Other Company - Goods

in last year I order good for this company today is march 2019 still no packets the money was take for y account no respond the what up that I send so I failed to another because sum people horned me about wish check end let me how about my goods


cn smth

Reason of review
Order processing issue
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Other Company - No refund received for my returned junk shoes

Purchased in Oct. 2018 - cheap cardboard shoes - returned via UPS - they stalled & stalled - heard nothing - kept emailing them - first they said send a picture of shoes????

Soo I did - then UPS tracking # - which I did with special date they were received at Hannibal Mo which was the address they directed on their site. Send countless e-mails when heard nothing - finally I got 2 e-mails saying my refund was processed - but I never received it - since then they do not answer my emails.

They owe me 39.95 - I want to know where it went - I doubt they ever refunded it

What other recourse do I have?

Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Full refund
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Other Company - Received two great WALKIE TALKIES but no instructions as to how to connect to repeaters or satellites as shown in the ad for this product. Please show me how to access repeaters and get "6000 Mile Ran

Need information on how to access repeaters or satellites as shown in the ad that shows up to 6000 mile range.

Please help!

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Other Company - They can not post correctly in old passbooks

It’s not March 2019 & 7 months after their computer conversation in August 2018. I may be old school by still having 2 passbook accounts dating back to the 1970's.

Several times at different branches they posted a balance in 2 separate books incorrectly. I mean thousands off the real #. 2 weeks ago, I was told that's because Sterling never had passbooks.

That's no excuse!! As this bank can't do basic adding & subtracting my confidence in them is very low & I'm moving all my accounts out & as I'm POA for 2 others, I'm doing the same for all their accounts.

Reason of review
Poor customer service
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Signed up for the 7 days they advertised $1.00 get my bank statement myeline took out not only the $1.00 but $18.95. This was my first time using one of these.

There have got to be a more honest and moral company than this. Can not get in touch with them by telephone.

The waiting number are so high like you are the 46 caller or in the 50's they know most people can not sit and wait to talk to someone that long.

If I DO.

NOT get back my $18.95 back will be calling my State Attorney General plus starting a Class Action Suite against these FRAUDS!!! I they did you the same way call your State Attorney General and file a complaint against them that's the only way to stop this Fraud in America, that and filing a Class Action Suite these lawyers will take your case for a %.

Reason of review
Problems with payment
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Other Company - Horrible idea to get clothes

They just take your money... ITS A SCAM

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Other Company - Fake account in my name by hackers

I was just browsing and received a pop up message in Spanish (or Portuguese-not sure which) but I have never made an account on here, and it's just another example of these bad actors stealing my account and infiltrating my life in every way imaginable.

The message said that I just made a comment!

Kind of hard to do when I'm looking at another page. And I don't speak Speak Spanish, or Portuguese, but these hackers apparently do.

I don't even know what the comment was about; the pop-up was gone before I could take a screenshot but I'm not sure how they did it and would like to know. So would the Gov Authorities.

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Other Company - No experience

Dear team it was by mistake plz refund my money as well.

Reason of review
Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy
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Other Company - Stolen credit card information

I placed an order from a restaurant just around the corner and was told that delivery was free. Then when I got to check out it said 5.99 for delivery.

They had my card number which I did not provide. I asked about all this and was told that I did provide the number and that no delivery fee was being charged and none was showing up on my checkout bill. NOT TRUE.

I won't deal with a company that lies to me. BEWARE !!!

Reason of review
Pricing issue
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Other Company - Billy Blanks Jr.

I just want to say how touched I was with Damond John and the fact that he went backstage to meet with him and his wife after he turned down the great deal that both Damond and Mark made with him. It meant alot that he cared so much that he didn't let Billy, Jr., leave without speaking to him again.

I think you guys are awesome and a special thanks to Damond for his kindness and support for Billy Blanks. Jr.

I am not a pissed customer but this is the only way I was able to say what I wanted to say to Damond John.

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