Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Ralph's bashes and threatens customers when they complain about employee mistakes.

An employee took me by surprise, attacked and verbally accosted and threatened me at the cash register on an hour-long shopping trip in view of several other employees and customers and in the presence of a store-manager. They complained that I abused all the employees since I had entered the store and that they weren't going to tolerate it any more.

They would give me no details. Interesting, because I was having a good experience until I got to the cash register. They also threatened to call the police to have me removed. Higher management was initially apologetic with my complaint until the employees in their defense villified and disparaged me, saying I was a chronic problem.

I returned items too many times (3) and reported overcharges on my receipt too many times.

Customers beware: you are not only "always right" you are entirely wrong if you report their unprofessional behavior and the overcharges on your receipt. Worse, higher level management goes along with their "kill the messenger" tactics.

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Cons call home stole my money!

They knew I couldn't use their service, sold it anyway- no refund has been issued.I have called countless times, and so tomorrow I will call the FCC and the BBB. It is wrong to sell something that you KNOW that the consumer can not use, and take their money, and then not refund it, though they say they will refund it!

And call after call, I get a "nice" young man who tells me they'll get right on it. BUt nothing ever happens. These people need to be SHUT DOWN!!

And I intend to do that. Don't be suckered in by these people!!


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Guess you should of said NO and hung up. Sounds like it's your own fault. Stop blaming others for being an ***.

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Other Company in Sacramento, California - Help Please!!!

I can't register with your site?? hail mary full of grace please help me find a hundred words that will satisfy the idiots who wrote this complaint form. My house is sinking and if something isn't done soon I will be homeless and stuck with a lawyer which I would rather not do, I think that's about fifty words, the floor is separating from the base board and the tub is coming apart(72) the ceiling is showing signs of parting also and I imagine the roof will eventually collapse if the house keeps sinking so please help me find a solution to my problem(hows that)

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Other Company in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota - Illegally withdrew funds from my credit card!!

these charlatans withdrew funds from my credit card account without any authoriation! When I phoned Greendot.com to complain they stated it might take 30 to 45 days to get my funds back on my card!

When I contacted Singles their reponse was, "sorry, nothing we can do about that".... where is help when you need it? More importantly, when it's justified.... can't help but to wonder how many people are getting "tagged" by this company every month when they NEVER even signed up!

Worse, how did they get my credit card number?

This type of thing really sucks from such a huge conglomerate as this spidery company!

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Other Company in Jackson, Mississippi - Very disappointed

I called to order a Pzola. they said it was going to be 10 to 15 minutes I went there in 10 minutes went through the drive thru, waited another 10 minutes until a young lady came to me and stated that the pzolo was list and it would be another ten minutes.

So i came inside! It was nasty. Pizza on the floor, employees scratching their head, and chewing behind the counter. I didnt get a sincere apology nor did anyone offer a discount or free food!!

I was late for my lunch break and didnt even get to eat the greasy pzolo!! I will never return!!

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Other Company in Orlando, Florida - Incredibly difficult - extremely aweful!

I attended a timeshare presentation from Wyndham and supposedly received 3 days, 2 nights free at a location where Wyndham has (at least that's what I understood). Comes to find out, the areas we can pick from is limited.

We had to chose 3 different dates and of course could not get our dates. Then we had to jump through hoops but we diligently followed the rules. Every time I try to call, I have to hold for at least 30 minutes. The last time I called after 31 minutes on hold, I was told that they are having "system issues", placed on hold for another 14 minutes, then told to call back.

So not worth the time. BEWARE!

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Other Company in Stockton, California - Taken money from my account

I was going over my bank statement and saw this recr charge on my account. I don't remember signing up for this.

I need the phone number so I can call them. please I can't afford to be billed every month. I have no way to contact them, I tried to go to their website but I haven't seen one. All I can find are sites like this one.

I will be billed 19.99 each month for something I didn't sign up for.

I want to call them but don't have phone #. Thanks, CG

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Dont write a check

I go shopping and have written checks or use my debit card.... So this time I wrote a check....what a mistake.

they said it was a random check.............wth............i HAD A HALF HOUR WAIT OR SO...Till they gave whomever they called on the phone all my info.. everything on my driver's license that they wouldnt give back to me. I thought for sure the police was on their way. the clerk said I havent had to do one of these in over a year...

sorta company...or something just once in a while they see if they get a criminal by chance I guess. They kept my merchandise, my license, my check and refused to give me any info who they were calling and why it was ok to give all my info out. At one point the second clerk got chatting about my watch, thought they were keeping me happy will whomever came to collect me.... I may never go back..........

cash from now on....the govt. apparently wants this cashless society so they can further steal our $$ and by harassing us ....we'll go to cash or quit shopping all together


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I have not written a check in a store for over 30 years and nothing bad has happened to me. Why take the risk?

Use a credit card or cash. If some crook gets your check, they could clean out your bank account.

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Other Company in Orlando, Florida - You cannot make this up!

My wife and I purchased a dish-washer and side by side fridge/freezer about 10 days ago. It was delivered the next day, wrong and damaged.

We went back to the store and re purcahsed a new dish-washer and side by side fridge/freezer (Samsung) and arranged for pick up of the damaged wrong order.

It will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday now Thursday - Thursday the delivery guys come and refuse to take away the incorrect dish-washer and side by side fridge/freezer!

Today after been told 7 times they came to pick up the incorrect dish-washer and side by side fridge/freezer and delivery NEW dish-washer and side by side fridge/freezer - NO side fridge/freezer, but the dish washer is coming with an installer..... Installer arrives with the dish washer and it is damaged - He leaves with the diswasher, only to trun my water off at the mains

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Other Company in Baltimore, Maryland - Confusing Billing information

Amount Due shows in bold print...fine! Account history shows Account balance amount which is different.

It looks like I have a credit...which is CONFUSING. I now know it is because transportation costs and Maryland state tax per week is not included in that 'account balance' BUT YOU CONFUSE US BY MAKING IT LOOK LIKE WE HAVE A CREDIT!!!!! And why do you add a transportation cost when the paper deliver pays for their gasoline, NOT THE SUNPAPER??? I DO NOT ADD A TIP ON THE BILL BECAUSE I UNDERSTAND THE CARRIER NEVER GETS IT.

HOW HONEST OR FAIR IS THAT? Personally I would drop the paper because in my opinion it is liberal rag....my better half likes the LOCAL Ads.

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