Do not Trust NORMAN HAGA! Internet Fraud/Scam

Norman Haga (Norman Andrew Haga, Dennis Marshall Mccann) is a self-employed computer technician and a guitar repairer that doesn't like his Criminal Records showing online. Do not trust this slimeball. He is a convicted thief and a convicted burglar. He was arrested maybe a dozen of times or possibly more. Maybe that's not enough? Now he commits other offenses this time on the internet. We just started our investigation and we think we will find allot. From what we know so far he goes online and slander others without regard to the accuracy of the information he's posting, or lack thereof. We hope other victims step forward. Don't be the next victim of this repeat offender!

Excerpt from his case found at />STATE of Utah, Plaintiff and Appellee, v. Norman Andrew HAGA, Defendant and Appellant:

Judge says: "we affirm defendant's convictions for burglary and theft".

Warn everyone now!



Tampa, Florida, United States #623944

davidkeen02 the autor of this is a bully. He wants to discourage others from getting information from Norman Haga about how to keep from being exploited and extorted.

Those sights want the return of the Scarlet Letter to make profit from. They will fall!


He is a convicted thief and a convicted burglar.


Local docket and case number from the convicting jurisdiction please.

He was arrested maybe a dozen of times or possibly more.


Where? What charges. Original jurisdiction? Case resolution?

Now he commits other offenses this time on the internet.


Specifics please. What offenses has he committed, or that he is committing. Against whom.

We just started our investigation and we think we will find allot.


Maybe you should wait until you have something other than libel.

From what we know so far he goes online and slander others without regard to the accuracy of the information he's posting, or lack thereof.


From what we have seen, all the information that he has posted is documented and sourced.

Mr. DavidKean, you have been posting this libel on any place that will give you forum space. Googling the name 'davidkean00' and 'davidkean02' reveals your activities.

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Other Company in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Review of a violent and incompetant plumber in Pittsburgh

Vince Marino came to my house for a few repair/istalation job. I bought a new garbage disposal to replace the one in my kitchen which was noisy.

He took the old disposal in the box of the new one and took it!!?. The disposal did not work, when he came back and tries to fix it he made it burn out. You cannot talk to this man, he is very rude, laud and without any manners. He has taken $975 dollars and he will not give accounting and he sent messages on the phone and as email that he is going to sue even for more.

He does not seem to be stable.

I recommend not to let him in your house. Please also see this another review on his recent work on another site:

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - THIS PLACE IS A FREAKING JOKE.

It is my senior prom and i ordered my dress in Feburuary and it is now April 17 and my prom is the 21 this weekend and still no dress... i'm so pissed..

DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE THEY SUCK!!! and also good luck getting your money back you thieving little ***... i'm so mad you dont even understand.... I hope no one has to go trough what i am..

I was so excited to see my dress and no i dont even want anything from them but my money back..

if i could I would go back and have NOTHING to do with this place.. so everyone LOOK OUT..

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Other Company in Tucson, Arizona - Bad birthday

I get to go anywhere I want to go for my birthday for 3 years 4 counting this year I have gotten to go to my favorite restaurant Chilies this year was a little bit different we had my son & grandson and another couple to help celabraite my birthday well needless to say and sad to say everyone was unhappy but my grandson & myself but my husband was upset about my plate it did not look like a 9 oz. sirloin stake and the plate was empty he said his was a joke and the couple that was with me was totaly upset he wanted hot she did not she got hot he did not needless to say the night was a bad exsperiance and I do not get anyone to come to my birthday or I have to find me a differant place

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Stay away from this Husband and Wife SALES TEAM...

After going to this practice for five years, I'm changing dentists. Over the last two years Dr.

Henley has spent less and less time with patients. One time I was billed for an exam with the dentist, but he literally just popped his head in on his way home, asked if everything is going ok, waved, and left. He definitely did not do an exam. I've also had billing issues where their office has billed my insurance comany for Xrays that were not done and a cavity that had not yet been filled.

We got it straightened out, but we've had this happen at least three times in five years. More recently the office has become extremely aggressive on collecting payments. I have been told over and over that we could pay our portion and let the insurance company pay theirs. Over the last two years they have been sending bills constantly for the insurance portion.

Even after I paid part of the insurance portion, they still kept coming. When I called in, they said it was fine to wait for the insurance to pay, but the bills kept coming anyway. Over the last six months they have gotten nasty with the bills signed very ostentatiously by "Mrs. Henley," but addressing me by my first name.

