Other Company in Ciudad De Mexico, Capital District - You own me 9.99 check from the scratchers

you supost to send me a check 9.99 to i have won in the old scrastchers i never recibed the check and now you send a prize for the fast trak 14.00 dlls and tell me to i have to pay 99 cents for one month of that suscripcion you own me gave me the free suscription to fast track for ome month and we be idem i ask you why i never recived my check if that is whith a small amount when i recive a big price you are not going to honored check please ok

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Other Company in Burton, Texas - The coffee filters to the $200. brewwer you sold me where do we go to buy them now ?

you sell bunn coffee brewwers but no longer sell the correct filters to fit them just give me a phone number where or competer where we can still purchase plenty of boxes for the thing it makes coffee great but only if you have the "large filters required " small ones like you now sell I could get any where . maybe who ever now does that purchasing area didn't look at what your cousomers would need for the item you currently still sell ?

Bunn VPR series sold @ your southaven mississippi store and Memphis Tn.area stores. I would think most places would use the large filters why would you go to small pot filters only?

Burton, Texas
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Other Company in Guayama, Puerto Rico - Very rude security personell

At formosa plastics in point comfort, tx.

They have private security that are very rude and treat us drivers that pick up and deliver

At this plant the formosa employs are very well trained and are not

Confrontaional as the rent a cops are if we complain to formosa they

Turn it over to the security company and when they get our name and

Company name they will do ever thing they can to have us banned

From formosa property even though we have not violated any company

Policy the security get up in our trucks because they are so scaired

we might have a pet in our truck but the people coming into the plant

In cars are not searched

Guayama, Puerto Rico
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I rented a vehicle through my car ins/dealership. The cup holders were absolutely filthy.

Sticky. Also they didnt recheck the vehicle BEFORE u they rerented it. I forgot my garage door opener inside which they would've found if tbey would've just checked the vehicle before wanting more money in their pocket. I am disappointed in my service.

I went to the office to look for my remote. I seen their version if 'goodI customer service'. THERE WERE 30 REMOTES LEFT BEHIND IN OTHER VEHICLES! !

how is this company still open?

It took 7 days with me calling twice each and every day before I finally got it back. THIS company IS LOCATED ON M59 IN STERLING HEIGHTS MI.

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Other Company in Sentul, Wilayah Persekutuan - Unable to pay and be a gold member / previlage member thru' credit card

I have tried many times being a gold member and have filled in details of my credit card, but unfortunately it show error, this is making me feel very bad and feel i am loosing time in making friends online.. Also as a silver member unable to send any emails, I thought this was possible....

Unable to solve.. How fast could you solve this issue, Pl assist and send me a detailed email on pah21@rediffmail.com so as to be your previlage member soonest.

I am sure someone would attend to this urgently and solve it within next few hours... Regards

Sentul, Wilayah Persekutuan
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Other Company in Portland, Oregon - Poor driver

You have the ***-poorest delivery drivers around, second only to loggers. Don' the traffic laws apply to you guys.

Yesterday on the 205 Southbound in the early afternoon was being "chased" through the 55 mph zone at 60 mph with driver number 5121 about 20 feet off my bumper with the normal merging all around us constantly. Your driver would not create a gap. I know it was Friday and we all want to get home, but this was ridiculous and unsafe. The thing that set me completely off was that after about 4 miles of this he got over into the right lane (of this 3-lane highway by the way) and "finally slowed down (or had to)" only to get off at exit 12.

This is the first time I've ever formally complained about this type of action, he's definitely not a minority in theses actions, but I am absolutely fed up with this type of driving and vow to start doing something about it as if CSA points aren't enough.

I firmly believe that the roadways hold the key to ending ANY states budget crises via the issuance of more citations. I believe the trailer number was 561.

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Other Company in Newark, Delaware - I have 13,000 vouchers, & can't use them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They never sent me about 15 items I won ,plus I have about 13,000 vouchers that I paid for and I can't even get on there site to use them,like it would do any good.

I bid on so many vouchers to build up a lot so if anything worth bidding on came up I would have a chance to win maybe, because everybody else was bidding on it also.

The last time I was on the site was about 6 weeks ago, there wasn't anything but JUNK and not much of that!!!!!

I haven't been able to even get on there site for the 6 weeks I mentioned. I've been taken for a lot of money, and I'm PISSED OFF.

Is there anyone out there have any idea how to get in touch with them????????????????????????????


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Other Company in Syracuse, New York - Hygentist Customer Service Skills

I went in for a routine cleaning as a new patient in Dewitt, NY. I have never experienced so much pain.

It hurt worst than getting periodontal work. The hygentist used an ultrasonic device which normally doesnt bother me. However, this particular time, she kept hitting what I believe to be as exposed nerves repeatidly. I had full streams of tears rolling down my face.

Not a word from the hygentist. As if that wasnt bad enough, I kept turning my head away from her to get her to stop but she kept digging in. I had ahold of the arms of the chair and used them to lift myself out of the chair and pull away from her. I got her attention finally but was told, can you scoot back down in the chair and turn your head this way?

Obviously there is something going on with my teeth but isnt it the hygentist job to report such issues and evaluate the situation from there? How about talk to me about why I was so uncomfortable? NOT A WORD!!! I was left with fluoride costs 17.00, do you want it?

This hygentist needs a crash course in customer service skills and how to handle patients!!!

I cancelled my family's appointments. This office will NEVER see another dime from my pocket!

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - F.A.G. Staff deleting entries! :(

I just received a nasty email from some character stating I had "No right or permission" to enter his mother on find a grave. He said he told the funeral home not to print her name and they did and I saw it and added it to find a grave.

So here's the rub...before I had a chance to take a look at it someone in the f.a.g. office had already deleted it. First, that was really quick of them, secondly, rarely (if at all) do I ever get a response via email and thirdly, why are they deleting people we have entered if this is "public knowledge?" No laws have been broken here other than the first amendment.

Hey, I'm sorry if the people at the funeral home are morons. Next time find a better mortuary.

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Other Company in Vancouver, British Columbia - THE MOST HORRIBLE HAIRCUT......EVER!!!!!!

A hair salon in Chase, British Columbia - on Main Street - Off The Top - the hairdresser never went to school to learn this trade - yet she let me sit in her chair - promising to give me a nice *** haircut. My hair was very long - and had obviously been in a *** cut prior to this appointment.

She not only ruined my hair, but tried to defend herself. I went to another Salon 3 days later, here in Chase - and my hair looks amazing and 3 - yes 3 professional hairdressers were disgusted with what this woman had done to my hair. She should not be in businesss.......

p.s. I went to her and demanded my money back - and got it!!!!!

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