Kelly Shirley Vandergrift Pa ripped me off !!!

I paid $170 for shampoo & other products from Kelly Shirley, also known Kelly Johnston Shirley, in Vandergrift Pa, off of Sumner Street. She doesn't answer the door, or return phone calls or text messeges.

The last time I talked to her, she seemed very intoxicated. She was word slurring. Never got my money back and i never got my products. It's been 6 months.

Which is crazy, she originally told me 1 week. What a complete scam !! Do NOT order anything from Kelly, you will never hear or see her again. Off she goes with your money !!

Never to be seen again.

I tried contacting the main company. But I did not get a return message.




Notice the name is “myturn” she is crazy and is posting reviews because i warned people so they don’t get money stolen from them. You can do your research and see that i don’t collect money from customers. I get paid directly from the MLM company and they are direct ship.


This review is from a scam artist dog breeder in Danville Pa! I purchased a puppy from her that was supposed to be a female and she gave me a male.

I called her out and she posted this review about my MLM company who does all the shipping from their warehouse. I don’t collect money nor ship the products.

This breeder did not correct my situation yet had pizzas delivered to my house from 3 companies that i did not order! Needless to say i had to get the police involved.

Reason of review
Poor customer service
Review #1203815 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Other Company - Absolutely disgusting.

We waited 20 minutes to be seated and another 15 just to get drinks. My glass had lipstick on it and I don’t wear lipstick.

After 25 minutes are food arrived cold and could not get the server to come back to the table.

When we left the manager was in the dumpster area smoking with 2 other employees. This is all totally unacceptable.

Reason of review
Poor customer service
Review #1203568 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1203568.

Other Company - Le creme

I want to say this is a scam. They are sending me the product and charging my credit card without my approval. There is no way to contact them in their e mail.

Reason of review
Problems with payment
Review #1202977 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1202977.

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Reason of review
Bad quality
Review #1202406 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1202406.

Cheryn Smilen House of Horrors

On February 16, 2018, Cheryn Smilen, of Sunny Isles Beach Florida, who ran a cat rescue Smilen Cats, starved to death 24 cats. She was charged with animal cruelty w intent to injure/kill; her case number is F18003300. She hoarded them and kept them in cramped filthy cages. She neglected these poor creatures until they starved to death! She was able to adopt these cats from various places and also took them off the streets. This is not acceptable. She is out on bail now, but she must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Her hearing date is March 19, 2018.

People who commit this type of atrocities should be jailed and have no excuse to be allowed out of prison to keep harming other people or animals. If Cheryn Smilen is not prosecuted for killing these 24 cats: she will start hoarding animals again. We will have another case of neglect and torture of more cats.

Please DO NOT give her a cat if she approaches you and guarantees that she will find it a good home.

Smilen Cats info






She uses these 3 numbers Please watch out if you receive a call from any of them, for anyone who has any other info or phone numbers please respond to this post in order to prevent the deaths of more animals in the future. On the right pictures have been posted of her, her mugshot, in case she approaches you under a different name, the other images show a dead cat left to die inside a cage and if you take a close look at the image with the litter boxes it seems as if there is a cat skull inside.




I have known Cheryn Smilen for years. She always thought she was better than everyone to the point that she ended up fat and alone. She deserves to be in jail for what she did to those animals


demented and very evil


she should be forced to live in that disgusting apartment she abandoned those poor cats , just imagine no food no water , ac or a open window ,,, the conditions must of been *** for those poor cats , this woman needs institution with no exit , for long time , shame and dishonor lady




This woman who has been arrested on 18 counts of felony animal cruelty, abuse, and NEGLECT is the same woman who is caring for a 92 year old ELDERLY MOTHER. Would you trust this woman to care for your 92 year old mother??


She saved some of the kittens had them fixed that returned them?? Took other kittens to find homes sadly they were probably killed!! Very sad and confusing !!!


