Other Company in Buffalo, New York - Calling my job and home 4 times a,day

yes i'm *** off the saleman name scott has called my home 4 times in one day ...and said rude stuff to my son,,,he is very rude. i have been a customer over 10 years when i'm done paying for this item i will never get anything else from your company..i'm contacting other ppl in the consumer world and filing a complaint.about him.... the store on portage rd in niagara falls new york......i can't believe he talk to my son like that a child,,,i'm sure that there are laws he broke ,,,and i will find out what they are and he will pay for his action on this matter and will not let this issue go

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Harashed calls

Some foreigner keeps saying I owe u money. He is harashed me calling every 1 to 5 minutes saying I will be arrested.

I do not show where I borrowed from u. Any fast cash I borrow is drafted out of my account. Looked thru bank statement and show no loan. Please end me proof per email(marie.s.miller@sbcglobal.net).

I DO NOT want to receive another call from this SOB. I will send this to my attorney for harashed calls. If u show proof I owe send information you have , when deposited. Again I DONOT want some foreigner to call me Want American born in the USA.

I have that right. Name he gave was Mary Mil0(not me.) SEND PROOF EMAIL ONLY




you sound the like foreigner.


You do NOT have a right to stop people from calling you. And you will fail in your attempt. Pay the money you owe.


The key word is "arrested". If they say that, it is a scam.

You can try for harassment, but it will go nowhere. Send proof by U S Mail only, no email.

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Other Company in West Point, Georgia - People on this site

There are people on this site with African American avatars and they are pretending to be shop lifters or just plain *** people but it's all a hoax and it is not really a black person complaining but someone talking in broken english and mimicking or spoofing uneducated blacks. It's sad that people are still racist today.

It's 2012 not 1812. I am American Indian and I am deeply saddened by that kind of racism on here.SAD.

What about the people who are fighting for our country of all races. Do these people and their families deserve this kind of disrespect?

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Kelly Smith convergence loan scammer

If this is you press #1. Normally they hang up, but my curiousity got the the best of me.

I called thier number 8007599854, and some woman inquired about a Wash. Mutual account. I dont remember having one. When I said That they hung up.

Since I have caller I D. I will not pick up thier calls /anymore. I ed them to stop calling me to no avail . This happened today 2/27/12 .

Normally the calls to contact her happen every other day. A while ago, I tried to get a loan online, I gave to much info. and this has come back to haunt me with many crackpots and scams.

All the others have gone and Kelly Smith surfaces. Oh well just another terd.


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Ive been getting the same calls. Only they said they were calling regarding paypal.

However paypal doesnt make calls like that.

I asked who she was with and she hung up. What a pain in the a$$ this is getting to be

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Other Company in Tooele, Utah - Wrong time for a call

well my truck has been here all day while i was at work im only getting oil change tune up fuel filter i get here to shop im sitting in waiting area and noticed guy working on my truck is on his cell phone i have to be at another job at 4 and he see me lookin at him and he is acting like he is doing some....dont know his nane he is caucasion wearing hat to the back i dont usually take my car to these kinda places cause its so expensive i would appreciate getting it done ib a timely manner

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Other Company in Daytona Beach, Florida - Hospital doesnt care

My husband went to the hospital for abdominal pain. After several tests and scans etc.

it was determined that he had a bacteria infection. The Dr. told him it was very common in florida. Then why if so common did they have to run so many expensive tests.????????He was in the hospital for 5 days.

Duh. During my visits to him there was an aide babysitting a suicide attemptee, the guy sat there all day long looking at naked men on his cell phone. When i came in he wouldnt even offer me a chair, my husband had to ask him if he could maybe move over so his wife could have a seat. HE DID GET UP FINALLY.

tHE POOR PATIENT THAT WAS IN THERE HAD TO GET UP AND PLUG IN HIS OWN iv BECAUSE THE AIDE (A HE) was too busy looking at his naked men. Just disgusting. Then when it was time to leave, my husband was all dressed and ready to go, he was told there would be a wheel chair up to get him. When I arrived to get him 30 minutes later no one had showed up.

So needless to say we just walked out, in front of the nurses station there were several nurses gabbing we walked right past them and no one said a word. As of today, it has been two weeks and I have yet to get any correspondence from them.

They probably still think hes in the hospital bed. Very poor Hospital

This is the aint Cloud Hospital in Saint Cloud Florida

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Another word for ripoff-palace resort

rooms are filthy,food looks good but has no flavor.ur stocked bar is a liquor cabinet with 4 kinds of liquor that they have to come unlock.time share reps are everywhere hovering over ur every move until u go to their little orientation,U get $1500 credit to upgrade ur room,excursions,&romantic dinner on the 30x30 sand covered ground they call a beach-$350 for a steak&lobster dinner was a giant prawn&steak medallion can't spend the credits unless u go thru the 90 minute ordeal,they are very very nice at first--after telling 4 reps that u don't want timeshare they literally push u out the door into oncoming cars just to get u out so they can get the next victims.pools are disgusting-ur so called biosilk products are put in ur room the first day to welcome you, then they give you some generic *** that smells like ***.jacquizzi in the middle of the hotel room thats never cleaned, and easily to trip over and into.u can try to spend ur credits, but they triple the price of everything, even the pictures that are included in ur dinner on the beach, try and find the person taking care of that, we went back 4 times to get r pictures and had to leave without them because no one was there to develop them.they tell u everytime u to ask for a taxi that its 20-25 minute walk to downtown so they can make money, its only 5-7 minutes. they never have change for u so they can keep ur money or give u pesos or coins from another country so u cant spend it where u got it---should I go on? WORST HOTEL CHAIN EVER, they say they are 4 diamond hotel, well a 5 is still greater than 4 no matter how u put it-stay at a 5 star hotel-do not waste ur time at the 4 diamond ripoff hotel!!

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Other Company in Hillside, Illinois - Charging my credit card unauthorized

I went to Secaucus NJ club to go there for 2 weeks while on business and paid for the 2 weeks. The manager seemed very nice and it was ok; howeevr they are now taking a weekly charge out of me and cannot get a hold of them that i never signed up for.

The phone number is in a loop and you cannot call them which *** me off.

Based on what I am seeing it appears this is normal for this unethical company. I will never go to one every again and will tell everyone I know about them.

Hillside, Illinois
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Other Company in Amsterdam, North Holland - Moroccan-Dutch police officer Ré Lemhaouli gave private police files to Morocco

A Moroccan-Dutch police officer named Ré Lemhaouli succeeded in giving top private Dutch Police files to the Moroccan government. Working together in an early fase with Minister Rouvoet and prinsess Maxima.

He has been given a high funktion, so that he not only can fullfill his duty as an Police officer but also could help the underprivileged youth of foreigner background. Both minister Rouvoet and Princes Maxima called Ré Lemhaouli by his name giving him an award for his accomplish achievements.

The Dutch AIVD unmasked him later on for sending Police files to the Morrocan secret government. All the other Police officers working with him have also been fired.

Ré Lemhaouli and the others have neither been followed for trial or prosecution.

This with great disbelieve of the Dutch people privacy and human rights. Turkish and Muslim police officers are also being followed and monitored for suspicion.

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Other Company in Jacksonville Beach, Florida - Taking customer service surveys

in dealing with companys that take customer surveys after you deal with their 1800 customer service rep please be aware that these people get a copy of how you rated them, and have you information as well. I no longer opt in to take a survey of the rep after someone I know of got a "surprise" from the rep whom they rated low.

It is better to write to the parent company, than affect a low paid call center rep who's job may depend upon your"opinion" of them. Just a suggestion.

Be considerate and cautious. Opt out

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