Other Company in Gurgaon, Haryana - Complaint poor customer service

Raised compliant for disturbance on monitor screen with compliant # RNA120608058529 on June 08' 12 and was told some body will assist within 72 hours, however, nobody from LGE has even bothered to call and check till date. I again called them on 11th and 13th June and was told that they will contact us within 24 hours, unfortunately again false statement.

this is pathetic customer service as this the kind of service expected from company like LGE. The company really need to improve on their customer service by at least getting back to the customers if the y have any issue.

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Put sticker back in mail box please.

Throw notice of delivery paper sticker back on step. Put sticker back in mail box please.

Every time there is no one home to receive the delivery, the driver peels the stickerback of the pick-up at alternate location notice on the step or in the flower bed for the homeowner to pick up and dispose. Not sure whether they are not happy that there is no one home or they hate writing the notice and taking to alternate location. Not good business ethic.

Please leave the garbage in mailbox, easier for homeowner to control litter left by driver. Otherwise service is satisfactory.


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Not sure who you're talking about, but it's against the law for anyone but the USPS to leave things in your mailbox. This includes of course, FedEx and UPS as the mailbox is strictly for mail delivery thru the Postal Service.

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Other Company in San Jose, California - I canceled a order was supposed to get refund never got it spoke to some one they told me that i did

Canceled a order was supposed to get refund never got it spoke ti some one they told me i didn't no what i was talking about my credit card tech told me the money was taking so fi called and i never got anything from you and i want my money back or I'm going to call my lawyer I'm very up set with you can most likely never going to order anything from you again like i said i want my money back this was a upsetting thing for me i never had a problem with you before please make this right

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I order and pay, if you check, got denied my last order.

I have been ordering and paying, if you check your records, you can see this. My customer number is 281753509, Ellen Washlock.

I have my things sent to my work address, do not want family members to see their gifts. I ordered things for my daughter's birthday. I am so "pissed" cause I was really depending on this order for her B-Day. I don't know what my order limit is, but I am sure I have not exceeded it.

Check, I would appreciate an answer. Ellen Washlock, customer number 281753509, dollar amount of order $92.93, total.


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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #579682

Ellen ,you are a riot! Love ya!

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Other Company in Yorba Linda, California - No Results & No Refund!

I did what they told me to do and then they told me to do stuff that would hurt my credit. Then they don't take my calls, then they don't return my calls.

Then the anwering machine does all the work. No one calls me back and I WANT MY MONEY BACK! These people are a bunch of smooth talkers who apparently are just out to scam people who are looking for help and then rob us for more money that we don't have! These people should be thrown in jail.

Where are they? Is anyone going to help us??

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Other Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Calls if one day late

these *** call if you are one day late if you tell them you are paying the payment in 2 days they call you 3 hours later and ask the same *** but if you pay early they dont give you anything back LIKE money but if late thell TAKE MONEY seams to be all big corp greed mybe nobody should buy anything then see what happens to td auto then they also charge late fees so if you are going to do that then i should get more time to pay for charging me that money.they suck thats all i can say

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Other Company in Metuchen, New Jersey - It just forgot how to do sound! AGAIN!

How the f*** does a computer forget how to do sound. I've had it for a month and it does it every two days.

Then it needs to be restarted and takes a day before it can do sound again and download everything it needs. This thing is ***. I literally haven't done anything with it, tried youtube, then the sound cut out. Wondered why, looked for the sound icon, clicked on it, and it said program inactive.

Then nothing happened. They said to re-install it, and I've done that 28 times now.

WTF is that. They said it happens sometimes.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Not getting updated in your system always!

I reenroled several times &told my extended year not updating in system. Haven't gotten 125 of my 250 minutes.

Got my replacement phone & says only have 70 more days of service! & still can't get my minutes. This is my life link device & I've had no other way to communicate & I'm disabled. Really defeats the purpose don't you think?

How ironic!

Now after all my talks with reps and automated services iam being told thT i have to wait another two weeks to fill out forms, to wait again, to verify what you already know (that i qualify yet another year) before i can get my life line assistance. Mary Goodman

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Other Company in Brecksville, Ohio - Let go of my job

I was working for the new office building inb Cleveland, Ohio. Working in the hr department when I was called in to the bosess office with a fellow co-working.

I was let go because I sent out job offers with the wrong benefit packet. Which they said I did, but the problem is the co-worker i was seating with is the person training me and had sent me the packet to be sent out to new sells people. I told her i was senting them out and I needed the packets. She email them to me and that is what I sent out.

The problem is why was I let out and not the person training me and giving me the information top be sent out. Why because I was the oldest person working in the office and the newest. I have 14 years in hr from my last job. The person they kept had experience in nursing.

Dose this seem fare.

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Other Company in Scottsdale, Arizona - Optometrist with bad attitude at costco

Optometrist began to yell at me and became mad because I was still wearing my contacts. Kept repeating, "What do you want me to do about it?" instead of helping me understand why my eye was blood red. Just continued to stand in his office and yell at me. Totally unprofessional and no help. Odd and unfriendly office help too. I had a feeling this office was strange by the way I was treated as a walk-in customer, they acted like my request for help was strange. This man has a attitude problem. I went to Walmart, they were helpful and friendly.

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