Many stories of horror are related to Cheryn Smilen over the years.TO BE PRESENTED AT HER TRIAL


Here is Cheryn's address "230 174 ST Apt #1012, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160", the name of the building is "Winston Towers 300", make sure you call the Sunny Isles Police Department and ask them to investigate her further and search her apt for anymore cats.

@Peter Wolf I know her. Iv met her several times.

Met her at the north Miami humane society where she was “helping” with baby foster animals.

I had no idea she was capable of this ! :(
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Reason of review
Starved cats to death
Preferred solution
Jail for Cheryn Rochelle Smilen and justice for the animals
Review #1201993 is a subjective opinion of poster.


Scam.. your credit card won’t work, they’ll require western union.. the next day you’ll get an email that your package requires $200 insurance and if you request refund... they will not do it. You can’t submit a review on their site... Fake!

Via chat:Johnson-johnson: we need but the insurance

[04:21]V1520031569196124: That was never said up front so I would just like my money back

[04:21]Johnson-johnson: You need you to understand something about insurance. It is used to hedge against the risk of an uncertain loss, it can replace lost income and money, restore damaged or destroyed packages, or provide a shield against a lawsuit. This will help you to safely assure your package, insurance money is refundable 100%, because it covers you against customer bankruptcy, refusal of delivery or other non-payment. So you need not to be afraid about the payment.

[04:21]Visitor 'like' this conversation

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[04:22]V1520031569196124: No thank you then I would like the money back since you can’t send without it

[04:22]Visitor removed the rating for this conversation

[04:22]Johnson-johnson: ok

[04:23]V1520031569196124: How do we go about this?

[04:24]Visitor 'like' this conversation

[04:24]Visitor removed the rating for this conversation

[04:24]Johnson-johnson: we can't do anything now

[04:25]Johnson-johnson: just proceed with that and let send the package

[04:25]V1520031569196124: Why does it say money back guarantee on your site? I can’t pay another $100 of insurance so pls refund

[04:26]Johnson-johnson: You gave already written the reviews so there is now way for us to refund

[04:27]V1520031569196124: Where?

Reason of review
Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy
Review #1201761 is a subjective opinion of poster.



Autodialer calls all the time, why?

Please STOP. Our # is on DNC List



The machine that calls sounds bizarre and crazy.

Please STOP this, we do not want this to continue





Reason of review
stop calling us
Review #1200752 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1200752.


I'm beginning to suspect that some of these sellers don't actually have the items in stock - why would a seller require 5+ days to ship an item. Whenever I order an expensive item (In this case a $135 diecast car) It takes forever to get it - I can order a cheap Hot Wheels or some such - and have it within a week !

And a caveat on the selling site to allow a week to ship doesn't get it - I will never order another item with that statement on the post !! I have always shipped items I have sold within 24 hours - Note: If Amazon, etc can do it - so can you !! Not that may seller live in the field of N.

Dakota, Montana, or S. Dakota & only go to the post office in town once a week - understandable - peace & goodwill !!

Reason of review
Order processing issue
Review #1200589 is a subjective opinion of poster.

The worst co I have ever dealt with.

I ordered a product promoted by Dr. Oz that I thought was only four or five dollars they ended u deducting $92.45 from my bank account twice.

I called to complain and the person told me that i should have realized this was a trial sample and that was the shipping cost. This caused my account to be over draun by $ 207. I am on a fixed income and think you should more responsible about Company s you promote. I take care of my sister that needs 24 hr care and need to purchase her med's and have no money in bank.

I know that you being a wealthy man could care less. Maybe my bank can be of some help in deleting these charges.

Please be more aware of the company s that you promote. There a lot of senior citizens that are effected by these comanys.

Reason of review
Problems with payment
Preferred solution
Full refund
Review #1200538 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1200538.

Other Company - I wish i could get more

I love the Bambusa Circuwear back/waist wrap. I still have mine from years ago and it is comfortable and really helped me.

I liked the socks too but I lost them :( I wanted more and to order some for my Grandma too!

But I cannot find a number or anything. And there is nothing like it out there!

Reason of review
Good quality
Review #1200379 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1200379.