Other Company in Edison, New Jersey - Item showed as available but was backordered

They made me order twice the same item wasting a lot of time on the phone and internet. The first time I placed the order the item showed as availble on their website but few days later I received an email saying the item was backordered and they gave me a new date of delivery.

I had paid for express delivery and I called them asking to refund for the express shipping since they gave incorrect information. I called them and I found out that instead,they canceled the order. They told me that the items were now available and I had to place a new order and I would have received the order in three days with the express deliver.

They gave me a number for my file to ask for the refound for the shipping cost since the item were delaied by them. When I called back to get the refound they told me that my order was backorder again and they had no idia when they would have been available.

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Other Company - To employer about work colleuge

complaint about disrespect and attitude from carer to a trained nurse, now impossible to overcome as carer not admitting fault and nurse now off sick due to the stress and situation is escallating. now has become very unacceptable as she has involved family members of mine outwith our work but want to cause my family no more upset which is nothing do do with them but has resulted in family member receiving disiplinary action at work involving private matter but because a family member work situation was involved, do not want family member involved again, work management very weak and will get no backup from colleuges as person very intimidating.

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - This bank should fail - Probably the best thing that could happen

I think the best thing that could happen to the bank is have it fail. No matter would would take it over, it would have be in better shape than it is.

Charging for every little thing has just gotten out of hand for one. Never being able to log in to the on-line banking twice without having to call customer service is another. Then when you call customer service, half the time it's down for maintenance.

If their rates were any good it wouldn't be a painful. Only thing I can say for this disaster is they are just slightly better than BOA.

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Other Company in Columbus, Ohio - Riven bluff apts

I was looking to rent apt. put 99.00 hold fee did some paper work,but not complet.Anyway I was unable to take due to some health with family.I put no deposite down or anything.They are now trying to hold me responsible for rent ,late fees.and upgrades.I never even moved in what kind of *** is that.They wont even return any phone calls.Not sure what I need to do but maybe someone does,if so please let me know.This is bull ****.Aint know wonder people have hard time.*** LIKE THIS.Never ever had a bad record ,bet I will now

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Other Company in West Palm Beach, Florida - OVER CHARGED FOR A PIZELLE PRESS

I was overcharged for a pizelle press which I purchased on February 28, 2012. I originally ordered the item on line and when I didnot receive an order number I immediately called customer service in which I was told they could handle the order.

I also told them I didnot want to be charged twice for one item if the first order went through. I was told that would never happen. I was invoiced twice on my credit card for $60.98. p.o.#BBS1633261933.

I would appreciate a credit on my credit card for the over charge. Thank you for your cooperation

Edwina Regan

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Don't buy puppy from her,I'm so regret!

I bought a poodle from Mimi royal teacup puppies a premium puppy $3500 she told me the puppy will stay very tiny less than 3 pounds , but now she is almost 4 pounds and she is still growing , The puppy is younger than what she told me , her teeth Hasn't grow out ,come with no shot record ,no paper ,all my friends say she doesn't look like poodle , she is a poodle mix , she shed a lot her fur is not curly soft like poodle I'm so unhappy for that money I pay I could get a real teacup I post this review to let everybody know the truth ,this lady blocked me from her facebook Because she scare I comment on her wall




I'm so sorry for you're disappointment! Thank you for letting me know about these womens scams, & to think i was gonna buy from her!

lol nevermind! anyways god bless!


Did you tell us about whom you are complaining?

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Other Company in Miller Place, New York - For Help with Predatory Practices.

Contact: The National Community Reinvestment Coalition

727 15th st. N.W

suite 900

Washington, DC 20005

ATT: Jesse Van Tol

Tel: 202-464-2709

Email: jvantol@ncrc.org

I am currently in the process of getting a loan and if I have problems arise this is who I'm going to. They currently are ripping Capital One a new one in court for denying access to H.A.M.P. and other homesaving programs to its customers.

The case can be googled searching NCRC vs. Capital one. I am waiting to see what happens with this. Among the charges are that Capital One routinely denied borrorwes the best assisstance to available to them. Capital One's failure to participarw in mortgage modification programs. The case concerns a woman in Washington DC who sought help from Capital One for her mortgage when she became unemployed. Capital One Did not offer the woman a sustainable modification, eventhough she would have qualified for help under both the DC Homesaver program, which helps unemployed homeowners and the federal Home Affordable Modification Program. Capital One Which was not participating in either program instead steered the woman to a proprietary modification that was not affordable to her. following the filing of the complaint NCRC was able to stay the foreclosure that the woman faced.

there's more. search it out. Good Luck!

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Other Company in Norfolk, Virginia - Take your money and

a cheap China made hat, non stick statics and nothing worth a stamp. What a joke.

My fault though, thought it to be legit but found that it is a money grabbing scam.

The Union Sportsman Alliance is the way to go. All made in America products, made by hard working Americans, not children and slave labor. No cost and big gains and information.

I agree the magazine is half decent but what was promised was not given. SCAM and LIES....only looking for money from ads and product info.

A big joke. Not worth the stamp, save your money.

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - To good to be true

got one for Christmas last year it didn't keep water out, horse stepped on bent it, washed it accidently broke latch, I dropped it in dish water and all still got wet. Maybe I should have run over it with my truck and it still did not hold everything from my old wallet had to leave cards at home that I usually carry it seemed to be more trouble than it is worth. It is true when you hear it is to good to be true it really is like my other wallet better but my sister-in-law likes it just fine.

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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - Super-duper bad service&food

yes do not eat at :las islitas seafood and mexican restaurant , they serve poisonus food from the week before left overs and besides that the service is terrible.there is a mexican lady w blonde hair that treat you like a piece of *** also she doesnot even bother to look at you straight in to your eyes and greet you while you enter this hole in the wall!!!this lady never look at me in the eye she was with afrown face all the time and by the time i get my food i was already very dissapointed.they are so ***.

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