I have been waititng 3 months for my taxes and still don't have them

i was supposed to have them in 7 to 13 days, it cost me 500 and some dollors out of my return, and its been 3 months, and its still processing in the irs, I AM PISSED, and will not be coming back, i have come to jackson and hewit for years, this is the secound time in recent years that my taxes took so long long no one will help me find out whats taking so long,i had to re send a w2 to the irs all the lady did was copy it on a piece of paper and give it back to me to mail and said it would take another 6 to 8 weeks, and its ridulous


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I did my tax in jan and still nothing

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Other Company in Livingston, New Jersey - To return dead plants cost more than new ones 40% dead

Ordered 5 grapes 2 were dead and they wanted more to ship replacements than new ones cost. Should have known by the way they answered the phone, this place was a ripoff.

Du not order from them, unless you want to end up getting ripped- ---- off. Their warrant did not fully explain what is required to get dead on arrival plants replaced. The dead plants never did show any signs of life. Read other reviews and you will not order from this company.

I did not and will not ever order from this company. Check with the better business board reviews.

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In defense of all people working in customer service

If those of us who work in Customer service were to post those things which were rude or wrong that customers do to us every day we would be so busy writing we would not have time to go to work any more.being a customer does not excuse you from showing common curtosy.And although many of you seem to think so, you are seldom there alone and not always first in line. Maybe the problem lies not with the people working and more with how these people are treated by you the customer each and every day. Thank you




To bad all the people on here won't even pay attention to what you're saying here, they will continue to treat us like s**t anyway.


I have to agree, 28 years of retail management for me, and it never fails.

I dont control any of the product in my store, the price, the quailty, nothing.

Yet we get blamed for it and most customers bring the attitude with them.

Please stop and think before you snap at us. I will help any customer that I can within my means.

Its the being pissed off at us, its not my fault, yes I work for the company and sell their product. So remember be nice and explain whats wrong not yell, it works alot better...

Because one day you might be on the other side of the fence when I come to you with a complaint....

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Beware! DENSON HUDGENS Lawsuit being filed for libel, defamation Internet

Denson Hudgens has been very bad and become a piece of *** crook who was arrested multiple times. He doesn't like his public records showing online so he decided to list random people and accuse them of participating in what he calls blackmail or extortion, regardless of the fact that no one is extorting or blackmailing his sorry ***.

His actions aren't borderline legal, they flat out illegal and now we'll make him pay for it. A massive lawsuit with multiple plaintiffs is being prepared and will be soon be filed in Atlanta GA and FL.

If you wish to join this lawsuit visit www.DensonHudgens.com for more information. See http://www.ripoffreport.com/computer-fraud/denson-hudgens/denson-hudgens-lawsuit-being-f40f8.htm for more details.


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Florida Statutes § 540.08 - Unauthorized publication of name or likeness

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Complete Rip Off

I took my truck for the regular 99.99 special that they advertise and ended up paying 874 dollars on a bunch of stuff they say I needed, plus my truck didn't drive any better, a few months later I get on the express way and my wheel almost falls completely off and the want to charge me another 400 to repair what they were already suppose to have done. Do your self a favor and never go there for anything related to your car. This place is only a money pit this place was a total disappointment, take you to my words


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Who is they?

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Other Company in Oneonta, New York - Hiring

So I got a phone from the hiring staff at Home depot....after the phone call they set me up for an interview at the Oneonta NY store... My interview was on March 30 2012 at 8:30 in the morning...I went in to the interview very excited and had no problems answering the questions that were asked of me...After everything was done Kris the manager of the store told me I was hired and he told me it was for seasonal for the garden center.

Had me sign papers for them to run a background check and drug screen. He had me go into Rodney the HR person so he could set up the appointment for the drug test which happen to fall at 9:30 that same day so after all of the paper work was done; He processed to tell me that the drug screen might take a week to get the results back and then they will call me to set up my schedule and start the hiring paper work… So I waited for a week and a half which happens to be Wednesday April 11, 2012 I called to see what was going on with the hiring process because I haven't heard from them. I spoke with Rodney the HR person and he pulled up my background result and drug test result and told me they came back ok but they hired someone for my position and they have not enough hours for me to be hired, then he says do you want us to hold on to your application because we might need someone on memorial day weekend….first of all what are they going to do throw me right out on the floor for a weekend that is a bit bazar.. So I declined.

The thing is the week of Easter my kids had off from school and we planned a trip for that week, we did not go so I could get the call I was waiting for because they told me they would call me… I had to call them good thing I did cause I would have been waiting around forever...

they have a sign on the window saying now hiring but they aren't ….It all seems a bit bazar to me I signed a background result in thinking I got the job not just so anyone could check into my background…I feel like I was tricked into having my background a personal information given to someone I didn't even know…It is a invasion of privacy to tell someone they have a job and run they back ground check on them and the test come back normal and you don't hire them…as of today 4/12/2012 they still have the sign up now hiring and they have no hours to hire people WTF?

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Other Company in Overland Park, Kansas - Approved for a loan

my husband and i were approved for a loan took a saturday afternoon off of work to drive 45 minutes to get our check and sign the papers we got there after 20 minutes of sitting in a room alone the guy comes in tells us he cant help us because my husband gets paid milage and stops not hourly... WHAT A JOKE after i had spent all week faxing him the proofs he should he noticed that before we drove out there and missed work. if you ask me its descrimination how can you not give us the fund because of the way my husband gets paid i dont understand

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Relates to Billing

All I'd like to do is stop the current charges/billing under my email address KIMIAN73@YAHOO.COM and the user name RDarbit. I plan on signing up using another user name.

Also, why isn't there a direct email for a question or a comment? I use a lot of sites and this site is extremely difficult to communicate with. I hope I don't have to cancel my credit card to stop the billing. I'd also appreciate a response to let me know that this has been taken care of.

Thanks very much in advance fot your attention to this and your assistance.

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Was great

Great service from the beginning. We found the leather sofas that we wanted at a much better price than anywhere else, even sale prices.

All of our detailed questions were answered quickly and effectively by online sales reps. Price was exactly as quoted. The two men who delivered the sofas were very professional. They took care not to scratch our wood floors, to carefully place the sofas without bumping walls or furniture, and even took the time and helped me put felt floor protectors on each leg of the sofas.

The sofas arrived without a scratch and exactly what we were hoping for. I would order from EfurnitureShowroom again.

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Other Company in Pompano Beach, Florida - Last minute bate and switch/hidden fees

I was told my space was a certain fee on the internet. Showed up at the facilities and was quoted a much higher price.

Was told we were not told of add on charges because the employees were instructed by the company higher ups not to tell customers of hidden fees until the contract was signed. I felt hopeless, we needed the storage real soon. The employee then states "sorry you have a problem with this" , not the thing to tell a pissed off future customer. Lost me for good.

I found another place next door to them with friendlier service and better prices.

I will never use Public Storage and they will never get any positive advertisement from me.

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