Other Company in Doylestown, Pennsylvania - Took advantage of me and added insult to injury.

I purchased an upright washer and dryer with the pedestal at a cost of over $125.00 per month for 2 years. During that time, I made 4 reports of the washer was not working.

The store manager refused to have the washer repaired. It was paid for in October 2011. In December 2011, I asked again to have the washer repaired.

In January 2012, 2 store workers were sent to my home to repair the washer. They did something to the dryer to stop it from working and I was informed that the warranty was no longer in force and I would have to repair the washer on my own.

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Other Company in Millville, New Jersey - Did not live up to the selling deal

Recently bought a manakin for my girlfriends store. Paid over two hundref for it.

It,s junk. The arms won't stay on,need to be held with tape. Promised a special hair piece they worked there way out of that one and gave me one that came in the box from china. If I knew it was coming from china I would not have made the deal.

Got stuck already three times this year from china products. Now I see I could have bought the same iten somewhere else for around one hundred. Never again. It seems your taking a big chance buying this way.

Paid forty nine dollars shipping. Not about to pay that again to send it back.

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Charged for services not used or received.

Update by user Mar 05, 2012


Original review posted by user Mar 05, 2012

I phoned for a diet program. On taking the order, I was told that it included 30 days supplies of vitamin pills and 14 days of free counseling.

I told him I didn't want the vitamins or the counselling, but this sneaky persistent person kept saying it was free and I could cancel at any time ... the package arrived, but Christmas was happening, so I never opened the box. I had it delivered to a UPS postal delivery service as they don't deliver to US postal boxes. Two months went by, and I went to get another package ordered by my husband - Charged $11.00 for storage for the package of vitamins, never billed or informed they were coming.

My charge was $65 for the counseling in Dec., another $62.56 in January for "counselling" - which I never phoned or used - another $62.56 in February for counseling, then another $25.50 for more vitamins, which I never received. I thought these were Groupon charges before I woke up and smelled the coffee -- "no refunds, sorry -- you never phoned to cancel." DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE unless you like being ripped off.

Evidently not phoning someone being counselled is not part of the program, not is sending a bill for additional product.

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Other Company - I know a manager who has been stealing from your company in maumee ohio

i know of a person in your employ who has stolen from your co.Your store should have video of this.The location of this store is Maumee Ohio.Her name is Lawanna Dewey.She took merchadise from a incoming delivery,receieaved it and there was a over shipment of floor tiles.She put them aside and gave a refund to herself.I know this because Iheard her talking to my fiancee.This is not revenge but the right thing to do.Wethought she was a good and loyal friend.How can anyone trust somebody who steels ?Thank you for your time and effort in keeping your stores clean and a pleasure to shop in.

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Other Company in Bellevue, Washington - The customer service in the worst ever

The customer service in the worst ever. I have never had a customer service be that bad. I asked a simply question and it took three calls for them to correct a misspelling. The second call, I got a man whom I was not sure understood English- this is the worst customer I have ever had- Wow and they are rude and inpatients and do not care. They simply do not care about the customer or finding them a solution. I am amazed at the level of bad customer service, it makes me wonder how they stay in business. Bad

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Other Company in Westminster, California - Refused valid credit card without explanation

I have attempted several times to register a credit card with your system, it says card is invalid giving no further explanation. The card is valid, you accepted it last month for the same kind of purchase.

I am wondering why you are doing this? I have checked the card, it is valid I am giving you accurate information, so what is the problem??

Since you want 100 words before you process even this complaint which is actually a complaint also, that does not make sense that you require 100 words for each and every complaint about your company, it sounds to me like you have a serious flaw in your programming. Len Goss this is over 100 words, please respond!!!

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Round Table treats women like 2nd class citizens

I was ordering/paying at the Round Table counter in Tarzana, CA. A man in my party came up, saying it was his turn to pay for the meal.

The proprietor instantly handed me back my credit card, and took the man's card instead, saying, "in my country, Pakistan, the man pays." My friend assumed he was joking, but the proprietor wasn't joking. In Pakistan, they've buried women alive who don't follow the dictates of the male "tribal elders." This guy should go back to Pakistan, where, alas this behavior is acceptable, or learn that American women don't expect to be treated like second class citizens. Who does this pizza jockey think he is?

The last thing we need is a fellow like this infecting us with his prejudices. We have enough of our own.


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Kirbyville, Texas, United States #442722

It was a joke, get over it.

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Other Company in Regina, Saskatchewan - Return of a product

Fooloshly I ordered the Lint Lizard and to avoid shipping costs I was encouraged to order 2. Now to return these items I am informed that I MUST pay shipping costs. What a crock. Was initially informed by customer service that I would only be refunded the Unit Total cost, $10.00 less than I paid. Finally received confirmation that my full debited amount would be refunded. Guess Canadian citizens are considered push-overs. They have been erased from my 'favorites' list.

p.s. where is the Pissed Consumer Terms of Service stated?????????????????

Individual I spoke with must be an immigrant- didn't catch her name.

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Other Company in Bellevue, Washington - RIPPED ME OFF

I am going through a divorce and live in a terrible neighborhood and wanted to find a home to buy. Well I should of known if it sounds to good to be true it is.

I paid 299.00 for a supposed man name Josh Leventhal to structure a loan to buy a house.

Well I found out he is nothing but a scam artist who lies to you an tries to keep scamming you for as much m0ney as he can. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you know what is good for you please don't fall for this scam artisit,

Review #259070 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Sleep number bed is a blown up mattress.

If you want to waist money buy the sleep number bed. If you want a sleep number bed buy a blow up mattress that can be found at walmart for less than 40 bucks.

Just blow the blow up mattress into the state you feel is comfortable. This sleep number bed is a complete joke. I wasted so much money on this pos mattress. I did not sleep on this bed.

I went from a California king "supreme" mattress for this joke of a bed. If you have a nice mattress, do not exchange it for this sleep number. It is an excuse for a bed.

I now rest in piece on my old California king.. and allow my pets to sleep on the sleep number.



Orlando, Florida, United States #996851
big pimp Mar 04, 2012 #442433
:( :( :( :( we bought the 5000 series its garbage we had problems from the day we bought 4 years ago and they refused to fix it or warranty it so everyone think twice before you buy one
:( :( :( :( we bought the 5000 series its garbage we had problems from the day we bought 4 years ago and they refused to fix it or warranty it so everyone think twice before you buy one
Eastland, Texas
Review #259039 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer259039.