Rental rip offs.Lance & Vicky Wells

This couple renting out homes charge $725 n deposit + $725 1st mnts rent.No matter what,once the yr lease is up they make u move.They also keep it deposit no matter how good the condition is n.Then they charge an extra $50 to gt carpets cleaned.U r not allowed 2 clean them on ur own.No one is allowed 2 call 911 under any situation.They gt very upset & then Vicky starts causing problems & makes up horrible gossip about the wife's.If u have small children they r not allowed 2 cry or make noises.


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Get a life ***.

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - User unfriendly billing department

I have been trying to pay my bill online. They don't like any of my information, says it does not match the records.

Tried to call the billing department to ask if I could pay with paypal. The guy who answered said he never heard of paypal so we couldn't. Tried to register online but what the heck do your records say? They must be from outer space.

They do not match any of my records. Do you want people to pay you, or do you just want to *** us around?

And now you will not take this because it is under 100 words? Why don't you make it easier to pay the bill?

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Other Company in Austin, Texas - Cancelled my order

This company is terrible. They have poor customer service. All they care about is making money and then they tell you to go screw yourself.

I ordered some sheets and they cancelled my order. I am waiting for the sheets for a week and they never arrived. They told me, "Sorry, we are out of stock.

Will not shop there again. They are terrible. And they provide terrible service to customers.

A "I don't care attitude."

In reality I don't understand why people continue to shop there when you return something you get a huge hassle and its inconvenient.

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Other Company in Denver, Colorado -

ordered 300 custom usb drives for a conference, paid for it, promised delivery - never received and nobody now answers the phone - called at least 5 times sent countless emails, never an answer. Typical scam I suppose, guys name is John David - hope the karma comes back to him.

Had to go to micro center and buy retail. Rip off!

their phone # is 1-888-699-7717 or 1-800-974-1239.

Corporate name is Caselli group LLC out of Sunrise Fl obviously a fly by night organization who has a great looking website, and promises when you place the order then nothing.


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Other Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota - Administrator Deletes 5 Yrs Of Volunteer Pics

Jim Tipton earns a living off of volunteers, so you think he would uphold some kind of respect for the time of others. His administrators are deleting volunteer photos when they delete memorials outside the guidelines to control who owns it.

The memorial had 2 headstone photos in it and met the requirements of ***. it is *** so when an administrator deletes a memorial like its garbage and then place a photo request to send someone else back out to take another picture.Julie also denied other people waiting for pictures that oppertunity to have one fillede when someone else replaced the picture for her. she destroyed 5 years worth of volunteer photos because I asked to explain the rules of find a grave mission and intentional duplicates when she replace my memorial in the correct cemetery with one that was created by her mom from a death index and added to a random cemetery for a number value her mom also had date of death wrong. It is corrupt sick and misuse of the people's time taking these pictures JULIE first consented to a volunteer doing it then did it herself.

If you are the kind of person who will drive out of town and spend a good couple hours to locate a stone wade through snow drifts to help someone don't spend your money on gas and batteries Don't do it on this site!!!!

it is a gamble if the person will get to hang on to the picture when the administrator wants to reward hoarders who make bogus memorials with the time you spent walking the cemetery. 16,000 pictures of wasted time and money !!!!

Sick to my Stomach
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Other Company in Madurai, Tamil Nadu - Terrorist Swaminathan Has Planned BOmb Blast in India : RajalakshmiEngineering College,Thandalam

Swaminathan is repeatedly proclaiming that he is a leader of the TERRORIST organistation responsible for MUMBAI BLASTS of 26/11 and says he is from INDIAN MUJHAHIDEEN and that if students do not become a part of his organisation he will plant bombs in their houses.WHAT IS THIS?IS THIS WHAT WE ARE BOUND TO DO IN FREE AND INDEPENDENT INDIA? Definitely NO.

Swaminathan is repeatedly iterating that he is the JOKER of the DARK KNIGHT and the BANE of DARK KNIGHT Rises.But friends we have to be the batman of our own generations and hence we have to take this criminal down now.Rise and cut down this brutual sinister.

Swaminathan is forcing students to become rebels in the country and oppose the government.

Swaminathan forced LATHICHARGE on the students of ECE department , baffled by the charges against him from the students after the college hours on sme identified and targeted groups.

Laws have been enacted in India,to not to use any form of weapons or hard tools to hit students but he has used cane and sticks of bamboo to hit the students hard on their backs and brains and caused haemorrhage of brain and body parts.

Such criminal should not survive in this society at all.

Swaminathan is a epitome of cruelity at its best.

Swaminathan has indulged in sexually molesting boys in the boys hostel of Rajalakshmi Engineering college,Thandalam.There were also cases of suicides of boys who were sexually abused .Boys who could not bear the consequences of facing the crowd after being SEXUALLY abused gave up their precious lives after being molested as they could not come into terms with reality of the degree of HARASSMENT being committed by him(SWAMINATHAN).

And Swaminathan is not alone from CSE department of RAJALAKSHMI ENGINEERING COLLEGE,Thandalam.He is wellsupported by Saravana Kumar (another staff from CSE) who has been appointed by Swaminathan in the hostel to co-ordinate the horrendous criminal activities initiated by Swaminathan.

Together Swaminathan and his allys have been doing ILLICIT DRUG DEALINGS and SUPPLIES in the College Boys Hostel for so long now.Students are forced to pay Rs 5000 (mind all,that the students are Engineers from poor backgrounds) under the threat that if they do not do as the staffs say them to do they will be doomed to FAIL in the exams.

This illicit drug dealing has spoiled so many lives of innocent engineers in the college .

