Other Company in Lincolnton, North Carolina - Taking off basic channels 71 & 25

This sucks put them back on you charge more and get less you keep taking off the good channels when you finally go off altogehter people will be going to dish they had the old old old old boxes and the have new ones just need to think about this i used to work for charter and i have been gone over a year and i still have customers calling me for advise but i just think this is so wrong to *** the channels and charge more people do not have the money they used have thank you

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Other Company - I'm missing two headrest covers and the back seat cover.

I order a classic exquisite leatherette car seat covers (Beige) for my car, which includes front and back headrest/ seat covers, i only got (2) FRONT. SEAT COVERS, NO HEADREST OR BACKSEAT COVERS.I paid already for the whole set.

I order this May 23,2012 (order id 104-5524963-7641024). I need those things or u tell me what should i do to neutralize this situtation.

how much longer do i have to wait for you to give me what belong to me. my email address is jackal101.a.k.a.tac@gmail.com to contact me about the others.

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Charged me for 7 days when the car broke on the 2nd.

I rented a car in cancun for 7 days. The car broke on the second day and when I called them to report the car that was not working, they answer only till the day after. So the car was towed. They charged me for the seven days I was to have the car and also charmed me for taking the car out of the tow place. they, would never answer my phone calls... I just could not wait over night watching the car.... I call them first at 2:45 PM. They told me that will call me back in 10 minutes and never did. After 7 phone calls every 20 minutes, I decided to go to my hotel and then the car was towed.

They are so dishonest and thieves.

GOOD LUCK if you decide to rent from them...

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Other Company in Alexandria, Virginia - Hessameddin, Shahabi, ***-Artist in SC

Hessameddin, Shahabi, The Iranian ***-artist, who defrauded me in a real estate transaction(SOLD ME A PROPERTY WHICH DIDN'T EXIST, 2 of them) stole over $45,000-with help of lawyers, finally goes to jail. I'm so glad we live in this country.

Finally, he's paying for what he did to so many innocent people….I HAD TO WAIT 5 YEARS 2 see this day!!!

He encourged me to purchase some real estate properties from him. Lend him the money in form of investment, turn turn around and make similar documents to as many people as he could.

Collect all the cash money from innocent people. Finally, 5 years he's paying for it.

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Other Company in Holtsville, New York - Revolving therapist/staff

If your looking for a therapist/staff while building relationships with them for the long haul look for a different massage clinic. While being a member for a year the consistency of the same therapist and reps behind the counter change on a weekly basis.

I have found that a business that can't retain employees is usually going to trickle down to the client. This place is only interested in the short term quick buck and could careless how your massage went.

They will recommend whoever is available and not to your particular needs. Life is too short to deal with such crappy service and zero consistency!

Trade Monster
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Can't get my vehicle fixed !!

The Accepted a claim on my vehicle but, if you ever call try to call them you are put on hold forever or get a Voicemail but DONT EVER EXPECT A RETURN CALL!!! They sent me a check for part of the repairs but it needs more work.! Now I can't get anyone there to help me and my truck has been in the Body shop for 3 weeks now and I am no where near getting it back !!!




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I'll never deal with "them". Now, if I can just figure out who "them" is.

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - Another type of Water Bed

Yes Hello I had to return it because its like a water bed very uncomfortable, my hips push the air pressure up into my shoulder area, and then my arm fell asleep from the uncomfortable pressure... I like a very firm mattress, with a little give, on the heavier points of my body.

I was waiting and waiting almost two hours to fall asleep, and nothing, I had to deflate the mattress all the way, and I sunk deep into it until I finally fell asleep and woke up sore...

When you put this bed together it feels like a camping air mattress very light and nothing too it, I'm surprise they charge that much for this product. I would not ever buy this bed again unless they combine it with some type of space age technologies with deflatable foam or something of that nature, with more stable support and comfort.

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Other Company in Muskogee, Oklahoma - Lost online order - did not honor original price

I placed an online order on June 3, 2012, was told my item would be delivered on June 8, 2012. Item was not delivered, I contacted sears.com on June 11, 2012 regarding the order.

They had no record of my online order, when I asked them to simply honor the price and 5% discount for using my sears card, free shipping plus using my reward points, they simply thanked me for my time and hung up on me. My order was a Char-Broil 4 burner gas grill with self-cleaning, The original price was $699 with a savings of $200, plus a 5% discount for using my sears card, free shipping and the use of my reward points resulting in a total price of $437.

After talking to several representatives from several departments, no one seemed to want to help me resolve this matter, therefore, I will go to Lowes.com and purchase the same grill, sear obviously does not care about customer service, and doesn't care if long standing good customers are satisfied.

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Other Company in Little Rock, Arkansas - Poor Judgement

The reasons for my termination of contract were explained today to an agent. I forgot to tell what the final straw was.

Numerous calls saying my bill was overdue and my contract would be terminated if not paid. Never was I late on a payment. But after three weeks of harassing calls I responded and was made to wait 7 minutes for an agent while advertisements were played to me. I was then told it was a mistake after just a moment.

I am not *** about the agenda for those calls.

It was inexcusable. Bill Worthen account Little Rock, AR.

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Other Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana - Harrassing phone calls and threatening to granish wages

they threatened to garnish my wages and turn my loan over to there attorney because i decided to rent instead of living in my house. i am a one income house and the bills are becoming to much with what i make so i decided to rent.

the lady made me out to be *** for doing this. she threatened to garnish my wages so i would not be able to rent. they don't care that people have finanical problems all they want is to call and harrass you about making the payments. The only other option is bankruptcy and she said that was also *** of me.

i told her that i have someone interested in the house and i will gpay what i owe she didn't like that. So what is a person to do.

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