Other Company in Pilot Rock, Oregon - Government Communication Programs

War Games: Pendleton Oregon, Blocking of communication, sometimes I get lucky and write comments to let people know, Proof yes I have lots of that. Whats happening not sure but not looking to good in my books.

Can I get out on my straighttalk privacy phone that is suppose to be so secure? ha NO, continuing to block all my calls, who? well it's not me doing it. The internet..the same way.

Boy if someone ever wanted to write a huge story just come to pendleton Oregon and you sure will find one. To bad I couldnt call someone!

Pilot Rock, Oregon
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Other Company in Cape Town, Western Cape - Nothing

i cannot download the programme. my main office pd pack up while downloading and now i cannot download the programme to my laptop.

please advise.

i know that the programme can only be loaded to one pc but i am stuck with the programmme and cannot use it now seeing that my main pc crashed while downloading the programme.please can i download thje programme on my laptop.if i buy a new main pc i will download another progamme from you.

i just do not want to loose all the money i paid for this programme.please advise urgently what i can do. i do have a key already.

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Other Company in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei And Muara - Solar led light

i try to buy solar led light from some website... my items never come... they only answer my email for awhile then when it reach its maximum days of arrival.. they stop replying.... can you all help me... what is the best solution... where to buy from trusted seller??

it really pissed me off... i see so many selling it at cheap rate.. but it never come... my friends suggest it to find the seller without free shipping... but its the same also......

here in my country.. its hard to find solar product... im trying to save energy here.. tq

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei And Muara
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Other Company in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Violation of bankruptcy

I file chapter 7 bankruptcy was DISCHARGE from the debt of my mortgage did not reafirm the dept but stayed in home as renters . six months later specilized loan serviceing contact me by mail and said they were the serviceing company for Amercian home mortgage and they could do a loan modification for me keep in mind this debt was DISCHARGE in chapter 7 bankruptcy this was not legal I paid hoa fees home insurence city taxes county taxes they reported to all three credit reporting agents. they have removed it from my credit now I am waiting for them to refund all funds paid because renter dont pay hoa fees nor do they pay city county taxes and home owners insurance on the house they rent

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Other Company in Spotsylvania, Virginia - Credit degrading policy

Your company and thier policy of holding my loan payment issued from my bank for more than four weeks and then reporting to the credit agencies that my payment was late caused my credit score to drop dematically. This pracitice is illegal and I am filling complants with every agency I can find.

If I have my way your company will not be allowed to continue to do business in the state of Florida. Hopefully not at all..I am looking for a way to discredit your claims and help to restore my credit accordingly. At this time I am trying to dig out of the hole YOUR company put my and my family in. These are hard times and a credit score is everything to a youg couple trying to get started with life.

You are the worst finacial company I have ever had the displeasre of being conected with. S/Y Eric Johnson

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Other Company in Columbia, South Carolina - Lied.......

tried to make a payment with a specialist its my moms account so they need verification verbally to ok the transaction so i ask them to call her on three way which they did last month n the woman says we are not able to make out going calls lying *** if they want my money they need to work with me and make the call i asked nicely but they kept giving me the run around if u got the account number and the social of the account holder and u are paying with ur debit card whats the problem.....

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On The Warpath

I just recently gave my son money to purchase a used car. He ended up buying one but after trying to get it registered and licensed, we learned that the car was a Salvaged Vehicle and, therefore, they refused to register it or license it until followup paperwork was filled out and returned to the State.

After getting the vehicle, my son then learned that not only did the guy lie to him about repairs and what the car had actually been through, he also lied on the title by giving a wrong address for the auto sales location. My son had found the car on Craigslist and met the guy offisight to obtain this vehicle but supposedly he was selling it through "Jamal Auto Sales, Sellersburg, IN", which doesn't exist there.

After doing some searching online, I have discovered that various other people across other states have also been made victims under this same so called dealership name. My son is learning a hard lesson from this, and I am determined to try my best to keep others from becoming victims to this obviously bogus setup!


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Hopefully your son isn't the only one learning a lesson. Ultimately this issue leads back to the advice his parents once gave him about buying a used car. If you gave him any at all.

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Jedi Knight Ethan

All this person does is go on numerous complaints and say hateful things about the people complaining. Report her if you see her on your complaint. I thought it was just me, but she is making a career out of it.

She must not have enough to do, I don't know. You will more than likely see it on any complaints that have anything to do with children.

How can someone filled with so much hate say they have anything to do with kids. I don't get it. She gets really offensive every time she responds to anyone. What a goal!!




You are supposed to be a teacher, and you are resulting to making posts about other members because you dislike their opinions. No matter they fired you.


"Ethan" is just a fat troll that has no life it's funny to read complaints and to see this fat nerd everywhere! LOL SUCH A FAT LOSER


no one is asking you


hayley just seems like a little b**ch if you sk me.

Jedi Knight Ethan

I see you are still at it. That he she is not a typo. You called me she from the start.


Glad to see you are doing well Ethan. I did put she instead he.

I admit I was wrong. I don't think that makes me a ***. I think it makes me typing faster than I should be. Plus, I bet hardly anyone uses their real name on here.

I have a girl that is called Ethan in my class.

Guess the parents thought it was a good idea. My name isn't actually Hayley.


Actually Ethan is not my real name. My real name starts with "w" but still Big Bruce has a point.


Any person who thinks that Ethan is a ladies name is a M0R0N at best.


Oh now I remember you, we made up our argument a long time ago.


Most likely I posted a hateful comment because you are acting like a spoiled brat because you wanted a business to bend the rules for you. Also dummy I am a he not a she.


This person is still at it. Got a new hateful comment today!

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Other Company in Raleigh, North Carolina - Coming back to school

my name is April Bullock my student number is ac0507530 and i have been trying to come back to school, i have a balance due and i am upset that i am not given the option to pay off the debt while continuing my studies, instead they want me to pay off debt first then come back i think that is foolish at least the school would be getting payments and i would have a chance to continue my studies i dont have the amount do but i offered to make payments if i was allowed to continue my studies

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Other Company in New York, New York - Identity Fishing?

I have been called 3 times on 03/23, and when I called back the person asked me my full name and phone number, but he could not find any matching records in his database, so he asked me my social security number, which I did not provide.

The contact also could not explain why they were calling people, and refused to give his name once I said that I need his name to report the number into police.

I suspect (but cannot prove yet) that this number is used for fishing of private identifiable information (PII) and using that PII for scams.o add on to it if you create an account during the submission process.

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