Other Company in Maricopa, Arizona - Bait and switch

When my renewal came up my policy cost raised by 15 percent for the second year. They suck you in the first year for a low cost and then blast you the second year.

Sounds like a bait and switch to me. When I asked why I was told that the increase was due to higher legal costs in the State of AZ.

Also good luck trying to make a payment. When I first got the policy from the agent (who's number has since been disconnected), I had to talk to three people before they would accept my payment.

It took two days and four people to pay for an additional vehicle. It doesn't seem the right had has a clue what the left hand is doing.

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Maricopa, Arizona
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Other Company in Parma, Ohio - Customer service rating: 0

won't accept debit card online. can't reach company online.

phone number does not show up in "my phone number" must call from another phone and still does not show up on "my phone number". this corporate behavior is the norm. they're important not you. pick a catagory, does not apply.

I'm discussing tracfone. now this has become an assignment. my comment must be atleast a hundred words. I'm up to 71 words now and running out od things to say.

I'm at 88 words an srill thinking.

alright I'm up to 98 and words 101 I've completed my task. I can only hope this satifies the company.

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Parma, Ohio
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Other Company in Columbus, Ohio - No payment problem, put me in deferment anyway

I had perfect payment and credit score of about 720 plus, well I found today that when I called them to ask for a modification and they put me in a forbearance for 3, then said I could apply for a modification after that, (the same day 90 days later they had their collections people calling) hit my credit report with deficiency reports for 3 months, then when I called to apply for the mod (like they said I could, they told me I do not qualify). So why did they look at my credit and payment history and decide to routine my payment history.

I got it good! If you want it good, you can get here! GOOD LUCK TO YOU! So now no one will want to refi or do a mod with me!

Rippin Off America in full swing! Now no one else well touch me!

AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Or believe me, it will cost more than you can imagine!

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Columbus, Ohio
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Other Company in Whiteland, Indiana - No over and beyond help with prescription

Dr called in on 06/05/12 at 5:05 pm (and that is recorded). I went to pick up at 4:45pm on 06/06/12.

Attendant at window said my "info" didn't match the "info" they had on the called in prescription. I called my Dr's office and they called BACK into obviously the "call center" and was told FIRST they didn't have my profile *why didn't they tell them that last night*, THEN they found it and told them the dr's office didn't call in when the STORE HAD IT ! When I went BACK to the window 20-min's later, the "call center" hadn't entered it in still YET ! and...I would have to wait AGAIN...AFTER IT HAD ALREADY BEEN 24-HRS that it was first called in !

AND THEY OBVIOUSLY HAD THE SCRIPT CAUSE THE INFO I GAVE THEM VERBALLY DIDN'T MATCH THEIR RECORDS ? I left ! What if my script had been LIFE THREATENING....Oh ! maybe that is what it is....you have to be special in order to get special services ?????

What happened to over and above customer service.

I work in a customer service environment and it just angers me to received less than what I myself offer to my clients. I am going to take my Dr's advise and NOT use Walgreen any longer as this is NOT the first screw up they have been involved in !

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Whiteland, Indiana
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Other Company in Watertown, Massachusetts - Lied about trial period

sales rep was walking around door to door May 30, 2012. Promised lower prices then cable.

We were told we had a 90 day free trial. We signed the aggreement. June 1 it was installed. June 2 we had really bad reception and kept getting messages "searching for satalite".

Rainy and windy weather. June 4 we called to cancel. Customer service said we had no 90 day trial and we owe $480. early termination fee and other charges.

We received our first bill June 5 charging us 85.99 for 3 days of service. Sales rep says he'll try to make good and we won't have to pay anything.

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Watertown, Massachusetts
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Other Company in Norfolk, Virginia - Described the appetizer special at wrong price. we felt overcharged

We asked the waitress about the appetizer specials listed in menu. This special was described as ' 3 trio sized appetizer platters for $12.49.

We interpreted this as three platters of 3 item appetizers on each platter. We questioned the waitress about it & she said we could choose the appetizers for each platter from the list. She also told us about the' 2 for $20 special' that included 2 entrees plus one appetizer. We told her since we were later going to a party for dinner we would just have the 3 appetizer platters for $12.49.

If we hd not understood the advertising, she never clarified it for us. We knew the full sized appetizer platter was listed in menu for $11.49, so we felt these , what we thought were mini appetizer platters, were a good special. We were shocked when we received our bill & were charged $12.49 per platter. We talked with the waitress, who also brought over the manager.

We asked why she did not clarify it for us, knowing we did not want to spend much since we were leaving for a private dinner party later. $12.49 for each appetizer platter with 3 appetizers on each platter was more expensive than if we had ordered a full dinner entree. We were very upset about this and felt we were overcharged. We questioned why the advertisement said 3 trio sized appetizer platters for $12.49.

