Other Company in Calgary, Alberta - Perfectly Happy

Our trip was great! The car rental was waiting for us in Naples and we were

ready to go. We changed up our plans and spent the first 2 days in Rome;

what a city! We then drove south on the Autostrade to Minori, stopping in

Salarno on the way. The Amalfi roads are like being on a race course, many,

many turns and winds never sure what's coming around the next corner, but

once you get use to it it's a blast. Our hotel Villa Romano was very nice.

Tucked in on one of the side roads just minutes from the beach and

surrounded by restaurants, bistros and a variety of shops ready to cater to

all your souvenir needs. The staff were very pleasant and accommodating.

Both breakfasts and dinners offered were quite good. A pleasant area to

explore and take in with some of the most breath taking views and scenery

you can witness in Italy. History abounds every where; churches,%

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Other Company in San Francisco, California - Cable dept. Customer Service

Dead Pan - Mumblers - Out right Liars,

I had a cable box for over 5 yrs but it started turning off and on intermittently

So I called in and got this nibbled that acted like comcast was the last place he wanted to be

and after shoting off surges that failed he said they would have to send out a new box and made an spot.

But I make it sound easy the conversation was 10 mind of *** asking him to speak up. He was rude nasty and frustrating to talk to.

Then the next day the On Demand stopped working so I called to see if it was my box and I found out the Nibbled didn't have an appointment set up for me. He was pissed off at me so if I hadn't called in I would have never gotten it fixes until next week after no show.

So when I called back just now I got some girl that was deadpan mono toned unhappy worker who didn't he'll at all.

Where's there bosses?


Callie Reynolds


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Other Company in Vallejo, California - Motor replacement and Oil drain plug fell out

I had the motor in my sons 91 toyota pickup replaced secondary to a bad rod bearing. Anyway, I go to pick it up at the shop and notice no leaks under the vehicle.

My son and I take it for a quick drive then come back any pay........we're on our way. 24 miles from the shop I get a text, pull over it over heated. He was driving behind me so I pull over and make sure he is ok then head to the next exit so I can go back around and meet him on the freeway. We crawl up under the truck and the oil drain plug is gone, lots of oil under the truck and coolant all under the hood.

I called the shop and got it towed back over there that night; will work out the details the next day. The next morning my call to the shop was met with a surprise.t My radiator was bad and that led to the overheating. I said, "what about no oil in the truck".......... maybe, just maybe......no oil could lead to overheating.

I had one guy tell me the plug and the oil was there until I told him "I stuck my finger in the friggin hole last night on the side of the freeway". The plug.......and the oil suddenly reappeared today. Herein lies the problem; if the overheating is due to oil loss then they would be responsible for the damage to the engine. If it were the radiator, then it's my problem.

I just dropped $2400 on this motor.......you must be kidding me. It was implied that after it overheated......from "the radiator problem"; I got up under the truck and drained the oil right there along the freeway to put the blame on them. The mechanic stated there is "no way that plug can fall out". I hate to tell you but it can happen.

Google "oil drain plug falling out". It happens, it's a bolt and just like any other bolt, with vibration, is has potential to loosen. I'm just amazed they would accuse me of doing something as ridiculous as that. I must have taken it out with my teeth because I didn't have any tools.

We are still working on a resolution. Once the "bad radiator" has been replaced I'm gonna take it to a radiator shop for testing. I'd pretty much bet my left testicle that it will pressure test fine. I'm just hoping we don't have any damage on this new engine.

I'll post on the final shop resolution.

This was in Ranch Cordova, CA . I will keep the shop name anonymous at this time.

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Other Company in Plano, Texas - WORRIED!

I haven't made my purchase YET..and after reading all the negative comments I'm really worried about going ahead with the order. The recliner I sat in was the most comfortable that I had ever sat in (Cody was the name).

The sofa and loveseat (Toledo) was very comfortable as well. I realize all companies, be it furniture, vehicles, computers, etc. there will be complaints, but my goodness this is just crazy. On our first trip to look the sales person told us the furniture was made in the USA, WOW, I was all excited about that...2nd trip, a different sales associate, no not ALL of the furniture is made in the USA, only a select few but did not say which ones.

Ok, so who's telling the truth and who should I believe at this point? Maybe I should think twice about this store.

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Very poor customer service!I bought a watch on line.

I went to will call and was attendes very efficiently.I was sent to the jewelery dept to pick said item up.No one attended me at the jewelery counter.I finally interupted a clerk with my request.I was sent to customer service and they had no clue why I was sent there.A very professional female sears employee took me back to jewelery.Got them awake and I got my watch.I went to another department to have watchband sized but this horrible lady would not help me.went to the manager she told me she could not help me.This store at superstition springs mall in mesa az will never have my business again!

