Other Company in Livingston, New Jersey - Worst experience ever

they take your money and then the service locks up, you call and are assured your service has been activated properly now and you can use it. No matter how many times you call you get same answer or are put on hold and they never come back.

:( Even the junk mail service which I could get access to does nothing. Creeps me out to know they have so much information that I gave when signing up.

STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS!!!! may 31, 2012 So much for getting what you pay for,buyer beware,their assurance to take care of your issue is worthless.

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Other Company in Novato, California - Loan interest notice

I have two life insurance policies for grandchildren and according to my paperwork the premiums

were paid for a year until Oct. 2012.

Now I get a notice about a loan payment on both. I place 5 phone calls to see about this and could not get to a live representative and none of the options fit. Waiting on line did not work - the line just went dead. Not happy about this notice.

I do not see any explaination as to why I received this load notice. the amount it says to pay doesn't give me a clue about the balance claiming to be needed.

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Other Company in New York, New York - Door to door high pressure salesmen

This company has door to door salesmen pitching siding and roofing replacement for storm damage which they say will be covered by insurance. I did not engage them nor do I think their approach is proper.

Plus I wouldn't hire somebody who knocks on my door out of the blue.

There are a lot of elderly people in this neighborhood who might think that is a good deal, free roofing and siding but who knows anything about this company and whether their tactics are proper. I would say to avoid any contractor who solicits business by knocking on your door.

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Fraudulent Financial Services Companies

I have been defrauded off thousands £'s. I responded to a mail shot promising guaranteed loan with ridiculously low APR%.

They took admin and deposit fee, duped me in to believing the loans have been approved by brokers, they then buggered off leaving me in a financial mess. My private investigator found details of disqualified directors Rizwan Ahmed, 44 Regents Drive, Preston. Imran Ahmed and Martin Williams, 49 Fulwood Hall Lane, Preston. They owned asset finance ltd (dissolved), Lomond Finance ltd (dissolved), Revenue and Finance Ltd (dissolved), Commercial and Corporate Ltd (dissolved).

However they still own call cabin of fylde road, Preston. Lancashire Police are investigating my case contact them for verification.

I have been told by them there are many other companies that have fallen victim. I hope others write their experiences and expose these scammers.



Leyland, Lancashire, United Kingdom #932037

Imran Ahmed Martin williams Room: 2

14:36:00: Trial (Part Heard) - Resume - 14:31

15:02:00: Trial (Part Heard) - Case to be listed for Trial on 09-Nov-2015 - 14:59

Oldham, England, United Kingdom #823218

Just had call from CID they bought a car from me a fraudulently transferred money into my account

Preston, England, United Kingdom #811218

Nice to see no justice has been done they buy property abroad plan to move abroad and fool everybody with there lies when they are clearly guilty !!!! Up to more fraudulent activity.


It would appear that Mr Imran Ahmed has done a deal with cps and pleaded guilty to all the charges on the basis that his wife Dhuruti Patal and his brother Rizwan not be tried on the same charges. It is understood Mr Martin Williams and another will be tried at court later this year.

No mention of a section 72a confiscation order yet.

It is understood too that he (Mr Imran Ahmed) had a previous conviction of credit card fraud and served appx 2yrs in early 2000. CPS had brought this to the courts attention.

Preston, England, United Kingdom #815148


04/10/2013 Fri, For Preliminary Hearing - Case Started - 11:54 at Court: 10

04/10/2013 Fri, For Preliminary Hearing - Case to be listed for Trial on 14-Apr-2014 - 11:57 at Court: 10

07/02/2014 Fri, Plea and Case Management - Case Started - 14:27 at Court: 2

24/03/2014 Mon, For Pre-Trial Review - Case Started - 11:27 at Court: 2

24/03/2014 Mon, For Pre-Trial Review - Resume - 14:20 at Court: 2 14/04/2014 Mon, For Mention - Case to be listed on 14-Nov-2014 - 10:45 at Court: 2 14/04/2014 Mon, For Mention - Hearing finished for MARTIN RICHARD WILLIAMS - 10:52 at Court: 2 Let's see if we get justice before they move abroad with our money. Martin Williams still brags he has got away with it and he is moving abroad to property purchased with money which isn't his !!!!!!

