Other Company in Jefferson, Georgia - RUDE EMPLOYEE

` I saw a commerical on health insurance, and called the number for information, but I was insulted for trying to see if information could be sent, so I can see if the policy fits my needs. I was told not to discuss it with my fiamce, that it would be a mistake.

He said other things that I beleive was wrong and now I am not interested in your company.I have a small retirement plan with you and I may close account and roll it to someone else that cares. Happened at 2:15 April 27th. It was totally uncalled for.


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Worse Company in World. Total Stalking

Not even 30 days late on loan and they are calling friends of friends. Total stalking and total harrasment.

They are by far the worse company in the world to deal with. Should be a law against their harrasment and stalking procedures. They continue to make threatening phone calls 4 to 6 times a day saying they are coming to take my car. There should be something that can be done to prevent them from their harrassing, demanding, threatening, assuming and totally b/s phone calls.

They will as well try to get you to answer their calls from an "unrestricted" phone number.

Watch out for their threatening emails as well. Again, not even 30 days late and they are threatening!


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There should be a law about not paying your bills on time. Oh wait there is.

Seriously grow up and pay your bills on time and you won't be harassed and stalked. Now at least all your friends and family know that if you need to borrow money not to lend to you because you won't pay back on time.

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U.P. Red-Unpleasant and Unprofessional

Our negative experience with UP Red started when the person in charge of their rentals, Casey St. Vincent, made a verbal contract with me assuring me an apartment on Hewitt St. On the day I was supposed to sign the lease Casey informed me that the apartment had been given away out from under me.

I ended up signing a lease for another apartment at the end of March with the understanding that I would be paying the security deposit on April 6th. Between April 6th and April 26th I called Casey's cell phone and left very polite and pleasant messages informing her that I had the money for the deposit and that I would like to get it to her when possible. I asked her to call me back. I did not hear back from Casey at any point. On the morning of April 26th my boyfriend received a text message from the company owner telling us to "stop calling so much". At which point he called to explain that we were only calling so much because we had not heard back and were concerned (since we had stopped by their office on several occasions during normal work-day hours and the office had been closed!) that the company had gone out of business. She commenced to scream at him and told him that she could "make our lease go away."

This woman is possibly insane and definitely unpleasant and unprofessional. I urge others to find other rental agencies in Marquette, Michigan that are more polite, professional and actually (excuse my French) have their *** together!

I have never heard a good thing about UP RED and now I know why!


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This is very common as far as Casey and UP Red Rentals go. Imagine your home is being managed by a High Schooler and you'll be getting close to the frustration level we have.

You can rarely get them on the phone, cell, office or otherwise and like you were back in High School you'll spend most of your time texting Casey to get things done. Forget about the office, it's not open even during the listed office hours and on the off chance that someone is in the office it'll most likely be one of their real estate agents and they don't handle rentals.

Don't count on getting your deposit back if only because they'll just ignore you. Forget about maintenance unless you risk calling repeatedly and getting chewed out.

Don't waste your time or money on these SLUM LORDS milking our fair town.

Ishpeming, Michigan
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Ridge Creek Spiral Ham

I complained that they changed their 1/2 ham they have had for several years and they were so unconcerned and flipped me off. During the holidays this year they had this ham but not 1/2 ham like I used to buy but a whole large ham which was more than I needed.

But I decided if they would cut it for me I would freeze one and cook the other one. They said no they could not do that and could not even take the time to explain. It was as if they did not care at all.

I even tried the ham they replaced it with and it was not even close to being as good as the Rige Creek one. SO sad I rally miss it and so does my family.




Dec. 2015, got a half of Ridge Creek spiral honey ham this year given to me, I will have to see if it turns out.

So, they do carry a half of ham still. I don't know where mine was bought.


i've been buying the ridge creek ham for several yrs. for christmas. this year no grocery store in my area even carry it anymore. maybe it's because they stopped suppling the half hams. too bad, my family really enjoyed them.

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Other Company in Bellevue, Washington - Wheres the accountibility?

I ordered the $20 cellular phone, I don't text, and only use my phone fro brief calls. I had 300 "free" minutes. this is supposed to be a good inexpensive option for seniors. It is highway robbery.

I had to go back to my old company within six weeks. I could not even receive a call so when I dd get a call

I had to call them back because when I answered the phone was just dead but I did have the call back #

to call them back. I now have a bill for $92.99 so this entire experience cost be about $150.00. I am so glad I got out when I did. This is no different than any other senior scam and should be against the law.

