Other Company in Jackson, Nebraska - Channels and cost

Your costs are outrages, I get nothing but garbage and yet my bill is over $70 a month now I'm even loosing more channels. You lie so bad to the people just to get them to sign up and once you have them you really screw over them.

I will be leaving this company as soon as my contract is up and going back to Dish Network, they never screwed me and I got over 100 more channels a month for the same costs and to rent movies is cheaper and I was always getting certificates for free movies from them. Nothing free from this company except higher costs.

Jackson, Nebraska
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Other Company in Gulfport, Mississippi - Did not provide services paid for

I paid for a fishing guide at McDougall lodge in Alaska for my son and me; when we got off the float plane we were informed that a guide as wasn't hired for us. My son and I fished the week without a guide using *** equipment from the lodge and a little 25 horse power motored boat.

Not the Alaska fishing dream this was built up to be. After fishing for the week when I got home my friend and I asked for our money back because we did not get a guide. We have heard several different versions of how our money was spent so we could not get a refund; between an extra day of fishing, a guide was hired and we turned him down to you told the staff they could use the remaining money as a tip. Really a $2000 tip for fishing by ourselves seems a little funny.

Very disappointed in the owner of this lodge and way he is treating us after he cashed our check and did not provide the guide. There is plenty more to the story but will not write. Very disappointing the trip of a life time for my son ruined because they could not hire a guide and now will not refund the money.

They did this to us and another fishing party the same week. Three guides were paid for and only one guide was hired so this is not a one time story for McDougal lodge.

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Drive through attacker

I got an icecream cone again,leaning like the tower of Piza,cause they dont wait till they take ur $,then make them,which is how it used 2 be,I mentioned that.I asked for napkins & catsup 4 the burger,*** leaned out the window of her drive almost fell out just 2 scream"oh,& u have a nice day"!!! This is the same shthol that had a PADLock on the Womens toilet recently!

Broad daylite!

Same place,I used the bathroom a few months ago,& a staff girl came in the bathroom 2 ask what my order mite be!!..I ordered Toilet Paper(they had none)& left!! Its a shthol,& the rest of this city isint!!theyv got issues on downtown off Platte st!!


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Lord, life is tough, isn't it?

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Other Company in Melbourne, Victoria - Silcone procducts

When I had my party a while ago the demonstraor advied me to use olive oil in my silcone muffin pans. Needless to say this was wrong, and now everything sticks on the bottom.

I tried to get it replaced, but they do not believe that the demonstrator told me to use olive oil spray.

I bought it especially for this product because I only use conola spray, so it you know how to get it clean this would be very helpful to me. I would really like to get a replacement for these products but how do you argure a case against a managing tupperware consultant.

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Other Company in Dearborn, Michigan - Grill,grill cover,7 WATER FEATURE

PURCHAESED GAS GRILL ON 7/8/12 THAT WAS ON SALE FOR 199.00,WASTOLD GILL COVER WAS NOT IN STOCK AT THAT TIME,WAS ISSUED 25% OF GRLL COVER THAT COUPON WAS EXPIRED THE DAY BEFORE EW PURCHASED GRILL,CAME IN 2 DAYS LATER 7 was given a hard time that coupon was expired but manager was cntacted 7 WE DID RECIEVE 25% OFF COVER.pURCHASED A WATER FEATURE THAT WAS MARKED $69.99 BUT WAS INFORMED THAT PRICE STICKER WEAS INCORRECT AND THE PRICE WAS 79.99 BUT STILL PURCHASED ALTHOUGH i WAS UNDER THE IMPRESSION THAT IF SOMETHING WAS ADVERTISED AT A PRICE WE WOULD GET THAT PRICE,BUT WE DID NOT GET THE SALE PRICE.aLSO HAD A 410,00 DOLLAR REWARDS COUPON FROM WHEN WE RECIEVED THE GRILL DO CAN WE RETURN THE WATER FEATURE & REPURCHASE IT & RECEVE THE $10.00 REWARD?tHIS WHOLE EXPERIENCE WAS VERY DISHEARTNING,AND i THINK WE WERE TREATED UNFSIRLY AND NOT AS vip CUSTOMERS .we DO ENJOY BUYING AT SEARS,but Penneys,macy,Kohls,Target & ect seem to treat us more respestfully and I just wonder if Sears holds up to their standards as these other store doHme depot has the exact water feature and has offered usa better price.Should I return the product Sunday & repurchase as we san get $10.00 reward points as of this date?I am very disgusted with this whole ordeal and wuld appreciate some sot of compensation,if not maybe we need to shop elsewhere.I would greatly appreciate a response to thisWe have spents thousands of dollars over the last 5 years with sears,2 snoeblowers,grlls,lawn mowers,tools,clothing...ect and thought that we would be treated with a ittle more class than this.I would apppreciate a response from you.

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Do not order from them!!

First off it was delivered a day late and I was not informed about any possible delays when I made the order. I asked for a small arrangment with 6 yellow roses and what was received had no roses at all.

And last it was for a guy and it was delivered in a pink base. Absolutely terrible, they completely ruined my gift!

They followed none of the instruction so i dont know what the people who take down the orders are actually doing while you speak to them over the phone. On top of everything I thought the small arrangement delivered was not worth $70!!


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Dear Sir/Madam,

We are interested in purchasing your products and we sincerely hope to

establish a long-term business relation with your esteemed company.

Please kindly send me your latest catalog. Also, inform me about the

Minimum Order Quantity, Delivery time or FOB, and payment terms warranty.

Please contact us via: ( purchase.services25@hotmail.com )

Your early reply is highly appreciated.

Thank You!

Best Regards,


Mr Emerick M Quarters

(Purchasing Manager)

Mega Trade Star Co., Ltd.

Please contact us via:

( purchase.services25@hotmail.com )

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Other Company in Doylestown, Pennsylvania - Crazy people will complain about anything

Some crazy person wrote a review about a retail business that made the business sound like they don't know what Thier doing when the truth is the fool would rather hide behind some dum web site then tell truth about what really happened like they were to dum to listen when told how to not have the problem they wrote the review for wake up people web site like this are not going to help you education is the only thing that will keep you from being so dam dumthey want me to write more can you imagine that

How dum I must be
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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Lies, lies, lies and no couch

We purchased a sectional sofa and coffee table in March when they were giving away a tablet or tv (your choice). We spent over 3000 bucks and here it is mid July and NO FURNITURE YET!

The management has flat out lied to our face several times, telling us it was in route when it was NOT! We have been in touch with the regional mgmt, and somehow managed to squeeze a 10% refund out of them, but we STILL DON'T have our couch yet!

I am going out to talk with them one more time or just cancel the order! This is beyond ridiculous!

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Horrible Company

I ordered a part for my dishwasher which was not going to work. I returned it and when I didn't receive my refund they said that they had shipped 2 of these items.

I never received a 2nd item. They also have no customer service number and when I called Better Business Bureau they said they have had numerous complaints. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. THEY ARE NOT LEGIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have sent them my phone number and they refuse to call me.

They are definitely a bad company to do business with. If you look them up on the internet they have hundreds of complaints against them.

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Messed up sale

Do you have email (or telco #'s) info on corporate execs? I want to get to those high on the ladder to voice my dissatisfaction.

Thanks. I don't have any more to say but this thing asks for 100 words. Pretty silly when i'm just trying to use the blogosphere to get info so i can continue the cause. Anyway, I'll keep typing so i can get this to you.

If no one is there, I guess I wasted my time. Hope not. Of course, I've wasted a lot of time trying to get info from the L. A.

Fit ness guys. Guess this may just be a continuation of same.

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