Now signed in his patents name as this became to obvious he had no way off affording this. Debbie devaney (manager ) gets pregnant by Martin William co accused who are not suppose to have any contact or live with each other and as for the court case being adjourned they now decide to have baby in U.K. and now not moving until November.

Mr Ahmed very laudable. Situation won't be long before your at it again


14-04-2014 Preston Crown Court 2 T20131145

Debbie Devaney

Imran Ahmed

Martin Richard Williams

Details: - No Information To Display -

For Mention - Case to be listed on 14-Nov-2014 - 10:45 For Mention - Hearing finished for MARTIN RICHARD WILLIAMS - 10:52


CourtServe: Preston Crown Court, Daily Courtroom 14/04/14 3


5 days ago - T20131145, AHMED Imran. 04ZD0314713.

DEVANEY Debbie. 04ZD0314713. WILLIAMS Martin R.

04ZD0314713. Reserved.ELH 1 Hour.


Will they actually attend court or disappear abroad as they have been bragging ? Then forming a relationship with the co accused and getting pregnant. Make me laugh



24-03-2014 Preston Crown Court 2 T20131145

Debbie Devaney

Dhruti Patel

Imran Ahmed

Martin Richard Williams Rizwan Ahmed Details: For Pre-Trial Review - Case Started - 11:27 For Pre-Trial Review - Resume - 14:20 07-02-2014 Preston Crown Court 2 T20131145 Debbie Devaney Dhruti Patel Imran Ahmed Martin Richard Williams Rizwan Ahmed Details: Plea and Case Management - Case Started - 14:27 04-10-2013 Preston Crown Court 10 T20131145 Debbie Devaney Dhruti Patel Imran Ahmed Martin Richard Williams Rizwan Patel Ahmed Details: For Preliminary Hearing - Case Started - 11:54 For Preliminary Hearing - Case to be listed for Trial on 14-Apr-2014 - 11:57 04-10-2013 Preston Crown Court 10 T20131145 Debbie Devaney Dhruti Patel Imran Ahmed Martin Richard Williams Rizwan Ahmed © 2014 thelawpages.com | Legal : Terms : Privacy & Cookie Policy | Site Map


Yes they are due at Preston crown court in Preston in April and face 13 charges


Stay away from imran Ahmed,aka Danny Riley, Danny Cann, etc this little sh...t is a wrong one his brother rizwan Ahmed too don't forget his wife duriti Patel scammed my company out of a lot of money.


Yes, we were also conned by Lomond Finance. We were trying to raise finance to purchase lorries.

We prepaid admin fees & VAT of totalling just under £8000.

Being a partnership this came out of our own pocket. Thanks a lot you thieving bastards!!

Waltham, England, United Kingdom #762794

So was l, contact Lancashire police, they are all being tried at Preston crown court.

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Other Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota - Warranty refund ***

We purchased the warranty and didn't use it. So we were told that our money $40 would be refunded to us.

I have been calling the store for about a month and a half now and still no refund. I continue to get people on the phone that don't know how to help. Today I was told that it's a gift card for ArtVan only. HUH?

Now, I am being forced to spend another $40 there!

I just spent $2,000 on a matress. One might think that I could at least get my $40 back cash

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Terrible customer service .

I visited store number 1489 in Cypress Texas, and their associate, Victoria, was terrible with her service. Firstly, I wasn't greeted with a smile, nor did she ever try to produce one.

I sensed she didn't want to be there helping anyone. To make matters worse, she took a call in the middle of my giving her a contact number without a"excuse me I'm sorry may I take this -nothing.

After sed phone call, no apology. Point being, she was unprofessional and I won't be requiring her services should I return to that particular location.


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The company name would have helped. :?
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Jackson County NC Public Schools

I'm writting to let people know the biggest thing we as parents pay for is schooling for our children. We have have an above average IQ child that is 9yo.

