Other Company in Springfield, Massachusetts - The Biggest rip off ever

I joined this company in 2009, I had learned of them a couple of years prior but did not join because I thought the start-up cost was too pricey. As time passed I came across them again through a follow up e-mail sent to me. Again I contemplated but this time I thought that it might be worth the investment so I went through the process with high hopes for months, waiting for results.

The concept and training is all well placed to keep you paying the $99 monthly membership fee, along with all the promises of good fortune dangling before you as they present you with more and more products and systems you need to add in order to get the real money.

jeffery lant is good at one thing, and I call him jeffery because I have no respect for the man to call him Dr. after the way he treated me and a whole lot of other unfortunate people that got involved with worldprofit. To me jeffery lant is a bitter ole man with a "proclaimed" degree that thinks he can bully his way around this business. Telling it like it is one thing but to be as rude as this man, is unacceptable. Don't believe me, listen in on one of his live calls, but he's good at one thing and that's "selling the idea" and true most of this stuff works if you work it, but what doesn't? The products he and george push you can setup yourself and not at the cost of being in this program.

His webmaster george kosch derives all of this stuff, the gadgets, the automation, and push button systems which are undoubtedly george's programs (that he bought online, sells to the member, and he gets the proceeds from the monthly cost of the system the member pays which is presented to entice, because they are told it will "enhance their profits") but you can get it yourself and not for the cost of being in this program. So as long as your paying into the other products, your paying george kosch.

I stayed with worldprofit for 11 months, doing the basics and some of the advanced stuff, and the training, nothing was working and the advice they give you is keep doing more. If you have a problem with using any of the methods they recommend you are in that boat by yourself because george will quickly claim they do not have support in place to assist you. That was the end of my stay with worldprofit.

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Other Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Rewards card a farce

Last month I received a rewards card for ten dollars. I went to buy something and did not have my card.After a year of spending a lot of money, I was told I could not use my ten because my name was not on the charge, even though I paid every bill.

The card was in my husbands name and to bring him with me. Again I received another ten dollar rewards and could not use it.I did not have the credit card with me but I did have my husband and my bill with a zero balance and my reward card. I have lost 20.00 in reward cards after paying my bill in full and on time for a year. I would like a twenty dollar gift card to replace the reward cards that were wasted.

If I do not get them you have lost a customer for both stores. Thank you, William and Linda

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Mariachi Sangre Mexicana de Manuel Vargas Alcaraz

Played in San Antonio under the band name of Sangre Mexicana in the late 2007-2011 and word has it that he relocated to California. Manuel Vargaz Alcaraz booked events in late 2011 knowing he had plans to relocate and left people stuck without Mariachi's for their events.

This was fraud at its best and legal action is being pursued thru the Texas court system. He would not accept calls and at the last minute tried to substitute other bands to attend at his comittments. Unfortunitely folks had to make other plans for their events and wound up paying double.

His wife Veronica is also a key party to his wrongful acts. CANNOT BE TRUSTED - BEWARE.

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Other Company in Nebraska City, Nebraska - I WANT MY SIGHT I ODERED THAT WAS IN STOCK

I ordered a red dot sight that was in stock then they text me.. that i'm going to have to wait 2weeks for it from a back order log and when i call bach i can't speak to anyone...



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what company are you complaining about? I would like to know so I don't order a sight for my AR15 from them.

Nebraska City, Nebraska
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CCMG credit card marketing services????

I may have been scammed. Hoping someone on this site can help.

I got a call from Card Services saying they are contacting people who have good credit with a lot of outstanding debt to help lower their interest rates. At first I'm told its a free service provided by the credit card companies and I can have all my cards changed to zero interest for a year. After that they can have all at a single digit interest rate. Sounds great to me!

In the end I get slapped for $1500 fee, which they say is re-couped by the savings in interest, but they guarantee I will save at least 2500 or get a full refund. I'm supposed to get a packet in the mail within 7 days and fill it out. I never got anything and I've left messages because when I call their computers are conveniently down. I got no responses to emails.

They told me I could access info on line at www.liveforsuccesstoday.com When I checked this company (CCMG) on the BBB, it shows they are in FL but there is no info on them. Anyone know anything about these people? Should I just call the credit card company to dispute the charge for me, saying I never received anything?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Feeling really ***, but was being an optomist that could help me get out of debt sooner than 30 years.


