Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Hiding Mold On Their Property In DC

Refused to move me to another property that did not contain MOLD. Go to YOUTUBE.COM then type in the search field "William C.

Smith & Company" or Poor Living Conditions, or John Ritz. Watch the video for yourself. This property was in horrible condition from the roof to the basement. They don't like to spend money to fix things properly in the Black community.

That is why they are gear to serving the poors in the District of Columbia. Their behavior is accepted the DC Government Officials, the Courts, Judges, and some lawyers. It is truly a disgrace how a lot of their property looks inside.

Just take a look at what I had to live through, which almost cost me my life. Stay away from this company's properties, it just might cost you your life!

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Other Company in Peoria, Illinois - Screwed up ungodly people!!!

Began my refinance process early May..loan officer Laura Evans had no idea about how some of the programs worked..she put in the wrong Soc. Number when she was checking my husbands credit...sent me emails for about 2 months straight about me refinancing and closing....then out the blue emails me telling me that I couldn't refinance!!

Called other loan officers she work with to get more clarification Mike and Regina and she (Regina Turner) hung up on me!!

This is the worst company ever!!! Very unprofessional and I will tell everyone about my experience with these idiots!

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I asked the cashier why the factory seal was broken on my Lacie Hard Drive Box prior to purchase. He said that they open it only to place a security device inside.

I said that if it had been previously sold and had left the store, that I did not want it. He assured me that it was brand new.

When I got the drive home and connected it, the icon that showed up was the generic firewire orange and white icon as opposed to the Lacie Blue and White icon which will show up on all new LACIE drives. My computer indicated that the drive had only 15.7 MB of available space left on it. This could only be possible if the drive had been completely filled with data and then that data had been deleted but the trash on the computer had not been emptied.

This product has been falsely represented as brand new. I refuse to pay for and keep such a product, and as a result, I have lost time and money. Who do these people think they are dealing with? Obviously, they think that you and I are just plain ignorant.

Honesty does not matter to MICRO CENTER when doing business with their clients. The salesman is obviously callous.

I would expect that a good salesman would disclose a products disposition prior to allowing me to purchase it in good faith.



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F u!
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Other Company in Mumbai, Maharashtra - Cheap Flights to Auckland

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Shop else where

very rude at the pharmacy.ive been rip off on , my pain meds, if you get pain meds you better count them in front of 1 of the techs, be for leaving the store, and the prices are always different i think its just *** poor mangement,i spend any wheres from 500 to 600 a month there, and get look at like iam a drugie,i hope i never have to go there again. and slow as *** they the slowiest store i have ever been to i plan on changing pharmacys,they are very useless dont even have what you need most of the time


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all class 2 need to be double counted by law and a request for a count in front of you can be done. :(
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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Poor service

I was a very happy customer at first with the sales process and even the install process. However since then it has been a bit of a nightmare. I was told the system would be activated at the most 60 days after install. However I am now going on more than twice that and have very little help at all from Verango. I have had lots of excuses but no resolution. After my system was installed I referred a friend. He has since had his system installed and it have been activated for almost 2 months. Mine is still not activated. So clearly Verango can get it right sometimes but in our case it has been very flawed. I have wasted so much time calling and emailing in trying to get updates and every time I am told they will escalate it and will have the system on in 2 weeks. I think I have been told 2 more weeks about 5 times over the course of several months. When nothing happens I call back in and get the same story. Verango wants to blame PG&E however these issues are to Verango not turning in the proper paperwork that was needed. Several times they called me to get them one more document they forgot. Every time this started the time over with PG&E. Not only have I lost months of savings from the system not being on during our summer months.

I signed documents with them back in November and now in late July still don't have my system active. A huge disappointment and waste of time and money. The biggest problem is Verango does not seem to care. I signed documents so I am stuck and they seem to give no effort to resolve problems. Think twice.

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Other Company in Wilmington, Delaware - Husband could not get his prescription incompetent and rude employees

I went to pick up three prescriptions two for me and one for my husband I was told that my husbands cvs could not fill but gave me my two . I was confused what do you mean you cannot fill my husbands we have the same ins.

I was told that we are supposed to get new ins. cards?? So even if we were which we were not my husband would be covered she than said well do you want to pay for it no did you call my ins. no she said they were too busy.

I called ins on my cell ins. woman told me sometimes the pharmacy leaves off the 00 at th end of id # that he is covered and if cvs has a problem to call them. I went back had to wait in line again when it was my turn another emp. told me to go to another line had to wait again explained the problem again told me my husbands prescription would be ready in a few minutes.

Never received sorry this happened it took me 35 minutes to straighten this out when all cvs had to do was call my ins. or put the correct id number in.I am not a happy camper now.....

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Criminal records

Just for the fun i checked my name. I found you list i have a record.

I qualified for a concealed weapons permit since 1957 in NYC and Syracuse and Florida since 2007. I believe you are listing the wrong person. I use to receive calls for a Robert J Krajewski and bill collectors,he lived in New paltz or Highland or kingston NY.

When i worked for GE, i had some of the highest security clearance and for IBM also. Please double check where you got your info or i will have to check with my lawyer.Check FBI and other records as to my identity


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There could be several other people in the US with the same name. I know in South Dakota there is at least three dozen women with the exact same name as mine.

That includes first name, middle and last names.

One of them goes to the same medical clinic as I do and one goes to the same pharmecy. This sometimes makes things really interesting.

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Other Company in Manchester, England - Nasty angry vindictive agressive DEMANDING

i want to complain about the store manager in the rhyl shop she is so rude no phone manner i cant believe how she threatend me with the police to call at my house unless i paid £10.30 p by close of shop saturday over a dryer that i have already paid £250plus for i owe £38 pound i am a pensioner and felt very scared her phone manner was disrepectful her attitude is now now now plz think again b4 going to brighthouse not so bright r u now andrea of RHYL (shitehouse) sorry brighthouse MR ANGRY RHYL

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Other Company in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Do not use this company they are crooks

first of all the car lot this company is in using sold me a truck that they did not own it took six months too get a tag, then when i lost my job this company repo my truck and sold it to who ever .and now is garnishing my wages for the rest of their charges they went to one court and i answer it so they went to another court without letting me know and got a judgement from there judge ,I WOULD NOT LET ANY BODY USE THEM THEY ARE CROOKS AND SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS ANYWHERE. I DONT KNOW HOW THEY CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT.

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