again it had not arrived. This time I was told they did not know when it would come. Why didnt they just say that to start with. This is just *** poor customer service.

Not once has anybody called me to give a status update. I think they just dont care.

I will not buy a cell phone there again and would not recommend it to anyone else. Just go to your provider and be done with it.

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Other Company in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania - My son's file

I received a phone call from your company. Wanting me more information on

my son when your so-called company wouldn't supply me with any information.

So I don't give out information on any of my children to anyone. Because of

ID theft. I didn't agree to be recorded either. So leave me and my son

alone. If he was interested he would contact u. Just leave us alone or

I will contact the better business bureau of my state. And take it up with

them and also my lawyer. Just do your job that u get paid for.

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I heard that Shannon "Stone" Steed is selling as the "owner" scamming people with freight and shipping insurance now. This must be his last desperate move aftering screwing people over as an agent for Blue-Grace Logistics and Freightcenter too. I did a google search on this *** and think that pissed consumer is his own personal website - complaints about him and him spamming nonsense about people like uship he's done business with.

i don't even think WCI is a real company. His linkedin profile says he's in New Port Richey, FL. but WCI is listed in Crestview, Fl, his other scams Exhibitor Services and AFI are in Port St. Lucie and Charlotte, NC. Maybe he's running from debt collectors, the FBI or his child support again.

Maybe it's time for him to defraud another industry and that's the TRUTH

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Other Company in Victoria, British Columbia - Completion of membership obligation

I am trying to complete my membership obligation which must cost $24.95. On line the movie Disney Nature is listed at $24.95 and my ordered selection came at $21.95. I must return it and reorder a selection at$24.95. The current selection pamphlet does not have any regular priced movies - all are discounted. I need a listing that will show me regular riced movies so I can order 2 selections and complete my membership obligatuion. I am unable to do do. Please help! My order cannot be filled using a credit card.


member #4150493

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So I placed a few order's in the past and still ended up paying for item's I had sent back. I lost all around.

So just resently I see why the fist time after paying my account off, telling them to take me off their mailing list. So a catolog showed up I saw some item's and I ordered them. Got a bill for all item's that I have not received yet and one they say was on back order to find it's not even in stock yet it's still on my bill along with other item's I have not yet received. To top it all off I call them they play the phone game having folks on hold for nearly an hour then to still switch you over to another wrong department having to waste more time waiting.

I want to know what can and will be done? because I know they won't get me again.


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Sounds like they should keep trying, since they (who??) got to you twice already ( or more). How many times??

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Expired gift card

I received a $20.00 off gift card in the mail on 1/30/2012. I was so happy to receive it because I have been wanting to try Smokey bones. I looked at the card to see the restrictions and I checked the experation date it was 1/29/2012. So I would like another $ 20.00 gift card Here is my information. If you have any questions you may e mail me or call me. 757-249-5134 e mail mickjack1@aol.com


Marcella Nesbitt

289 Batson Dr

Newport News, Va

Thank You

Marcella Nesbitt ( Marcie Nesbitt)


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