Other Company in Miami, Florida - Ordered gas not received

Ordered gas 8 days..not received..called 8th day.. Denise..do not know what is going on..will have gas tomorrow..tomorrow came..no gas..called next day for manager..manager has someone..will call back..called again...

ask how long does it takes to receive gas..rep.. did you order gas..said just like I said how long does it take to receive gas..rep.. just like I said did you order gas..ask for manager..said this is second call..

manager stepped out.. can I leave message...rep ask do you have an account..I hang up telephone.

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Any one up for

Any one up for a class action suit? Their business practices are unethical.

The harrassment is worse. This company's "error" cost me money-prevented me from getting a much needed refinanceing. My perfect credit was blemished. When I ontacted threm, they told me to contact all the credit bureaus and file a dispute.

Then they argued that I did have a contract during the time they marked me as delinquent payments, when in fact it had ended months before. They also listed the contract as an unsecured loan.

No apology, no co-operation. What do you think-you in?


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Which company?? Even Pulltype doesn't know and he knows everything.

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Friend of Court (Wayne County)

What a joke this place is. I have to pay child custody which is a enormous amount which does not make any sense because I have my son half the time.

I understand there is a formula but what it does not ask for is my house payments and my bills. They do not care if you cant make ends meet even though you now have basically another house payment. So what good does it do to the father when you have to get rid of your house, which is impossible in this market. Anyways, I was supposed to start paying in May but the FOC is so dang slow and useless the did not complete the paperwork until mid February which put me in arrears.

I want to pay the month of February but do not really know how to go about this and its impossible I have tried for two weeks to talk to a human at the FOC and nothing but busy signals. I talked to the MIDSDU and they said I could pay the last month amount but would have to contact FOC to have them send new paperwork to my employer.

Yeah right I cant even get them to answer the phone. No wonder there are deadbeat dads out there, I dont blame them dealing with people at the FOC..what a system..how pathetic!!


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I meant to say start paying in Feb* not May

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Other Company in Dearborn Heights, Michigan - Cant get customer service to help at gte

#: 114312100018 account number

I have called, I have written and now for some reason after 20 years I am off the auto pay plan because you don't have an easy way to manage something as simple as changing an expired credit card.

Really, Can someone just answer a phone and help me?my number is 586-294-4992, the new credit card is updated. Just handle it please.

help help help help help helphelp help help

Really, Can someone just answer a phone and help me?my number is 586-294-4992, the new credit card is updated.help help help help help helphelp help help

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Advertising Sales Ripoff

Adam Boroughs and Julie Buroughs aka AMG LLC aka Advertising Marketing Group LLC aka Cap Publishing Co, Inc steals time an money from the contractors that it hires. They say they will pay for performance within a week, but then they do not.

There is a history of dishonesty with Adam Boroughs once you start to do some research. He has a shady past in real estate which stems from him being a fast talker. Oh yes, he can talk up a good story, but don't invest your time and money in anything he does.

If you hear any of these names – run the other way – whether you are a contractor of telemarketing services or a buyer of advertising: Adam Boroughs and Julie Buroughs aka AMG LLC aka Advertising Marketing Group LLC aka Cap Publishing Co



Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #817422

He moves from state to state. Was in MN for awhile and said he was employed and friends with rich people.

But could not pay for anything including toilet paper. His wife is a nut case. He is divorced and basically left MN to avoid the child support.

Complete low life. If there was a God why did he make this ***.

Have a nice day everyone else.


So True John !!

Investigators are slow and inefficient, in most cases.

Being able to go online and find information about people, before making a bad decision and getting cheated, is certainly a valuable and essential tool to have.

Adam's method of dealing about reports is to deny them, rather than resolve them. Thanks for your input - giving potential victims facts before hand is probably the best we can hope for (however, it's very likely the investigators will catch-up to this crook someday too).


this is so true. does not pay for his many kids and talks of being a millionaire.

plays a story but nothing adds up. both should be in jail. but the courts do nothing.

they have been investigated and stole thousands from people. Yet the investigators cannot figure out the law.

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Unauthorized ticket purchase

My husband purchased $2,000.00 airline tickets in my name behind my back that are NON REFUNDABLE. I did not want to go on his business trip with him and told him so but he did it anyway.

Now I am stuck with the bill ???.

I feel if someone does this behind your back you should not be held accountable for the bill....even if it is your MATE. I am not even sure where I am going.....maybe Paris .....somewhere in Europe....I do know that much. I feel I should be able to cancel the flight without any consequences since I did not even make the reservation in the first place. He lied to me and told me we were going to drive to Nigara Falls and then after he ordered the airline tickets he told me the truth.

I have never been out of the United States and never planned to leave except to maybe drive to Canada which is why I ordered my passport in the first place.. I told him the world was in too much caos to leave. I do not have the money for a vacation. I have no cash or credit to speak of and I am fearful to go to another country without any cash or credit and I do not speak the language.

My husband's trip is busines and his company will pay for his expenses but mine are not covered at all and my husband will not pay for them either. He has a history of abuse and violence and this is just another type of abuse. I would be at his mercy if I go with him but do not feel I should be left holding the bag if I do not go either. He has me over a barrel in all areas of life and he keeps doing things like this to drive me deeper in debt and into the ground.

If it is possible I should be released from this bill/airline expense.

