Other Company in Wilmington, Delaware - Husband could not get his prescription incompetent and rude employees

I went to pick up three prescriptions two for me and one for my husband I was told that my husbands cvs could not fill but gave me my two . I was confused what do you mean you cannot fill my husbands we have the same ins.

I was told that we are supposed to get new ins. cards?? So even if we were which we were not my husband would be covered she than said well do you want to pay for it no did you call my ins. no she said they were too busy.

I called ins on my cell ins. woman told me sometimes the pharmacy leaves off the 00 at th end of id # that he is covered and if cvs has a problem to call them. I went back had to wait in line again when it was my turn another emp. told me to go to another line had to wait again explained the problem again told me my husbands prescription would be ready in a few minutes.

Never received sorry this happened it took me 35 minutes to straighten this out when all cvs had to do was call my ins. or put the correct id number in.I am not a happy camper now.....

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Criminal records

Just for the fun i checked my name. I found you list i have a record.

I qualified for a concealed weapons permit since 1957 in NYC and Syracuse and Florida since 2007. I believe you are listing the wrong person. I use to receive calls for a Robert J Krajewski and bill collectors,he lived in New paltz or Highland or kingston NY.

When i worked for GE, i had some of the highest security clearance and for IBM also. Please double check where you got your info or i will have to check with my lawyer.Check FBI and other records as to my identity


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There could be several other people in the US with the same name. I know in South Dakota there is at least three dozen women with the exact same name as mine.

That includes first name, middle and last names.

One of them goes to the same medical clinic as I do and one goes to the same pharmecy. This sometimes makes things really interesting.

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Other Company in Manchester, England - Nasty angry vindictive agressive DEMANDING

i want to complain about the store manager in the rhyl shop she is so rude no phone manner i cant believe how she threatend me with the police to call at my house unless i paid £10.30 p by close of shop saturday over a dryer that i have already paid £250plus for i owe £38 pound i am a pensioner and felt very scared her phone manner was disrepectful her attitude is now now now plz think again b4 going to brighthouse not so bright r u now andrea of RHYL (shitehouse) sorry brighthouse MR ANGRY RHYL

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Other Company in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Do not use this company they are crooks

first of all the car lot this company is in using sold me a truck that they did not own it took six months too get a tag, then when i lost my job this company repo my truck and sold it to who ever .and now is garnishing my wages for the rest of their charges they went to one court and i answer it so they went to another court without letting me know and got a judgement from there judge ,I WOULD NOT LET ANY BODY USE THEM THEY ARE CROOKS AND SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS ANYWHERE. I DONT KNOW HOW THEY CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT.

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Other Company in Roubaix, Nord-Pas-De-Calais - OKlyAhWSEaWnCvg

Cash Medical ………………… This is a valid truth that particular gorups of Officers / officials are availing out of turn medical facilities from PTCL Dispensaries, well-reputed Doctors and Hospitals but, majority of general PTCL employees, particularly of remote or rural areas (a real work force) are deprived of from true medical facilities because of the reasons :-"¢Have to spent more fare than the medicine given to them at PTCL Dispensaries."¢Prescribed / Required medicines are mostly not available at PTCL Dispensaries."¢Pannel Hospitals & Doctors claim exaggerated and A-One category charges, which are "intriguingly" verified by PTCL Doctors, but actually treated with PTCL patients like baggers ."¢In some time the Pannel Hospitals / Doctors get cash from PTCL Employees on various pretends then also claim from PTCL as well(double game). Complaints of Effected employees, in this regard, are brushed aside, but amazing to say that the suspicious claims of the Pannel Hospitals / Doctors are verified, sanctioned and paid to them without giving due attention towards distinctive mal-practice of the Pannel Hospitals / Doctors.

On the other hand genuine re-imbursement claims of the employees are saliently accepted thus rejected putting them upon hamstring objections."¢There is no parameter to have discreet check of "actual entitles" at Pannel Hospitals. Most of the Doctors and Pannel Hospitals also want to have Mal-practice of all medical facilities for "Non-Entitled / Out-siders" through some miscreant Employees, is also a depriving factor for the Entitled employees too. This is also a great loss both to PTCL and deserving employees. "¢ It is, therefore, submitted that Only "chronic" patients are to be allowed for medical treatment on PTCL expenses.