He has been tested and is well above grade level at and in front of his doctor. At school hes got add,adhd,learning disabilities but none is found medically in multile testing even at school. My child is smarter than the teachers!!! They have illegally went aginst my wishes as a parent.

Heres the catcher, school systems are corporations and one hand washes the other. We've called everybody at the local,state and federal level. State level nobody will do anything. The office of civil rights are in the process of hopefully stepping in.

They have pushed him through school. Cut his work in half, mark all bad grades which is a bunch and gave 10 extra points, not give hime the general course of study in which is discrimination because he's intitled to the same education as the other kids. They sent their policys stating how they could do it and it was a policy to change the curriculum for the entire scool not an individual child. Thats where special education programs come into play in which my son is not eligible for!

IEP PEP 504 plan individualized or personalized education plan. So, my wife learned their policies and boy have they messed up!!! When we had another meeting with the supertindent set up by the states supertindent, the man got so mad when we showed him policy in which he did'n know he lost it shoved the table at me and my wife, jumped up waving a pen screaming in which it did get a rise from me and I got up told him it was my child and if I want to opt him out of anything because of my religion,belifes or because I didn't want him doing it thats what will happen and his responce was, the only thing we can opt him out of was the school. A man of that rank, should be professional and the number one thing is to know the policies because he's messed up.

The last thing out of his mouth was he lost his cool and there was a wittness the assistant supertindent! He seems to be honest????? My wife spoke before the board and he was shaking his head yes when she spoke of it. The board was watching him taunt her by winking and making gestures.

She spoke policies and spoke of his education and the board was shaking their heads in aggreance. Now we're waiting on a decision on the matter which I think will be in our favor.

The board and myself goes way back and they like me and the simple thing is we're right. If you have kids in school, learn the policeis and your kid should have a successful school life.







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Other Company in Wollongong, New South Wales - Steer wobbels

broke steer stabliser off front dif asembly, not good felling at 100 kph could not steer wrangler i was put on wrong side of road till i could stop thank god no on coming traffic ive had this problem with this jeep since first recived it . ball joints were replaced at 24000ks and told need doing again at 48000ks.

currently on the 3rd steering damper. was advised by service manager at pickering jeep dealer in townsville to put a.r.b lift kit in to lift car back up as springs had saged nearly sitting on bump stops,plus up graded shocks to try to help with shuder through front wheels have video of wheels shuder, now that car is dealers again dc motors had car for 3 weeks trying to fix problem car came back worse then when went in,jeep in at river city motors since 16/5/12 still no report back on what is happening about my car this makes it 5 weeks in last couple of months that i have not had my jeep you buy new so as to have good service which i have not, just not good enough????

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Other Company in Grand Junction, Colorado - Filed fraud

I signed up to get coffee (latte) delivered every two weeks. I started to get them every week and then I recieved seven latte packets at once,I denied the delivery so they were returned.

When i called them to get my account credited back and to cancel my deliveries they said it would be back in my account in 3 to 5 days. So 8 days later I call them to find out why my acount has not been credited back yet and they tell me that all return accounts have been put on hold for 30 days. Not what they told me to start with. Then on top of this I get into my bank account to find out they have now charged me for two more shipments of latte's.

I get on the phone once again to have them tell me that they will credit me back once again, so while I was on the phone and asked them again about my other credit and they still have not done anything with it.

Fed up I canceled my bank account and filed a report with the fraud unit at my bank. Lets see how far this will get me, I wasnt getting anywhere before.

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Other Company in San Antonio, Texas - LOAN OFFER?APPLY NOW

Tired of borrowing? Have you been turned down constantly and

to share their financial banks and other organizations? The good news

Here! We offer loans of 5,000.00 Min. 10,000,000.00 in

The maximum interest rate of 2.5% per year. We are certified and safe.

According to convince .. Please include the following:

Full name:



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Amount needed:


We are certified to offer the following types of loans:

* Personal Loans (unsecured)

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* Debt Consolidation Loan

* Student Loan

* Mortgage Loan

* Investment Loan and many more.

Contact: pedro_denosofinance@yahoo.com


Regards from me

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