Other Company in Silver Springs, Florida - In Life Furniture Brokers

Your Retail Connection at Wholesale Prices. They specialized in Custom Furniture and Mattress.

What set them apart from their competition is prices, quality, and customer satisfaction. They don't have a fancy showroom filledl with sales agents. You tell them what you want and they bring it to your door. At Unbelievable prices.

The mattress set I bought from this company is very comfortable and I paid a fraction of what other well known companies charge me.

Delivery; my mattress arrive at my house 3 hours after my purchase, that's what I consider fast. Not like other stores that sometimes will take a week.

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Other Company in Fairport, New York - Foolish Consummers

Funny thing is most of the complaints come from people who are foolish enough to buy a kitchen or bathroom from a Hardware store. Not that smart folks, How about thinking with your brains and not your pocket books.

Very happy with my purchase.I bought from an independent registered dealer. Smaller dealers have much more to loose so they care and operate with your interest in mind.

You wouldn't have a tree surgeon operate on you so why have a Hardware store supply and install a kitchen.

Just saying. Do some research before you buy you will be thankful you did.

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Other Company in Olympia, Washington - Prank phone call from same number

I keep getting calls from 206-456-0661, often several times a day. They claim to be Microsoft and state that my computer is infected with a bad virus, and they essentially want me to give them control of my computer.

If i Google this phone number, I get many hits about people getting these same calls and that it is a scam. I have told this caller that I know they are a scam and not to call me anymore and they continue to call. Is there anything that can be done to shut down that #?

Contact the party responsible for that # and inquire about this issue? Block them from continuing their fraudulent phone calls?

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Other Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Harrassing my family everyday and weekends

the person that you are calling does not live here and I am tired of getting phone calls. If it does not stop I may have to take action.

You call our home anytime of day or night and on weekends and holidays. Please stop. This person does not live here and never has. Please erase our phone number from your records.

If not, I will turn you into the better business bureau or get in touch with someone for harrassing us. please stop calling us and leave us alone.

please take care of this as soon as possible. thanks

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Sold part that was faulty immediately

I replaced a starter and started the car, I heard the starter not releaseing and shut off the ignition and the car continued to keep cranking with the key turned off. I had to unhook the battery cable to shut off the starter.

I crawled underneath and removed the stater ,drove 30 miles and had it tested and it was bad. It was as though I had done something wrong with no appology for the wasted effort what so ever! Here just buy a more exspensive unit and by the way pay us more money.

What about my wasted labor and time. This happened with a brand new unit.


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This guy bought a rebuilt startor. Some don't work right out the box.

That's why they are so cheap. Also; he probably installed it incorrectly, and of course there is no guarantee when you install it yourself instead of having a licensed mechanic do the work.

You tried to be cheap, and you paid the price. They shouldn't have even accepted your return.

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Other Company in Spanish Fork, Utah - Sent Out a Faulty MP3 Player

I sent off for a free MP3 Player after attending a seminar. That was in February, and just today, May 21, I got it in the mail.

It's supposed to be an $80 value MP3 player. Sounds good right? IT DOESN'T EVEN WORK! I've tried everything I can to get down to the problem AND NOTHING WORKS.

I've even found the model number and everything I need to know to find a match on the internet to see if I could fix the problem of it not working... I FOUND NOTHING TO HELP GET IT TO WORK!

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Other Company in Ashburn, Virginia - Overcharged. We have always paid on time!

My name is Robert Pioli and I have been a customer for almost 50 years. We have always paid our bill on time.

Recently our bill was late and my wife had been seriously ill so the payment was a few days late but we paid the complete bill. NOT A PARTIAL PAYMENT.... THE ENTIRE BALANCE. We received a $15.00 late charge which I refuse to pay.

Today, May 21, 2012 we received another late charge for $30.00. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS !! We will not pay these these unfair charges !

We are senior citizens on a fixed income.

This is grossly unfair. CHECK OUR PAYMENT HISTORY!

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - Purchaced 4 bf goodrich tires 4/19/2012

the two back tires have a brownish hue to them. the front tires are black.

went back to the store in coral springs only to have the tire manager tell us the tires in the back were dirty..

went to the car wash sprayed the tires with cleaner first and tire shine after the wash.

In 2 days the back tires were again brown..now how is it that the tires in the front do not get "dirty" only the back tires do? The tire manager could not have been less interested in us.

The store manager was nice, but we still have the brown tires

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Registered,but cant log in

registered last night 5-20-2012,got conformation i was allready registered,but i could not bid or find ang information about my account. A popup said no bids available.I dont know who i delt with I could not find any information how to do nothing but enter my name ,address, phone number and CREDIT CARD NUMBER, All I want to do is cancel all information I gave ,get refund if any has been charged to my card and forget it.you want 100 words and I have explained to the best I know how ,so do something about it

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Gohoming deceiving

Don't buy through this company, first they tell you that the price is one then they do the contract for a total different price, adding some fees that you have to pay and they will add those fees again to your settlement charges so at the end you will pay twice the web technology fee and the buyer premium, they lied, they say that the seller will give you some money as a concession, but is a lie, it is a disappointment, the will deceive you in the contract, they will make up charges in the contract and charge you twice for settlement costs, and you will ended up paying because they are holding your deposit......................




We are having that exact problem trying to close this week. The purchase price jumped to include the premium and tech fees, But we were assured that they would be paid by the sellers concessions and that the correct purchase price will show up on the final HUD.

It didn't, so they were added on again,so now we are paying them twice. The closing agent tells a different story than the pre-closer, and will not acknowledge the clear facts in the contract.. The HUD statement is wrong, but the closer will not change it. It adds the same fees twice; once onto the purchase price, and again as separate fees.

I believe this is fraud. Why was I so foolish not to have my own closing attorney?

I wonder who is benefitting from this, and if Altiscorce or go-homing, or someone within the company is the culprit. It has to stop.


Exactly my experience also (*exactly*) - but that's what the legal system is for and that's the direction I went under advise of counsel. See if you can think of a way to get a number of injured parties on this at the same time and I'd be happy to participate.


Go homing makes fake bids on their website as soon as you chat online. It is a scam! Don't go for their fake bidding scam!

GoHoming Help

It sounds like you have had a frustrating experience. Our sellers close thousands of properties through our website every month.

Many include the Buyer Premium's and all of them include the Web Technology Fee that you referenced.

We would like to see if there is anything we can do to help, but need more information about your specific situation. Please contact us at 855.453.6503 or Jonathan.Dees@GoHoming.com so we can look into your situation.

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