Your driver Reginald Coleman rapped me last week in Monticello,MS. I have called and left messages for them,to return my call but no one has.

The number I called was 9013322500 but no one seems to care they wanna know whats the truck number and I didnt know it but how many young drivers you all have with that name.

Im going public with this charges have been filed my number is 6059562528 if you all would like to contact me. If no action is taken against him I will go public and post this so other drivers will know what type of company this is.





What? Someone "rapped" you?

Like "spit rhymes" and such?

I don't comprehend this complaint. :?
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Other Company in Eugene, Oregon - Waste of Money.

I paid almost double the normal shipping price to have a VERY important package sent via the 3 day shipping option. It didn't even leave until it had sat at it's original location for two days, then it took another 4 business days to get to me, it was a total waste of money.

I should have just driven the 900 miles to pick it up myself, and after what the delay cost me it would have been cheaper! I will never trust them with my important shipments again, and next time I'll use U.S.P.S!

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Other Company in San Diego, California - Registered, sent money Never received any confirmation

This is a Scam! I sent my deposit in, and never received any word from them.

I have e-mailed and tryed to call but could not get an answer. I can not believe that an American Company can Scam American's this bad. I would hope everyone who tries to buy into this looks here at this site before sending any money.

Everyone who has been Scammed should take the time to go to the proper authorities to take of this compnay so others do not fall into this scam like we have have done. I will be calling the BBB

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Bad Seat

I bought Thee Unon Salina 24" H Vinyl Counter Height Bar Stool with Swivel, and my order number is: VRC_5772435 The Boxes that were delivered Wednesday of this week and they looked like they had been opened before, and they look like they had been through World War 3. I would like one of the seats to be replaced because it has a BIG RIP in it. Please send it to: Tim Emery 4049 E Aspen Way Gilbert, AZ 85234. My Email is: tim_emery30@hotmail.com. Other then that the BAR STOOLS look to be in good condition.


Tim Emery

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Life is a echo

one day a boy his age is 6 years he will do cunning things every time his mother got angry and scold him.then after he ran out of the house and went to a valley and he shouted i hate i hate u then he got reflection i hate u i hateu he scared and he starts running to the home he said to the mother a very bad boy shouting i hate u i hate u then his mother replied shout ilove u iloveu again he ran out of the house went to valley and shout ilove i love u and he got reflection iloveu ilove u.moral in this review is life is a echo what u will give either love or hateness it will reflects you


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Other Company in Concord, North Carolina - Picked my pockets

Okay so I was having car trouble and looked up the symptoms of my car and came to the conclusion that the reason for my car trouble was between to different reasons. So, I take my car to Kentowery's and mention that I think it may be the motor mounts.

I leave my car and the next morning they call me and mention that it was the both CV Axle and Motor mounts and it would be 650.00. They also told me I couldn't buy my own motor mounts and they put them on. So I get the motor mounts fixed, they said it would be slight shaking until I get the cv fixed. Needless to say, when I got on the highway there was nothing fixed about it.

Ugh, I'm so frustrated and I wish auto places had to take an oath to say they would not fix a problem and charge you when they know the true problem it's criminal that they do this especially to unsuspecting ppl...

i.e Elderly, single mothers. etc.............

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Other Company in Nixa, Missouri - Problem with your compters repair people

I have had my laptop into your shop three times for diffent things right after it would come back ill have to bring it back the first time it locked up then on the second time the laptop was NOT fixed and it was so dirty in the keys and the unit looked like it just came in the back of a open truck and scratched. i didnt bring it in messed up i just payed off the laptop today.

if i cant get this fix right and right the frist time why shoud i pay for a thing that i have to keep senting it back time and time again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it this the way to run a compay????? i guess soo

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Other Company in Fort Collins, Colorado - Delivery not made on time noted

The driver made one attempt at delivery and left a notice. The other two attempt were not made during the time frame noted on notice.

I was home the entire time but they went to the gate and made no attempt to knock at the door or call. Upon calling the service center, I was notified that the would look into it and call me back. The call back was a message saying they were sorry and the driver would be reprimanded but I could drive down and pick up my package in the remaining 4 days or it would be returned. May I ask why I paid for delivery to my house for?

No other attempt for delivery or anything but a sorry. Does not really work for me.

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Other Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Termite seasons here beware

Fair warning to consumers,termite season about a month away,read the fine print these vultures will sell you a bag of goods,1yr warranties with high retention rates,359-to 459 dollars a year after original cost of 1500 to 2000 dollars,for initial treatment get 3 bids always you will be amazed at the savings just remember you are not paying a salesman,technician,and a couple branch mgrs. salaries when you stay local,and you actually get to talk to the owner if there is a problem, you probably will never see the same person twice with terminix!just think you will have to show him the problem area every time,and he could care less you are just a number to him maybe number 15 or 16 that day,then the phone calls start for other services insulation,pest control etc...,they will try to suck every dollar out of you they can,search -search engines many,many,complaints and lawsuits against them you have to go through an arbitrtor to sue them if you sign contract read carefully most people can't afford the attorneys fee and trust me people have spent thousands trying to make these scammers righteous,get informed be careful in tour selection of pest control services

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Part for shifter 2012 challenger RT

I need a rubber slider that goes between the shifter bezel and the shifter unit . To replace this part I need to purchase the complete shifter unit for 290.

dollars. Up to this time when I purchased this challenger. I have owned ford mustang and the chev. camero.

I love the looks and quaility of my Challenger Rt . The part I need would not go under my warranty do to my grand child broke it. I went to my ford dealer and asked for the same type of part for the mustang shifter and would you believe you can purchase there part for under 25.00.I also went chevrolet dealer in deaware and asked for there part for the camero shifter and theirs is under 30.

dollars.My concern is why I can't i purchase this part with out buying the hole shifter. This kind of thinking , would run along the lines as having to buy the gas tank every time you purchase the gas.

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