Wont give me there address so i can return item

order wigs, has i have cancer, wigs to big . companys address or phone number isint on the website.

can only get in touch with them by email. keep asking for there address so i can return item. and they wont give it , web site where i ordered wig is called wigshow.com . they keep asking for photos so i can show them wigs to big, i dont have camera and im very ill , dont want to show photos of my self.

wigs cost me £203.99 . thats a lot of money it says on they site you can return goods , but they wont give me there address


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wigshow is a ***. I ordered a wig it arrived 3 weeks later, too large and not the wig I ordered, it looks like a joke shop wig.

Wigshow offered me 20% back and sell the wig. I told them nobody would wear it Then offered me40%, 60%, then 80%. They now will not answer my mails and they will not return my money.

I have found that a lot of people are in the same poition. They should be taken off the net

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - 604 Mellon street southeast apartments

I rented a bad apartment from this Landlord worst move i ever made i was getting problems with the apartment the apartment floors and walls were paper thin in all the apartments and were not sound proof i could'nt get any peace nor quite from other tenants and harassing Landlord keeping me up, complaints and disputes between tenants and the landlord went on i did nothing wrong to deserve this the landlord unfairly raised my rent,took me to court and billed me for court expenses for a cheap apartment, i couldnt take it anymore the apartment was a complete scam so i moved out the landlord kept my security deposit and had my wages garnished for increased rent and fees! there was no mention of garnishment from the landlord or in the rent lease i got ripped off

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Granada hills keller williamsoffice has been a nightmare to deal with

i have emailed a long letter to the broker jenny on may 10th, may 11th, may 14th, may 15th all to be ignored. and spoke to her on the phone over a month ago who stated. i will look into the issue and never even called me back once. besides this. i have these issues here that i would like to address.

1. i was threatened by the agent for cash money

2. i was insulted with him entering my personal life, and telling people that i do not pay my Gardner and other personal things that are not his concern

3. when i tried for 2 months to speak to the broker Jenny she spoke to me once, never returned my call, and has ignored all my emails for a week and a half, and i called daily to see that she is in the office every time i emailed her. so that i know she is there and cant say i was away i did not see your emails.

4. your manager eric Delgado stated to me that he will only release me for an additional 6 months from date of release,. and he stated this to me and a family member of mine also

5. willie made several appointments for open houses that he did not show up to

6. Willie made several appointments for clients to come see my home, and I had to show it to the myself, as he never showed up

7. after all my complaining to everyone, i was convinced by my family member to over look all this ugly treatment that i have received from your company

and give willie one more chance to do right by me. and what he did was Again make an appointment for yesterday at 6 pm, the clients appeared by he did not. i called him he stated he was on his way. and still never showed up, the clients even stated that he was supposed to be there per what he told them, and he never appeared nor responded to me until past 830 in the evening to tell me . oh no i meant tomorrow. but the clients were there and i was also knowing that i spoke to him at 530 he stated he was ON HIS WAY

i know that i am old. and also angry at times, but i am not a dummy. and i am tired of this. and i really DO NOT want to work with your office anymore.

this has left me very uncomfortable and i am asking you all again as i have tried to speak to you all before, i would like to be released from working with him your company and all these people who did nothing for me but ignore me, lie to me, and provide me with bad service.

i am asking you all to please keep in mind that i have had issues for 2 months and have complained to your broker. that willie makes appointments with people and does not show up and i have to show my own home. if it sold would i get half of the commission?? i do not believe so,. but i need to do his work for him. in my opinion this is not acceptable.

it is now effecting my day, my moods, my health as it is bothering so much that i can not sleep., i cry all the time out of anger that i am feeling that no one is taking in consideration what i am saying and what i am going through.

is this really the way your company and workers feel its ok to do business?

please i do not want to work with you all anymore, i am depressed and unsatisfied by the way all this has been going on.

i am asking to be released completely from your company and the terrible way they have dealt with me.. besides, even if i was mistaken for example. should your broker not of called me back, responded to one of my many emails. tried to see whats going on with me, and maybe see if she can help me instead of ignoring me? the manager, could of said also you know what morgan, lets all met, sit together and see how we can over come this, but instead, all i got was NO you are stuck with us. and ignored completely .. please help me i am fed up.

thank you


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Other Company in Siloam Springs, Arkansas - Status of order

I placed an order for a clock around May first 2012. I have sent two emails requesting the status of my order and have yet to receive a reply.

I furnished a credit card number for the charge. I would llike to know if i will get the clock. Thank you. James Hockensmith Jhoch34@suddenlink.net.

