Wont let me out!

I have ins. in 2 cars.

I'm not driving one because it needs to be fixed. I tried to cancel that vehicle which is the 2nd on the policy, the guy on the phone told me that I should keep it on because they were giving me a 30% discount just for having it. He also stated that it would raise my payment a mos. by $8 if I cancel.

I just dont understand the logic of this! When I asked him why, he really couldn't explain.

He just kept trying to convince me thday I'm saving money!


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Clearly you're getting a multi policy discount, so if you cancel one, the other will go up. Not sure about your state, but if the vechile is registered than it needs to be insured regardless of whether or not you're driving it.

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Other Company in Doylestown, Pennsylvania - Don't but furniture from here!

I bought a sectional couch with scotchgaurd and warranty totaling $3,000. Within one yr the couch had broken.

I called the plainfield IN store I purchased it from. They said I didn't purchase a structural warranty. I was told from the sales rep that structural and fabric warranties were good for 7 yrs....that's why I bought them! So ya they couldn't help me at all unless I pay for the service and repairs out of pocket.

So here recently I made a claim on my fabric warranty...a joke! I told them about water spots and she told me if there are more than 4 spots on one piece that it's no longer considered and they will not cover it.

The furniture quality here is very cheap for the nice price u pay for it. I have learned my lesson and will never come back to them for business!

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Other Company in Rochester, New York - Harassment- wrong person

This service left 1-3 absent voice mails on my phone daily, calling from 8am to 8pm for several days. When

I answered the phone I was accused of owing money that I did not owe. The service had the wrong

person. I felt harassed. Get the details right "world recovery service". Now your time and my time have been wasted because someone failed to check the middle name or initial of the real person struggling to

pay their debt. I recently put my self on a do not call list because I am tired of being harassed by

people like you. END

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Other Company in Palm Springs, California - They lie about refi the fees are hwy robbery u never talk to anybody that can make something work

I tried to redo existing loan after submitting paper work hours on the phone with there lame computer system they tried to charge me $6800 for refi 15 year to 30 year

That's after they lost my file. There all crooks I don't believe they could ever close they just wanted me to

Default so they can take my property its almost paid for it would have been a no brainer

they must never train there people you never get same person or answer twice I can't believe they can stay in biz I wish congress would crack down on these crooks

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Other Company - These people are idiots

I ordered checks from the 2 weeks ago. Still have not received them Why?

They sent them to Texas when I am in NY. Don't they know how to read. I hope they didn't send them to someone who is now writing checks on my account. Did they answer my emails?

NO. Do I think that they care? NO. How come customer service on all American companies is going to ***.

I think they should be accountable someway somehow.

Does any body have any suggestions on how I can get these people to respond. I am at a loss

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Constant Calls from Privacy Caller 800 #

We have a message left on our phone to return a call at 1-800-567-9990 ext. 2015.

Have no idea what they want. The original calls comes up on id as privacy with 000-0000-0000.

But they leave the 800 number to return call. They call several times a day.

No idea what they want as they never leave any information but consistantly call twice a which seems like every single day of the week.

If they at least left a message I would know what they are calling about but without additional info, who knows what they want and who they are looking for. For all I know they have the wrong #


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They're debt collectors, so you most likely owe someone money that you defaulted on!

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Internet Dating Services R A SCAM.

I'm 52 tomorrow and single, don't drink or go out anymore. I want some sex.

That's normal. I just visited internet dating services. They ALL say they're FREE. Ya free to look at who is allegedly available.

You MUST then become a PAID member to message these alleged women who "show an interest in meeting you". After PAYING at least $40, you can then reply to these say 3 women who "showed an interest" in you or put you on their "HOT LIST". After PAYING, you reply back to these chicks that dig you, they have either "found someone" or "are no longer a member" or just plain don't reply whatsoever. I JUST GOT FUKIN" *** BUT NOT KISSED, I thought in a week.

One day before my PAID member ran out, I get a message from a "hot young lady"... who wanted to meet me SEEMINGLY very much. I join again for another month, tried to message THE ONLY REASON I RE-PAID these C#!&^S$%*!@$ again for month, and these "hot babe" in the pictures "was temporarily not available because she was moving". I tell ya, I felt like Rod fukin' Steiger from The Twilight Zone was going to show up with the gist of the episode.