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I believe I was scammed by a credit card service offering to lower my intrest rate on my credit cards co was calle live for success today trying to figure out the best thing to do

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Other Company in Asheville, North Carolina - Corp office are rip offs.....centeral transport sucks

i am a service company that bent over backwards to stop a very bad water problem on there dock in asheville north carolina. all the managers say just do the job and your money will be there no problem.

well to my surprise in trusting the corprate rip offs and killing the small businesses my not paying there bills in a timely manor. sent to collection and they come back with a offer.. i would say to all fellow businesses that may service any of there terminals not to. you wont get your money or they make a offer on how much to pay.

besides that when you call to talk to somebody they put you on hold all day i tied two lines up to talk to john dickerson for 7 hours. hhhhmmmmm busy man.

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Other Company in Richardson, Texas - Fitting electric oven caused explosion and fire

unqualified delivery men incorrectly wired the oven ,blowing up adjacent microwave and its new replacement. our electrician rewired and stated a miracle the house was not destroyed by fire.

hhgregg ignores complaint.Buyers beware .the oven was purchased at fortlauderdale branch in floridamodel ge 5.2 on9/25/11.total spent 3561$ that day on xtra items.

pictures taken of old and new wiring and electrians report all sent to hhgregg recent promiss to deal with my claim not kept in spite of reminder. only claimng for 1 new microwave and electricans costs apprx 300$ but ignored.considoring small claims court .only option.

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Other Company in Boston, Massachusetts - I purchased a $50 account on my cell phone and myson never got to call me on that number

I purchased a $50 account on my cell phone and myson never got to call me on that number

Now I don't know what's goint on but my son should either be able to call me collect on my cell phone or i should receive my money back via a credit to my debit card. It has been 3 weeks and I have heard absolutely nothing from anybody why is that.So if you could that is if your not to busy please, please, please respond back to me as soon as possible.


Thanks very much


Kimberly Thomas

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Terrible customer service, overpriced unnecessary services

Recently moved to the area and went to Dr. Mark F Olson for dentistry.

At first the staff couldn't be more accomodating. When the Dr. was done the "recommended procdures" were over the top, unnecessary and needless to say he was wanting to charge a small fortune! After getting a second opion with our old dentist he confirmed the Dr.

was ridiculous! Since then Tawni, office manager has been unresponsive, told us time and time again she was sending our files, only to find she never did. Several months later, still waiting!

Horrible customer service, lying and awful! BEWARE!



Peachtree City, Georgia, United States #754813

I agree...as long as you agree to all services they advise of and don't make any issues for this office they will provide great customer service..but as soon as you have a problem with their work or want to change dentists watch out!Its only a matter of time...word of mouth is a beautiful thing. Other dentists are fixing the work done here mine already knew.

Tawni refused 2 send my records as well very unprofessional!!

San Francisco, California, United States #706600

Wish what the Dr. replied was true.

Had nothing to do with insurance. Dr said my son had 14 cavities, had both his old dentist and his new dentist in Rocklin look at it and both found Dr Olson's findings ridiculous.

Olson is a smooth talking scammer! So glad I found a dentist I could trust at Roclin Dental.

Roseville, California, United States #706569

This is Dr. Olson and I'd like to directly address your comments regarding our dental practices.

Your insurance did not reimburse our office at the amount they said they would when we provided you with an estimate based on information given to us by them.

We accept assignment of benefits as a courtesy to you but are never responsible for the actions of your insurance company. I suggest you redirect your anger towards them for over promising and under delivering.


Do not be influenced by this review. I have had a lifetime of horrible dental experiences until I met Dr.

Olson and his team. Not only was the dental work the most painless of all the work I have ever had, but the doctor himself spent more time with me educating me about my options and helping me to decide what actions to take to finally get my mouth healthy

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Other Company in San Diego, California - Want my money back!!!!!

I bought tickets ($200 worth) and i did not relise that it was 21 and up so i called to cancel my tickets and they said my money would be back in my account in 3-7 days. Here we are 3 weeks to a month later and STILL NO MONEY!!!!

I am moving and I need every penny right now... expecially of my OWN money. Called and left plenty of messages but STILL have not recieved a call back. it would be lovely to actualy talk to someone!!!

Im one pissed girl!!!! I just want my hard earned money back...

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