Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Two guys, snowmobile trailer w/temp tires???

I have to laugh. The professional company I contracted with to move a pallet of freight turned out to be a pair of dudes, an old dodge truck with a pit bull in the back and here is the best part: a snowmobile trailer loaded down with my item and several other customer shipments running temporary spare tires for trailer tires?

Needless to say they had to borrow money from me to get to the next gas station even after I had paid through uship. I don't mind start-up ventures but I shudder to think what my actual liablitiy was with this pair.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Stopping coupon shopping> bad idea new spokes"woman" > bad idea

I love your stores...........especially the free standing ones. However, I probably will not be back anytime soon.

Come on! We love our coupons > whether we got a deal or not, we love them, and brag about "how much we saved". How about this...............instead of expensive mailers, offer a grab box at the door for a person to grab a discount amount. Fun, inexpensive for the store, and will bring us "couponers" back.


Great entertainer..............very funny. She is a good dresser and fresh looking.

She looks great in some of your clothes. However, I do not think she is the appropriate person to represent your family store.

myrna chapple
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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - UNHAPPY Past customer

These people are the most frustrating people to do business. It took me an untold number of phone calls just to find out how to contact their customer service dept just to ask a few questions.

For your information ...if you want to contact their customer service dept.

When you call their # 1-888-222-4227, don't enter any number.....after a while customer service will come on.BUT WAIT.

Also, I wouldn't do business with these people ever again and if my loan was ever sold to them I would find another loan A.S.A.P.

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Refused To contribute to veterans home

We are having our 4th annual fund raiser to build a home for veterans families while their loved one is receiving treatment in a Va Medical Center. All oil companies except BP are contributing gas cards for a raffle to raise funds.

Last year whe I told BP they were the only oil company not contributing and that their station was the closest to the event with 1000 people attending, they took back their "No thanks" and sent me a gas card.

This year I cannot even get to first base. If they don't support Vets then they don't support anything in my book.




After all the vitriol BP had to put up with when the oil spill in the Gulf happened, I do not blame them for minding their own business and telling organisations begging for money to go fly a kite. They cannot give to everyone who says it is for "the poor" or "the veterans", etc. Just be happy someone contributed to your cause.


All business have to pick and choose their contributions carefully, and it is unfair to expect them to prioritize yours and short others. Unfair, and I am a vet, but never contribute to vet causes. I won't change my plan, either.

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - No one answering the phones why why please tell me

I ordered product on the 25 online paid for extra fast shipping n here it is March 1st have not received my product have been calling no one answering for five days I live the product but the worst customer service why have a 24 number when know one home can someone call me 909-214-4113 ASAP! DO NOT CARE WHAT TIME JUST CALL N LEAVE A NUMBER THAT'D WORKS.



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Other Company in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Missing Wallet

I Ordered a Shih Tzu Tote and a Shih wallet.The Tote I recieved but I have not recieved the wallet.I also can't get any Info on said wallet.I am very upset seeing that I am a very good customer of Bradford's.At least I was,I will not continue to order from a company that screws up this much.The Tote I recieved on Feb 27 I try to call and talk to a representive but I never get through.That and the fact the automated system seems to be all screwed up.Fix it and send me my Wallet which is already paid for.

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Other Company in London, England - Can I write a review about a bad customer

I am a small business and times are tough at the moment. So when I got a big order from a customer it really helped. I sent him the goods and I got a nice email back saying how the goods were just right and what he was looking for.

Excellent, however, a few days later he emailed again to say they didn't fit the space and he no longer wanted them.

I knew the items had been used but because small business owners have no rights he returned them and I had to issue a refund I cannot really afford.

The items had been used and simply brushed down as all the labels were missing and the outer packaging removed.

It cost me £18 to send it (it was over 30 kilos). I still have to pay the courier this money. Plus the money I really could have done with, I have had to refund.

So to that customer: "do not email me and say the goods are just what you've been looking for and then when you have got your use out of them, ask to return them for a refund". Time waster!

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Other Company in Mumbai, Maharashtra - Passport & Visa suppliers

Candidates should find passport and visa details original copy if traveling to another country to take the lab exam as well as flexible in the cost of the travel. They are provide expedited Passport & Visa Services for the whole country.

They can do online passport renewals at simple most of the time.

If you plan on travelling within fourteen days or need a foreign visa in less than four weeks, you must apply in person and pay a higher fee to get your document. sdasass sdasdasd asdasd sdadasd sdadasd sdd dasdasdasdas sdasd sd sd sd sdas sds sdas sds sds

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Scott M. Gaulke and Donna Payne's Websites

Scott runs a website called cesspool of madness. Donna runs a website called benzo exodus.

Both of these websites are run by two very sick people. Donna uses her position as site owner / .admin to feed people's personal info. to Scott who in turn uses this info. on his hate site to stalk and harass others.

Numerous complaints have been sent into the Milwaukee, WI. police dept. on his cyberstalking activities. iPage, his webhost, finally suspended his hate blog but I am sure he will find another one and start up the harassment again.

If you find yourself a victim of Gaulke, send in complaints to his webhost and contact the Milwaukee police dept. to file charges on this creep. Finally, do not join the website called Benzo Exodus.