I still am waiting for Rod Steiger. These internet dating services work together hand in glove and foot in sock. Once your e-mail address is in ANY internet dating service, you get BOMBARDED with *** "WANNA BE MY SEX BUDDY" offers from alleged women with a picture of some very gorgeous women standing near palm trees saying she lives "blocks away from you". At the very first I obviously checked it out.

I'm a human male. A dog just like every other man is. Well, I get AT LEAST 5 or 6 offers WAY WAY WAY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. It's like I'm Brad Pitt or some Justin Bielieber all of a sudden.

Not one every materialized. Some fashion designer from Los Angeles working in Nigeria "fell deeply in love with me" in a week. He/She/They sent me many pictures of a not bad lookin' chick. You know, if you desperate you set your standards low so you're never not satisfied eh.

I'd like to meat her...sure. E-mails back and forth for a week until she said she "didn't get her bonus pay yet...had no food or couldn't even pay her internet bill." Like, "Could I borrow $300 until I get my bonus pay?" They meant "Could we bone you for $300?" I actually replied that there's absolutely no way I'd send a total stranger who said she liked me any money. I said "You come here, we'll have a blast and I'll suck and *** you into submission, then I'd know ya enough to even believe your story, let alone send you $300." She's like "If I was going to rip you off, don't you think I'd sting you for more than $300?" SHE SAID THAT TO ME AFTER I REFUSED. It's ALL total *** and they work in cahoots for *** sure.

I may not be Bill Gates intelligent, but I can figure out a scam...I've been learning the hard way all my sordid life. I ain't just some loser who's mad because he can't get laid in a women's prison with a pound of crack, I'm telling YA'LL what you'll find out for your own self IF you ever PAY to join any INTERNET DATING SCAM SERVICES. It's TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to try to physically find their office location. I can see why...I've tried numerous schemes to find out where they were located to no avail.


You think I'm full of ***? Join one and we'll talk in four months.




He, it ain't like getting laid is impossible cuz I'm old. I just like 20's chicks.

Cuz I'm old, escorts. Any way getting laid will cost a guy, unless a crack ho will do. I like sweet clean young stuff so I can chin *** her. That's my fukin' thing.

What I'm pissed at is how these lying pukes got my money. 10 cents or $80, they lied to me to burn me...simple as that.

They should be held accountable and expose their total deceit. This anger has nothing to do with me getting *** or not.


all dating are a rip off..I joined all of them pretty much 2 + years later...nada...

just a bunch of weirdo's looking for a hookup.people have to stop believing the hype.


Some guy sends me a reply "Dude, there are women on Craigslist that'll *** you" or something close to that. Ya, ain't that where some chick got murdered by Mr.


*** Craigslist and *** him. *** PLANET EARTH.


Dude, you can find people to *** with you for free on Craigslist!

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Your Zanesville ohio repair person is awful

Bubeye spa & Pool came to my house on his way to a higher paying job then mine, he was just fitting me in because it was in the direction of his appointment. He saw that my tub was filled with water, but he went ahead and removed my heating parts. He caused the water to start leaking out and he took my parts told me to sign a paper, I did I could see water getting on the floor which upset me and he just left and told me to drain the tub with a hose, and walked away unconcerd.

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Could not get a straight answer

My mortgage was just sold to ocwen. I called to get my new loan number.

(the mortgage is in my husbands name). Customer service gave me the new load number without any questions. I called back two days later to find out when the statement will be mailed out as the mortgage is due on the 1st. If the customer service rep could speak english it might have helped.

He would not even tell me is I will be receiving a statement because my name is not on the loan. I tried to explain that my husband is in the hopital and unable to speak.

They just kep saying that I can't do anything because I do not hold the


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Other Company in Richardson, Texas - 22 calls in one day!!

They start calling befor 8 AM and call till 10 @ night I have told them to stop and that I was going to sue for harrasment! They do not so I guess I will have to.

I have explzined that call after call is not going to get them anything any faster, It is people like this that makes people give up on trying, They hareass and harass umtill you even stop spending money at businesses, it will hurt them more than help. They will go to far one day to the wrong person.

Fell for the duhs! Thank YOU Very much!

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