Can you see why we thought this special was for 3 platters since trio described the appetizer platter and 3 stated how many platters we got. That was very misleading and we left that restaurant with a bad feeling and probably won't go back. This Applebees is located on 12235 Jefferson Ave. in Newport News, Va.

23608 ( not sure on zip code but think thats it) Betty G. Carlson June 5, 2012 (date of dinner)

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Norfolk, Virginia
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Psychic readings by janet

If you have come to this site chances are you have been taken by Janet Merino (aka: Katherine) Prior to this site there has been no information published about this person. We are fortunate that a site like this exists to help inform others.

If you are researching Janet Merino, search Readings

by Janet on this site. Janet, defrauded me out of thousands of dollars, and I know there are many, many more who have fallen for her lies.

Please read the other postings and post your own story, so there can be a public record made in order to help inform others. See: Readings by Janet

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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Other Company in Lowell, Arkansas - They do not send out statements to make your payment

We called and got two different people who could not understand a word of English. We were wondering where is the Loan Statement to make our payment.

We havnt had one in two months. The men totally did not understand what we were talking about. I wont a statement to send in with my load and I wont somebody to talk to that understands English., Can you help me.

This is totally stupied to not keep up with loan statement, and hire people who can not understand English are speak it. Please God help us all, this is so unnecessary.

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Lowell, Arkansas
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Does anyone know how to get out of timeshare? I purchased one timeshare in Las Vegas, Nevada this May and don't know how to get out of this contract.

I attended this free tour and ended up buying one without having no knowledge of it. Now I'm past the 5-day period to revoke my contract.

I called them and now the selling company tells me I'm past the 5-day period and there is no way they can revoke the contract. I have contacted timeshare consultants claiming 100% money guarantee and some lawyers to.

Anyone with experience to get out of this mess? Thanks.

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Here is a great article I found that can help you: http://www.myvacationrentals.net/timeshare-scams-top-10-signs/


I found a site that teaches you how to get rid of a timeshare contract without getting ripped off. The website is http://timeshareredemption.com.

Before you decide to work with any company that says they can get you out of a timeshare, make sure there are no complaints against them online.

There are a lot of scams out there. Hope this helps!


Without a doubt, timeshare cancellation is the best and easiest solution to get rid of an unwanted time share. Once the contract is properly cancelled, the strings attached to the resort will be gone forever.

Nevertheless, it is important to do the cancellation through the right people.

There are many timeshare cancel professionals that ask for an upfront fee, and then they disappear. This is a good article on how to terminate ownership of a time share:


No Timeshare
Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States #668223

If you were lied to or the product misrepresented, I can help you. Don't pay someone hundreds to help you get out.

I make my money after your out and you have the money in hand. www.timesharetricks.blogspot.com


Go to website www.howtocancelyourtimeshare.com


ROFLMAO -- you bought a Timeshare an now have buyer's remorse?

1) Use it! You bought it, you own it. So, use it the way it was promoted.

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Albany, New York
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Revenge on Google revengeongoogle@yahoo.com

These idiots call themselves revenge on Google and use the email address revengeongoogle@yahoo.com. This is just a group of good for nothing thieves that will steal your money and rob you blind. They claim that they can help you attack someone in google including hacking the sites. Well. they took my money and hacked the site,... so far so good... but then the site came back online and now I got a call from the FBI, nice going ah. So what does Revenge on Google revengeongoogle@yahoo.com do? It is called negative SEO. I checked online and it looks like this is how it works:

Negative SEO attacks such as those by Revenge on Google revengeongoogle@yahoo.com can come in a few forms. Generally, negative SEO refers to when one website buys links and points them at a competitor's website in an effort to torpedo their rankings. Other instances of negative SEO have included such tactics as hacking a website to inflict some sort of malicious damage on a website, review bombing (pointing a large number of 5-star reviews at a business so it appears they paid for them), or simply by reporting another website's "black hat" tactics to Google. This is what such as those by Revenge on Google revengeongoogle@yahoo.com does Since external links are more or less beyond the control of the site owner, it would seem competitors could very easily improve their search rankings by using tactics to negatively impact their competitors see such as those by Revenge on Google revengeongoogle@yahoo.com. The reality of the situation is... this is only partially true. You can do things to protect your website. Before you get too worried about a competitor targeting your site to harm your rankings using negative SEO tactics.

That's all, don't get ripped off by such as those by Revenge on Google revengeongoogle@yahoo.com... if they were so good, why is their name here?

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Wow. You're pissed off because you contracted with CRIMINALS to commit a CRIME and got ripped off? Really?

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