Other Company in Bensalem, Pennsylvania - Very unprofessional and did not tell me everything ii needed to complete my loan

i was asked for certain info and i brought everything to them then they asked to hold onto my car title when i brought that to them they told me that they wanted to see the car. If they would have told me that when iI talked to trhem over the phone I would haxe drove the car there.

Then I wondered what other circus act I had to perform. It als seemed as if the so called supervisor or lead person had a personal relationship with the loan agent because she stoood behind him making snobbish remarks and demands.

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Other Company in Lookout, West Virginia - I am apalled at the super bowl commercial...

Us Crazy Cat Ladies will not stop bugging you until you take the comercial off the air..

If you want a commercial, Do one on kitties riding motorcycles, at least it would be funny.

Get your motor running, head out on the highway.

Looking for adventure in whatever comes our way.

Gonna take on Frito Lay in a loving embrace.

Trying to make them see no reason to show such an ugly commercial

... To rub in America's face

The Hairballz Rainbow Riders are gonna make it happen.

We will not hurt the doggie, nor make him wear the kitty's collar

Cause we're peace loving kitties for heaven's sakes.

We can make it happen, Our Mom's are crazy Cat Ladies

who support us in their loving embrace.

We gotta inform Frito Lay, that although our Mom's are deemed crazy.

They won't be lazy.

We're not gonna take it, nor will we fake it.

They should never underestimate the powers of the Crazy Cat Ladies

Or the Hairballz Rainbow Riders,

Who are not even afraid of spiders.

Born to be wild, A true nature's child.

We won't give up till we teach that pup and CEO

of Frito Lay the RIGHT way to go...

The Hairballz Rainbow Riders

Lookout, West Virginia
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Other Company in Melbourne, Victoria - Sold me a product that they could not supply

I won a Magic Aroma Diffuser cost $9.91 paid 18/01/2012 after lots of emails I finally got an answer cannot supply I also purchased another but had not paid for it Kept getting emails to pay for a product that they did not have, How can you sell a item at auction if you do not have it to sell Never use this site again $66.00 for bids up front is a joke, that not a proper auction how do they justify people paying for bids up front it is not right and the ACCC should investigate

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Other Company in Spokane, Washington - Please stop calling

You people have been calling me for over a year for someone I DO NOT KNOW!!!! HE IS NOT HERE, THIS IS NOT HIS NUMBER, I DO NOT KNOW HIM OR HOW to contact him!

I thought it might stop after the message I left when YOU CALLED HERE ON CHRISTMAS DAY!

I am so sick of this, words can not describe how angry I am! It sure would be nice if when you call constantly it was something other than a recording after your business hours, thats some pretty lame collecting IF you were calling the right number YOU DO NOT have a correct phone# for Carlos ref#6797434

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Other Company in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania - Merchandise did not hold up to standard.

I returned three T-shirts on January 10, 2012 and have not heard anything. They are your Prima Narrow-V Tee's - one is 3/4 sleeve and two short sleeve. At the V they have a hole and I feel they should hold up better then several months to a year. I really like these Tee's and have two others which are still alright. No holes so far. I've always admired the quality and fit of the merchandise I received from Norm Thompson but would appreciate some acknowledgement from you. I would appreciate either replacement or credit or refund for these Tees. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks you.

Ruby J. Dorosh

600A Remington Drive

Shippensburg, PA 17257


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Other Company in Fort Worth, Texas - Black Men's University took deposit never refunded deposit

The Urban Community Info Summit II Present The Peoples Party which is sponsored by The Black men's University. I work at a dental office.

A Black men's University Representative came in to the office in Nov. 2011 and ask if we would be interested in reserving a table at an event where 1,000's of people would be at and of course we said we were interested and he said he would need a $100 deposit to reserve our table. We gave him a money order of $100 for the deposit on this table and then the week of the event he called and said the event was cancelled and that he would refund our deposit and that he would also let us have a table free of charge at the next event just because this event was cancelled at such short notice. This happened in Nov.

2011. December comes around and we still didn't have the deposit back. I would call his cell phone he would tell me he was out of town and when he gets back he will hand deliver a check to me. I would email him and he would email back how he was out of town for son funeral and would hand deliver when he was in town.

I would call his cell phone again and he would answer or not answer and i would leave a message and then there was times that the voice mail box was full and you could not leave a message. The web site has number to a office and when you call that of course its automated and if you know your party's extension you can be forwarded to that voice mail box and leave a message.

No live people to talk to. And now when I go to the web site it is no longer working.

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Other Company in Vallejo, California - SCAMMED AT "FREE " SEMINAR W "FREE GIFTS" NOW WAY

Went to seminar where students who refused to indentify themselves except " theyre making thousands per day " NO VERIFICATION , NO STATS , NO SPECIFICS , AND IRONICALLY WHEN "STEVE " First speaker gets up Promises not only to accepts EXCLUSIVELY 5 Special visitors at $1500.00 for " the package " as well as CAST YOU N THERE NEW SERIES "flipped" how about conned ? Ironically none of these " self made multi millionaires brought any of there FINANCIAL STATEMENTS TO THE PARTY .

THEY SAY Theyre not supposed to speak of ? Oh and THERE NO FREE GIFTS !Unless you considered insulting your intelligence and common sense a gift ?

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Not an individual, it's bigger than that

You will not accept my policy number, you say it is not one of yours. You will not accept any of the help I get from any one of your employees who have been trying to help me with a temporary code.

We have been members for over half a century, and I am currently paying for my car insurance. I need someone to help me. PLEASE. I have had people in Oregon, and other places trying to get me in, and I am still rejected.

They are your employees. I NEED HELP,PLEASE.

Phyllis J.. Waldron - littlechicken76642@yahoo.com Pol.#003235289 7103 O


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It would help if you identified the organisation you were complaining about.

Fort Sumner, New Mexico
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yes, 85% of their leads are unreal, fake fake! how is that 3 out of my 10 "leads" over one month are def?

or don't answer their phone or simply found someone else when i call them the same second i receive the lead? very suspicious! and to cancel? forget it..they will never cancel it for you!

yes, 85% of their leads are unreal, fake fake!

how is that 3 out of my 10 "leads" over one month are def? or don't answer their phone or simply found someone else when i call them the same second i receive the lead? very suspicious!

and to cancel? forget it..they will never cancel it for you!


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Hello "Soldeny" -

I am sorry to hear that you are frustrated with the leads you have received and being unable to make contact with them. We do offer lead replacements on a case-by-case basis and some of the examples you mentioned above fall within those guidelines. I sent your information over to a representative to follow up with you today to see if there is anything we can do to help. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 303.963.8066 or mblack@servicemagic.com.

Thank you,

Mandy Black

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Fruit of the loom uses latex in labels for bras

I take care of the disabled. I bought her sports bras from fruit of the loom.

She developed a blister overnight exactly where the label is stamped in. There is no mention of latex on the label, or packaging. I called fruit of the loom and they said I should just assume it has latex in it since it doesn't say latex free. This product is worn against the skin.

No other sports bras have latex in their labels.

Fruit of the Loom made in China doesn't really care about people getting blisters or reactions from their products.


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You can return the bra to Fruit of the Loom for a full refund. They offer an unconditional guarantee.

Phillips, Wisconsin
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