Your personal info. will be used against you at some point in the future I can assure you.




this guy is mentally ill. what kind of person attacks innocent people they don't even know.

it is my guess he is a drug user and is psychopath. he may be dangerous to himself and others.


gualke is just a deranged coward that has nothing better to do with his time. he is such an *** he gets kicked off of drug support forums.

he has hep c from iv drug use and is on disability.

he has fried his brain from taking 10 xanax a day for years. this is what happens to people who abuse their psychiatric medication.


If you are a member of benzobuddies and find yourself being stalked and harassed by this creepo, contact the Milwaukee, Wi. police dept.

and file a complaint.

A woman called Pat Schey had to do this in real life when Gaulke started harassing and stalking her. This guy needs to be put back on his psychiatric meds.


The cesspool hate site is still down. I am sure Scott will start up again when he finds a new webhost and moves his domain name registrar.

Exodus seems to be back up.

Donna claims she was hacked but many think this was just a ruse until Gaulke can get back up running again.

When Scott does start up again, flood his new webhost with complaints. What he is doing is illegal.

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Poison Ivy
Lund, Skane
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Www.interwebdrama.com, www.kevinbollaert.com. Harassment, blackmail, child ***..

The website www.interwebdrama.com is in my opinion breaking their own ToS, harassing and blackmailing people, and conducting other illegal activities such as posting child ***. This website is administered by the owner of www.kevinbollaert.com who presumably using his legitimate online web services to help fund this website.

There are several other people involved including the site actual site owner and another friend of Kevin Bollaert. However, it would take no time to find out through messages sent by the three people operating the site that Kevin Bollaert mostly likely transferred ownership from himself to another people in order to protect his own "legitimate" business.

I find the immorality of all of this quite appalling, and which for the general public to see the true side of these people.




Might I add as well you still have yet to figure out my real name or address. I really do hope you enjoy looking like an ***


midlands tech grades for that matter..

:cry :cry :( :cry :( :cry :( :( :cry

Someone is mad, just click "next" at the bottom of the screen to see legitimate posts.


It's funny. They get sued and they start posting stuff like "We have a zero tolerance policy against child ***.

Anyone who submits underage content will be prosecuted." and say they track everything. However, their advertisement says "submit nudes anonymously". Kind of contradicting there, but regardless to all of that how can they say they have "a zero tolerance policy against child ***" when they refused to removed 4 separate instances of child ***.

Looks like they are playing the whole game of oh no were getting sued lets try and cover our *** by putting up a bunch of lies. Yeah, enjoy having all your money taken from you.


It sounds like a big case of denial to me. Everyone knows Eric Chanson has the stuff in his name so it won't come back to Kevin Bollaert.

Eric can claim ownership all he wants be we all know that Kevin Bollaert does half the work and on top of all of this he created the website with full knowledge of what he was doing. You don't need a private investigator nor the police to follow them around to gather any information on them.

They pretty much just hand it out to everyone. I guess they just think they are unstoppable, but they will learn in time.


Eric chanson owns the websites not Kevin. Figure it out guize...


Yeah, it's kind of hard to say Kevin Bollaert isn't apart of this website when he goes around saying who he has posted and what not.


kevin bollaert is not the owner or operator of these websites.


has anyone reported this *** to the authorities ???



are on this consumerreport.

lol john.


"Kevin Bollaert is not the owner or operator of interwebdrama.com or isanyoneup.net. Eric Chanson owns this website and is responsible for any and all content on these websites."

LOL at this comment considering everyone on stickam knows that's far from the truth. It's all in Eric's name so that KB can't take the fall.


"Kevin Bollaert is not the owner or operator of interwebdrama.com or isanyoneup.net. Eric Chanson owns this website and is responsible for any and all content on these websites."

LOL at this comment considering everyone on stickam knows that's far from the truth. It's all in Eric's name so that KB can't take the fall.


I find it kind of funny that KB was legally forced to removed images from his site hosted by softlayer.com so he went out of his way to pick up a sever on webcare360.com. This only goes to prove that he acknowledges that he has broken the law and has taken a yet another step to break the law once again. It won't be too long before he is in prison.


Kevin Bollaert is not the owner or operator of interwebdrama.com or isanyoneup.net. Eric Chanson owns this website and is responsible for any and all content on these websites.

KB thinks he can hide behind a computer screen and multiple handles to evade what most people already know about him; it's only a matter of time until law enforcement catches up with him and makes him answer for the abundance of "questionable content" he posts on his websites for monetary gain. The ice is cracking, it's gonna break sooner or later. :grin

It's pretty suspicious when this guy takes his website down, and then tries to register the rest of his websites to domainsbyproxy in order to hide his true domain information. Too bad there are cached copies on the internet.


Sounds about right, IAU.com gets shutdown and these scumbags pick up IAU.net. What else would you expect from them? Just throw them in a prison cell already


Kevin Bollaert and Eric Chanson now have the domain isanyoneup.net. This just goes to show how disgusting these people really are and how they are attempting to expand their harassment to more internet users.

I don't see why someone hasn't had him arrested for blackmail.

I know him and Cody were going around telling people if they didn't give them nudes of certain people that they would post them instead. That's not only messed up, but also quite illegal.


Yeah, I definitely have seen some questionable content on interwebdrama.com. I also know that KB is quite the *** as well.

I mean most people on stickam who have been around for a long time know this.. it's pretty obvious when he's had over 1000 accounts banned and every single room he's ever tried to host has been shut down besides his current room cute and singles.

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