After the student becomes addicted to drug intake and cannot survive in the hostel SWAMINATHAN and his allys make these vulnerable students target of their illicit sexual desires and have Intercourse with them leading to their mental breakdown and then Suicides.

What is the Administration of the college doing ? Why Not they are pressing charges against such criminals? Are they to an accomplise in such activities? This raises serious questions on the name of the college?

Our advise to all parents out there is to not enrol their students in this COLLEGE as firstly you have to pay a donation of rs 10 lakhs which is not affordable and then you will see your ward becoming addicted to drug intakes and eventually seeking suicides.

So please stay away and raise your voices against the college administration which is totally corrupt and bribing everyone.

1)Swaminathan has indulged in destroying so many careers of innocent hard working students.

2)He is responsible for deliberately failing students by breaking morale and sexually abusing students under his power..

3)He is responsible for taking bribery from parents of students by calling them into the college of upto Rs 1 Lakh..

4)He has sexually molested boys of the college and ill-treted the women of the college!.

5)He has been indulging in forcing students to corporal punishments and brutually abusing them to make them do things they do noit want to do..He has no respect for the budding engineers of his country!.Should such a pest survive in the mother country –INDIA?

6)We hereby recommend that the president of INDIA looks into this matter and hang him before KASAB as an enemy in captivity is less vulnerable than A TERRORIST AMIDST US IN OUR SOCIETY!!

7)Why does anna- university does'nt take any action action him?;.Such persons are a curb to the society in which we live and such filthy ANIMALS should be hanged to death infront of us all,.


Madurai, Tamil Nadu
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REpeated Rape IN Rajlakashmi ENgineering College,Thandalam:Thangam Meghanathan Taking NO Action

This is a dreadful story of SWAMINATHAN (staff) raping a girl named POOJA GUPTA in his own house and then the GIRL committing SUICIDE.

Friends , this was the e-mail which I received from one of my best friend whose name was POOJA GUPTA after she was raped horrendously by an assitant professor in CSE department of RAJALAKSHMI ENGINEERING COLLEGE,THANDALAM.


Pooja wrote"

I was having doubt in NETWORKS subject which was handled by MR.SWAMINATHAN on JULY 2007 and thus I asked him to clarify my doubts.But he said that the doubts will take time to clarify and thus he invited me to his home which is in MADIPAKKAM.

Thus me innocently went to his house in lieu of knowledge.His daughter and wife had gone out .I guess out of station, that is what he told me.Later he offered me some lemon juice which he prepared himself.He deliberately mixed some sleeping pills in that lemon juice.

After a while he started talking about an accident which he met a some time before and that he broke his leg and so he is not able to walk properly.Later he lit up a cigarette and started smoking.I could not bear the smoke and was suffocating.I did not understand why was he behaving so stangely?

After a few minutes I started to feel unconscious.He started to smoke and suddenly he started cracking Adult Jokes.

I could not respond to his sudden change of behaviour.After a few minutes I was growing further and further sleepy, and instinctively he grabbed my *** and slid his hands into my BRA. I was feeling so uncionscious that I was not able to respond.He tied my hands with some clothes like Duppatta or some thick material and RAPED ME BADLY.I was watching myself losing my virginity.He has pulverised me and now I will never be able to show my face to the society.Help me god.

He later told me that if I say anything to the Police or his house members , he would make it a case of girl trying to seduce a guy and produce it to the police.My father is from a humble background .He is owning a small bakery.He even threatened me that my whole family will pay the price for my complaint to the police and thus I had to stay quiet.

Now this is my last significant note , after this I am commiting suicide.I am pretty sure the college would do anything to protect Swaminathan from getting penalised.They will also remove my name form the college records and also from the Anna-University records.

They might even say that I am corrupted and thus they have rusticated me from the college.They will label me as a *** even.

But my true friends SARANYA,PADMINI,SHARDA and the remaining from my class I have hope resting on your shoulders .Please see that this CRIMINAL ,this ANIMAL and this RAPIST is put behind bars before he destroyed the life of some other girl like me."

This was the e-mail that I and some of my friends got .And this is how a girl was destroyed and forced to suicide. My request to all is to stop such crimes from happening in your neighbourhood ,in your society ,your college and school and resolve to get such criminals behind BARS for life.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu
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Other Company in Cincinnati, Ohio - Anc -c williams,m huggins,d hall -honesty

details not revealed until after you sign up!!! you do all the leg work including redeeming your supposed discounts.

Watch out for the monthly fee that is revealed after signing on. There is no team work involved.

You're on your own; so you most likely will sink just like Donald Trump!!!!!!only you wont have the capital to rebound......BEWARE! The most damaging thing is that the recuiter not only looses a client they loose the friendship of someone who looked up to and respected them.Is this the real world we live in Help me understand if im WRONG.

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - High pressure

An extremely high pressure "Get you to buy" company. Almost to the point of intimidation.

Don't be deceived by initial sales person, who are very friendly and congenial. Once you are in the door, get ready to be "hammered" for several hours, these folks won't even let you take a "break" for a moment. And when you decline, Oh my gosh get ready for some rude treatment and remarks to be made at you.

People sometimes cry because of such pressure and snide comments made if you "turn them down" to buy anything. And you are constantly bombarded with extra incentives when you've already said enough is enough.

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Other Company in Chantilly, Virginia - Pissed

i bought a ring 4 my daug and myself. they r starting to chip.

i either want a refund or a new ring. my daug just loved them til now. i read all of these customers complaints. how sad!

tryed getting ahold of the co.

and what a surprise no answer.want my money want my money want my money want my money want my money want my money want my money want my money want my money want my money want my money want my money want my money want my money want my money want my money ! theres ur 100 words

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