My boyfriend ordered flowers that never came. They offered a 20% discount on the second day of no arrival and to remove the extra fee he paid to have them delivered early.

He accepted that, but the surprise for me was already ruined! By the third day of no flowers, even though they assured him they would arrive between 5-6pm, he just called to cancel the order all together and refund the money. I pushed him to get on their *** and make them rectify their wrong. In the end, they told him they would send a complimentary arrangement and refund all his money.

I honestly do not expect to get anything from them and will continue to call until i get some *** flowers!

I do not know how they are still in operation, but judging by all the reviews, they should save everyone the trouble/frustration and go out of business. THEY ARE A JOKE!




Hey m0r0n, you didn't even mention the name of the company. LOL


He never ordered them and he lied to you.

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Other Company in Shamokin, Pennsylvania - Ripped off!!I sent my 37 dollars.

I sent a check, which was cashed & now the site says I,m expired.. Maybe the authorities should be alerted I was waiting for a card or more paper work in the mail or some kind of verifacation that my credit was approved..

Please enable me to use this shopping site , or I will have to report this to the proper authorties.. According to my checking account my 37dollar check was cashed. That would make this a felony.

I expect to hear back asap! my email address is I want a fast response Thank You James harkness!

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Other Company in Keystone Heights, Florida - BAD SERVICE

While traveling through WV back to Florida, my Son and I stopped at your restaurant located off I-79 at the Bridgeport exit. Even though we have had a bad experiance at the Charleston location in the past, we just assumed that is was that location.

We were seated and told someone would be right with us. We waited ten minutes before a lady came up and said that she was requested to take our drink order. After waiting anoth 35 minutes, we still had no one to take our order. We decided to leave and go some place else.

We told the lady who took our drink order why we were leaving and she simply said "its not my fault. I don't know where she went". As anyone would do, we left and went to IHOP where we were treated like human beings, even though they busy. We were treated with the utmost respect.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we consider out time just as valuable and anyone elses. We were wrong in assuming that the Charleston location was just that location, but apparently it is more of your restaurants, especially in WV.

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Other Company in Tyler, Texas - Can not pay off account

trying to payoff account they say they didn't recive the check from my bank, won't tell us what to do how to do again. sent fax to have signed saying they didn't recive payment and need them to sign before bank can stop payment and issue another check.

can't find anyone to sign they send u to supervisor and thats it, no higher up says everything is handled by email and they would send an email. well they have sent 50 emails and we still don't know what to do...

there is no one that can help and they don't do anything right they send in to irs less then you paid for interest. do not go with this company for anything.........unless u like trouble..

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Other Company in Claremore, Oklahoma - Harrassment about donations made to 3 charities

After reviewing our tax return the Liberty Tax Service in Claremore, OK (our hometown) harrassed us about the amount of our donations asking us if we still wanted to count them What? you want us to give this amount of donations FREE?

I asked. After several attempts to make us look like 45 yr old scoulded children from school Kim at Liberty Tax Service finally sent in our return to the IRS and we still have yet to see if there was some other nuacence in receiving it. We will never use that place AGAIN!!

I was really happy about helping out the homeless and the salvation army and this place brought that good feeling crashing down besides the fact that the most credit that you can get for your items is around $7.00 us dollars each.

That harrassment really pissed me off. I ask "Whats It To Ya Idiots"

Isn't $466.00 us dollars enough for your services?

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Other Company in Mahwah, New Jersey - Awful customer service

I rented a dryer for 2 months and paid a security deposit of $200. The credit card with which I paid got lost and several weeks ago when I returned the dryer they could not refund the deposit onto another credit card.

I'm running after them for about 6 weeks calling several times each day and I'm not getting anywhere with them! I'm mad! Disgusting service! I opened a case with consumer affairs.

Hope it will help!

I want my money back and it seems that they're just not ready to return it to me any time soon! I call that stealing!

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Dealing with minors

My son went on line with you 1/26/12 and did 8 transactions at $60 each with a debit card. He is a minor at 16.

I want the $480 credited back and suggest you verify the ages of children you are dealing with. His name is Patrick Firth. I dont know what your company does but after reading the online complaint page I see this must be a daily issue with you. I did not post on your webpage my compaints at your request.

I want to solve this calmly and professionaly before airing to the public.

You have my email address and I trust I will hear from you shortly. Douglas Firth




1. You didn't even put the name of the company down.


Age doesn't matter, you allowed him to have a debit card with no restrictions. Try parenting for a change.

Try controlling your son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin
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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Don't do it!!!

Spend a little more somewhere else and don't get screwed later. They are dirty crooks, who lie and steal your money.

First, I waited for 2 hours just to get up to the teller and he has the English speaking skills of a 6 year old and I could see the evil look in his eyes. He told me to just drive thru the tolls and they will send me a bill. Awesome right? Wrong !!!

They sent me a bill alright.The bill was for 210$ for seven 5$ tolls. A 25$ administrative fee and a 15$ toll charge for EACH one. What? Yeah I'm pissed off!!!

Don't do it. Trust me!!!!!

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - HORRIBLE...on line order motorcycle parts

I ordered a simple bulb for my scooter almost a month ago and still haven't received it. I called and was put on hold for a very long time or hung up on..when they finally decided to answer I told him I never received my part he then acted like he was looking up some info.

I could hear the key board clicking but he didn't. Ask me any questions....then with out telling me he put me on hold and I waited for 10min. With no response...Don't. Waste your money or time with these people.

They are out for what they can get.

You won't get a thing in return not even your part or your money back. Rip off.....go somewhere else save yourself the frustration!

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Grout buddy

Been waiting months for this product. have no way to contact them .

This is not fair to consumer. JOANNE BLUNDON-----617-6662090 need info.It has been so long can't remember when placed. But the phone says order pending. Its been months.

How can anyone contact rip offs. This is not fair to pay a product and not recieve it,Can anyone give me a numberto a live person. On the grout buddy product.

.Type hundred words are hard just need voice to see where my product is. Or a refund, Need live person what a rip of > Guess no tv adds no more,




I found this product first at dollar general for 9.99 and then at CVS also for 9.99.

I loved the product. I won't say it was quick, but It was easy to apply and really did make my shower in my rental unit look like new - and you know what rental units usually look like?.

It actually took about three bottles to do the entire shower which is about 3x5 size. I did have trouble finding more of the product. Seems dollar general doesn't restock their ASTV products. CVS rarely ever puts these items on sale. I saw one bottle at BigLots.

Overall this is a good product, I just wish it was on sale because I'll need at least 3 bottles to redo my hall bath tub/shower surround and the $30 is a bit much for my budget (unfortunately the rental owner doesn't care and won't pay for any materials to fix up the place even if I do the work for free. Wonder if his shower at his home is moldy).


Do NOT order on-line. You will NEVER get your order! Go to Wal-Greens!


The number I have is 1-800-249-6417; it is an automated reply and it sounds like the receiver answers as "grout bully." The info described is the grout as seen on television, though! There are no options to speak to a "live" person.


This happen to me also... I ordered in December,,, still have not received....


I received my order after 2-3 weeks. They sent me an e-mail when it was shipped and they then charged my credit card.

Their tel. num. from their packing slip is 1-203-306-5762 in Milford, CT.

Contact the BBB or consumer advocate group(s) in your area.They are also selling this product at Walgreen drug stores, but you don't get the extra bottle. Good luck.

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