There is highlighting and underlining all over it. I know my insurance company pays slowly (state employee), but this practice needs to be upfront about their requirements. If they tell me in person that the insurance portion can be left for the insurance to pay, then they need to stick wtih that. Clearly the practice is falling on hard times, though, because they are becoming extremely aggressive -- over $50!

And even downright rude. The most recent billing statement came with more highlighting and a note saying "Insurance has already paid. This is YOUR portion. Pay now!

~ Mrs. Henley." They received the last check from my insurance company literally the following day, and now they owe me a refund for the amount I paid that covered part of the insurance amount. So not only are they aggressive, they don't take the time to find out if they are right or not. They pretty much accuse you or ripping them off, which is a quick way to lose customers who actually do pay on time and follow their stated office policies.

Overall, our experience began as pretty positive. But the service has declined over the last couple of years while their accounting has become aggressive.

Their main accounts person has always been very nice, but with the wife now involved (probably a sign of a problem in the practice), they have become aggressive and rude. Now that our insurance has paid up, we're switching to a new dentist.

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Other Company in Saint Louis, Missouri - Don't call back like they say they will.

I can understand the bad reputation these temp agencies have. Even the employees come and go, faster than a revolving door.

They don't follow up like they say they will. How do these agencies stay in business? The last two (2) jobs I and others had with them, we were told the job would last anywhere from 3 to 6 months and literally, two (2) weeks later, the job was over. I think the employees tell you that just to get you to sign up.

Obviously, the company is not making any money if they do not have anyone working for them.

Do not want to mention names because if they are doing it to me, they are doing it to other people as well. The agencies are all the same!

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Used Up Computers

Not a complaint about a personal experience, since I know better than to do business with these rip-off artists, but I have worked on several used computers rented/purchased by friends. I have found them to be loaded with previous downloads, viruses, useless junk that slows down start-up, overall performance and in some cases, fake anti virus programs which render the puter inoperable until the tedious process of cleanup is performed.

They must hire their "techs" from a shelter and give them 5 minutes of training.

Be forewarned. Better to be patient and put a unit on lay away at a reputable store which is fresh and carries a full warranty at about 1/3 the cost.

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Dr. Crandall's Heart Health Reoport

I am not sure about dates............perhaps about a month ago. I cancelled and then my bank account was charged for the subscription anyway. I e-mailed you and never got an answer. I called the bank and diputed the charge to my account.

Now I get a notice in the mail that you will automtically bill my account for further subscriptions. NO!!

Do not do it as I am contacting the bank and telling them to refuse any charges from you.

You all are just not satisfied with plain old English from THIS PLANET! DO IT!!


Sandra J. Bradstreet




If this is a scam where are the FBI or whoever? We read about these things every day yet they are allowed to continue...........most likely because they operate in a grey area where they don't really break the law just bend it.

OR Maybe it's down to it being a civil case where criminal charges can't be served. Never mind it's only a matter of time before they cross the wrong person, who catches up with this *** and delivers an exploding arrow into his heart.......that'll do the trick lol


Do what I did as follows:

1. Call your bank or credit card company and report your card as lost

2. Call the company in question and tell them you want to cancel

your subscription effective immediately.

3. Keep all info in a folder

4. Check your credit card company on line

5. Check all info within 12 to 24 hours

Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka #703079
:( American scammers think the world trusts and believes them. Not anymore, every scam prectically orignates from USA. They think they are GODS chosen people but they are not.

Ok, this happens with ALMOST any credit card charge. C'mon!

You have to look out for yourselves. I have been charged by a myriad of products and companies over and over after I made one single purchase. Here's the solution: read everything carefully before you give your ok to charge; keep the customer service site AND phone numbers in your files (if you do not have one for every item you charge on line, you are not at risk). Last, but not least, do not use your bank account, use a credit card.

I have had NO problem resolving these issues, except for once, and that was easily handled by the cc company simply by cancelling that account number and issuing a new one. WE ARE ADULTS, we live in a complex world, watch out for yourselves and don't blame the poor doctor (who by the way, has EXCELLENT advice)for the charge practices of sub-companies that deal with his product.

Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka #703082

Mercy, just cancel your existing card and get a new one. Once your card is changed they cannot claim any money from it. Thats the fastest and the safest way out.


Forget the better business bureau. File a complaint with the Florida Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division:

Crescent City, California, United States #663249

Last year this *** bag got my credit card # some how and billed for a subsciption to his hear info. $ 49.95.