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not listening on facebook what can i do

harasement comments of myself and others yet their still allow asked constantly to remove but still there by me and others SO MUCH FOR BREACHES OF VIOLATIONS WITH THEIR PROTO CALL SHOULD START UP .......SHAME FILE i wonder if if others are having same problem with FACEBOOK why are they allowing this is it in the too hard basket a case of cyber slander or are they just plain lazy does anyone really take the time to read these posts or is it just to keep someone employed to write programs i wonder if this is the case WE WILL SEE ...... WONT WE???????




I couldn't agree more, even if I knew what the f*u*c*k you're talking about.


Huh? Translator needed.

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Other Company - Worst experience, Shelby township michigan

I hired a personal trainer due to the fact I work both midnight and day shifts, I was told by the trainer that they would be available to me when I needed them. Well what a lie , I was constantly trying to get a time and day suitable for me I also gained fifteen pounds what a waist of time and money . I would never again hire a personal trainer. The club is a beautiful place never had any kind of other complaints. I would have probably been better off doing team fitness. I also asked my trainer if there was another trainer that could accomadate me and of course he didn't want to loose money so the answer was constantly no

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Back in 1998 it was good, now you suck, stop being greedy. b rose. hope you can sleep at night.

in 1998 i hooked up my own service and called you and activated it. I always could call 24 hours to get assistance, now i cant even get a hold of you people without getting the phillipines or aisians, i think you guys are getting swelled heads, a lot of people that i know are leaving what used to be a good thing.

i swore by direct tv but dish is looking way better even with fx histroy, trutv, spike tv, for half the price you are charging me right now, so if you want to keep me as a customer, i know that some of your chanels are not in hd some of your chanels are not in hd either. p.

s. i thought it was all about the customer not about the money.

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Police in Virginia

I will write this review about the police in Virginia because as a tax payer and US citizen I am paying for their so called service and have a right to complain about it. I was driving on a road in a rural county of Virginia today .The "speed limit" on this road is 55 MPh which is a joke and most people who travel it agree that it is a joke.This road has few homes on it and no businesses.This road also has only light curves.The "speed limit" could easily be 65 or 70.Most people who drive through this area drive over 55 MPH.Basically the speed limit is kept at 55 to make this road act as a giant "speed trap" so the county can get more money from citizens as if we do not already pay enough in taxes.Many of you reading this may already be aware of this but did you know that most cops who pull over other cops who are off duty retired etc will not give them a ticket?? Yes this is true and of course if you are the son or daughter of a judge,cop,lawyer or are any one of these yourself often you will not get a ticket .There seems to be a double standard in this country especially where the police are concerned and I think most people already know this.I am always amazed that the american government can start one war after another to waste our taxes all the while millions are without jobs in america or even a house to live in.I am even more amazed that the bridges are falling apart the roads in many places are in VERY bad condition with huge pot holes etc yet the american government continues to find money to hire more state and local police.Most of these people do nothing but ride around in a car that tax payers pay for and get fatter and fatter.Many of them commit the same criminal acts they are susposed to be against.Most of these people are not there to make a difference and help the community.Most of them are there to harass young people and minorities for the smallest things.There are some decent cops but they are rare.




Let me guess, you got a ticket for speeding and now you are pissed off at the world and every cop in it so you decide to go on a rant about everything. Typical. My advice is to get some anger meds, quick.


These are ressons why the majority of the country is against the murder squad called cops.That is also why citizens should watch and report any thing they see cops doing they should not be doing.

Hamptonville, North Carolina, United States #596115

boy u sure are blaming everyone else because you are not smart enough to drive the speed limit and too ugly to marry a cop


The one point you "agree" with is the biggest point I was making.It does not matter if its one of their own or not whats good for one is good for all period.If they are a cop and their job is to supposedly uphold the law then of all people they should certainly obey the law.Any cop found to break laws should get twice the punishment.The point I was making about the condition of bridges roads etc was showing that it seems to be a priority in this country to hire more and more cops when most of whats already there does nothing all the while the condition of other things are let go.Police enforce the laws they choose to enforce and we the citizens already know this.


Police ENFORCE laws...they do not make, nor can they change them. If you are breaking a posted speed limit, you can get a ticket, plain and simple.

If you don't like the law, fight to get it changed.

Same with your other rants about the conditions of bridges and roads. These things HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE POLICE!!!!The only thing I can agree with you on is that, in fact, off duty police will rarely get a ticket from one of their own.

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Other Company in West Monroe, Louisiana - Pissed is not the word!!!!

I have been paying for what I thought was a contract to have my home appliances covered under a warranty and now that I need service where is FBK? They do not answer the phone and you never hear back from them.

They owe me back all I have put into the program since they do not have a warranty appliance service in my area and knew it when they set up my account. I hope they get more than just the telemarkerters when they break this joint.

The septic system cleaner is a scam too. We had that in the past.

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