Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Help him get a phone

my brother need phone but the place he just moved two the peaple were eviced had two for not paying there rent so did appliction and they said someone at this address allready haves one dont they have two change address dont no there names but the address is 458 shaver rd dayton tn 37321 thank for your time hope this can help him with this matter god bless my brother name is archie trussel d.o.b 2/1/67 last four ss number 8759 you can call if you need any info 423 208 7548 he wants the 126 roll overs min when this gets taking care of

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John Darer

John Darer knowingly writes lies and untruths on his blog. He openly tells associates close to him that since he has business insurance covering him against defamation lawsuits that he is immune to being sued and that he can write whatever he likes no matter who it hurts and/or if it true or not

I know John Darer and he do have serious mental issues.

One day he could be your best friend and then the next he wants you dead. John thinks that he has lots of friends but sadly he doesn't.

We all do our best to "tolerate him" when he attends an industry conference. You just can't trust the guy in any way, shape, or form.


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Having insurance simply means that John Darer is a good businessman. While owning insurance does not make you immune to a lawsuit, it does provide oeace of mind.

The person who filed the complaint appears to be fake because:

1) John Darer does not do business in the Philippines

2) John Darer is well respected in the structured settlement industry and appreciates that he has not only taken the time to write, but he also tackles issues that people think about but are afraid to address publicly.

3)The writer of the complaint isilliterate. If you spend any time with John, you will be writing better because he won't let you get away with it.

4) The same exact text, including typo and syntax errors appear in other places with dfferent names

Frankly someone is either jealous of John Darer or was caught by John with their hand in the cookie jar and has nothing better to do than write utter nonsense about John Darer.

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Muscle For Moves Muscleformoves.com Dishonest?

Muscle for moves contracts other moving companies to do the moves for them, collects payment from the customer and never pays the moving company for the work they did.

www.muscleformoves.comCory Scholes 717 683 5319

www.muscleformoves.comCory Scholes 717 683 5319

www.muscleformoves.comCory Scholes 717 683 5319

www.muscleformoves.comCory Scholes 717 683 5319

www.muscleformoves.comCory Scholes 717 683 5319

www.muscleformoves.comCory Scholes 717 683 5319

www.muscleformoves.comCory Scholes 717 683 5319

www.muscleformoves.comCory Scholes 717 683 5319

www.muscleformoves.comCory Scholes 717 683 5319

www.muscleformoves.comCory Scholes 717 683 5319

www.muscleformoves.comCory Scholes 717 683 5319




Do NOT use this terrible company. I scheduled a simple move several weeks in advance.

On the day of the move, I called Cory at lunchtime to confirm that they would be at my place at 5:00 PM that evening as planned. He confirmed. Then at 4:40 PM, he sent me a text message that said: Something came up we cant do ur move at 5. I just found out sorry for the notice.

That's it, no further contact or offer of alternatives.

Within a minute of receiving the text, I called him. He would not answer. I immediately called again and got sent to voicemail. I texted, asking if he could still do it but at a later time that day.

He would not respond. He never responded. He completely left me hanging at 4:40 PM on the last day I had to complete my move ... a move that I came from out of town to be there for.

Cancelling at the last minute was bad.

To not be man enough to take a live phone call or text me back only lowers my opinion of this so called business. Hiding behind a text message? No legitimate business I know behaves this way. My only advice is do NOT use this company.

Cory is not dependable, professional or responsible, and apparently lives in a world without consequence as he clearly does not care about treating customers so badly.

I wish I had read the Google reviews before I called him as this appears to be a consistent theme with other would be customers. I can only blame myself for not taking that easy research step. If you are reading this and have not yet contacted Cory, please do yourself a favor and find another movera real mover with a real business. My honest impression is that this is not a legitimate business.

Anyone can put up a website and make their business look legit. I suspect this is something he does on the side and that he will make commitments knowing he will not honor them all. If it is convenient for him to honor them, he will. If not, he will leave you hanging at the last minute ......

and with a tough s*!@ attitude toward you.

He does not care and hes not grown up enough to speak to you live or even respond to your texts once he fails to come through. What a completely irresponsible coward.

Please learn from my mistake, save yourself a lot of trouble, and find a different mover


Your right he not a good boss too have and he always cheating his workers out of money and work

York, Pennsylvania, United States #858604

NO call NO show last week. Tried to call him numerous times, no answer...

VM was full. Then he had the balls to call me at 11:30 when he was supposed to meet me at 7:00... I had my own Uhaul truck rented and everything... waited for him for an hour and a half.

I got the name of another moving company and they were there to help me very quick. Had a crew and brought their own trucks. I will never recommend MFM to anyone.

If looking for a moving company... call Delauters!

York, Pennsylvania, United States #783741

Read reviews on yelp.com google.com thumbtack.com YouTube.com yahoo.com MuscleforMoves.com bing.com uship.com angieslist.com

Back in the day I used to try to book far jobs ( west coast ) but have stopped that years ago since more and more moving companies have became unreliable. We now only service areas with 3hrs in any direction of york pa (17403) and only MFM crew does them

Thank you

Visit us at www.MuscleforMoves.com


this is true. corey Scholes pulls the same scam in Asheville Nc.

he also tries to squeeze the other movers out of the area.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States #627300
@asheville mover

My nc crew at last min couldnt do it. So I tried to fill it in .

