Other Company in Los Angeles, California - How important is it to you how a company exposes your personal information .like to get some feed ba

I do have a complaint and concern but i like to get some feed back from you the consumer your thoughts and comments so i can get an idea before i go ahead and post the complaint your comments will be very helpful. Let me start by saying everyone is diffrent not all of us feel the same we all have diffrent points of view on thinks ok but i personally believe that when i sighn up with a company for their services and i give them my personal information my name ,address,social security ,bank account ect,i want to believe that im trusting them that they will save guard my personal information and that they are responsible how and who they expose it to...iI want to know if im alone on this or who feels the same i mean its only your identity were talking about please let me know your thought on this thank you .

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Phone Scam You Won Money - Jamaican Caller

Ok ... I got a call and I thought it was a toll free number.

It turns out it was a 876 number which is Jamaica West Indies.

I didn't give them any money but Sprint (Long Distant carrier) would not dismiss the charges even though they knew it was a fraudulent call. YIKES!!!! They know I was fooled into making a call and they make me pay... It's like they are in on the SCAM.

They make money for your misfortune.

It is like they are happy the scam is happening so your bill will be larger. Sad!

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Other Company in Orlando, Florida - I will never use eye glass world ever again

I went into eye glass world in Feb. On west colonial and Clark.

Got two pair of glasses for one. What a joke. I only found one pair that I liked and the other pair was just going in a drawer in case the others got broken. Well I am still wearing the pair in the drawer that I don't like.

It is now May and they still have not gotten my order right. They have sent them back THREE times and tried to fit them SEVEN times. Then I get the Manager and she tells me I cant have my money back because it has been over 30 days... Are you kidding me I haven't even worn them yet.

They kept telling me just be patient. Well today was it. I told them I was getting an Attorney. In Feb.

I gave them 536.00 and and then she tells me the free pair are now 300.00 and they could only give me 200.00 back. I told her to take the (FREE) 200.00 pair back and give me all of my money back...Then all of a sudden she could *** another 50.00. I think because of all the *** I went through and how many times I had to go there, OH yea and they say they will call you when your glasses come in .. Thats *** too.

I had to call and ask if they were in. If they were there that means I wasn't called right. any way They should have returned all my money and told me to keep the ugly peaces of *** that I left with. I have NEVER done buisness with such ***.

I will never go back there and I will tell every one that I know to not go there. And this is the first time I have ever done a complaint on any one

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Wish i read this site before i ordered

after they have missed three apts. and made me miss two important meetings still no carport.

They refuse to give me the numbers of r someone to call to get help. They made three apts they failed to keep and now saying they never make apts. I ordered from this co. twice before and was treated great, boy has it gone down hill.

if i get my money back i will feel lucky.They now expect me to sit by my phone and wait untill they call me with no notice.

do they think no one works> i will even post my email if anyone want to contact me. benniekerns@rocketmail.com

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Other Company in Rockford, Illinois - History of sick pups

Very interesting. Mayborns used to breed Golden Retrievers.

We got a pup for a family xmas gift (this was way back in 1982). When we took her to her first vet appt we were told she was sick and to take her back. I had already bonded with her and insisted on keeping her. I loved her dearly but she had a history health problems.

They did offer to let us pick out another pup and they said they would keep our dog for breeding!!!

I might had she had a genetic problem as well. Im sorry to hear they are still selling sick puppies.

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Other Company in New York, New York - They changed my billing address

One time I used a different "Ship to" Address. Now my billing address has been permanently changed to that ship to addresss (which is a business).

For over 2 years no one has been able correct this!!!

Midnight Velvet employees are incompetent. NO one can figure out how to fix this!!! I have closed the original account and opened an completely new account. That worked for about 3 months and then the bills started going back to the wrong address.

They constantly call me at home and work.

I am in jeopard of loosing my job. I need help now!!!

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - What a scam.....all

This scam site tells you it "hooks you up" w/women in your area...well, turns out one woman was like in 10 different states at the same time! What a joke!

These "women" email you some *** scripted message, but when you reply, they never respond.....you just keep getting new "people." I guess I should have known it was too good to be true....but one always hopes there is a website that really works & delivers what you paid for. I guess it was good as entertainment & looking at the semi-naked and some naked women...but, don't think you will ever contact one...they are probably paid shills!

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Michel tires lies about car problems

A few years ago I was told I had major issues with car and they offered their credit card. I got the card and they fixed my car.

I paid the card off, but never closed the account, just in case. However, I have noticed that when I believe I have a minor issue, they make it into a major issue and state "you can put it on your card!" I do not use the card if I have the money.

Recently, they said I needed more major work, and I declined. Turns out, per another dealer, not what Michel tires said AND $100s less!!

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Other Company in Lexington, Kentucky - St Petersburg FL, Dirty-est Gym I have ever seen

Been a member since July of 2011. Everything seemed great then it made a turn for the worst. Since January 2012 I have been going to work out every morning as well as two nights a week with a trainer. I am usually one of the first ones there in the morning. The bathrooms are discusting, we did not have paper towel's for 5 days, on more than one occassion, toliet paper for at least 2. The shower stall and curtains have crud in them and are never cleaned. The air vents intake's are so full of *** that it cannot even allow air in them so that means the AC is not properly working. (hence the reason it's always hot in there). The floors in the locker rooms are filthy, not even swept. I used a paper towel to wipe it and it was black. The ceiling fans in the main gym are covered in dust completly. IT IS JUST GROSS.

A month ago I complained to the GM who said he had nothing to do with it but the district manager was in the building so I proceeded to tell him. He was sympathtic for about 30 seconds. I told him that I pay 400.00 a month and expect to have some kind of cleanliness. He said he would take care of it. It is now a month later and nothing has been done. I have taken pictures on a reg. basis as proof, I got so tired of it that I informed the OP in the gym yesterday and she said to give her a week and it will change. It hasn't changed in 4 months why will it change in a week.

Then here is the icing on the cake............Last week the Housekeeping Manager (never even knew they had one) was found in the back room on the *** of an Over Dose of drugs. It was kept hush hush and to only find out that he is sleeping and living with the OP of the gym and has kept his job. NOT EVEN A SLAP ON THE HAND!!! I have just cancelled my contract and THANK GOD the year is up for it.!!!!!

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Other Company in Lubbock, Texas - I would rather do without than try to talk to this bunch

i just wanted to change my phone number. i tries to log in for two days.

it was a total brain drain. i would rather drop the whole thing than try to talk to you. they seem to think that everyone is a computer guru. we arn't.

i had to break off several times to go to work, when i came back, i got a different person, everytime, they gave me different instructions as how to change my phone number and how to log in.

it never worked and does not now. i will drop this scam when the time i paid for expires,

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