Other Company in Kihei, Hawaii - Horrible customer service

ago.this is an unstable piece of furniture and my child is in danger; I am filing a lawsuit with target right now.Details, as I have been in the process of late pregnancy and giving birth.I spoke to a customer service agent today, who did not provide me with any

satisfaction. The glider in question is to provide my newborn child and myself with

comfort during the night. It is a shoddy piece of furniture, and I do not feel safe.

As there is no receipt, I am told it is not returnable, or is it refundable.ago. It is poorly made and frankly, dangerous. I do not have the receipt or shipping

details, as I have been in the process of late pregnancy and giving birth.

I spoke to a customer service agent today, who did not provide me with any

satisfaction. The glider in question is to provide my newborn child and myself with

comfort during the night. It is a shoddy piece of furniture, and I do not feel safe.

Courtney Long.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Didnt ship order

I ordered three rings on december 21. They said shipping time was 3-4 weeks.

Today is February 3rd and I still don't have my order. I called yesterday and after sitting on hold for 54 minutes I was told it would be another 2 weeks. Same story I got 3 weeks ago. The customer service department sucks.

I tried to call them several times. every time I sat on hold well over 30 minutes. I canceled the order today.

I do not know how this place can opperate. i would suggest not placing an order unless you have months to wait for it

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Other Company in Auckland, Auckland - I want my money back

I made a bid on a phone and won I completed payment details and there was no mention of a membership fee of $119. My acct was debited of $119

which annoyed the *** out of me and I have made contact with ziinga to withraw my so called membership requesting money be returned to me. They told me I only get half back and I also forfeit my purchase without the $119 I dont get my phone.

I am totally pissed and have seeked legal advice as to what I do next. I have had no refund returned to me as quickly as ziinga took the money from my account.

I am not happy with this company at all and see that I am not the only one being scammed or worse still ripped off There should be an international fraud enquiry dine to expose this operation

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Other Company in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania - Ripped me off and degrade

Brookly jeep original dealer robbed my money and all workers money.new owners know all about it. i return jeep after lease from TD auto finance.

I get a bill for wear and tear.i have a receipt for zero balance now they call me for 1300 for miles. This was my 3rd jeep. I will never touch another jeep in my life. I asked them for 500 back for newly installed cruise control.

no answer. I now receive a call from yolanda williams at td auto finance collections. This person sat on the phone screaming at me and telling me how she has a job 3 children etc. I didn't know this was to be personal.

I called her supervisor mr.davor. he hasn't called me yet!

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This site is as "good" as it is "free."

When people see the word, "FREE" it's within reasonable context. You may not be lying to anyone, necessarily, I understand how advertising works and that sometimes, you have to draw in the consumer but in this case, you're just taking them for idiots.

If I have no access to it for free, then I'm just wasting my valuable time, free of charge. I can do that on my own terms.

Unless there are people out there who just love to only make resumes for the fun of it and never use them, you're advertising lies. That's just horrible PR, I hope your company folds.


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What a *** rant about nothing.


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Dymo labeler quality

Son in law bought 3 labelers at Xmas time for family. The one I received lasted through 1 roll of tape and then quit working.

What a piece of junk. Threw it in the trash because I know the process. Send it in we will work on it but you pay the postage both ways. It's a shame manufacturing can't make a reliable product.

I'll spend my time now telling everyone that will listen not to buy this product.

The item is probably made in China like all the junk these days. Thanks for listenibg to one mad past customer.


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Well, apparently you don't know the process. They come with at least a 2 year warranty, they give you a freepost label to send it back - for free - then they send you a brand new replacement - for free.

Of course, if you broke it yourself by using compatible labels then it's your own fault and you can't blame the manufacturer for that.

Maysville, Kentucky
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Other Company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Ask them about their "POLICY" !! LOL

WHAT a bait and switch. Let's say you need them repeatedly to rid you of a recurring bug infestation they have PROMISED to rid you of...and MAYBE it won't go away....

their 'POLICY' is to fix the bare bones of the issue of the destruction the bugs, AND Truly Nolan have caused, AFTER they have 'treated' over and over. NOT to make you whole, ever again. EVEN if you are covered! About 25 cents to the dollar is all you will be offered.

BOGUS. And please don't forget.... THEY LIE !!! OMG insurance is a joke.

Whether it is TN's or homeowners.....PROVE, PROVE, PROVE and they still won't PAY, PAY, PAY.

Excuses. Excuses.

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Other Company in Midvale, Utah - Horrible auto service really the worst I have had

You show up at the appointment time, for simple oil change and front end alignment. 3 1/2 Hours later they come with a laundry list of extra service work, I decline.

Car is on the rack finally for the alignment. 40 minutes later they ask to do a 4 wheel alignment @ 50.00 more I agree. 30 minutes later they come and get me to upsell grinding slots in the rear struts to align the rear end, only 90.00 dollars more. I asked please just get the car off the rack, drove home with car pulling where it never did before.

I wrote to cmplain to the owner, no response.

They cost me alot of time and money and had to fix the car in Salt Lake for much less than they asked. Yes I am pretty pissed......

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Horrible!! Horrible!!

12/21/11 I made a purchase of over $8000 in furniture. A full livingroom and bedroom.

As of today I still do not have all my pieces. On the first delivery, the wrong nightstand was delivered, one nightstand was damaged and taken back, the wrong bed rails were ordered, the rug and tv I ordered were missing or on "backorder" from what they say. We called, went directly to the store, explained everything that happened, everything would be corrected they assured me. Today I had a second delivery which was supposed to include the correct bed rails, the 2 nightstands and TV.

We actually picked the rug up from the store ourselves 2 weeks prior. Since I had no bedrails, we had been sleeping on mattress and box spring on the floor. When the drivers arrived, they had the bed rails and one night stand. Now I'm still missing one nightstand and the tv.

I advised them I wanted the bed set up on a different wall because of the space, they of course set it up on the wrong wall. I told them after they set it up that it was not in the spot I told them, their response "oh" and no offer to move it, they asked me to sign, then left. My husband called them back right after they left and told them they needed to move it. The driver told my husband that it was too late, I told them after they set it up.

Of course it was then escalated to a manger, which said they would be back in 2 days to deliver the other items and move the furniture where I wanted. Shortly after that I was looking at the slats on the bed, and they didn't even screw them down! They just laid them across and left the bag of screws, so now my bed isn't even secure. The sales woman we had was very helpful and wasn't pushy, but unfortunately for her, my future purchases for bedroom sets for my girls and full kitchen dining set will be made elsewhere.

What a mess and horrible experience! I see for a lot of folks the furniture hasn't held up, I hope this isn't the case because I paid good money!




I have a similar problem-how do I talk with this individual? nmuckle@aol.com


Ashley Furniture

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Other Company in Collinsville, Illinois - Very bad perm

Very bad perm, this is not what I expected. When I complained and asked for my money back, they have done nothing but lie to me and would not refund my money.

I am so disappointed and they will never get another penny from me. Makes me wonder if they would appreciate having their hair done and looking like this??

- When I have called to ask for the manager, I get the runaround - was given a phone number for the owner - who never answers the phone - you have to leave a message but they never respond. I feel they should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

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