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Other Company in Etobicoke, Ontario - Overcharged after special arrangements 2 years in a row

On vacations past two years had made prior arrangements to have part of package plan removed with fixed fee for each month stated in writing. Both years overcharged for period and required many calls, emails, etc.

to get corrected. Requested a better rate for services in light of shoddy behavior, and also income change. Got standard reply they could only reduce services for lower rates.

Several attempts with delayed or no replies since. Would like to change to a different company but came here from long time provider due to better pricing, and don't need hassle of moving again.

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Other Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota - Unable to cancel lease will not consider

I want my leased credit card processing equiptment to go back to them and cancel the lease as they mis led me and told me they would be sending more work to our shop considering we were allowing fleet services for their vehicles.Noo fleet services came through and now they tell me I cannot cancel the lease even though I am not using their equiptment I still have to pay them the monthly lease fee for another 4 years and states it is non cancelable , fruad , ripoff , unregulated RAPE . There should be a law against this BS,I am not done trying to figure this out,LAWYER

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Never got the one year special price.

I was told when I called for new service that I had to do direct debit in order to get the introductory offer. I gave them the info and the first bill I was charged $54 instead of $24.

I called them and they passed me around and around. This happened for three months. I would call and try to find out why I wasn't getting the $24 price. I would get passed around and no one would help me.

On the fourth month I was told that I had 90 days to go to their webpage to get the special price and since I didn't do it, I no longer quailified. They told me that if I had called they would have helped me. I told them that I had called and they admitted that I had called but told me there was nothing that could be done. It was too late.

After being over charged for almost a year, and being afraid of them taking more money, I finally figured out, but accident, how to get them out of my account. I lost my debit card and had to get another one. They started calling me for the new number. I wouldn't give it to them.

I made them start sending me my bill in the mail.

I pay my bill at walmart so they can't get anywhere near my bank account. It is well worth the $0.89 to keep them from getting into my account and overdrawing my account.


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This story is about direct tv.. Sorry about that!

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Other Company - 100 acacia in texas no text or phone to let know acc low

I would of get a text or email my acc. Is low 101 in Texas child with bronchial asthma no light on am not sure what the *** happen but am good paying custom for 6month and this what I got for be good..acc active balance .1.87 no call no text because they suppose call or text when acc drop low....am saddens by the person or people who sent out order to disconnect service at temp in Texas today Houston to be specific.all they had to do was call my cell nor email has not change mo voice mail it would of taken $20 to keep light on in temp how smart is there meter....really..never miss a text from them no one bother to do there job!!!!!!!!!!

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Palm Readings by Janet (Merino) Laguna Beach

If you have researched these words, you are most likely suspecting you have been robbed. I hate to give you the news, but you have been coned.

Janet has a little problem, you see, she is a compulsive liar and a thief. It's unfortunately part of her culture, and she doesn't know how to make a living any other way then to defraud you out of your money.

If you would like to read more, go to: "Readings by Janet onthis site, and also post your own story to help notify others. The information you provide will be appreciated.




Dear Sessa, I find it interesting you found your way to this site. The only way was to search her name.

The other oddity: you post from North Carolina, which has a large gypsy population.

No one is asking for your opinion. Why are you so angered by something that has nothing to do with you, or does it?


Of course it's a fraud! Because NO ONE can "read" your palm and tell you anything.

I will admit to having absolutely no sympathy for morons that waste money on palm readers, psychics, etc. If you're that ***, you deserve to be conned.

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Very Pissed ! Securepay Data Pipeline Scam!

I will start by saying I am a 20 year Marine corps veteran my full name is Gunnery Sergeant Paul Opuda!

I was lucky enough after investing thousands of hours learning and becoming one of the best machine rebuilders in America, that even i can get scammed.Now I have gotten totally ripped by a credit card company SECUREPAY and pieline data!

I sold a machine that i rebuilt to a customer for the agreed amount of $39,950.00.

Securepay took the ceditcard but wont release it?

It really is to bad after all they know.... they dont know enough to monitor the real threats in our own borders!

My company website is www.hardingerepair.com




When a person gives all they have to be the best most honest least selfish devoted Person taking care of this country you could ever want. Just kinda seems like maybe we ought to take care of that person instead of the bank

Just Saying


They Might Have Made a Serious Mistake This Time!


Just curious! Did you ever get your money back? Thanks, EWJ

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Other Company in Columbia, South Carolina - 1 hour weave is a waste of money

Do not go to1 hr weave I promise u it's a scam. I don't think she did the styles on her site there's is not even a sign at the bootleg thrift shop she is doing ur hair in a closet not a salon and she has no license posted to even be doing hair.

very dissatisfied. Should have gone to weave express like i started to. Don't waste urn money . the shop is bootleg.

if u suppose to be so good why udont even have a sign nobody in Atlanta have heard about her .

the website is misleading.



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AND.....not even a whole month later my weave is ready to come down, This mess last for THREE weeks. waste of time and money.

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