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Download provider Is A Scam and they are Thieves

I tried to pay for a 1.99 trial offer and after I checked out they showed me that I was billed 54.64 ! Do not attempt to purchase software or services from this site ever !

They are thieves and crooks and should be in jail ! I sent an emergency financial email to the customer care center. I received no response. I had to file an affidavit with my bank to get the money back.

Always check reviews and complaints before you checkout on any site!

I was in a hurry and did not do this on this occasion. Pay attention towhere you shop online.




Thank you so much for that.

I will absolutely not use this website for ever and will let my friends know for sure.



How can you report people like this??? There has to be some way to get them shut down!!!! Bull@#%!


OMG I am trying right now to stop trial payment and I can not get through to anyone!!! Im going to cancel my card screw that!!!


Same happened to me. They made "sign up" very tricky and by pressing twice, it "enrolled" me twice and within one day, charged full amount twice.

Getting rid of this membership is somewhat hectic.

A scammer like this company need be punished.


tsk. tsk. why people are sooo freaking *** nowadays?


yea people are so st.upid.. just sayin

London, England, United Kingdom #624428

Thanks for the information on Download Provider. My instinct told me the site was suspicious so I Googled it and found this post.

Lombard, Illinois, United States #655868

Yes, I googled it too, and am thankful I found this site. Thank you for the info

Amarillo, Texas, United States #618183

This site is making money off of my ebook without my permission. They stole it and I need to find a way to stop them.


... paying money for the same service that piratebay offers for free.

you all simply deserve it ;)

its still funny to see, that people get fuck3d up by such an obviously dubious paysite. all startet with tv shopping and snowballsystems in the 50s and it still works to get the "idiots money"... beautiful XD i think i should try something like this my own way, would work well when im see how many people got trapped.

to all idiots: use piratebay

Livonia, Michigan, United States #611910
@youalldeservesit i hope you die a slow agonizing and painfull death from metastatic disease while watching your kids die from sepsis for enjoying other people's misfortune. But you are already probably *** by god you know fat ugly with diabetes and *** up teeth :)
@your doc

Hey it could be worse - he could live in Livonia!


I am trying to get the paid services of Starzmoviez.com again but everytime I try to log in and pay, downlaodprovider.me pops up as teh website handler, be it on ipad or android phone, was my computer hijacked (even if I have just freshly issntalled Win8Pro) or it has something to do with my internet service provider or my router,,

Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, United States #591029

Same happened to me. I got an answer while in the trial period from "support" and they told me they were cancelling it as I had requested.

Today I checked my account to make sure and guess what?

I was still billed $69.95. I'm pissed and I don't know what to do!


I was scammed by this place as well. I learned my lesson.


I agree that they are a scam, same thing happened 2 me, so pissed.. Arrrgggghhh


Same thing happened with me. download provider stole $69.95 from my credit card without my consent.

I immediately inform the bank for this matter.

now card is blocked for my security reason. complaint letter given for recovery.


Same thing happen with me. download provider stole $69.95 from my credit card without my consent.

I immediately inform the bank for this matter.

now card is blocked for my security reason. complaint letter given for recovery.


I agree that they are a scam. I paid the $1.99 "trial membership" before realizing shortly afterward that they were a scam.

I immediately canceled my subscription, which would have incurred a full charge automatically after a couple of days. If enough people pay the $1.99 without pursuing a refund, it could still add up.

Gaborone, South-East, Botswana #684556

i have already paid the 1.99 USD but when i saw your posts i immediately cancelled the subscripition and am I safe now?



well guys I am in this party too. Same thing, the free trial was paid and boom suddenly charged for something that is useless $69.95.

Guess what??? the manual I was looking for was in russian??? WTF???? So far I have my CC blocked and if I can not get the money back probably will have to cancel it.

This site will rip your money off. Do not buy a single thing from DownloadProvider.me or getsupportsite.com


It says in their terms and conditions that after the 3 day trial of $1.99 they automatically charge in full for a 1 yr subscription. Gotta read the fine print!


uggggggghhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt

FFFFUUUUUUCCCC I kept thinking I should google their *** before I submit. I read everything, and copy pasted it into a file so I could have every number and site associated with canceling after I downloaded this ONE FREAKING MOVIE that I can't find ANYWHERE.

may each one ROT IN THE HOTTEST DIVISION OF *** (God forgive me) AAARRRGGGHHHH. it's on $1.99 so far

Parksville, British Columbia, Canada #617153
@KH I stay away from dubious sites, but was asked to look around for this DVD that we were willing to pay for but couldn't find. This site had it so I agreed to $1.99 trial, then two days later I receive an email where I'm charged another $70.14 Canadian.

