Other Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Need to have more motored carts for Disabled

Both in St Clairsville, Ohio & High lands of WV NEVER have Motored carts for Disabled, I can no longer walk threw your stores to shop, What are you going to do about this, and please do it fast, are you are going to loss a lot of business. A Lot of us will pic kit your stores!

It happens every time I go to one of your stores. It all so happens to my disabled friends. This handy cap carts are very important to like me. Get it done.

You all need to be thinking about the elderly. Think about it.




If you can't even walk through the store how are you gonnna picket it effectively? BTW, what store are you complaining about?

Who died and put you in charge BOSSY???????????? :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin
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I work for you and can not believe what goes on

I have worked for the company for a month and I can not beleive the stuff that goes on. I have pictures and video of bad food handling and poor food practices I am going public with it.

I was trainned by a manager who dropped food on floor and then reused it and served ot to customer. I can not beleive this is allowed to go on here. The place is run half *** and I would not let my worst friend eat here.

Im going to the health dept with theses picturs and videos. I would not let anyone eat here place shpuld be closed down



Kirbyville, Texas, United States #443473

Yeah right more like you got fired and don't have the proof you claim to have.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #443469

The manager that dropped into my house broke into my home and stole my camera, cell phone, video player and smashed them so all the proof is deleted.

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Other Company in Albuquerque, New Mexico - Puzzle-3-d- castle

i bought a puzzle that has little information on construction and is impossible to finnish without better directions,i have completed the sections but cannot put it together because the holes in the base do not fit the sections,also there are nobs potruding from the sections that have no place to connect to each other.. it is a 3 d castle puzzle. john roskos jrkabee246@aol.com i have worked on this puzzle for three weeks and it would be a shame if i could not finnish it because it is a nice looking puzzle one could be oroud of

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Modern Day Jessee James. They Lied to us

We too sat through a grueling 4.5 hrs of lies. First we were told this was not a time share so I let my wife *** me into driving from Jacksonville to Orlando for a free night in a condo.

All we had to do was listen to a 1-1/2 hrs pact of lies that went into 4 hrs of Bull S---t.

My wife gave them fifty dollars as an incentive for what ever and now they wont answer the *** phone because I told my wife to get her fifty back . I'm really peed off


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As long as they do not have your bank account info, be glad you got off for only $50. Many people have to spend ten times that per month.

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Other Company in Hartford, Connecticut - Not happy wit the service at the bk i went to

i went into one if your resturants after a long day of shopping only to be waiting 25 mintues for a chicken sandwich wit just mayo and the resturant was very dirty and they didnt have any ketchup i was very displeased and will not be returning to that location any time soon!!!! new park ave west hartford,ct i really dont go into this returant to much cuz the service is always horrable im not really happy and hope that they can get enough help for this store or close it down period its really bad in there thats all i have to say

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Other Company in Bronx, New York - Pissed off!

I paid my bill at the Kingsbridge location and the billed me a $10.00 late fee that they were suppose to wave. Now i have to pay my bank a $35.00 over draft fee due to them .

This young lady has the nerve to say Sorry for that... Sorry, isn't going to give me the $35.00...

The billing company should be held responsible for this action. There are many people that have a black card membership and most of the time they don't have the second party and with all of that extra money they make during all of these years, all you can get is a sorry.

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Other Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Why are you stealing from me?

I think you rely on people to be very busy and not keep up with their checking accounts when you decide to withdraw money from one's checking account. Of course I would never have signed up for this service KNOWINGLY!

Please STOP taking my money from me please. I had to look on Google to find out who you people are, and discovered your stealing from other people too. I'm not entirely sure where I signed up, unknowingly, for this but I will try and get to the bottom of this.

Stealing is a crime. So STOP IT!

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Other Company in Bengaluru, Karnataka - Amazing collection!

Hi, I am Nick from Los Angeles. I must really appreciate your men's suits collection.

You stock almost all kinds of style, patterns and colors in mens suits at your online store mensusa. I was actually in search of olive pinstripe suits, which I was unable to find in many stores. But when I came across your online shop, I got the one of my choice and I was also pretty surprised seeing the wide variety of suits that you stock.

Keep up the great work! Awesome place to buy a suit.I needed a suit for a wedding banquet, and was pleased with the service and advice I received from the salesman.

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Other Company in Cicero, Illinois - Misrepresented costs.

I was deceived as others were by purchasing this product. My issues are money taken from my account prior to trial date ending; and from my account without authorization for additional filters not ordered.

I also did not like learning the cartridge needed replacing so often. What bothers me most are the customer service representatives who purposely withhold information. I had no idea so many complaints had come in on this product.

I actually googled this site for another reason and decided to look at the reviews. I would love to be a part of any group knowing a way to stop this company and others like it from prospering from deceitful practices.

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Other Company in Greenville, South Carolina - Burgess Seed Deceipt

I have ordered few hundred dollars!!!! worth of plants and seeds, Seeds were ok, and were shipped relatively soon.

Most of the plants came dried, broken or moldy in a big plastic bag instead of a box. I am not *** to know the difference between dried and dormant, and these were NOT dormant!!! The Customer Service was horrible, and was messing with me for two weeks. First they wanted a shipping label that I have sent them, then they wanted pictures of the dead plants, and they kept telling me to wait and see that maybe the plants will come back ...

Then after that they told me that I had to ship bad plants back within 14 days, which by the time this was over, was too late. Better Business Bureau should be able to accept the complaint.

Customers should keep complaining, otherwise this lame business will keep ripping people off. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!

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