We are scheduled to leave March 21, 2012. Lori Danford


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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Horrible Tattoo!

I chose this tattoo company because of their online presence and the portfolios on their website. When I went in, I was unknowingly given a brand new artist (that I found out later wasn't even on their website, the whole reason I went there!).

I had to ask him three times before he reluctantly told me how long he's been tatooing. His manager stood there the entire time overseeing everything and checking to make sure his machine settings and needle were right. I wish I would have just stopped everything and walked out.

Before the tattoo had started, the artist told me it would be 80 dollars. After it was done he charged me 100. The tattoo itself looks awful. The lettering on my foot looks like someone took a ballpoint pen and wrote in sloppy handwriting.

I went back in the next day after I had really examined it and showed them all the specific mistakes. I spoke to the manager and the artist that I had seen when the tattoo was done. They wouldn't acknowledge the mistakes and said that that was how the stencil was. After asking both of them about five times, neither would just tell me that they had given me a good tattoo. They won't even stand behind their work?

I feel as thought I was scammed into being a practice subject for this new artist. Two years of experience? In my opinion that is not enough. I chose this place based on the artist portfolios they had online, and I was given a totally different artist that had no idea what he was doing. Now I have permanent chicken scrawl on my foot.

I spent 100 dollars for 20 minutes of ballpoint pen writing on my skin. Please don't use this company unless you like regret.

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On jan312 easy finance mr summer called my cell number and said i was approved for 2500 and payment

on jan3 12 easy finance call my cell phone mr summer said i approved for 2500 and said my payments was to pay 140.00 dollars a month so i sunt a western uinon of 150. 00 dollars i never got my 2500 or my 150,00 from from mr summer and i would this was scam i would never sunt my money to him i never heard back about my money i would my money there scammers and to be in jail for stealing people money which is not there they to people they have a desent bone there body if did would not scamming people of there money you fooled me once not again i hope that they get caught for stilling people money find the scammers and put them in jail


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Any company that asks for any payment is a scaming company. Easy financial doesn't ask for any paymets if you are approved. So complaint about payment via westernunion is just bogus and untrue.

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Other Company in Knoxville, Tennessee - Not a complaint!

I bought a product similar to the one you now show on page 428 of your current catalog - 131 pc. ROTARY TOOL KIT. The hand piece lasted about as long as it will to write this note. Where can I find a replacement? You don't show replacement parts in your catalog.

The problem is that bits slide right out of the chuck no matter how much you tighten.

If I can't find new collects for the hand piece, then I need to replace the whole thing, i.e. cable and handpiece assembly.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Dr. Alonzi and her staff are Heartless

My kids used to go see Dr. Mary Alonzi

(Address & Contact Information:

Pediatric Clinic Associates

9365 North Haggerty Road

Plymouth, MI 48170)

And they used to be great. The stopped taking our insurance so we had to stop going there. Apparently their billing person, a woman named Sue, has no idea what she's doing because she didn't bill our insurance correctly more than once. I received a few bills (although they said they had sent me many) and each time I would call my insurance company to try to resolve the situation. Now, about 3-4 years later, I get a call from her staff while I was in the CRITICAL CARE UNIT (AKA ICU) of a hospital because of serious heart problems. I told them that when they called, and they still tried to talk to me about a debt that we have with them. We don't owe them thousands of dollars; we owe them LESS than $300. I called to try to make arrangements to pay it, trying to explain to them everything that has happened: I was in the hospital for over 2 weeks because of my heart problems, because of that my husband was laid off for three weeks and has just finally found a new job. Our checking account is way overdrawn, and we owe all of our bills. We got our COURT SUMMONS (these heartless people didn't even try to call me again after they tried to give me yet another heart attack when they called whilst I was in the hospital) last week, and it's for the beginning of next week. We won't be getting any income for at least 3 weeks. I tried to explain all this to "Sue", who got VERY RUDE AND CONFRONTATIONAL, BASICALLY CALLING ME A DEADBEAT IN SO MANY WORDS, and when I couldn't handle being treated like this any longer I asked to speak with Dr. Alonzi herself, who from what I remember had once had a head on her shoulders and a heart to boot. SHE REFUSED TO LISTEN TO ONE WORD I SAID, INTERRUPTED ME IN MID SENTENCE, EVEN THOUGH I WAS TRYING TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO AVOID COURT, IF I COULDN'T PAY THE SMALL AMOUNT THAT WAS OWED TO HER BEFORE THE COURT DATE THEN "IT WASN'T HER PROBLEM" AND SHE'D SEE ME IN COURT. THEN SHE HUNG UP ON ME. I am not in the practice of not paying people money their owed, but this has been a huge issue with insurance mistakes and then our hard times. Now I am going to do whatever I can to keep her from getting that money. You just can't treat people that way... I'd advise anyone who is trying to find a new pediatrician to STEER EXTREMELY CLEAR OF HER AND HER HEARTLESS OFFICE.


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Garden City, Michigan, United States #702488

WOW so hard to believe! She was my son's pediatrician for 24 years until she quit for some personal reason.

I have nothing but GOOD THINGS to say about her and her office. Debbie her office manager was always awesome too. They were always accommodating. Especially when he was little and had to be admitted to the hospital for croup twice.

We loved her and miss her. I hope she's ok.

Saw her Dr. husband once when he was subbing for her, he was really awesome!

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