I called and canceled this, BUT they said they could only credit me with 11 months as the 1st. month was already in the procces. , This year they did it again and I called the credit card people instead, telling them not to pay this. They agreed and put a block on this scammer so that it will not happen again.

Just think $49.95 times a MILLION, The scammer is making mucho money if you don't catch him and call your credit card company.

This guy is a 100% crook.


I made the hellish mistake of entering a subscription to this Dr Crandall/Newsmax scam, have cancelled my subscription twice from Australia and have just learned that my credit card has been debited AGAIN without my authority and I have been receiving no subscription. I will now SUE and send the matter to the better business bureau in the states.

This scam is now INTERNATIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there nothing in America to stop these crooks?


I live in America and I can tell you first hand everything here is about Money, sex, murder, deceit, lies and hate. Do what I did:

Do what I did as follows:

1. Call your bank or credit card company and report your card as lost

2. Call the company in question and tell them you want to cancel

your subscription effective immediately.

3. Keep all info in a folder

4. Check your credit card company on line

5. Check all info within 12 to 24 hours

P.S. Remember the first thing to do is call your Bank or Credit Card company right away....ASAP do not wait!!!!!!


My heart is more stressed just to go through the presentation of Dr.Crandall. More hearts can be saved if you stop the scam!!!


I recieved a call from the VISA fraud line. Dr.

Crandall charged my credit card without my approval. I did suscribe about 1 year ago and I did not care for the report. My subscription was ato renewed without my approval. I dont like companies saving my credit card number for future use so they can charge at will.

I rried to find a way to email the Dr. Crandall scam team but was unable to find a way.

So I will in a few minutes call the visa card fraud line again and have them stop the payment. Maybe if VISA fraud finds enough scandalouis charges they will cut these scammers off.

Randy C.


Sure, go ahead, call the "customer service number". Just allow yourself the 28 minutes for estimated hold time.


The (call us) comments left by these Dr. Crandall *** artists is such bull.

The whole thing is a scam.

They over charge everyone and then find complaints online and act like little angels so concerned you had a bad experience. These thiefs need to rot in *** !!!


You can also contact their customer service at


As part of the Newsmax customer service team, I am sorry to hear that you are having this issue. We take these types of situations seriously.

We have long maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you would, please call (800) 485-4350 [Monday through Friday 9 am to 10 pm ET].

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to resolve this issue to your satisfaction, and strongly encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience so we may do so. Thank you.

New York, New York, United States #599749

It is unbelievable that you guys or gals would not know the problems dissatisfied customers have with your products. To state on-line that they should call you indicates that all you are doing is to cover your rumps.

These problems should never exist except if what you people are doing is just a snake oil sales type operation.

Shame on you and shame on Crandell for allowing such a thing to start and then continue.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #637702

I too have called the so called Customer Service LIne. These people are a SCAM.

It is a front for a nutcase right wing political propaganda company. Each time I called the I have asked them when my account was cancelled - which I have repeatedly asked them to do - and on each occasion they give me a different date. They are a fraud - report them to BBB.

What kind of as*hole is the Dr. Crandall???

@Tony When you call make sure to get a verification number and the name of the person you are talking to and DO NOT FORGET TO ROLL YOUR VIDEO CAMERA. My lawyer said it would be a good idea to roll the camera and get a recording, maybe you can stop th A-Holes in their tracks.

P.S. You can also post your Comments and Complaints on this web-site: :(
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Other Company in Peoria, Arizona - Customer Statement

Why in the *** do you not put a person's account on line like every other credit card does. I would like to pull up my account and see the activity on it.

Even if you don't know how to take payments

on line you could at least give your customers the opportunity to view there bills.

I purchase regularly

from one or more of your catalogs and I like to periodically check my account as to what activity has taken place and the balance on my account. This is the only account I have a problem with and I can't believe I am the only one to feel this way.

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Looks like more lies

It has become more and more apparent to me that the more that a person deals with particular individuals associated with particular bodies of government that the lies seem to grow exponentially LARGER. AND TO THOSE BODIES.


plain and simple. Just tell the truth. In all honesty every person comes out a winner if you would only just tell the truth.

You continue to bury yourself in lies...and well, I find them all out. Because thats what we're good at, and you've gotten yourself mixed up in a very bad situation for yourself.


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You forgot to take your medication this morning, sport. Do so immediately or people will think you a fool.

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