I;m just so pissed at myself for being so ***.

What a scam. :(

I have blocked my card after reading this review. These people should be in jail.


I got sucked in to. I used a credit card but the bank still requires a written request and waits for a response from the "service provider" before the stop payment is enforced


I hope you are not saying you gave someone on the internet the ability to debit money from your banque account. Always use a credit card online.

Never a debit card or give them your banque acct.

number. very dangerous to do so.

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Janet, Phychic Reader, Laguna Beach, California

Janet conned thousands of dollars out of me many years ago. People go to her seeking advice and believe what she says, but unfortunately much of what she says is not true.

Chances are, if you have seen her, she has told you about some darkness she has seen in her meditations that surrounds you. She will have told you, God revealed to her, she was the one chosen to help you resolve the issue in your life. The scam will take many forms from this point on, as she test the waters to see how far you will go: Perhaps see will ask you to bring her three leaves, or three rocks, or a piece of jewelery. It does not matter what it really is, but she whats to know how much control she can exert over you.

Everytime you comply with her requests, you signal your dependance on her. At some point she will tell you that GOD revealed to her that you needed to buy a crystal to help her pull the darkness from you during her meditations. She will refer to the crystal as a "Spiritual Sponge". She will most likely show you a crystal and offer to sell it to you.

Depending on how she has sized you up, that crystal will cost you about four hundred to maybe a thousand dollars. She may say latter that GOD revealed to her that you were to give the crystal back to her to cleanse and discard. Latter she will sell it again, and again, and again... If you got away with just buying a crystal, consider yourself lucky.

I hope no one has experienced anything worse than this, but I know a lot about her, and I know she has victimized thousands of people, some for little money, others for very big..

It's all a scam and she weave a lot of stories, but thing are catching up to her now. Call the Police and tell them your story.


1 comment


This is the exact thing she did to me! Exactly!!

She sent me to buy a crystal at a shop downtown, and then I had to give it to her for her meditations. I'm sure that shop was owned by other family members. I remember some of the large stones that where in that shop and noticed when they ended up at Janets shop for sale.

It was all a big scam and was going on for years. The City knew about it!

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Other Company in Soquel, California - NEVER, NEVER take a pet you love

Ok so I was looking for a deal. So I checked out the website and saw the first visit was FREE.

I really needed to take my 8 month old Boxer puppy to a vet but I didn't have a lot of money. So I took my little man there to get his skin under his front leg checked out, it had an extreme rash, The vet wanted to run some tests and check for mites, ringworm, and fugues. Charged an arm and a leg, test came back negative, was told I needed to come back and re test.

Are you kidding me. I could go on and on but word count is max out.

Soquel, California
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Other Company in Peachtree City, Georgia - Allow money to sit in a closed account without notification.

MUST READ! Poor customer service.

I had an account in my name then transferred it to my mother's name because I moved out of the house, although I still assist my mom with her bills. While constructing on-line banking, I posted $70.00 to the wrong account as it was closed. They never informed me by letter that the money was sitting in a closed account for a month. I discovered it when my mom received a pink notice that her account was past due.

When I called to explain that they had the money, but it was in the closed account, they refuse to transfer the money and told my mother that if she did not pay last month and this month's bill, the service would be interrupted. I explained again that the customer service rep verified that the $70.00 was sitting in their closed account. They did not notify me or return the money by check - they allowed it to sit there for 4 weeks in Jan. without saying anything.

If the account was closed what type of system do they have that allowed it to accept the money to the account without notifying the customer. They noted that I had to request a refund check which will take 3 weeks to receive. I called 5 times and they only agreed to extend the payment period by 5 days. It is now Mar.


We had to pay the late month and fee and I still do not have my refund check! Very Poor Customer Service!

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Other Company in Jacksonville, Florida - Called after their scheduled appointment to say their not coming

I was informed to call 24 hrs prior if I needed to reschedule .but I cannot receive the same courtesy .I was called 15 minutes after my scheduled appointment only to be told that they weren't coming .not only did I not get the same courtesy I was informed to give but I also missed half a day of work and on top of that I had to pay a baby sitter to care for my kids while I sit and wait like an *** for someone who didn't have the decency to call me in advance to reschedule .I am very dissatisfied with their first impression and will never even consider empire for any future work .dear consumer be weirry with this one cause they are not one to stand behind their word .good luck

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