Lied and cheated me

The owner of this Baskin Robbins is a cheat and a liar. We called to find out the price on a cake and the price they gave us over the phone was also the price they stated when we went in to place the order.

We gave 50% deposit and a week later they called to state that the price is not a good price and the cake would cost $13 more than which was agreed on.

The owner has no business sense and does not care about customer satisfaction, he was rude to us and he did not care whether we ordered the cake from him or not. If you want to be treated badly, then you should buy from them, otherwise you should take your business to someone who cares about the satisfaction of his customers.

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The address of the Baskin Robbins is:

2540 El Camino Real Suite D, Carlsbad, CA 92008


You need to give us the location of this Baskin Robbins store.

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Richardson, Texas
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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Positive review

this company did nothing. only great things to say about pool and service dept.

pool was a little pricey but worth it as its warranteed for life.we love it and our grandkids love it.

neighbors all wanna know where to get the steps as they are a much more secure set then just a ladder.anytime i have a question about anything the service dept has always been helpful and walked me through how to do it.even in off season (winter) you can leave a message and someone does call back within a reasonable time limit. am very satisfied

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Atlanta, Georgia
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Other Company in Brecksville, Ohio - Didn't have our order ready. Cantacting the BBB

We ordered our garage, etc on 08-14-16-2012. When we called they didn't have anything ready, so we cancelled the siding, and the trusses because they broke them loading them onto the truck.

So I am contacting the BBB to let them know how your rating is.

Don't make make me go on with your 100 words minimum because you don't really want to hear what I have to say, but I will, because your employees are scattered all over the store and then a customer calls to place or come in to order and everything is everywere.

Carolyn/Ron Rue

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Brecksville, Ohio
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My Crazy Spring Break in S.F. : "When I have never been more ripped off in my life."

My Mom and lost our key, and we called the Oakland office. They directed use to The Tenderloin District. Carlo told us to give the lil spanish boys tip money, they she directed us to stand out on the street. I knew I was had when she tol me: "You might have to pay to have the car towed back to Oakland. The company did nothing for me.

You can read it here at: http://musicouch.com/instrumensts/brass/a-california-girl-/

This was back in 95. I see they have a lot of You'tube on it.

Andrea Papke

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I have no idea what or whom you are complaining about.

Los Angeles, California
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Other Company in Seattle, Washington - Out rageous by sales rep

aug 17 sitting in frount of my hud apt sales rep looked at my obama button you really dont like that thing rep i would not be bother if they took that black *** fool to a tree tied him to a tree after all he is just anigger he also stated he was special forces and once bounty hunter he was wearing your logo driving your truck he was very aggresive i a 76 yr old cancer survivor this is not going to go away he was your rep spoke to secret service nnacp aclu democratic caucus called on friday spoke to a maria t had hope to hear from someone on your side NOTHING he also attempted to raddle by placing his fing three inch at my face DID NOT WORK if i do not here from soneone schwans will be on facebook and tweet u tub

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Seattle, Washington
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Other Company in Manila, Manila - Arrogant costumer service representative

My cousin had send me a document yesterday Aug. 23,2012 at LBC Kalibo branch.

She ask the clerk if what time I am going to recieve the document and he answerwd it will be delivered today Aug 24 after lunch. So I waited for the document for almost whole day because I urgently needed it. At around 4pm I ask my brother to call the costumer care and to inquire about the status and they told us that let us wait

untill 8pm today but unfortunately no one arrives to deliver it. So my brother called again andask what had happened why it was not yet delivered.

We get no explaination. So I decided to send and email to complain after a while the costumer service representative called me up so I ask what is going on so she just answer me she doesnt even know because no one was answering the phone from the delivery team. So I started to get mad because I was expecting for an explaination and you know what happened next this costumer service representative told me that it was not her fault that the document was not feliveried on time. She even raise her voice.

Is this a good way of dealing costumers complain?