"General" medical facilities i.e of "medicines and local Consultancy" being extended through PTCL Dispensaries, is to be converted into a fixed "cash medical" for each employee with their salaries to avoid wastage of expenditure being incurred on PTCL Dispensary Doctors, POL, Staff, Offices, electricity, equipment etc. I assure that not only a good cash medical allowance could be given to each employee, but also millions of rupees, will save for PTCL in just current budget being allocated/released for PTCL Dispensaries, medicines, local consultancies etc.

and majority of deprived/general employees will well-come this judicial decision too."Helloptcl & PTEU " may please to collect more facts in this regard and submit to PTCL Competent Authorities to plz fix Cash medical in place of general treatment in the interest of all employees. Deprived Group

Roubaix, Nord-Pas-De-Calais
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Very reasonable prices

I was looking for zoot suits for the past few weeks because of my college theme party. But, I was almost on the *** of giving up when I came across Mensusa.

It is one of the best online stores for men. There is an extensive variety of suits from which I chose the one that would look the best on me. It is a unique yellow with black pinstripe suit.

Moreover, I had very little money to spend on my attire but in here you can get everything at very reasonable prices. However, after ordering I was a little apprehensive about the delivery time.

But, thank god I got my suit very quickly.

The suit I purchased is so great all my friends love it. So, I told them if you want it you have got to come here.


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Give it up retarded morons. People want quality and not trash from idiots that use this for cheap advertising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Other Company in Ligonier, Indiana - UPS should be put out of business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

UPS should be put out of business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I have had 2 different packages come up missing and a 3rd one that took months to get.

Either they're drivers are so uneducated that they cannot tell when a street sign is different than the name on the address label, or they just don't care or maybe someone is living real good the items that were never delivered to begin with.

The last one that came up missing was an item I won on goodwill auction, it was supposedly delivered to my home at 1:00 p.m. I go to work at 1:30., there was no package at my door.

When I contacted UPS claims, them had the nerve to tell me to look around the porch and around trees and shrubs. I inform them not only do I NOT have a porch just 3 steps but I also do not have trees or shrubs around it, then before they could say anything about it being stolen I let them know no one could see my front door from the street!

After I took all the excuses away they could use, they said they would investigate it, that last a grant total of 2 hours.

So now I am making it my personal business to get as many people as I can to go to UPS competitors, I own a small business but I won't be using UPS anymore, I don't have the confidences in UPS to deliver a package.

Since UPS doesn't have any one sign for packages any more who knows who they deliver them too.

I have come to realize the reason UPS doesn't have any one sign is to give them an out for poorly trained drivers. It also saves UPS a ton of money on paying out claims.

Now every time I after I place an order, either on line or over the phone, I'll ask who they ship with if they say UPS I cancel the order. I inform them why I have cancelled and if it is a big order they don't exactly have chartable thoughts towards their carrier. If they say they are cheaper I tell them "they are only cheaper if your customer gets the items, and that is few and far between if what I have experienced with UPS is an example of how that company does business."

I for one work too hard for my money just to throw it away by trusting in a company ran by irresponsible idiots, and fools!

summerset blond
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Other Company in Neptune City, New Jersey - They keep on lying to me

I payed over $7000,00 for furniture 3 months ago, we paid almost $500.00 for five year service agreement, my chairs are falling apart, the arm chair was cracked and filled with wood glue, I called them 9 times already and they promised me 5 times that the parts will arrive to my house, and they will come to fix everything. I'M STILL WAITING.

THEY ARE LYING, NO ONE TO TALK TO, I asked ones they should tack it back and give me my money back, so he told me, that I signed that the furniture belongs to me, not to them. Explanation please.

Neptune City, New Jersey
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False Advertising

I have made purchases at your store No. 3007 and on my receipts I am told to register my opinions by completing a Guest Satisfaction Survey and avail of the chance to win a $5,000 gift card.

When I try to do this I find I am unable to access the survey! Why do you advertise this if one cannot access it? Seems like false advertising to me and I think it should be rectified!

I have wasted a considerable amount of my time in this venture and was a very annoyed at the outcome! I would appreciate an explanation as to what is wrong.


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Always helpful to leave out the name of the store. :roll :roll :roll :roll
Patricia Tizzard
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Other Company in Boston, Massachusetts - I was fraudulently charged for $16 bucks

My checking acct. overdrew because of a charge made to my visa card.

They kept insisting I authorized this. They kept trying to sell me more ***! I want my $16 and $35 more for the overdraft fee from my bank . How can I get these creeps to pay me back.

This is happening to many people. They claim I authorized these charges. Somehow they charged me through an vendor. I can not figure this mess out.

If others out there have had this happen email me @ greghetzner@comcast.net . I would live to see how pervasive they petty criminals have duped others.

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