Z57 is a scam, Do NOT Trust what they promiss

I participated in their program over a year ago, based on the verbal promises they made in our phone conversation that they will refund everything I pay if I don't get any client through them. I got nothing during this period.

Whenever I called to address the problem, they hang up on me.Their monthly charge is very high even if they provide. Please shop arround and do NOT throw yourself in this scam.

I sent them a letter to stop my membership, but still they are calling me and treating me by sending the bill to collection agency. I will send a certified mail this time to get rid of them.




Whoever u r u need get the right facts. They never say anything about refund except if u cancel in the first 3 days and you have to cancel by phone. Those are in the terms and conditions.


We'd like to hear more about your experience with Z57 including time frame and the reps you spoke with so we can address these issues. In order to be able to reach you and to resolve the billing issue on the account, we'll need the name on the account and your contact information. Please send your information to heretohelp@Z57.com as soon as possible so we can address these issues.

Thank you,


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Other Company in Charlotte, North Carolina - Advertisments and cons

i was on the phone today with customer services for 2 hours to cancel my credit card and to cancel any dealings withthis shoppers advantage i would like for u to take me off your list and out of your files i do not want anything else to do with this i am very disppointed with the whole of this shopping product and when you cant even talk to a real person . and i do not wish want to participate in this any more . thank you for your magazine and flyers but im really mad yall keep taking money outof my credit card .

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Other Company in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Cancel Membership # 65324181

I do not want this service. It has already been cancelled #S128HB72 & S128HB75. Do not bill me the

$14.99. It will be disbuted with the credit card company. I received 2 letters in mail today. I will not

be ordering anything else, because I think I was cohearsed into subscribing & I was getting irritated

with the people on the line. I was told all I had to do was call & cancel & everything would discontinue.

Again , I will never order anything from Miles Kimball again. Do not bill me the $14.99 on my credit

card ever. Please cancel it.

Betty S. Fortney
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Other Company in Sterling, Illinois - Newspapers

I am suppose to receive 2.3 million dollars from steven bertalot al sieg household for delivering newspapers newstribune upon a totally open broken sewer 6 days a week for 4 or 5 years at an arsen lombotomy home ,making a rob margerghio a deaf and dumb mute, the initials did not burn T. K.

that is our cousins initials tom kulupka ,he lives on the second bus stop from our bus stop which is the bertalots bus stop .they are seeking 65 million dollars the bertalot family with daughter naomi bertalot ..1967... I judy fitzpatrick is the second receiver 1970 ..treasury was mouriox of ladd illinois. bureau county illinois 61362 My gift is called sewer walk smells,, i reside on 616 northwestern street spring valley 61362 T.

K. is our own cousin his dad a union carpenter tom now works for lafayette cateppillar indiana on a farm..

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Other Company in New England, North Dakota - The Condo Nightmare!

We booked a family vacation at Oak Shores untit #95 in Biloxi, MS that Rental Resources manages. I signed a lease for a specific price, including tax and all other fees, with supplies for 7 people.

They charged me $140 more and said they had "miscalculated, no big deal" AND WOULD NOT GIVE ME THE DIFFERENCE BACK. We could not check in until after check in time because they were still "cleaning". The condo was suppose to be equipped for 7 people but only had bedding, towels and dishes for 4. We did not get the rest of the items for 3 DAYS!

They advertise a free shuttle to casino row, they do not have one, they told us to get on the Holiday Inns shuttle! We could not because we did not have a room at the inn and had to rent a car. The condo was filthy and had trash and cigarette buts piled up in the back. The washer and blender were broke.

But the worst part was the customer service. The people at Rental Resources could have cared less! They didn't even give us enough towels for 3 days and scoffed at us about the free shuttle and lack of WIFI they promised. Most of the time we could not get anyone on the phone.

Luckily a nice neighbor gave us the lock box codes to the amenities on site because we were not given any information from Rental Resources, they also let us borrow their blender because Rental Resources did not care at all.

I travel constantly with my family, we rent condos, houses and hotels and I have never had to deal with anything like this before! DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Bait and switch

after advertising 2 pair of glasses for $99 including bifocals and kids lenses, when I went to purchase this "deal", the clerk gave me the price of double what the ad said. when I questioned that she said kids poly carb glasses are an additional $99 each.

When I was finally able to talk to the manager, he said poly carb was included, but I would need to pay an additional $50 each for bifocals. He didnt care that the ad said differently, and told me "the ad cleared our legal team and was done by people higher up than me".

He didnt care that his company was offering a classic bait and switch.

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uverse out 4 days..tech sent for inside problem..said outside problem..outside tech said inside problem...promised free movies..reduction of bill for no service for 4 day..to call in 72 hr...no call..no reduction..no anything...but you better pay the bill or they will certainly not allow you to use their services.. Poor service..customer service doesnt do anything.

Service is not good..receive signal lost signal lost frequently and internet slower than what we had on cable at a lesser price. Making 7556,000.

billion dollars is sad for service that is not given. Sad that company cares less for he little people than for the big one..who pay less than the taxes I PAY...

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Other Company in San Jose, California - They are horrible

I can't believe how horrible the workers are there that they hire I've been to like 4 diff stores and all the workers there are the laziest people I have ever seen. Like who does the hiring?

I went to one stripe and I over heard two employees talking about doing drugs on break. How the heck does anything get done in the store when the employees are terrible ?? My 14 year old daughter overheard agirl saying I'm not effing doing that what are they going to do fire me?? They came afford to.

I couldn't verjuice it.

I will never shop in one of the stores again. And I will never recommend it.

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Other Company in Plano, Texas - Very Upset customer...

Bought my house in December of 2011, moved in on January 2012, first two into the house and we get a water leak inside the walls of the my master bedroom. Then a month later, the upstair bedrooms floors are getting worped and they have not gone to fix my house, getting very upset with the contractors..they make promises they are going to fix the problem, but they never get there, and we lose days of our work to be wating for them, and then they do not show up..that is not right for them to do that..

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Refused to give me an adequate oil change

Refused to give me an adequate oil change had go back a second time the car was low 2 quarts they told they were not goin to take my hu. Cap off with out key wouldnt6 take out 2 min to show me what kinda battery.

I need bought the radio from pep boys every time I go they say there not touchin my car wit out the key took it off in the past last couple times I came they tefused to even drive out there garage.

I feel. Yu drove in yu can drive out they said no very offended


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Please do the following, then re-post a complaint:

1. Go back to school and finish up high school, with an emphasis on proper English and grammar so you can write a legible sentence.

2. Be aware that when you have work done on a vehicle, they may need to turn the ignition on, etc. and thus need the key(s).

3. Learn how to change your own oil and filter. You will save money and learn something about the operation of an automobile.

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