Other Company in East Setauket, New York - Claimed i had a loan out from2008 so they would not load my insight card

Provide as much information as possible, you will not be able to edit your review but you will be allowed to add on to it if you create an account during the submission process.I tried to load my insight card and was turned down claiming I had an unpaid balance. I called corporate and explained that I didn't take out a loan in 2008 and the women transfered me to customer service who then tried to transfer me to collections but they were rude and wouldn't take my call. I then told the rep that I would not hang up and I was going to call my attorney, all of a sudden they got on the phone.

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Never have been more disgusted!

Searching for a car with mom-her vehicle was totaled a week ago- had a hefty check and was willing to spend it on the right car. Called the dealership looking for the advertised vehicle they had listed, spoke directly with Roberto, confirmed it was there and said we would be there to look that afternoon.

Drove two hours to check this car out, get to the lot and the man comes out claiming the car was gone, ok-that happens. But what he says during is downright insulting-saying he never had the phone call-pretty much accused us of lying-saying he had to been on his lunch break so we must have called the wrong number. Assuring him it was HIM that we spoke to, he turns away waving saying BYE BYE LADIES! Umm---excuse me?

Is this how you treat a potential customer willing to drop 10,000 on a vehicle? No thanks. Searched through the phone to see exact time phone call was made-3:12 and went to tell him that yes indeed, we called the correct number-he says yet again-GOODBYE! YOU WEREN't GOING TO BUY ANYTHING-GO AWAY!

So needless to say the gentlemen that we purchased the same car from this evening is basking in the thousands of dollars he has versus this greedy bit of men at this dealership. I would NEVER refer anybody to go to this *** hole.

If you want to have a good customer service experience DO NOT go here. Go somewhere else.




dropping 10,000.00 on a vehicle isn't that impressive.


Wasn't able to finish review-GLOBAL SELECT AUTO IN DUMFRIES VA---

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Other Company in Louisville, Kentucky - Manager called me a *** and lied to me

Went from a trailer to a home and expenses tripled and we got in over our heads financially,paid rac on time until we got laid off from jobs and rent and expenses increased,they called nonstop,they visited our home from 8:00am until 8:00pm banging on door for payments. It so bad we had to return items just to stop harrassment and we paid off an item that we had paid 3 times over invoice price I will neverrrr!!!

deal with this company no matter how bad off I get,and to top it off the so called low class manager disrespecting me by calling me a ***! I wonder if the STARS that are in their commercials know how they treat customers.

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i was sold a "dream" but instead it was the worst nightmare i have ever had to deal with. Lots of turnover at the main office , everyone has left in the past few months, now have to deal with the owner Mr.

Hum - he is such a phony fake . You really have to watch your statements because they are never right, DO YOURSELF A GREAT SERVICE AND NEVER EVER GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY..


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Late charges and interest billed on late charge

Interest of .95 cents, generated a later charge of $19.00 plus a $2.00 minimum interest charge on a balance that I thought was paid in full. After 3 months that had climbed to $64.95. This service is NO SERVICE.

Told them to take me off. They said that they didn't solicit me. Which is total bull ----. I got emails and requests from PayPal. They have no consumer rapport. Only rereading the terms and conditions. F--- them.

Hopefully others read this and know this is just another bank scam for late fees and interest.

Thank you for reading,

Pissed off!


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Would be helpful to know who you are complaining about, sport.

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Other Company in Cartersville, Georgia - Reminise Life in America

I cannot locate a return label on the internet, thus I have to wait to receive by mail in 7 to 10 working days. Why is this so difficult?

There should be way to view a return label online. Please email me a copy of a return label for this book. I am losing patience with this whole affair. I repeatedly get messages from you.

I do not have 100 words to say to you. I just want a copy of a return label emailed to me as the following address: r.black00@comcast.net Thank you for your time

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Other Company - 5/3 bank in michigan

my husband and myself got a loan to modernize our home the loan was for 45 thousand dollars/ i had a bad feeling about the contractors so i canceled the deal threw a lawyer, the lawyers office screwed up the paper work so i called 5/3s main office and told them not to give the contractors any money ,,, to our surprize they gave the contractors all the money up front wow i always thought that the home owners distributed that kind of money a third at a time it ended up costing us 30 thousand in attorney fees and the contractor filed bunkrupt??i will never live long enough to recover what this bank has done in still paying 12hundred dollars a month for a house that should be paid off ??? the second time 5/3 ripped us off for 4000.00 i got re ened by a state farm agent broke my back and she sued me but i never went to court and yes 5/3 gave her lawyer 13 hundred dollars of my husbands money and from all our bills being late and writting bad checks it ened up being the 4 grand so yes iam pissed and hope everyone reads this and never banks with that bank they will give your money away then charge you for it?????

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Call "warning last chance to reduce your credit card rate"

when I pressed the #1 key, a young man answered, he wanted my credit card no., instead I told him I do not have a credit card and I wanted to have my no. removed from his call list.

He said ok let me give you a no. and name of the person that do that. This man have no company name, and apparently he have several cell phone numbers. HIS CELL IS 619-207-5348 FRM CA.


He is also giving out the name and phone nos. of people that decline his "warning msg".


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This is a spoofed caller ID generated by using a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) communications system. Since this is a phone system not liked to a land based telephone switch company (bell system, AT&T, etc) they simply program in any area code and number they want and that is what shows up on your caller ID.

This practice is illegal in Indiana where I live. All of my phones are on the Federal and State no call lists, yet these *** bags continue.

I have turned these numbers into the Attorney Generals office every time they call, But since it is a spoofed ID signal and they will not divulge who they are, the Attorney Generals office is powerless to do any thing.

I press 1 to get someone on the line, in the hope that I can get them to send me some information in writing to my PO box, if I can then we can take some legal action. So far they hang up when you ask for any information about them.

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - What a joke!

Ordered parts from them for over a year.....nothing but a run around every order. Cant supply you tracking, employees are rude and don't tell you when an item is out of stock.

They drop ship parts from the manufacturer but don't know when or from where. If they promise to call you back, don't hold your breathe they never do! Too many Mustang websites to put up with their ***.

I will shop elsewhere from now on! Buyers Beware...go to CJ Pony Parts or Mustangs Unlimited....their employees are smarter and friendlier.

Ex LMM Customer

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Stop sending me emails asap!

can someone at this company please stop sending me emails because I get emails more than once a day and I have emailed back stating to unsubscribe me now and it is being ignored every single time when I am sent an email from this company it never gives an option to unsubscribe or opt out so I have to email back stating that someone needs to unsubscribe me and it's not getting done at all!!!!!!!! Can some one please unsubscribe me asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sweets2175@yahoo.com) I just think that my request is being ignored and it's unprofessional

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