You do not provide a telephone number so E-mail appears to be the only method of contact. I have described the problem to the best of my ability and it really doesn't take 100 words for me to ask that i be informed of the status of my order.

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China clothing mart fraud, Yeyemall scam

I ordered 230$ worth of stuff from china clothing mart. I kept contacting them for shipment information but they never answered.

I opened a dispute on PayPal. No response from the company so I escalated it to a claim. As soon as I did that they shipped a package and provided pay pal the shipment information. I ordered 6 shoes and 2 shirts but I received one men's shirt that was never ordered.

Since they shipped it to me PayPal decided it in favour of the company. It's a fraud. Both these companies are owned by one owner.

I had a similar experience with Yeyemall. Don't fall for the Chinese online shopping.




I'm from Brazil, this site is being used for fraud, ie, the product is

bought, paid for and not delivered. I believe that many users

are being victims of this scam. I wonder what provides may be

taken to stop it. Thanks for the help which dispenses, I'm

waiting for a response. If you need to send documents to prove

the occurrence, please enter an e-mail. This is the fourth time I

try to help and you do not respond. Please have consideration,

answering something, even if it is not, thanks.


I also ordered from china clothing mart and also never got an answer on shipping . I have open a claim on PayPal they then sent shipping information to paypal .

I receive the order today but instead of the 2 pair is shoes I ordered I got a huge pair of denim shorts I never ordered. Now waiting for PayPal to make a decision.


I also ordered from china clothing mart and also never got an answer on shipping . I have open a claim on PayPal they then sent shipping information to paypal .

I receive the order today but instead of the 2 pair is shoes I ordered I got a huge pair of denim shorts I never ordered. Now waiting for PayPal to make a decision.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Really pissed

Its actually about this web site, they are just helping you destroying business which provides jobs for all you Americans that want to work and getting rich doing it!

(excludes you lazy people who don't and spend you days complaining on the internet about businesses that are trying to help you.)

If you have a brain stop whining about everything that does not go your way.

Start acting like responsible Americans, do business with people you know are doing a good job for you, if they don't, here is a new idea for those of you who spend more time on the *** internet than developing relationships with good people in your own community....... don't go back, this is punishment enough.

Oh wait this website will probably delete this one! Use your head stop complaining and act like an intelligent person.

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Other Company in Northbridge, Massachusetts - Overcharged

The service man quoted us a price of $377 for a clogged drain. After my husband almost passed out hearing this, the man said he would take $50 off for a first time customer.

He NEVER said this was a flat rate whether he was there for 10 min. or 10 hours. He was at our home for 30 minutes--$600/per hour. I wish I would get paid that much.

Roter Rooter, you should be ashamed of yourself.

And yes, we were the *** ones to even let him do the service. That is their answer, "you could have refused the service"

Northbridge, Massachusetts
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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Rrollton store. we have to drive 45 minuates to buy thread

we had a fabric department in our carrollton store a while back. when they took out the fabric and sewing items in other stores they took ours also.

we have no other store within 45 miles that sells these items. i ran out of white thread and had to drive 45 miles to buy one . embroidery floss also. i know that there is a lot of people who were buying the items if someone was there to help them.

a lot of the time when we had it before no one was working in fabric. i left one time because no one would help me.

when i found someone they said they were not in that department and so i walked out. there are 5 counties surrounding this store.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Copy of marriage license

I went onto this goddam website and did EXACTLY what they wanted. I opted to fax the information because I am unfamiliar with the scanner process on my computer.

First, they said they could read my signature on the release form page. It was in blue ink. So I went and got a SHARPIE and re-signed it. Then they said they needed my Driver's license.

I did not want to give them one because you have to enlarge it and do all kinds of ridiculous things. They have a document acceptability column. A and B. I chose 2 documents out of B so I would not have to to the Driver's License Dance.

I sent them 8 EIGHT!!!!! Faxes of all the documents they asked for and STILL there was always something wrong.

The last person I spoke to was someone named Ramon who basically told me to stop yelling at him and I BASICALLY TOLD HIM TO DO HIS JOB AND GET THE DOCUMENT THAT I PAID 48 *** DOLLARS FOR.I did not swear at him. Only here.

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Other Company in Adrian, Michigan - Very Upset

Today I grabbed a take out order from Olga's. The cost was $17.00 for a ham & chesse sandwich, small orange cream cooler and bowl of chili. The bread was very stiff and dry, the cooler wasn't the proper testure, it was more like trying to eat or drink very thick milk.

I'm so pissed, I will for now on check my food before leaving. I've ate here before and the food was great but today at 91/2 and harper in sterling heights was awful. I will never eat there again!!!

Glenn from Clinton township Michigan

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