Wake up

LBC teach your personnel.. I was so disappointed.

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Manila, Manila
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US Cash Services Complaint- HARRASSING PHONE CALLS

I too received a phone call like y'all from a supposed State Attorney Ronnie Wilson, phone number 954-889-6946. He too said he that he represented a loan company and that i was being sued and issued a warrant for my arrest, when i asked for his info he said that it was a conflict of interest and that there was no date of incident.

that i was be charged $1, 095 and that there was going to be a fine from the creditor of $3, 000. that i should get an attorney and that the sheriff department will be here tomorrow to pick me up. when i ask for the info of the people that was sewing me to get some understanding of what going on he said that i cant give that info and gave me another attorneys name which was a Micheal Smith and a number CE8265.

he also said that i can contact the FBI if i wanted to but its not going to help me that i am screwed. O and that im going to prison for six months.

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Antioch, Tennessee, United States #919598

It's fake they also target your email so beware!

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #844100

I have just recieved a email 5 days ago saying the same thing so i called his number to find out what this was all about n i got the voicemail. And since i left a message i have been getting phone calls from Jamaica.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #813538

Yes, I have been receiving emails from Mr. Wilson.

He sent me an email today from the United District Court arrest warrent. However, it does not state a Case Number nor the reason for my arrest. Also, he signed his name Ronnie Willson.

If you noticed, Wilson is with two "LL".


I too received the same email from Mr. wilson, wilson with two "LL". with a case # and reason for my arrest, but it dated for 2009 warrant.

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San Antonio, Texas
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Other Company in Universal City, California - Ordered in June, today, they're too busy to fill order.

I ordered 10 custom photo-reactive T-Shirts back in June.

On Jun 13, 2012, at 3:21 PM, solaractive wrote:

We can do 10 , but the cost to print 10 is very expensive.  We need to make screens per color of the design

$25.00 each color

$20.00 each color for film

$15.00 each color for set up

$25.00 each tee to print.  

If you want to do that we can.  First costs are always more expensive, then we have the screens and film so we can rerun it and only have set up cost.  Let me know.

Thank you,

Debra Mattes


SolarActive® International

18740 Oxnard St.  #315

Tarzana, CA  91356



818 996 8690

Visit Our Blog!

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After several attempts throughout the entire Summer of e-mailing back and forth, here is the e-mail I received this morning:

From: SolarActive

Date: August 22, 2012 9:54:19 AM PDT


We are way too busy to run 10 shirts at this time, our minimum is 72 pieces. I hope we can work with you later in the future if things slow down here.

Best regards,


Sean Barnettm

VP of Operations

SolarActive International

18740 Oxnard St. #315

Tarzana, CA 91356

Phone: 818 996 8690

Fax: 818 996 8172

Blaze Nail Polish is now www.RubyWing.com 

SolarActiveIntl Website

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Universal City, California
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Other Company in Umatilla, Florida - Did not drop package off

i have been waiting on my package all morning,i was cutting some trees down in frount yard, when i walked around the back yard to get my tractor and came back my friend told me fed ex came by,he told me he said to driver that i went around back so the driver put a note on door and said coustomer not home,boy was i pissed,i dont think fed ex should hunt people down and i know they are on a time line,but get real, how long does it take to make someone happy than *** them off,,will i ever use fed ex,,,,never

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Umatilla, Florida
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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Thank you thank you

I was tempted to give it a try but this time I looked at reviews & THANK heavens I did! It seems to be the same scam as the tooth whitener of last year.

Thy charged me 3 times and it took forver ( thank goodness for my credit card co who actually refunded the money) I don't know why these outfits are allowed to get away with their false claims and rip offs on our credit cards - Mantra: if it sounds too good to be true - BEWARD!

Forget the internet for these kind of purchases - there is another one out there right now that promises to give us back our skin of 30 yrs ago????? it wouldn't be free if they could do that.

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Washington, District Of Columbia
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